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Mohammad Mossadeq
Sammeh Qod (Stubborn Poison)


Sammeh Qod (Stubborn Poison)
Real Mohammad Mossadeq
Parts One and Two

Mossadeq or Sammeh Qod?
Mossadeq, Hero or an Old Foolish Politician who almost destroyed Iran?

Sammeh Qod (Stubborn Poison)
Part One

I'd like to make a few comments about Mossadeq, the he-row of many
so called intellectuals , not to mention people of Jendeyeh-Melli who
were directly responsible for the great Goh-Khori of 78.

Mossadeq, The Young Qajar Aristocrat

Avvalan, according to Amir Taheri's book one of the leading & dare
I say it 'good' Mullahs (if such a thing can ever exist!), he was
too Power hungry.

Dovvoman, look at the following picture that shows how thousands,
if not Millions, of Iranians lived & looked like in early 1900.

Iranian homeless and disabled

This is just an example. I've seen many other pictures which
basically shows poverty of mind & body & soul in those days.

Now look at how their Governor looked like:

Mohammad Mossadeq, governor of Pars Province and future Prime Minister, Proud Self Centered Qajar Aristocrat, living the life of luxury, out of touch with average Iranian!

He strikes me as: arrogant, Zhigulu, az-khod-raazi & power hungry.

Sevvoman, in early 1940's, IIRC, The Big Boys physically invaded
Iran. Now in that time this HOT-shot, I'm told, wanted to kick
the BB's out & make Iran master of herself ?!
Mind you at that time, they owned the whole damn region, like they
still do today !

To me this alone proves:
-He had no idea who he was dealing with.
-He was too much up himself.
-He was not a good 'politician'.
-He didn't know how poor & uneducated most Iranians were, or
didn't care!
-He did not know how many idiot Iranians were traitors & that they
would kill him any day, if the BB's said so.

I've known many people, who did dirty jobs & put up with SHIT for
many years in order to afford sending their kids to school so that
at least they could have a better future. I believe that any remotely
'caring' politician in the early 1900 should've been smart enough to
do the same for the children of Iran so that in time, through proper
education, they could have a better future. Like Millions of
immigrants in US/Canada/Australia/etc.

Yet this Gondeh-Guzeh khod-khaah, not only put his own damn EGO in
front, but poisoned the political atmosphere of Iran for at least
100 years!

I think he is one of major factors for so much political
friction/division in Iran today!

He was NO damn Gaandi (Mahatma Gandhi)!

If he cared, he would've recognized that the most important thing for
Iran was proper education & he would've worked through/with the
system to improve things.

Either he was so stupid not to know that Shah was the Big Boys choice,
or he was 'backed' (read Paid) by other enemies of Iran, which was
extremely 'normal' then & NOW!!!

But alas he was too selfish & power hungry!

I'm not saying this because of the Pahlavi's, I would still say the
same regardless of who was the King.

Charroman, He was much older than Shah, he should've known better!
Or was it that "I'm older, so I'm superior" factor of the culture?

Panjoman, if he had done the right thing, Iran would not be MIRAN
today! And perhaps all the opposition leader-eh Goheh Iran would've
learnt from him & would've put future of Iran in front of their
own F*ing EGOes!

But no, this would have been too UN-Iranian, would it not?
They must live by lies & GONDEH-GUZI, must they not?!

If I were a Jendeyeh-Melli in 78, I'd have felt so damn guilty that
either would've left politics completely, or would've done anything
to FIX the damn thing.

But no sir, this would be totally UN-Iranian. What do they do
instead? They carry on shouting & sleeping with the enemies for 24
years as if they had nothing to do with it, as if they did the right

Unfortunately this is true with all the damn opposition groups of 78.

None of them know the urgency of proper education for Iran today, or
don't even give a shit. Why?
-They are too busy shouting & blowing their own or each-other's horns.
-If they did, they'd put future of Iran in front of their own EGOes,
shut the F* up, work together to kick the F*ing Mullahs out, then
set up a reasonable system that would provide proper education for
the young generation.

