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Iranian Hot Fashion Model - Part 1
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Best of Tala, Pure Persian Gold
Iranian Hot Fashion Model - Part 1

Tala Golzar
April 2, 2009

I am Tala Golzar. Tala means Gold in Persian, so you can figure how valuable I am! I was born and raised in Iran. In 2006, I moved to USA. I have set my goal to be a professional fashion model. I shall not stop until I reach the top of my profession. I study Graphic Design and I hope to become an established Graphic Designer in addition to being a fashion model.

I am a runway, print, art, commercial and fashion model. I have done various photo shoots with distinguished photographers. My goal is to work hard and continue establishing myself as a top fashion model.

My life is my family. My father is Persian and my mother is Russian. My mother moved to Iran when she was 5 years old. My mother is a gorgeous woman and a sweetheart, but my dad is the love of my life. I love my dad and he is my hero. I have a brother who has always supported me and has been a great friend.

I take studies serious. I am not just a pretty face, but I also have a brain. In Iran I was nominated as a high ranking student in mathematics, nationwide and I won awards. Graphic Design is my major and I am focusing on this interesting field. I take academics very serious.

My hobbies are swimming, classical music, Persian traditional music, dancing, design and art. I enjoy swimming and I was a swimming instructor in Iran.

Musically speaking, I am old school. When it comes to Persian Traditional Music, I love Banan and Delkash. Vigen is my favorite Persian Jazz vocalist. Beethoven is my favorite classical composer and Yani is my favorite New Age composer.

Even though I am Gold, but my favorite color is Green! I am a naturalist, I love nature and I believe in being natural. All my body parts are natural (so you know)! I dislike plastic surgery, body enhancement, fake cosmetics and fake people. I like sincerity, honesty and real people.

At the present, I barely have time for relationships. Between school, modeling and my family and friends, I rarely have any time to party or attend other activities. I am very focused on modeling. I am a hard worker and I must make the top.

I love IPC and I am a solid IPC reader.  I am honored to be IPC’s Hot New Model of the Season for spring. I love Nowruz, spring and now I am Spring Season’s Hot New Model. This is my two parts modeling portfolio debut in IPC. I am glad to be amongst the top Iranian Fashion Models of IPC.

Tala Golzar MySpace Page

My advice to all of you young ladies is to believe in yourselves, believe in your goals, work hard at it, focus on family, keep and stay Real. I love and thank all my fans for supporting me. Thank you for viewing my debut portfolio in IPC. Please enjoy:

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