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Mother and Persian Immortals
X Diaries

Ahreeman X
November 11, 2021

Young Miss PM, Classic Persian Aristocracy, Iranian Young Teenage Lady 1950s
All her life, she helped, protected, empowered and saved the labors, lower classes, under classes and the poor. I have never met in person, a stronger and braver woman than my mother. Photo of my mother in her teenage years. It is not the time to unveil the identity of my parents; therefore, we stick with aliases and teen photos.

A Lifetime Away

Let me tell you a story about a lifetime away from the memory banks of my mind. Let us travel back in time to the end days of the Imperial Iran and the dark days of chaos before the Islamists took control of Iran. Let me take you to my childhood and early teen years, right before the darkness of Islam swallowed Iran and turned the Civilized Iran in to an Islamic Shiite Hole! Let us travel back in time to a long time ago, way back, decades back to the 1970s ……

Artemisia the Grand Admiral of the Persian Imperial Navy
Eva Green as Artemisia in 300, Rise of an Empire Film
As a student of history, Mother always reminded me of Artemisia. She was in the class and follower of the Persian Warrior Women. Mother never backed down from a just fight.

300: Rise of an Empire, the Real Story and Photo Gallery

My Mother was Rock Solid

If I have learned nothing, at least I have learned one thing from my mother which is bravery! My mother was an amazingly brave, strong and a powerful woman. Since childhood, she taught me to be brave, stand up for your rights and fight, never back down, stand for what you believe, and never hesitate to use violence to achieve your just goals. Unlike your average today’s Iranian who is afraid of his own shadow, I was raised “Kaleh Khar” (pig headed), to take risks and to stand up and fight, no matter what! This is called “The Persian Style”, but of course today’s Iranians are not yesterday’s Persians and that is why IRI has been in power for over 4 decades!

Reasons for Iran’s Backward Culture?
All Roads Lead to Islam!

My mother was a strongminded person. When she set her mind on something, she would do her best to get it done or die trying! Honestly, I have never seen my mother to be afraid, weak and reluctant to say or do anything! The woman was a solid rock!

My mother was highly educated (6 medical degrees), German educated person, raised to be strong (taking after my grandmother), and stubborn like hell! Once she made up her mind, there was no way in hell that anyone could change her mind! When she wanted to do something, she would have done it, no matter how high was the risk. If God from the heavens would have come down and stand on her way, she would have pushed him away and finish what she had started! Simply an amazing woman!

I come from a long line of strong women, highly educated, extremely intelligent, hard workers and determined like hell! It all started with “Maman Joon” (Grandmother):

DeChadorization Day!
"Women's Liberation Day of Iran"

Persian Immortals of the Imperial Iranian Army of the Pahlavi Era 1970s

Mother was Protector of the Workers

My mother was a high-ranking official in the Imperial Ministry of Health and also an assistant to Empress Farah Pahlavi in her charity organization. Through the time, she held various positions in the ministry of health. In the ministry of health, she was the head of the social workers in Tehran (Karshenas-e Ejtemai) who supervised the social workers (Madadkaran-e Ejtemai).

I remember that there was a time that she used to go around town, inspecting the hospitals and asylums. She was in charge of handing doctors their work permits, so she forced the doctors to visit the poor patients for free; furthermore, she forced the doctors and hospitals to accept poor patients for free and allow them beds! How could doctors and hospitals say no to my mother? A no to my mother was a death wish!

All through her life, she was pro workers, labor, poor and lower class. She helped the lower classes and the under classes throughout her whole life. Many people whom she helped during the Imperial Iran era, were the same people who once the regime changed, had become big shots in the IRI. These heads of “Komiteh” (IRI Assemblies) and IRI local officials were the same mechanics, grocers, labors and unemployed whom she helped during the Imperial Iran era. She literally used her power to improve poor people’s lives and surely their health.

Once a while I used to go with her to work and have lunch with her. I strictly remember that every time I visited her work and we walked to the health ministry, entering the gates, uniform guards at the gate would stand straight, stumping their feet and military salute her! These guards would never salute any civilian working there, not even the minister unless the saluted officials were also military like General Ayadi (Abdol Karim Ayadi) who was Shah’s doctor and Shahbanu’s right hand in her charity organization, also my mother’s boss over there. So, the guards would never salute a civilian, not even the minister but they done hardcore military salute to my mother, every single time that she walked in to the gates! So many were envious of her and wondering who the hell is she?

