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Album 1: Fashion and Catwalk

Yasmin Le Bon Iranian Supermodel and Fashion Designer
Album 1: Fashion and Catwalk

Yasmin Le Bon
October 22, 2014

Yasmin Le Bon Albums
1. Fashion and Catwalk
2. Leather and Gothic
3. Covers and Ads
4. Sexy and Swimsuit
Can you name any other Persian model who made it to the top of the International Modeling Scene and remained relevant for 4 decades (1983 – Present), beside Yasmin Le Bon? Can you name another Persian model who became a global modeling sensation in the fashion circa and worked in all the fields such as fashion, catwalk, print, ads, catalogue and photo modeling, aside Yasmin Le Bon? Can you name another Persian model who came even near the status of an international supermodel such as Yasmin Le Bon? If not, then by the popular vote and heads and hands down, Yasmin Le Bon must be the most popular and the greatest Persian Model of all times!

Let’s face it, Yasmin became a supermodel in the 1980s but since then, she has been relevant in the fashion circa and actively modeling for 4 decades! After all these years, she is still delicious!

Yasmin Le Bon, born as Yasmin Parvaneh, is a second generation Iranian English who was born in Oxford, England. She is the daughter of Iraj Parvaneh the respectable Iranian photographer and Photography Instructor at the Oxford Brookes University and Patricia her English mother. Her sister Nadereh is 4 years older than her. Yasmin has been modeling since age 17.

When Yasmin was 18, she took the train to London and went to the offices of the Models 1 modeling agency, knowing that they were one of the top modeling agencies in the industry. Soaking wet from a torrential downpour, they managed to see behind this and gave her a one month trial. Her clients loved her. She was not having the top jobs but she had steady work. In later years Yasmin stated that:

“It was unbelievable and quite radical that they (modeling agency) booked me back then, simply because in those years (1980s), all working models had Blonde Bobs and Big Gobs. They were far away and far apart from a tan skinned, brunet Persian such as me!”  

Yasmin’s husband is Simon Le Bon, the lead singer of the Australian Band, Duran Duran. Their meeting on 1984 was love at first site. At the time of the meeting, Yasmin was a Top Model and Simon was a Top Rocker. They are married since 1985 and they have 3 daughters Amber Rose, Saffron Sahara, and Tallulah Pine. Amber Rose is also a model.

Yasmin made her first acting debut on 1997 in the Sex and Chocolate television series made by BBC. In this series, she played the role of a fashion model. Two years later, Yasmin and Simon played in the Hunting Venus, a film about a 1980s rock band. Yasmin also played in other films and documentaries. Yasmin has been modeling for fashion shows and Catwalks, fashion magazines, fashion merchandise shoots and practically every other modeling aspect of the fashion industry.

On September 2009, Yasmin Le Bon partnered with Wallis and designed her first women's clothing and jewelry collection named YLB. Her second collection was launched in March 2010.

Yasmin Le Bon’s favorite color is orange; her favorite hobbies are martial arts and meditation; her favorite icon is Bruce Lee; her favorite habit is cursing and she is good at it! Yasmin loves Persian food and culture. Yasmin Le Bon’s advice for you is to have fun and feel sexy.

After all these years, Yasmin is still one of the world’s leading fashion models. Yasmin lives in Europe but often works in America. Yasmin Le Bon is a tireless workaholic model. Yasmin is very proud of her Persian heritage.

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