Shishoman, his stupidity/ignorance lives on today:
Many still shout aazaadi/democracy for Iran without knowing the
reality of the situation:
-Uneducated Idiots can't have democracy!
-Big Boys won't allow no F*ing democracy in 3rd world!
-Big Boys will NOT allow anybody telling them what to do in their OWN

Haftoman, for those who like to 'watch' see these:

Arrested people in Shackles

See how KIND people were in those days!

British trader and Iranian Merchants in marketplace

See the difference btwn the Big Boys & uneducated Iranian ?!

At police station, people are pointing at the Jew! The Jew is pointed out and being arrested for selling Moonshine and illegal wine.

See how even in those days finger-pointing was popular.
Hate to think how many people were accused of being x/y/x in 79!
Pay attention to the god damn nobody bullies!

So-called Educated Iranians posing!

More educated Iranians!

ILL People at Clinic in 1920s Shiraz

Cyrus' tomb at Pasargad in late 1800s, ran down, not maintained and not cared for!

See how much regards they had for the past history!

Rich Boy being educated at best schools.

See the gap btwn rich & the poor?!

Big Shot

Being humble & oftaadeh was not ON!

Moayed-ol Doleh, old govenor of Fars Province.

POWER was & still IS everythig!

"Pardeh khani": local Naqal (Ma'rekeh Gir) is conducting a show, telling stories about Hussein and Ashura, educating folks with garbage in front of Haji Qani Mosque in 1956.

Pay attention to how the Gaav/Olaaq were 'educted'!
Have another look, this is very important!

Now pay a lot of attention to these:

Governor of Fars Abdol Hussein Farmanfarma with foreign residents of Shiraz in 1918

Sitting British residents of Shiraz, elite and closed circa 1917. Standing Iranian servants at the back. Look at the Tofeyli Iranian Noucheh sitting in front row at left, trying to mix in with the British!

Can you see the huge GAP btwn the Masters & the slaves

Can you immagine how anybody could be so stupid to think
that in those days, when Iran was physically invaded:
'he could tell them off & kick them out of their own region' ?!

Well Sam Qod, I'm told, wanted to do it!

Why Sammeh Qod?
Because he was SAMM/Poison & he was Qod!
Besides, let me give you a clue:
QDSM >> QoD SaM >> Sam Qod ...

I think I've found the perfect solution to Iran's problems:
rename the damn country to MIRAN & have it over with!

* * *

Sammeh Qod (Stubborn Poison)
Part Two

Mossadeq, weak politician, stubborn arrogant man, self centered aristocrat and an old fool who almost destroyed Iran!

C this:

In the Middle East there is an exceptional love of words.
An orator is admired for his expressiveness rather than for
the content of his message. This encourages bombast and
emotional hyperbole which can bring about admiration, even
from political opponents, but frequently at the same time
can have effects in foreign affairs leading to misunderstandings.

In Iran, Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq owed his eminence
to his spellbinding oratory. After attending a parliamentary
session where Mosaddeq spoke, I met one of his political
opponent at a reception. The man kept repeating what a fine
speech it had been. When I asked "What did he say?" this
English university-educated man simply exclaimed, "Oh, it
doesn't matter. It was a marvelous speech." Because colorful
language flows so effortlessly in the Middle East, provocative,
challenging words are irresistible. This feeds the durable
country feuds, such a feature of the area, and are a guarantee
that they will last.


I think this is a major ro'zeh-khoni factor or feature of this
whole damn region.

Cattle expects to be moved emotionally during the event & when
they fall sleep, from too much talk, they are woken up with a

In fact the worth of a Mullahs is judged by how much he makes
the cattle cry!