But the reality was that they saluted her not due to her high ranks but due to her character! The woman was loved by the labor, lower classes and everyday people of the street. Most likely she helped these guards’ families, and made doctors and hospitals to visit and bed these patients out of turn and for free. Many of the guards were from small villages and cities with many dependents. Most likely, my mother somehow and somewhat helped their families and themselves! Word of mouth went around Tehran and the street people and lower classes found themselves a protector, an ally and a friend in my mother.

Lessons I Learned from Mother

We were the aristocracy and the Upper Classes of the Imperial Iran but my mother had 2 beliefs:

1. Reform the Regime from the within by using your power to create constructive change.
2. Always help the lower and under class, the labor and improve their lives.

My mother used to tell me:

“Respect and consort with your equals but always take care of the people beneath you and surely consort with them!”

Because the people beneath you will love you, respect you and they got your back.

How true that these lower-class people of the street whom she helped, ended up becoming people of positions in the IRI. These were the people who helped her escape Iran and saved her life from the Hezbollah and the Mullahs!

But the most important lesson was the means to get to the ends and she always taught me:

“Never back down from a just fight!”

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life
X Diaries - A Bit about My Life!

So basically, my mother taught me to be strong and stand straight solid in the face of the enemy, no matter how powerful and have no fear. She raised me not to be reluctant, weak and a coward (unlike your typical Iranian)! She also raised me to not judge people by their wealth and social class but by the content of their characters and the amount of their brains!

In the future, I will write vastly about my mother and dedicate an episode of the X Diaries to her life.

Dark Days of the Islamic Revolution

Yasser Arafat is the father of the Palestinian Nation. Imam Ruhollah Khomeini is the father of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), designer of the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism and the spiritual inspiration to the global Shiites. Yasser Arafat, PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), Al Fatah (Military Wing of PLO) and Palestinians were one of the important factors towards the rise of IRI to power.

Yasser Arafat had despised Shah of Iran and the Imperial Iran. Shah used to always refer to him as a Terrorist (which indeed was true). Before 1978, Arafat and Palestinian Guerrillas used to train the Iranian Mojahedin (today’s PMOI), Fadaian Islam and other Islamist Guerrillas in Palestine. In the 1970s, MKO (Mojahedin Khalq Iran) or today’s PMOI had close ties with the PLO. Once these Iranian guerrillas were well trained, on 1978 they were exported to Iran to fight the Imperial Armed Forces and the Anti Islamist Forces.

Yasser Arafat had also ordered PLO and Al Fatah to send guerrillas to Iran, fighting the Imperial Regime. During the bloody days of 1977 and 1978, Palestinian Guerrillas had an active presence in Tehran and other major cities of Iran. They were requested to be there by Imam Khomeini and the direct order of Yasser Arafat.

In many occasions, Iranian Revolutionaries refused to open fire on the Iranian soldiers and Anti Islamist Nationalists; however, Palestinian Guerrillas did not think twice to shoot every Iranian which stood on the way of Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution! Palestinian Guerrillas were extremely brutal, fierce and well trained to massacre the Iranian Nationalists, Imperial Soldiers and specifically the Immortals (Gard-e Javidan). Immortals were the elite units of the Imperial forces.

Our House

I specifically recall that our main estate was located directly across the Military Academy in the Sepah Avenue. Our estate was practically a full street block and it was strategically important. To the left of our house was the Senate Building (Upper Parliament House), on the back of it was the Prime Minister’s Palace at the Pastor Avenue area, further to the left backside of it was the Marble Palace (Kakh-e Marmar) which was one of Shah’s palaces in the Kakh Avenue and directly in front of it across the street was the 2nd gate of the Military Academy (Daneshkadeh Afsari). Today, the complete area where our main estate used to be is blocked and is restricted area. No one is allowed in that area except high-ranking regime officials.

After the Islamic Revolution, the Hezbollah (Islamist Regime) put forward two choices for my grandmother (head of the family): 1. They would pay dirt cheap to buy the estate or 2. They would take over the estate for free? Naturally my grandmother took the first choice! They paid a 20th of what the estate was worth! The complete estate walls were white marbles and the estate was literally a city block. We referred to the estate as the “Marble Estate”. In the future, I will expand and elaborate about our main house in an X Diaries’ issue.

