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Google Suppresses Over 500 IPC Links
Ahreeman X and Catayoun Razmjou
June 21, 2022

Google Eye Indoctrination
Google Big Brother is Always Watching, so Comply and Obey!
Google Globalist Socialist Indoctrination, Brainwash and Propaganda transformation from the monitor to your brain through the eye! Google always tracks you, even when your mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop and other devices are off.

Summer of War 2022

Summer of War is here. The summer before the November midterm elections is here. While Google as usual is preparing its summer agenda for spewing fake news, censoring patriots in YouTube, supporting ANTIFA, BLM and Anarchists to burn down America, turning people gay (LGBTQIA + Alphabet Soup), undermining America, promoting globalism, establishing new world order, snitching to FBI and CIA, rigging the search and hiding the truth, Google also started the first day of the summer with suppressing over 500 IPC links via rigged algorithms.

What triggered Google are these two new exposes:

Google’s Conscious Robot is Alive!
Zero Hour: Beginning of AI, End of Humanity?
Google’s Corporate Mind Control and Greed

Google Cult Activity Exposed by Contractor

“Sundar Pichai (Billionaire Google CEO) is misunderstood!” (Media)
Sundar: C’mon man (Biden Style),  I’m all yours! I only look like a weasel, but deep inside, I’m a decent guy, just give me a chance. At first impression, I give the façade of a two-bit Hindu con artist, but underneath it all, I have a heart of gold, I am really a Saint! Come on here, just bend over and let me prove it to you!

Google Iran Lobby Management

These two exposes are from a long line of IPC posts, articles and investigative research on Google. American Social Media is run by Iranian Democrats AKA “Silicon Valley Persian Mafia”. Google and Google’s YouTube are no exception. These Iranian American Democrats are either financiers or members of the Iran Lobby Groups such as NIAC, PAAIA and PCC (Persian Cultural Center San Diego) which the latter is also the money laundry bank for the Iran Lobby in USA.

NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of the Iranian Americans)

PCC (Persian Cultural Center of San Diego)

The Silicon Valley Persian Mafia in charge of the American Social Media whom colluded and stolen the 2020 Election for the Democrats are amongst the Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA which is vastly explained here:

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA
Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires Support Iran Lobby
Why Mullahs have been Running Iran for Over 4 Decades?

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

Originally, the Iranian American Management of Google started the war on IPC due to the IPC critics of Google on these issues:

* Google refused to name the historic body of water “Persian Gulf”.
* Google refused to create a doodle for Nowruz Persian New Year celebrated by 300 Million people.
* Google promoted NIAC Iran Lobby and Hezbollah on IPC Traffic in Google Search.

And many more which are listed under the “Google Section” in the Iran Features Index:

Iran Features Index

There is also a lengthy and popular forum thread on the history of Google crimes, sabotage, espionage, censorship and global mind control:

Is Google a Cult?

Iranian American Management of Google and Google’s YouTube have been basically forcing Google to declare war on IPC. Declaring war on IPC means declaring war on the Iranian Opposition, Iranian Student Movement, Iranian Democratic Movement and naturally the Iranian People, because as the largest Iranian Website and Network in the globe, IPC represents the Iranian Freedom Movement and is the backbone of the Iranian Opposition, hence IPC supports and promotes all Iranian opposition groups, organizations and parties.

Iran Democratic Movement Index

This is not the first time that Google suppresses the IPC links. Google has a long history of rigged algorithms. Yes, Google is again suppressing over 500 IPC pages via rigged algorithms. Amid IPC article on Google Conscious Robot, Google suppressed over 500 IPC links. IPC links on Google, 2020 Stolen Election, Critics of the Illegitimate Biden Regime, Critics of the Deep State, Critics of the Woke LGBTQIA, Critics of Democrats, Critics of CCP Chinese Regime, critics of Iran Lobby, etc. have been censored and hidden from the public.