And cattle just love to egg-za-jerate & find somebody they can
lift high UP, with yek-kalaag-chel-kalaaq, so that they can
brag about & use to raise their own profile/EGO.

Mossadeq Kissing up to Shah
Jebhe Melli Iran's Policy: Any Which Way The Wind Blows and in any which way that we can "Share The Power", we will be in that direction!


C this:

The Strategic Importance of Iran

Why was keeping Iran out of Soviet hands so important?
Cheap Middle Eastern oil, much of which came from Iran,
was fueling the economic recovery of Western Europe. The
loss of this oil could slow or reverse the economic resurgence.
More important, these oil resources would be needed in any
global war with the Soviet Union. The Korean conflict,
particularly the Chinese intervention in November 1950,
dramatically increased Iran's geopolitical importance. The
Soviet Union's ability to prevail in a global war would be
greatly enhanced by possession of Iranian oil; conversely,
the Western powers would be handicapped without ready access to
this vital war-fighting resource. If Iran fell into the Soviet
sphere, U.S. prestige in the region would be damaged and the will
of neighboring countries to resist Soviet penetration would be
weakened. Other sources of Persian gulf oil could easily be taken
by the Soviet Union. War plans would have to be changed; during a
global conflict, the United States anticipated the initial loss of
Western Europe, making the Middle East essential for launching
strategic bombing missions against the Soviet Union. Communications
and transport between Western Europe and the Far East would be
severely curtailed if the region was controlled by the Soviet Union.


US & UK & RU lost a lot of $$$ during WW2 , so they all needed
income from their Cattle-servants.
RU had invaded eastern Europe.
US was at WAR in Korea fighting commies & was militarily weak.
Miran was the biggest OIL exporter, oil which 'belonged' to UK.
Most pee-pole in Miran were nothing but savage cattle.
Miranian cattle knew F* all about technology & couldn't get
any oil without help from the Masters.
Miranian Mullahs were on UK's payroll & had the mass cattle
feeding from their filthy paws.
Some pajama-wearing GUZ cattle-lord wanted to kick the UK
masters out & own all the oil & dictate the price!
GUZ even ordered all the Brit employees to leave in 15 days.
Masters placed an embargo on oil export of Miran to bring down the
Commies/RU were practically in Iran via Tudeh party.
Mass cattle in abject poverty were God-sent for the commies/RU.
RU could invade Iran if anybody else attacked Iran, to 'help' Iran
due to 1921 treaty.
UK had plans to take the oil fields!
US had to tell UK off to prevent WW3.
If RU took Miran, it would take the whole region & would own all
the OIL.
Miranian cattle were stupid enough to ask RU for 'help', in fact
many of the head bulls were already on RU's payroll.
Masters had so many smart & educated BRAINs planning & working
together with so many cattle on their payrolls.
Cattle only had 1 angry GUZ & some half-educated bi-mokh, many of
whom on Masters' Payroll.
Miran was becoming unstable fast, becoming an inviting target
for RU, who was after her for centuries!
US knew that the OIL had to be eventually 'nationalized' & was
after a WIN-WIN deal.
By Summer 52, US knew that the GUZ didn't want a WIN-WIN deal,
but up to then US had been 'supportive' of him!
US signaled Shah to dismiss the GUZ.
GUZ tried to 'amass near-dictatorial powers, removing moderates
from positions of power while courting the Tudeh party'.

Hail Fuhrer
Mossadeq on shoulder tops Sieg Hailing himself!

OK, let's dig in deeper:

Mossadegh had essentially removed all other forces of resistance
except for the Tudeh party. In this new situation, there was a
danger that Mossadegh could be co-opted in a Czechoslovak-style
coup where the "communist organization, either alone or in coalition
with leftist elements in the National Front, might win control in a
deteriorating situation." The U.S. State Department was concerned that
there had been "coordination between communists and nationalists in
the outbreak against the Qavam government." U.S. policy, which had
sought the "middle ground" in its efforts to produce a settlement, was
now obsolete because of Mossadeq's "unwillingness or inability to settle
with the British." If the situation continued to deteriorate, neither
Mossadeq nor a non-communist successor could "resist Soviet pressure."