Persian Immortals Special Forces Units of the Imperial Iranian Army of the Pahlavi Era 1970s

Battle for the Military Academy

During the revolution, Immortals were defending the Military Academy. Islamists including Mojahedin (Marxist Islamists), Fadaian (Communists), Palestinians and other Islamist Revolutionary Guerrillas plotted a plan to go on the roof tops of the buildings across the 2nd gate of the Military Academy to logistically gain the best location to shoot and slaughter the Immortals from these locations. Please comprehend that the rooftops in major cities of Iran are flat, cemented and are used for activities, parties and sleeping during the hot summer nights. We refer to the rooftops as “Teras” (Flat Rooftop Terrace) roofs.

Every other neighbor except us had allowed the Islamists to gain access to their roof tops. Our house was specifically important because it had 2.5 floors and on top of the second-floor roof top (Teras) where we held banquets was the perfect location to locate snipers to shoot the Immortals across the street.

My mother’s brave refusal to allow Islamists access to our roof top was a major factor which the battle for the Military Academy had prolonged and the lives of many Immortals had been saved. Later on, after the battle was lost, my mother allowed a great number of Immortals to refuge to our house. My mother did hide the Immortal Guards and Officers in various locations of our estate and then assigned various numbers of our employees (butler, chef, cook, chauffer, servants) to lead the Immortals to various other safe houses (our family and friends) in the dark of the night. She managed to successfully hide and escape the Immortals from the immediate danger. She escaped the Immortals in the dark of the nights.

My mother saved the lives of many Immortals and they were always in debt to her. After this incident, my mother had become a local heroine; however, she always claimed that she was only doing her national duty.

Yasser Arafat, PLO and Palestinians

Yasser Arafat and PLO were an important factor to the rise of IRI. Arafat worked hand in hand with Khomeini to gain power and establish his Islamic Republic. After the victory of Islamists, there held a massive party in Tehran and Arafat is well known for his famous victory dance, hugging and passionately kissing Imam Khomeini at the victory party. Imam Khomeini referred to him as an Islamic Hero and Arafat referred to Khomeini as the Spiritual Leader to Muslims all around the globe.

Yasser Arafat and Palestinians Helped the Rise of IRI to Power

The funny thing is that all of this love affair between Khomeini and Arafat had faded away during the Iran - Iraq War! Once the integrity of the Arab lands was in stake, Arafat went to Baghdad and did the same hugs and kisses and victory gesture routine in Baghdad with Saddam Hussein! Naturally Arafat would take the Arabs’ side rather than the Persians! In fact, Yasser Arafat was nothing but a great opportunist, showman and a con artist.

Please do not ask me to shed a tear for Palestinians because all my tears are dried up!

After the establishment of the IRI, by the order of Khomeini, Arafat received yearly funds from IRI for helping the IRI victory. Palestinians have had this fund shipped to them since and they have an annual budget from Iran Since this victory. Of course, today’s IRI has a yearly budget for all Islamist terrorist groups including PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Jihad, Iraqi Shiite Militia, Syrian Shiite Militia, Afghan Shiites, Paki Shiites and others. IRI makes sure that all foreign Arabo-Muslim terrorists are well fed, clothed, housed and financed. IRI only starves Iranians (its own people)! IRGC Foreign Legion is drafted from these foreign mercenaries of IRI.

Young Miss PM, Classic Persian Aristocracy, Iranian Young Teenage Lady of 1950s
Mother was Rock Solid protector and ally of the poor. Mother was a perfect example of a strong Persian Warrior Woman. Photo of my mother in her teenage years. It is not the time to unveil the identity of my parents; therefore, we stick with aliases and teen photos.

End notes

A lifetime has passed from those days. Then, I was young but now I am old!

Once, I danced around The Death,
Now The Death dances around me!
Once, I had black hair and I wore white,
Now I have white hair and I wear black!

The Time Poem

Live and learn a thousand stories but this one was right from my heart and soul into your minds.  I hope that I have transferred some productive data in to your memory banks. Live and learn buddy, live and learn ……

This will wrap up another page of the X Diaries book series dusting on the bookshelf in the library of my mind.

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Until next time, be healthy and happy.

Allow me to quote myself:

“Informed people are in charge of their own future!”

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

More Power to the People


Dr. X

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