Sundar Pichai (Billionaire Google CEO) with Susan Wojcicki (Millionaire Google’s YouTube CEO)
Sundar: Susan, we have been smoothly censoring and brainwashing people for years but you just cut through the chase and silence people like sterilized lowly dogs that they are! You created a captive audience in YouTube! How do you do it?
Susan: Well Sundar, it is very simple, I grab people by the balls or vagina and squeeze until the pain makes them to comply and obey. It is a method which I have learned from the Chinese comrades in Beijing. So far, so good, it works perfectly on the dot!
Sundar: What if they react and rebel?
Susan: They will get silenced and kicked out. They must learn to obey like good dogs. We are in control and they are to be controlled. We spit in their faces and they will learn to lick it.
Sundar: You really kicked it up a notch and gave a new definition to the term Social Media!
Susan: Boss, always remember that Social Media is only the front term for the Social Engineering and Social Control. They can interact with each other like little Lab Rats, as long as they remain well behaved and obey the Big Brother.
Sundar: I am impressed, you are truly the Big Sister of YouTube and a Great Asset to the Google Cult!
Susan: I am only doing my share to maintain the “Liberal Plantation” and make it operate smoothly!

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Google has been Rigging the Search Forever!

Conduct an experiment: As soon as IPC publishes an article or a forum post, right away, they will be shown on the first page of the search under “Iran Politics Club” in DuckDuckGo; a bit later, they will show on the first page or the second page in Bing, eventually they will show on one of the few primary pages in Yahoo but they will never show on the first, second, third or any page of the search under “Iran Politics Club” in Google! The rigged Google algorithms are designed and the biased Google employees are ordered to only post wokely safe, politically correct and Google blessed material under the search for “Iran Politics Club”. Google filters all IPC material and only posts what they want to post. As of results, you will notice that all the linked IPC pages in Google are old irrelevant articles and posts about outdated subjects which has nothing to do with today’s hot topics. If the IPC pages are in any shape or form about Google Censorship, Google Globalist Agenda, Iran Lobby, CCP China, Stolen 2020 Election, Deep State, Lockdowns, LGBTQIA + Alphabet Soup, Democrat Party’s Election Corruptions or any other Un-PC subject, the Google algorithms, employees and ever watching Google Big Brother will automatically eliminate them, so they will never be seen by the public.

Google is not a search engine but an indoctrination machine which you must comply with and obey!

Google has been rigging the search for so long, playing with algorithms for so long, suppressing links for so long, and censoring people for so long that they have lost their edge in search; furthermore, become low-tech and outdated technology:

Google is Losing the Search Engine War
Google is Becoming Outdated Technology

But recently, they have tried a new tactic:

Google’s New Tactic to Suppress IPC Links

At one time, if you punched in “Iran Politics Club” in Google search you would get 10 links while on the other search engines and even on Google before publication of the Robot expose, you would get between 10 to 20 million links.

For instance, right now if you punch in “Iran Politics Club” in Google search, you would get 10 links but at the bottom of the 10 links page, it is stated:

“In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 10 already displayed.”

With this statement linked:

“If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.”

Then if you click on the link, you will see the over 10 million IPC links which they should have been shown to begin with!

This is Google’s new con to conceal the IPC links from the people!

Now watch as soon as people go to experiment this new con, Google as usual will alter its algorithms so it will not be embarrassed by its latest con!

Thank You True Global Search Engines

Every time Google demotes IPC, other search engines promote IPC, simply because everyone hates Google! Our hats are off to:

DuckDuckGo (USA)

Bing (USA)

Yahoo (USA)

Ecosia (Germany)

Qwant (France)

Yandex (Russia)

Baidu (China)

Thank you for displaying millions of IPC links, images and hits. Thank you for providing true search for the global public. Thank you for not rigging the search like Google!

If you think Google is censoring IPC, just punch in “Ahreeman X” and see how Google is trying to make Ahreeman X disappear from the Internet! Google is like an ostrich sticking her neck under the dirt and assumes that no one can see her! In fact, everyone can see what Google is doing! Just go and punch “Ahreeman X” in other search engines and see Ahreeman X’s massive number of links, images and hits; then go punch in “Ahreeman X” in Google and only then, you will realize that how much Ahreeman X is hated by the Iran Lobby Management of Google! But no worries, the more Google demotes IPC and Ahreeman X, the more the Iranian people and the Global Free Thinkers will love IPC and Ahreeman X. We have a global cult following by the freedom loving, free thinkers.

