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Negzzia Persian Lethal Sexy Model
February 2, 2020

Negzzia was born as Negin in Iran. Her father an engineer and her mother a yoga instructor cherished her as their only child. She was raised in a good middle class home.

Back in Iran, Negzzia had a career as a photographer and then a model. She was modeling for fashion houses and brands in Iran. She was also active in social media. She was warned by the Iranian Moral Police and IRI authorities to seize all modeling activities because her modeling portfolios were too sexy and not Islamically correct. Negzzia ignored the authorities and refused to give in. Eventually the IRI authorities have arrested some of her model and photographer friends, also rushed to arrest her.

Negzzia fled to Turkey and from there to France. In France, Negzzia had become a refugee, homeless and desperate to survive. From model to homeless sleeping in the parks and streets, she was destined to survive. Negzzia lost all her money, sold her belonging to eat, lived in hotels, parks and street corners. Predators who supposed to help her, offered her jobs such as prostitute, stripper and escort which Negzzia refused all of them. Negzzia refused to sell her body.

Journalists, activists and lawyers helped her. Eventually her story reached the French authorities and the French Interior Minister offered her an asylum. Currently Negzzia is a social media star, commercial model and is trying to build a career as a professional model in Paris, France.

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Negzzia is a perfect example of a Persian woman who left her comfort zone for the life of unknown abroad, only for not giving in to the Islamist thugs. Negzzia left her comfortable life in Iran to chase her dream of becoming a professional model.

From a model in Tehran to a homeless girl at the street corners of Paris, Negzzia’s story and journey is lethal and dangerous; therefore, we named her primary album as “Negzzia Persian Lethal Sexy Model”. Negzzia will always have a home in IPC. Enjoy Negzzia’s debut album in IPC:

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