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Sadaf Taherian Unveiled
Album 1: Fashion Shots


Sadaf Taherian Unveiled 1: Fashion Shots – Persian Actress Model
Sadaf Taherian
August, 9, 2019

Sadaf Taherian Album Index
Album 1. Sadaf Taherian Fashion Shots
Album 2. Sadaf Taherian Sexy Shots

Sadaf Taherian is from Tehran, Iran. Sadaf means Pearl and she is surely a bold pearly white Persian girl who stands up for her rights! Sadaf was a Persian movie and TV actress who released a number of films inside Iran until she rebelled against the mandatory Islamic Hejab policy of the Islamist Regime of Iran and the Cinema Corruption in Iran. Sadaf Taherian committed “Kashf-e Hejab” (Taking Off Islamic Hejab) and left Iran in protest to the Islamist Regime.

It all started by Sadaf posting her hejab-less photos on the social media and then situation got hairy and she had to leave Iran. After leaving Iran, she continued her antagonistic conflict with the Islamic Regime by posting a great number of sexy controversial photos on the social media. Sadaf Taherian is banned by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (Ershad) of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Regime.

Presently Sadaf Taherian does some Persian TV appearances and is a model based in Tehrangeles (Persian Town Los Angeles), California. She still takes a bold stand against the IRI’s Islamic Hejab Policy.

We support Sadaf Taherian and command her for her “Kashf-e Hejab”. Taking Off the Islamic Hejab (Kashf-e Hejab) AKA DeChadorization had started in Iran by the command of Reza Shah the Great as a part of his reforms as De-Islamization and Modernization of Iran. Persians do not wear hejab thus the Islamic Hejab is forced upon the Persian women. Hejab is an Arabo-Islamic entity forced upon women by Muhammad and Islam. Hejab is a sign of inequality for women to wear as the second-rate citizens. Hejab is an Arabic garb and it has no place in Iran. It is beneath the Persian Women to wear the foreign forced Arabo-Islamic hejab. Persians are better than that! Hejab is beneath the Persian Superior Culture, the Mother Culture of the World.

The struggle of Iranian Women against the forced hejab started on 1979 when the Khomeini’s Illegal Islamic Regime infected Iran and took away the women’s rights by turning them into second class citizens. Since 1979, the majority of Iranian Women have been struggling and protesting against hejab. These protests become out in open streets in 1979 when over 100,000 women rushed the streets of Tehran to protest against the Islamic Hejab. The struggle continued through the years, specifically in 2009 when the youth nationwide riots against the Islamic Regime covered the country. Once again on 2017 many Iranian women protested Hejab by taking their hejabs off in the public streets. Even in the latest (Islamic Biased) government poll, the majority of the Iranian Women voted “No” on wearing the Islamic Hejab. Iranian Women are simply rejecting the Islamic Hejab. The Islamic Hejab will have no place in the future free Iran. Islamic Sub Culture, Islamic Hejab and Islam must be cleansed from the Persian Culture and shipped back to the Arabian Peninsula where it belongs.

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Sadaf Taherian Facebook

Sadaf Taherian starts her debut in IPC with two new albums:

Sadaf Taherian Fashion Shots
Focuses on Sadaf’s fashion portfolio

Sadaf Taherian Sexy Shots
Focuses on Sadaf’s swimsuit, lingerie and sexy-wear portfolio

Please welcome Sadaf Taherian’s debut in IPC:

Now on to Sadaf’s Next Album

Sadaf Taherian Fashion Shots
Sadaf Taherian Sexy Shots
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