Google Promotes Iran Lobby on IPC Traffic Again!

Other than NIAC, also Ray Takeyh and Council on Foreign Relations Iran Lobby Group have been also promoted by Google on the first page of the IPC millions of links.

Ray Takeyh – Council on Foreign Relations

Council on Foreign Relations

Google Promotes Hezbollah and NIAC on IPC’s Traffic!

How to Fight Google Censorship?

How Americans and Iranian Americans can Fight Google?

- Call your congressman’s phones offline
- Don’t elect RINOs or Democrats
- Get off government Kool-Aid
- Don’t be Government Mules
- Don’t work for Government
- Don’t be on government benefits
- Don’t use Google products

How Iranians Inside Iran can Fight Google?
How Middle East and Central Asia Iranians can Fight Google?

- Don’t use Google products

You are not a network like us, you don’t need to use Google products.

We don’t use Google for personal and sensitive political usage. Our private mobiles and computer networks systems are Google Free.

As a network we use Google products to monitor Google.

Google spies on us and we also spy on Google. We have whistleblowers and spies inside Google. These are hardcore decent patriots who are Google employees and are not a bit happy about the path which Google is on.

We are against law suits and boycotts, We like to take care of the problems, old fashion way, Persian style!

But if companies want to bring law suits against Google for messing with algorithms and rigging the search to demote them or if people want to boycott Google, we will not stop them. Who knows, maybe these actions will cost Google billions and teach them a lesson to as a search engine (Google) and social media (YouTube) not to take sides!

The best method to fight Google is when we take control of the House, Senate and the White House in 2022 and 2024, and then we can enforce repeal or reform of the Section 230 which allows Google and Tech Giants to censor people, rig search engines, suppress links and steal elections for Democrats.

Google cannot continue having God-like powers, it must be tamed or broken apart to few companies to end its monopoly.

“Susan Wojcicki (Google’s YouTube CEO) is Revolutionizing YouTube!” (Media)
Susan: Communist Revolution that is! Comply and Obey the Big Sister or Die! I was well trained by the Comrades from Beijing. Have I told you that I’m also thinking to run for Miss America Beauty Pageant? In these woke days, everything can go! Haven’t you seen the cover of the Sports Illustrated lately? Have you seen me in bikini? Hey, don’t kick it before you lick it! Don’t you think with my talents and beauty, I can win it?! Sky is the limit!

How Google Can Avoid Bad Publicity?

Google may fool some of the people, some of the times,
Google may even fool all of the people, some of the times, but,
Google cannot fool all of the people, all of the times!

If Google wants the IPC expose investigative research articles to seize, they can simply stop rigging the search via rigged algorithms and go back to fair search like they used to have before they went gong ho political pro Democrats! Google is no more a search engine, but a political entity in the service of the woke Democrats.

Try criticize COVID-19 Vaccines, Masks, Mandates, Lockdowns, Stolen 2020 Election, LGBTQIA + Alphabet Soup 6 to 60 Genders, Wokeness, and every other liberal garbage and see what Google Search and YouTube will do to you!

You may ask, why does IPC still use Google products and we will tell you that we like many of the Google products because they are useful tools. We can also use them to monitor Google. Have in mind that we can stop using Google products and switch to others, but for now, it is convenient to use Google products. It will be a headache to switch after decades of using Google. Besides, how else we will be able to monitor Google’s misdeeds, if we don’t use Google products?

Google is like a bad marriage; you can’t live without him/her and you can’t kill him/her and get rid of his/her body!

But isn’t it easier for Google to stop all the bad publicity not only from IPC but from all sources, by stop alienating majority of the American people (conservatives and independents) and majority of the global freedom loving people, and finally by going back to where once they were: Greatest Search Engine in the world?!

Google needs to focus on Search, not Politics!


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