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Album 1: Sepideh Models

Sepideh, Hot Iranian Pop Star
Album 1: Sepideh Models

December 29, 2011

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Sepideh Models Album
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Sepideh is a Persian Pop singer. Sepideh is a Kurdish Iranian artist very much proud of her both Kurdish and Persian heritages. Sepideh was born in Tehran, Iran. In the late 1980s Sepideh and her family moved to Washington DC, USA. Sepideh started her music career while in high school. She started as a vocalist in a Persian band named Setareh (Star), then another Persian band named Mask. They toured along the east coast of United States.

Eventually Sepideh moved to Los Angeles to start a professional musical career. She connected with Shahbal Shabpareh of Black Cats. One of Shahbal’s projects was the all girl band Silhouettt which Sepideh had become a member of this band. After the revival of his old band in Iran (Black Cats), along the way Shahbal Shabpareh formed an all girl Persian band consisting of Lili, Tahmineh and Sepideh named the Silhouettt. Sepideh toured around with Silhouettt but as of the early 2000s she went solo. Her music was originally mellow pop and dance pop style but later on she spiced it up with Heavy Pop and even some Rock. Today, Sepideh perfected her style as a different approach to the Persian Pop Music. Through her songs, Sepideh advocates freedom, strength and women’s rights.

Sepideh is a cat person and she owns cats. She enjoys watching movies, shopping, cooking, listening to music and reading books. Some of her favorite Persian artists are Dariush, Siavash Ghomayshi and Googoosh.  Amongst some of her favorite American artists are Pink, Christina Aguilera and Madonna.

Sepideh is a hospitable person who enjoys cooking for and entertaining guests at her home. She is a solid Iranian nationalist and has recorded a number of explosive nationalistic songs. She supports the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom and democracy. Her greatest desire is to conduct concerts inside Iran and to perform in her motherland. In the future, this wish can come true.

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Sepideh Models Album
Sepideh Rocks Album
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