Thus, it was the Truman administration that first identified Mossadeq
as an obstacle to U.S. goals. Mossadeq's continued intransigence
threatened to increase Iran's instability and drive the country into the
Soviet orbit without an overt invasion. What is more, officials of the
Truman administration suggested that Mossadeq's reckless policies might
require the United States to intervene directly in Iranian affairs:

In face of imminent assumption of power by the communists or
in a situation of utter chaos, the United States may well concert
with the United Kingdom to create a revolt of some autonomous
authority, possibly tribal, in the hope that part of Iran if not the
entire nation could remain outside Soviet control.


Just read & weep!

C how smart the Masters were! They thought of everything!
They didn't have just 1 smart leader (Rostam), but many educated
smart people in all areas of politics & technology.

The whole damn country was full of idiot gaav/olaaq & F*ing
Mullahs who had them feeding from their paws, yet SamQod
wanted to kick the Masters out & would not listen to logic & could
NOT c the reality. It seems he saw nothing but his own damn
EGO! He didn't belong to 'politics'!

He didn't care about the cattle. If he cared & were smart, he'd have
known that the priority in Miran was mass-education of the cattle,
so he'd have tried to get the other head-cattle to see the urgency of
the problem, so that they all could work together & educate the masses.

Mossadeq screaming outside Majlis, demanding this and that: Ahay Nosokh Mikesham, Shakh o shooneh mikesham!

Now back to the story:

Would the United States risk a global war to defend Iran? Certainly
not in 1951 or the first half of 1952, before the massive rearmament
effort bore enough fruit to alter the military balance of power with
the Soviet Union. This was the main reason U.S. policy toward Iran
had been so moderate.


But don't despair, things changed:

But the global balance of power had shifted to such an extent that
by the summer and fall of 1952, the United States could consider making
a military commitment to maintain Iran's independence.

The threat to the Middle East as a whole was recognized more as a
"Cold War" threat; a Soviet attack in this region was "highly unlikely"
in 1953. Although U.S. officials believed that the threat of a Soviet
attack had subsided considerably, there was still a great danger that
"political and economic conditions could continue to deteriorate" and
Iran "might be lost to Communism as a result of this deterioration
and of Soviet political warfare." The CIA warned that doing nothing
benefited Moscow because the Soviet Union "appears to believe that
the Iranian situation is developing favorably to its own objectives."


Read Tudeh party & their KK traitor mozdor feeders.

The Truman administration had to determine whether Iran was worth
the risk a global war:

In the absence of some oil settlement, the probability of losing
Iran to the Soviets would become increasingly imminent. This
prospect confronts the Western Allies with a choice of
alternatives: to allow Iran to pass into Soviet hands by default,
or to pay the price for retaining it in the Western camp....The
Western Allies are confronted with this question: Is Iran an
expendable strategic asset?

One scenario they investigated was a Tudeh party coup d'état in
Teheran assisted by covert Soviet help. Assuming that some troops
loyal to the government would remain in the southern provinces in
Iran, the U.S. military would "exert military pressure progressively
to weaken the Tudeh rule, toward the end that it will become possible
to reestablish an Iranian government capable of controlling the entire
country and sympathetically inclined toward the Western world." U.S.
military officials formulated detailed plans to send 1-1/2 air wings,
one reinforced Army or Marine division, and several naval and
support units to the region to help reverse a coup.


Isn't clear from this WHO owns the whole F*ing region?!
They were smart & powerful, while the locals were nothing but savage
gaav/olaaq. The blame goes to the cattle in the region who did
not move towards science & LOGIC. More specifically to the culture
that produced nothing but brain-dead cattle.

