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Ramona Rina Amiri
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Ramona Rina Amiri Hot Persian Model
Top Beauty Pageant


Ramona Rina Amiri Hot Persian Model and Beauty Pageant
Ramona Rina Amiri
March 29,2021

Ramona is an Iranian Canadian model who was born in Montreal, Canada and later on moved to Vancouver. Ramona is Assyrian Persian and very proud of her Assyrian and Persian heritage. She speaks both languages.

Ramona won the Miss Canada 2005 and competed for the Miss World 2005. Ramona graduated from the British Colombia University in Biology major and worked as a medical research assistant.

Ramona is a dancer and an athlete. Ramona’s hobbies are belly dancing, contemporary dance, playing piano, riding motorcycle, cooking and reading. Ramona is into sports such as hiking, roller skating, ice hockey, volleyball, swimming and badminton. Ramona is an upbeat and lively person. Enjoy her debut in IPC:

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