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Qazal Shahdousti Persian Silk
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Qazal Shahdousti Persian Art Model
Persian Silk Album


Qazal Shahdousti: Persian Silk Album
Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Qazal Shahdousti
Qazal Shahdousti
December 31, 2014

Qazal Shahdousti is a second generation Iranian American. She is an art major and a model. Qazal is a photo and art model. Qazal is very fond of the early 20th century art, fashion, movies and designs, particularly 1920s and 1930s. She is a classic and practically reincarnation of a 1930s Pinup girl. She dresses and conducts herself as a classic early 20th century lady. Qazal designs many of her dresses and hats.

Qazal’s hobbies are collecting nostalgia (early 20th century), watching old black and white movies, playing beach volleyball, painting nostalgic subjects, black and white photography, Qajar Period, dressing nostalgic and surely posing as a classic model.

Qazal loves nostalgic posters and photos. She is seeking a future career in either fashion design or painting. She loves luxurious garments, specifically silk and that is why I named her the Persian Silk. This is one of Cat’s fine photo shoots, which was directed by me. We called this nostalgic album, the Persian Silk.

This album is the first of a series of photo art portfolios by Qazal. In the future, we will publish a number of photo portfolios by Qazal. Please enjoy Qazal’s Persian Silk album:

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