It was time to act assertively to maintain Iran's independence and
orientation toward the west:

The strategic necessities of the situation, in my opinion, require
that we accept our responsibilities and act promptly ... to save
Iran.... It will also involve additional political, economic and
probably military commitments.... The actions now open to us
to save Iran may appear painful, costly and dangerous, but they
involve...only a small fraction of the money, material, manpower
and anguish that will have to be expended to hold Iran by
military action or to hold the remainder of the Middle East if
Iran should be seized and consolidated by the Communists.


The Truman administration officially set forth aggressive plans
to reverse a communist sponsored coup, in spite of the risk that
such actions might produce a confrontation with the Soviet Union.

In addition, a direct attack on Iran by the Soviet Union was
recognized as the likely start of a global war. In the event of such
an attack, the United States would "place itself in the best possible
position to meet the increased threat of global war" and take "action
against the aggressor to the extent and in the manner which would best
contribute to the security of the United States."

Although the administration certainly hoped to avoid a global war over
Iran, U.S. officials now believed that U.S. military strength would
deter any rash Soviet moves.


This new strength also facilitated a more aggressive policy to risk
covert action in Iran.

...authorized plans for "specific military, economic, diplomatic,
and psychological measures which should be taken to support a
non-communist Iranian Government or to prevent all or part of Iran or
adjacent areas from falling under communist domination."

...recommends that the U.S. continue its "special political measures"
to restore stability in Iran.

...calls for "(P)repatory measures for the implementation of special
political operations in Iran ....Effective liaison with the United
Kingdom should be maintained with respect to such operations." In the
event of a successful communist coup, the United States should "make
every feasible effort, especially through special political operations,
to endeavor to develop or maintain localized centers of resistance and
to harass, undermine, and if possible, to bring about the overthrow of
the communist government."


I think without the Masters' help, Miran would've been part of RU long
time ago: read mass-killing & NO F*ing democracy or freedom what so ever!

Big Shot at UN giving ultimatums to British!

Referring to Britain and Iran, Acheson told Eisenhower that "both
parties had been wholly unreasonable." Acheson argued that the Iranian
government could last no longer than a year if it managed its economic
affairs perfectly, which was highly unlikely. Acheson claimed that
Iranian officials were acting irrationally, denying themselves the
benefits that oil revenue would bring. Rather than settle the dispute,
the current government was likely to bring its own collapse. The British
were no better, in Acheson's view, as they were prepared to watch Iran

The British seemed more concerned about the consequences of
a settlement which differed from their desires because of the
effects on British investments in other parts of the world. This
had led to a fundamental difference of view. Although it seemed
unlikely to us that persuasion would result in any workable
solution in time.


So Miranians were bent on self-destruction even way back in the 50's!

Mossadeq kissing up to USSR ambassador Panyushkin

The situation in Iran continued to deteriorate after Eisenhower
took office. Mossadegh increased his administrative powers in January
and came to rely more heavily on the Tudeh party for support. The
dispute seemed beyond compromise and the situation appeared more
dangerous than ever. During a March 1953 NSC Meeting, Secretary of
State John Foster Dulles "said that for a long time now he had been
unable to perceive any serious obstacle to the loss of Iran to the
free world if the Soviet Union was really determined to take it."


It seems that SamQod was a psycho power-hungry lunatic & not a caring
F*ing Gandhi in pajamas!

Mossadegh The Weasel kissing up to Ayatollah Kashani! Must keep Islam on our side!

More kissing up to Ayatollah Kashani. Look at Mossadeq's posture, half-way crawling towards Ayatollah like a snake!

Echoing the recommendations of the Truman administration, Dulles
and Eisenhower decided that it was time to assert U.S. policy more

The British had lost their investment in Iran in any case, and a
unilateral course of action by the United States was about the
only thing which had not been tried. The President was impressed
with this argument, and informed Secretary Dulles that he ought
to try to work out a position with the British that would save
their face but actually give the United States control of the

By pursuing this policy, the United States might be able to
purchase oil from Iran and help it stave off financial collapse.


