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Shermine Shahrivar Sexy Persian Model
Silver Album: Fashion Shots


Shermine Shahrivar Sexy Persian Model
Silver Album: Fashion Shots
Shermine Shahrivar
June 7, 2018

Shermine Shahrivar Albums Index
Silver Album: Fashion Shots
Gold Album: Sexy Hot Shots

Shermine Shahrivar is a very expressive and photogenic fashion model. Her expressions and poses are very chic and bold. Shermine is an educated, talented, elegant and artistic Persian Fashion Model.

Shermine Shahrivar is an Iranian German Model, Actress, TV Show Host, and Beauty Pageant. Shermine was born as “Shermine Shahrivar Tehrani” in Tehran, Iran and moved to Germany when she was only one year old. Shermine Shahrivar was raised in Aachen and lives in Berlin, Germany. She has a degree in Social Sciences.

Shermine Shahrivar started as a beauty pageant. She was Miss Germany 2004 and Miss Europe 2005 in France. Next, she moved on to modeling.

Shermine Shahrivar is a Berlin based model. Shermine is a Fashion Model who has done Runway, Print, Swimsuit, Commercial, Art, Nude, Catalogue and Fashion Modeling.





Shermine Shahrivar hosted the Oberhausen Nowruz Persian New Year Celebration, the largest in Germany and one of the largest in the world. She hosted German TV shows and as an actress, played in German and French TV Series and Movies.

Shermine Shahrivar speaks German, French, English and naturally Persian. Her hobbies are horseback riding and swimming.

You are not a relevant Persian model unless you are published in IPC. This is Shermine Shahrivar’s debut in IPC. We kick off Shermine Shahrivar’s debut with 2 albums, the first one is the “Silver Album” which covers her best fashion and chic shots and the second one is the “Gold Album” which covers her top sexy hot shots including swimsuit, lingerie, art and nude shots. Enjoy the best of Shermine Shahrivar:

Shermine Shahrivar with Lilly Becker

Shermine Shahrivar with the Girls

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Silver Album
Gold Album
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