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Sarah Shahi Persian Actress Model
Chic Album


Chic Album
Fashion Shots of Sarah Shahi Persian Actress Model
Sarah Shahi
January 25, 2018

This is Sarah Shahi’s first debut album in IPC. Sarah Shahi’s first album is the “Chic Album” and includes her fashion shots.

Sarah Shahi was born as Ahoo Jahansouz Shahi.  Her father is Persian and her mother is a Persian Spaniard of Persian ancestry who was born in Spain. Sarah was born in Texas. Her ancestry is of both Qajar and Afshar Imperial Dynasties of Iran. She gave herself the nickname Sarah in the 2nd grade and later on she changed her name from Ahoo to Sarah.  

Sarah majored in English and Theatre in university. Sarah was always an athlete. She played volleyball and basketball. Later on, Sarah became a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Sarah had careers as a cheerleader, model and then moved to Hollywood and become an actress. She worked on many TV series and motion pictures. Amongst her many modeling gigs, Sarah modeled for the Maxim Magazine.

Sarah played in many movies such as “Rush Hour 3”, “Bullet to the Head” and “Road to Paloma”.

Sarah played in various TV Series. Sarah played in “Life” as “Dani Reese”, in “Fairy Legal” as “Kate Reed” and she played in “Reverie” as “Mara Kint”. Sarah also played in “Chicago Fire”, “Person of Interest” and “Pitch”.

Sarah is an athlete who takes care of her body very well. Sarah speaks English and Persian.

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