The asshole idiots, Miranians Poly-Tea-shenz, were so obsessed
with their EGOes that they had completely 4gotten the economy,
yet such idiots were in charge of Miran.

Worst still, v r still told by many that SamQod was God himself?!

When Secretary Dulles embarked on a trip to the Middle East in
May 1953 to see what steps the United States could take to secure
the area, he deliberately skipped Iran to demonstrate his increased
displeasure with Mossadeq.116 To prevent wider instability in the
region, Dulles began to consider an alliance of the Northern Tier
states closest to the Soviet Union: Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan,
and Iran. With some military support from the United States, such
an alliance could possibly be strong enough to stop a Soviet
invasion and protect the oil fields of the Middle East. This
alliance would therefore enable the United States to obtain the
cherished yet difficult goal of defending the Middle East.



The problem, then, was how to change the situation in Iran. State
Department officials warned that without a settlement of the
Anglo-Iranian dispute, Mossadegh's government could reach the
point where it "feels compelled to make an agreement whereby the
USSR or its satellites will assume the responsibility for assisting
in the production and marketing of large quantities of Iranian oil."
Through incremental steps, none of which would be a casus belli
for the United States, the Soviet Union would come to dominate Iran,
all with Mossadeq's willing or unwilling cooperation. The Communists,
according to the State Department, were "actively supporting Mossadeq
in order to get rid of the Shah. If Mosadeq eliminates the Shah,
the Communist position will be stronger and they may then be expected
to turn against Mossadeq." This in turn might mean an eventual takeover
of Iran by the Soviet Union, an outcome that had to be avoided.


I bet this would've happened!
Same trick was done by Jendeye Melli in 78-79, they bent over for
the Mullahs, but the Mullahs being more aab-zire-kaah did: furu
kardan taa dasteh. But JM didn't az-ru-raft & still kept on bending
4 the Mullahs for 24 years it seems.

The replacement of Mosadeq by Zahedi halted a dangerous
drift of increasing communist influence on Iranian affairs. The
change in government did not, however, eradicate Iran's basic
social, economic and political problems. There will be
continued instability in Iran unless some progress towards
solution of these problems can be made.

Nevertheless, aiding a coup against Mossadeq was a bolder means
of achieving U.S. policy toward Iran than anything that had been
tried. The Eisenhower Administration was able to risk Soviet
intervention because the balance of military power had shifted.
NSC 136/1 had called on the military to detail what military steps
could be taken in the event of political subversion in Iran. Troops
would be deployed to Southern Iraq, and 45 medium-range bombers from
Strategic Air Command would fly demonstration flights over Iran,
providing support to Iranian insurgents. U.S. officials believed
that these deployments would deter the Soviet Union from intervening.
U.S. policymakers calculated that unlike in 1951, it was the Soviet
Union that feared triggering a global war in late 1952-1953.


This commitment came close to being tested. On 18 August 1953, it
appeared that the coup had failed miserably and that a Tudeh takeover
was imminent. The next day, Arthur Radford, the Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, received an extraordinary request from the National
Security Council:

I have been informed...that the National Security Council may,
in the immediate future, request recommendations from the Joint
Chiefs of Staff on possible courses of military action in Iran, in
support of a non-Communist Iranian government.


As it turned out, the U.S. military was not called on to activate
its military plans in Iran. By 20 August, the tide had turned and
the coup was successful. The Tudeh party did not take power, and
the Soviet Union did not intervene. The decision to participate in
the coup, which would have been unthinkable two years earlier,
regardless of who was in charge, reflected the shift in policy
initiated by the Truman administration and revealed how willing
the U.S. government was to take risks once the military balance
had become much more favorable. But perhaps even more telling than
the coup, which was a small operation, was the willingness of the
United States to send troops to Iran in the event of a communist
takeover. This commitment was reaffirmed in NSC 5402, dated 2 January
1954, a document that guided U.S. action toward Iran throughout the
1950s.127 In fact, this remained U.S. policy -- in secret -- until it
was publicly articulated in the "Carter Doctrine" speech of January 1980.


