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Qazal Shahdousti, Sexy Persian Art Model
Album 3: Persian Free Spirit Album


Qazal Shahdousti, Sexy Persian Art Model
Album 3: Persian Free Spirit Album

Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Qazal Shahdousti
June 18, 2016

The Persian Silk, Qazal Shahdousti is back with her 3rd album in IPC. When Qazal done her first photo shoot in IPC, she was only a local photo and art model who was doing poses for photo shoots, sculptors, painters and other modern art portfolios, but today, Qazal is a well known global art model. Qazal has the characteristics, behavior and the features of an early 20th century (1920s and 1930s) pinup girl. She is truly into the era’s music (jazz / vocals and Chanson), dance (Charleston), fashion (Paper Boy Hats and baggy trousers tucked in long sox), hairdo (short bob) and talk. Qazal is smooth as silk and a real classic, which is why we named her the “Persian Silk”. They don’t make classics like Qazal anymore!

This album is a 2 part photo shoot at the cliffs and the beach, where captures Qazal’s “Persian Free Spirit” migrating from the land to the sea, so it can become free to vanish into the horizon. In this album, we have captured Qazal’s psyche as a free spirit, wanting to join and become one with the sea, wind and the sky. The scenery is compatible with Qazal’s nature and Qazal has successfully portrayed what we were intended to display.

“Persian Free Spirit Album” is Qazal’s 3rd photo shoot in IPC. We truly enjoyed turning this project into reality at the cliffs. Cat was superb. Cat’s photography is fantastically artistic and Qazal was born to be an art model. The project ended as a success and once done, I just knew that it would be a hit.

This one is dedicated to Qazal Shahdousti’s fans, art photography enthusiasts, admirers of beautiful Persian women and all free spirits of the globe. This is our way of trashing all traditional Iranian taboos, Shiite Islamic Sub Culture, and Islamic values. This is a punch in the face of the Mullahs, their Moral and Dress Police, plus the complete IRI Regime of Qom and Tehran! This is an end to Islam and back to the Persianhood! Chew on this one if you can!

For Qazal’s other albums, visit the “Iran Fashion Models Index”. Now, please join us to celebrate the beautiful “Persian Free Spirit” and enjoy Qazal Shahdousti’s 3rd album in IPC. Bon Appetite:

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Qazal Shahdousti Persian Free Spirit Album
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