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Subconscious Mind and Brain Wash
Ahreeman X
January 27, 2020

Subconscious Mind is similar to the main underwater gigantic part of an iceberg which only a small part of it is above the water named the Conscious Mind.

Brain Waves and Subconscious Mind

In meditative state, brain waves slow down so there is a bigger chance for subliminal messages to affect the subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind is manipulated into believing something, then the conscious mind will automatically get affected into believing the same thing.

It is much easier to manipulate the subconscious mind than the conscious mind.  We can learn and condition ourselves and others to be put in the meditative state. Before we begin, let us discuss brain wave types.

Power of the Subconscious Mind
What a powerful impact can the mind control from a Powerful Mind (right) achieve on an average Subconscious Mind (left) is amazing! At the end, all minds glow!

Brain Wave Types

Gamma Waves
Brain waves with frequencies ranging from approximately 30 Hz to 100 Hz.
Gamma State is the state of hyperactivity in the brain and very active learning. Gamma state is the most opportune time to gain information.  Hyperactive exercises and fully alert learning minds are in this state.

Beta Waves
Brain waves with frequencies ranging from approximately 12 Hz to 30 Hz.
Beta State is the state in which we function for most of the day. Beta state is when mind is alert in the prefrontal cortex. Beta state is where we work, think, analytic, plan, assess and categorize.

Alpha Waves
Brain waves with the frequencies ranging from 8 Hz to 12 Hz.
Alpha State is the state where brain waves begin to slow down and think much less. We become calmer. This is the state we are in after a lovely sexual encounter, a nice scenic drive or walk, a yoga session or a slow Swedish floor exercise session. We feel good, relaxed, comfortable and we feel great inside and out. Alpha Waves predominantly originate from the occipital lobe (back of the brain).

Theta Waves
Brain waves with the frequencies ranging from 4 Hz to 8 Hz.
Theta State is the beginning state of meditation. This is the starting point where the active thinking mind transforms to the relaxed meditative mind. At this state we move on from the working and planning mind to the deeper state of awareness, mental capacity, complex problem solving, body and mind wholeness and in some sense, we could begin to have an outer body experience, looking at ourselves from outside in.

Delta Waves
Brain waves with the frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 4 Hz.
Delta State is the final state of the slower brain waves. Most of the people can reach this state during deep dreamless sleep which is a state of unconsciousness; however, high level martial artists, Veteran Shaolin Si Temple Monks, Kung Fu Grand Masters, and humans in absolute clear state of mind can reach this state in a unique alert and wakened state of mind.

Meditative State

We can begin our meditation and evolve to transform our brain waves down from Beta to Alpha and all the way to the Theta states. Focus on deep breathes. When breathes get deeper and longer, the brain waves begin to calm and slow down.

As a Kung Fu Master, I often sit on a high rock on a tall cliff facing the ocean at Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach. I sit in a meditative sitting position and put my hands on my legs in a traditional Persian or Chinese sitting style. I go in the posture of straight back, shoulders back, chest out, belly in, stiff straight but relaxed. I breathe in and breathe out, slowly deeper and deeper until I calm down, get in the clear and slow my pulse and brain waves near complete state of homeostasis to the point of absolute relaxation of deep sleep. When breaths get deeper and longer, brain waves become slower and calmer. I put my hands together as a sign of martial art respect or prayer under my chin. At this point, I seize watching the ocean, close my eyes and fly away to a higher consciousness. I begin Buddhist Chants of Martial Arts.

In this state, I am in complete nerve rest, ultimate peace, deep focus and close to having an out of body experience. I am so focused in my meditation and relaxing state that you can explode a bomb next to me or jab me with a knife, but you will not see a reaction or reflection from me!

That is the state of “Clear”. I am in the “Clear”. I reach a higher level of consciousness. Even though my physical body is not thinking or is active; however, in my Ultra State of Consciousness, I can see, think and problem solve in a perspective way above the normal state of mind and way above the conscious level of an average human being.

Meditation, Hypnosis and Brain Wash

Meditation, Hypnosis and Brain Wash are three different states in which we or the second party put our minds in to for mind relaxation, mind evolution, gaining information and mind control.


Meditation is a state of mind in which we put ourselves in to relax, forget pain, be in the clear and evolve to a higher state of consciousness.


Hypnosis is a state of mind in which the second party or us, put ourselves in to retrieve information from our subconscious mind where in normal state we cannot remember. In this state we retrieve repressed memories. In this state, we gain information and lost memories.

Brain Wash

Brain Wash is a state of mind in which the second party with or without our permission sends subliminal messages to our subconscious minds and controls our psyche.

Subconscious Mind Manipulation Methods

To achieve the Meditative State, the State of Hypnosis, and Brain Wash, we could use various methods and tools.

Play a Record LP on a Turntable
(Visual and Sound System)

We get the subject to stare at a turning record on a gramophone going round and round. With the use of red light, we can get the subject to get fixated on the motion so we can hypnotize the subject.

Diapason and Pendulum
(Visual and Sound System)

We can use a diapason or pendulum to move from side to side while the subject gets fixated on the motion and sound, so we can hypnotize the subject.

Hallucinogens such as Mushrooms and LSD

We can use hallucinogens on the subject to put the subject in an alter state of mind where the delusions take over and we can control the subject to believe in an event or a memory which had never existed.

Technological Applications and Computers

We can use specific applications, software and computer programs to transfer a subliminal message of words along with relaxing music (new age) through sensors to the mind of the subject; therefore, the subject gains awareness of an order and action to do which is not controlled by the subject. In this manner we control the subject’s mind in to committing various acts in which the subject did not desire or planned to do.

