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Shiva Aryan, Persian Beach Bunny
Controversial Interview & Rock Island Album


Shiva Aryan, Persian Beach Bunny
Persian Art and Photo Model
Controversial Interview and Rock Island Art Modeling Photo Album

Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Shiva Aryan
1st Edition: August 19, 2016
2nd Edition: May 30,2021

Life is a beach. Everything is so relaxing at the beach. Shiva Aryan is the latest IPC Hot New Model. She is as hot as hilarious. This beauty is Cat’s latest discovery. Shiva Aryan is a professional lifeguard and swimmer. Her body is as tight as a new Christmas skin dress on a chubby girl! Shiva is as bold as beautiful. Shiva is the embodiment of liveliness. She is blunt, athletic, energetic, lively and cut to the chase type of a girl. We truly enjoyed these qualities in a Persian girl so we sat down for a chat with this beach bunny:

IPC: Main Stream Iranian community believes that it is embarrassing for a Persian girl to pose nude, wouldn’t you be embarrassed after your photo shoot will be published in the IPC?

Shiva: Iranian community needs to get over their hang-ups and shallow mentality, and they need to stop being such fanatics.

IPC: But they believe it is immoral to pose naked?

Shiva: It is immoral to fraud, fake, lie and being addicted to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, then how come most of the Persians are?

IPC: Do you see any immorality in posing nude?

Shiva: I see beauty in posing nude. Nude Body Modeling is Beautiful “if You have the Body” (she emphasized)!

IPC: Which Iranians do you think are against posing nude?

Shiva (shouted): Ugly women who don’t have the face or the body to pose nude, militant ugly lesbians, jealous women who are too shy to do it, fanatical Muslim women, chauvinist men, and fake men with double standards, one with limited freedoms for their wives, but the other where they can do as they please. All of these people have hang-ups and double standards.

IPC: What is morality to you?

Shiva: Morality for a woman is to be a good human being and kind to others. Woman’s morality is not hidden between her legs.

IPC: How do you define the mainstream Iranian community?

Shiva: Double Standards and Fake.

IPC: How do you define the Iranian community of Southern California?

Shiva: Mostly Shallow and Ignorant.

IPC: Who do you enjoy to meet and hang with?

Shiva: Interesting and meaningful people?

IPC: Such as?

Shiva: Like you guys. Believe it or not, I meet a lot of interesting people at the beach. All types of Real people drop by the beach and I mean Real and not Fake.

IPC: What’s your code of life?

Shiva: Stay Real and keep it Real.

IPC: Keep it Real baby …

Shiva: Surely will …

IPC: What’s the future plans?

Shiva: I will always be a beach bunny. I can always be found right here at the beach. You can find me saving people’s lives as a lifeguard, swimming tournaments, playing beach volleyball, taking lengthy suntans and posing nude for the rest of my life.

IPC: Any final words for the Iranian Moral Majority?

Shiva: I know you are making a social revolution in this shallow Persian community and I know IPC has the nerves to do it, so please don’t censor and print these words, I want them to read this, tell them to “go F**k themselves and get a life” (with emphasis)!

Shiva emphasized on the word “FAQ” (F**K) with such passion that it cracked us up!

Cat and I truly enjoyed this girl’s wild and free spirit. I think I love this girl’s attitude; actually it is very similar to mine! I would like to send my gratitudes to Cat’s fabulous artistic photography and Shiva’s great postures and poses. Shiva was a good sport and she was sizzling hot. This was one of the most fun photo shoots that I have ever directed. This was also one of the most fun chats that I have ever had with a model. Manny thanks to the IPC Crew.

Folks, please enjoy the best of Shiva’s photo shoot. I name this one: Shiva, the Persian Beach Bunny at the Rock Island. Bon appetite:

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