This tells me how stupid the Miranian LEFTies were in the 60's & 70's,

a- Most of them didn't know that their TOP feeders were on KGB's payroll.

b- US/UK would've never allowed them to take over, coz that would've
meant an invasion by RU.

I hope this can serve as a WARNING to all the EGO-maniac Oqde'i
Miranian GUZ who think they can bully Masters, or think that Miran
can have a fully independent democracy when the vast majority r
nothing but savage gaav/olaaq completely BRAIN-dead from centuries
of MULLshit, many of whom would sell their own mothers to anybody
for 10$.

Mossadeq joking at trial with his legal aid, Colonel Shahqoli

Mossadeq dozing off at trial. Mossadeq and his famous blanket. Mossadeq was always cold and under this blanket. It was his security blanket!

Khaak bar sare GOH va ahmaqe those who call the Shah a US puppet:

1- If he were a puppet, Y was he 'removed'?
If u r stupid enough to think that the cattle did an-qollaab,
then I'm sorry 4 u: u got no F*ing hope what so ever!

2- If he were a US puppet, then how come Miranian army was full of
trucks & jeeps from RU?

3- At least he did something for the damn country, what the
F* did u ever do?! 1 could say, he did too much good, so much that
he had to be removed.

4- There is no F*ing way that the all-knowing all-powerful Masters
would hand-in total-control to 1 of the most strategic countries
of the world, which they have OWNED for a lonnnnng time, to a
bunch of Oqde'i Gondeh-Guz EGO-maniac power hungry idiots who
HATE each other & bullshit that Miran can have democracy with
mass gaav/olaaq Cattle. Not to mention millions of kolfat/nokar/servants
many of whom actually being slaves to these EGO-maniacs!

Mind U many of these assholes have been on the payroll of Miran's
enemies for a long time & the Masters know it, they know what idiot
vatan-furush EGO-maniac they r dealing with.

5- Even the filthy KIR was eRected with the help & money & planning
of the Masters!

6- How could any KK even bother to bad-mouth the old regime, when
the new regime has been at least 20 times worst than the old 1 & has
completely F*ed the country?!

If the old regime was the cause of all evils, then how come Miran hasn't
tuned into a F*ing heaven, not even after 24 F*ing years?! How come
far more people were killed/butchered/raped in the first few years of the
new regime, than in all the years of the old regime? Yet many KK
Miranians still bullshit about cinema Abadan. Y? Coz K-Keshy &
M-Jendegy is a major feature of the mordaab culture, in fact so much
so that the holy clergy r the worst example of KK & MJ ever!

If u care about Miran, shut the F*-up, F* u'r EGO, accept reality &
unite to make a WIN-WIN deal with Masters & work hard to educate the
mass gaav/olaaq & clean-up the Mordaab culture; or else Miran will
be F*ed , more than it is now, 4ever.

Stupid pee-pole who can't figure out exactly how their own country
was F*ed up, after 24 years , & can't accept the facts & admit their
own mistakes, & still go on with LIES & bullshit & MULLshit, fighting
each other with HATE, while millions of them r nothing but gaav/olaaq or
slaves, while the whole damn country is doomed under filthy criminal
Mullahs, can NOT have F*ing democracy!

The Old Fool, Sammeh Qod at exile 1963.
The Legacy of Pride, Arrogance, Foolishness and a Stubborn ILL Politician for Iran!

Cho Miran lavaashak,
tane man dar Khaarej mibaalad!

Cho Miran lavaashak,
tane man dar Khaarej mishaashad be Miran
( with my hate & oqdeh & EGO & LIES !)

* * *

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