Water Tank
(All Tools Method)

We get the subject to enter a shaded room, lie and float in a water tank with desired temperature of homeostasis while we connect censors on the subject’s skull, temples and brain. We use the relaxing new age music, ocean sound, birds sound and so on (sound effects) and lights (visual effects) to accelerate the depth and speed of our desired transformation of the subliminal message. We play the created subliminal message (mixture of words, music and sound effects) repeatedly through the censors, speakers, earphones and sound system while the subject is in the meditative state. We also allow the subject to consume hallucinogens to be receptive to the subliminal messages. Through this mixture of all methods, we control and shape subject’s mind in to believing whatever we desire, inputting none-existed memories, and reshaping subject’s mind.

Who Can be Hypnotized?

A number of variables come to play when it comes to hypnotism, mind control and meditative state.

I. Weaker the mind, easier to control; stronger the mind, harder to hypnotize.

II. One must be willing to relax and allow hypnotism to be hypnotized. If you fight it, you cannot be hypnotized. You must be receptive and a willing participant.

III. Each subject is different. For each subject we must use a costume-made method consisting of one or more tools and conditions to get the desired results.

Usage of Brain Wash

Since the beginning of time, cults, religions, governments and scientists have been using brain wash to get various different results. For instance, here are some of the situations in which certain groups use the brain wash methods:

* Government brainwash of the people to forget their UFO encounters

* Extra Terrestrials brainwash of the people to forget their UFO Encounters

* Government brainwash of the agents to create easy to control mindless killing machines

* Organized Religions’ brainwash of the people to believe in their blend of God, Religion, holy texts and Supernatural

* Cults’ brainwash of people to become cultists

And so on ……

Important Example of Brainwash


Roots and origins of the Assassins goes back to Iran.

During the 11th Century Iran, Alamut Castle was captured by the Hassan Sabbah and the Assassins. From 1090 AD to 1256 AD, the original Assassins operated from Alamut and conducted their vast operational network centered in the Alamut Castle on Alborz Mountain Range of North Iranian Plateau.

Alamut (Eagles Nest) mountain top fortress is located near Rudbar, at the Rudbar County in the Gilan Province. Alamut is a short distance from Qazvin and Sepid Rud river. Alamut has an important logistic location on Alborz Mountain Range and near the Caspian Sea.

Assassins were Ismaili Shiite Muslims (7 Imams Shiites) who unlike Asna Ashari Shiite Muslims (12 Imams Shiites), mostly believed that Muhammad Ibn Al Ismail the 7th Imam of Ismaili was also Mahdi (The Messiah) who would one day return to bring justice to the globe. That is why they are called followers of Ismail or Ismaili.

The term Assassin comes from the Persian word Hashashin or those who smoke Hashish (downer natural drug).

Assassins AKA Hashashin (Hashish Smokers) were the original Assassins who were Persians. Hassan Sabbah used Hashish as a tool for mind control. Assassins were smoking hashish and have mysterious mystic ceremonies in which they would get pep talks, infatuations, spiritual experiences and mental preparations to commit assassination missions all over the Islamic world. They were Anti Establishment of the Persian Empire and they have assassinated a great number of states, military and government officials. Assassins used the theatrics, sound, light, drugs and music as tools to alter the minds into obedient.

So, Hassan Sabbah used the Subconscious Mind control methods, hypnotism, drugs (Hashish) and lectures to achieve brainwash by putting his Assassins in a desired state of mind to execute his assassinations.

This is how Assassins started. The roots of Assassins go back to 11 century Persia. For 3 centuries Hassan Sabbah and his Fedayin Militia “Order of Assassins” ruled the Alborz Mountain Range heights at the south western area of Caspian Sea and caused a state of paranoia, fear and nightmare all over the Persian Empire. Assassins were the ultimate rebels who were also cult heroes. Hassan Sabbah escaped many near arrests and captures but was never actually captured. At last, he fell ill and passed away escaping execution.

My Experiments with Subconscious Mind

Through the years, I have studied the vast area of subconscious mind and conducted various experiments on many test subjects using a great number of tools performing many methods of Meditation, Hypnosis and Mind Control. With the Subconscious Mind, there is no black and white but it is all Areas of Gray! Amazing knowledge and scientific riches can be gained from the study and experiment with the subconscious mind. These studies and experiments can be productive and used for progress and evolution of the human race.

After all these years of study and experimentation on subconscious mind, the mind control and mind games, even though I have gained a world of knowledge, yet I have discovered that there is yet an undiscovered universe out there to be explored. Subconscious mind is a vast undiscovered land which we have only started to explore it.


Various groups use the subconscious mind, to mind control people and push them forward in to various directions in which they desire. Some constructive and some fatal indeed. If one wants to direct people towards a certain goal, then what better method than gaining support via mind control? Subconscious mind is a delicate ground to walk on and explore.

Cults, Religions, Governments and Special Interest Groups often use mind control to achieve their goals. As I have stated before, the Strong-minded Intellectual (Uber Mensch) always uses the Weak-minded Public (Mensch) to push forward an agenda. We are not even discussing the Subhuman Degenerates (Unter Mensch) because like insects they just roam around randomly and can be directed as herd or cattle.

It is Supermen’s (Uber Mensch) duty to the society to push forward the society towards evolution, peace and prosperity, and not towards selfish personal gains, power play and groupthink. Let us together evolve and push the humanity towards a Higher State of Mind.

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Hopefully we shall reach the City Upon a Hill …….

To end, allow me to quote myself:

“My spirituality is not due to fear of God,
My spirituality is due to fear of losing my humanity!” 

(Ahreeman X)

“Can you forget the past and live in today but build the tomorrow with me?”
(Ahreeman X)


Dr. X

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