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Tala Golzar, 24 Karat Gold
Sexy Persian Gold Model


24 Karat Gold Album
Sexy Persian Fashion Model

Tala Golzar
October 18, 2013

Tala is a Persian word and it means gold. I am an Iranian American fashion model. I am a runway, print, art, commercial and fashion model. My beautiful mother is Russian and my father is Persian. I have a lovely brother who is very close to me and very supportive of me. I was born and raised in Iran. I was born in Tehran and raised in Gohardasht, Karaj of Alborz province.

I was an honor student and as far as academics, in 2006, I won the 10th place on the National Iranian Mathematical Olympiad. My photogenic face primarily rewarded me at age 3! I was photographed and my close-up photo was printed on the largest local photo studio’s banner and stayed there for 10 consecutive years.

At age 17, I moved to USA. Primarily I moved to Orange county and then to Los Angeles. I have studied Graphic Design in college.

I am a hard worker and I take modeling seriously. As soon as I established myself in America, I started to work on my portfolio. I have created various modeling portfolios and posed for various companies such as New Look Skin Care, NS Design, Faith Bertruff and others. My photo shoots have been published in America, France, Great Britain, Iran, Malaysia and other countries. I have been on the cover of various magazines.

I have done some TV show hosting, TV commercials and fashion design. On 2010, I hosted a weekly TV show on the MTC International Channel. On the Christmas of 2010, I have hosted a massive Persian Concert. I have also hosted and participated in various fashion shows.

My hobbies are painting, calligraphy, sketching, graphic design, fashion design, swimming, traditional Persian music and Persian jazz. I am proud of my heritage and I love Persian culture, art and music.

I am extremely focused on modeling and I work hard to accelerate and grow towards excellence. My modeling career basically started at age 3 and it has been ongoing since. As a very hard working professional, I have set the sky as the limit for myself.

This is my second fashion modeling portfolio in IPC. The IPC Website has been following my modeling career since the early start in America. I am an old IPC reader and fan. I am privileged to be an IPC model. As a model, I strongly believe that it is essential to be published in IPC because you are not a relevant Persian fashion model unless you are published in IPC.

At last I would like to send my love and kisses to my fans. I love to thank all of my devoted fans for years of support. Without the fans, I am nothing. Please accept my humble gratitude for your love and support. My first IPC album was a smash! After the success of my first IPC modeling album “Pure Persian Gold”, please enjoy my second IPC modeling album, “24 Karat Gold”:

Tala Golzar and Mother

Tala Golzar and Mother

Tala Golzar and Mother

This brings us to the ends of our album.

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Tala Golzar 24 Karat Gold Album
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