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Sisi Azhin Persian Art & Fashion Model
Portfolio II: Areas of Gray Album


Sisi Azhin Areas of Gray Album
Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Sisi Azhin
Sisi Azhin
August 26, 2022

Sisi Azhin is an art, fashion, print, catalogue, bikini, nude and web model. Sisi Azhin has been modeling under various aliases (for security reasons), for various publications and in various countries around the world. Sisi Azhin is a top international model. Sisi had posed nude for a number of prominent painters, sculptors, sketchers, and graphic artists. Sisi had done a great number of portfolios for fashion, catalogue and print publications.

No matter where in the world she maybe, IPC is her home away from home. We are honored to have Sisi in IPC again. It is always a special day when Sisi is here. In our lingo, perfection has a definition. In this liberal nonsensical woke era, when every ugly girl, fat girl, tranny, bull dyke and degenerate is on the cover of the woke liberal Ragazines, we believe qualifications are needed to be a model! Liberals cannot change the definition of the beauty. Modeling has standards, any hippo cannot be a model!

We have a definition for the perfection, do you know what it is? Perfection is Sisi Azhin. The face, the eyes, the hair, the facial features, the body, the attraction, the passion, the aura, the grace, the intelligence and the controversial nature, all together makes her the perfect example of the perfection. When we speak of a perfect model, we have Sisi in mind!

Aside from beauty, Sisi is very intelligent and highly controversial.  For Sisi Azhin highly controversial interview and glamorous portfolio, the Satin Album, review the shoot:

Sisi Azhin, Persian Fashion Model Interview and Satin Portfolio

Even though a liberated modern girl, Sisi in nature is a traditional Persian girl and an old school soul. She is highly in to the Persian culture, art, poetry and music.

This one we call “Areas of Gray” Album. Enjoy Sisi Azhin’s Second Coming in IPC:

Sisi Azhin Interview and Satin Album
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