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Iran’s New Cryptocurrency
and Collapsed Economy!


Iran’s New Cryptocurrency and Collapsed Economy!
Ahreeman X
May 4, 2018

IRI Iranian New 5,000 Rial Coins Currency
500 Tuman = 5,000 Rial

Will the new Iranian Cryptocurrency be the answer to the Iran’s collapsed economy? The prospect of the Iranian economy is gloomy and obscured.

When you put a bunch of fortune teller Mullahs in charge of a great economy, they will naturally steal everything except the kitchen sink and run the nation’s economy to the ground!

New IRI 5,000 Iranian Rial Coin Currency

Iran’s economy has collapsed, thanks to the Mullahs and now they are moving towards the Cryptocurrency and the digital money!

In 1978, could you imagine that a day would come for the central bank to print 500 Tuman coins?

In Imperial Iran, there were no coins above 1 Tuman denominations unless special printed coins. Today, Tuman has lost its value!

IRI 5,000 Iranian Rial Coin

During the Imperial Iran (before 1979):

$ 1 = 7 Tuman

Many people including myself were complaining that why Dollar is 7 Tuman?! They demanded that Dollar should be equal to 1 Tuman! Our heads were way above the clouds in the skies and we were such proud Persians!


$ 1 = 4,179 Tuman (official)
$ 1 = 4,967 Tuman (Free Market)

Just imagine how far the Iranian economy has collapsed during the Mullah Regime. We could not imagine that a day would come for Iran’s economy to scoop so low!

Please register in your brains that:

1 Tuman = 10 Rial

Rial is the official Iranian currency but in this day and age, no one cares about Rial because it is fraction of nothing! Tuman of today is also fraction of nothing! Ironically, the complete IRI Currency and Economy is a fraction of nothing!

Old IRI 5,000 Iranian Rial Coin

It does not register in Mullahs’ brains that to become a Super Power in the region, continent and the world and also to export their brand of Shiite Islam to create an empire, primarily they need to establish a flourishing economy! How can you build an empire without the economical backbone?

Seems like IRI has collapsed and it is only a shell which is standing by the force of the IRGC! If you have ever wondered what Iran would look like under the Mullahs, you are lucky to witness today’s Iran under the leadership of the Mullahs!

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Iranian New Cryptocurrency

“Iran’s State Cryptocurrency is Ready for Experiment.”
Iran ICT Minister (Iran’s Information and Communications Technology Minister) stated

Mohammad Azari Jahromi (Iran ICT Minister) has revealed that an “experimental model” of the country’s domestic cryptocurrency project is ready to take off.

Mohammad Azari Jahromi (Iran ICT Minister) is the youngest Iranian minister in the President Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet.

Mohammad Azari Jahromi - Wikipedia

Within days of the country’s central bank banning trading of the cryptocurrencies and barring domestic banks from offering services to industry firms, Iran’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Minister Mohammad Azari Jahromi confirmed that progress is being made with a domestic cryptocurrency project.

IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency) reported:

The central bank’s ban does not mean the prohibition or restriction of the use of the digital currency in domestic development.

In February, Azari Jahromi first revealed efforts toward developing a blockchain-based state cryptocurrency. The state crypto initiative is being led by the Post Bank of Iran, a state-owned bank based in Tehran, Iran.

He stated:

“In a meeting with the board of directors of the Post Bank of Iran on digital currency based on blockchain, the necessary measures for the pilot implementation of the country’s first digital currency were set out by using the country’s elite capacity,”

Then he added:

“A pilot model for review and approval will be presented to the banking system of the country,”

Trump Collapsed Iran’s Economy

Trump and US led financial sanctions have collapsed the Iranian economy. Rial is presently worth the same as dirt!

On May 12th, Trump could opt to withdraw the United States from the Hussein Obama’s nuclear deal with IRI, a move that would break IRI’s back even furthermore!

Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons
3 Parts of Low-Down Dirty Political Deals!

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, a friend of IRI and Mullahs had a role in this shenanigan! IRI’s foray into exploring its own state cryptocurrency follows Venezuela’s launch of the “oil-backed” cryptocurrency Petro, described by the Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro as a monetary instrument to circumvent global financial sanctions and blockades.

Nicolas Maduro has already made several efforts to introduce the cryptocurrency into the global state commerce by offering discounts on crude oil exports if paid in Petro, as well as pitching the cryptocurrency as an investment to nations such as Qatar.

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Death of IRI = Birth of Iran

Hopefully Trump will bring forward the collapse of the IRI Economy and the IRI Regime. This way, a new Iran shall rise from the ashes of IRI. A Future Free Iran, like a phoenix shall rise from the ashes of the Islamic Iran. Trump sanctions are working. Next step is getting out of the Iran Nuke Deal.

Iran Nuclear Lies: Nuclear Iran? Yes, Nuclear IRI? No

With Trump’s aid and Iranian Revolutionary Movement’s will, Iran of the future will be built.

Iran Protests = Iranian Nationalist Revolution

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Blessed be:

Iran Student Movement
Iran Democratic Movement
Iran Opposition

Future is Bright

More power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran

Dr. X

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