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vs. The True History – Part 1

Alexander, falsification of history by Oliver Stone!
A Historical Critique – Part 1
Ahreeman X
April 11, 2008

Alexander Movie, A Historical Critique - Part 1
Alexander movie, A Historical Critique - Part 2

True Face of Alexander
An alcoholic rapist, a maniac arsonist, and a diabolical, sadistic mass murderer


What you will read here is what I call the “Scientific History”. I am a scientific historian, meaning that I view the history as a science. History the same as science, changes by the most updated archeological, anthropological and historical discoveries. My kind of history is the “Scientific History” based on science versus the “Dogmatic History” based on the Greek Historians’ lies and Hollywood lies! I deal with facts not fiction!

I had written the original version of this article in the IPC Club in 2005, when the movie first came out. Now I have polished it, added to it, updated it and published it as the new version in the IPC Website. We are talking about this Hollywood Spoof:

Alexander 2005 version’s movie poster

Alexander 1956 version’s movie poster

Alexander Official Site

Alexander (IMDB Site)

Alexander Wikipedia

L-R: Angelina Jolie as Queen Olympias, Val Kilmer as King Philip and Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great in the action adventure Hollywood Spoof Flop, Alexander, made by Oliver Stone and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Alexander, a full cast of stars, but still a big budget flop!

Greco-Roman Historical Lies

So all the garbage you hear from the Western source historians about savagery and barbarianism and primitive Persian Empire are nonsense. Especially the Greek Philosophers and Historians who lined up garbage by philosophizing all day long in the Grecian Peninsula and calling the Persians Barbarians! The fact of the matter is that when Rome did not even exist and Greece was consisted of tens of city-states fighting amongst themselves, we owned the world, we civilized the world and we taught the world the true meaning of the civilization!

Colin Farrell as Alexander

While Rome and Greece were practicing slavery and brutality, we owned a Democratic Federal Empire! So all this nonsense is basically Greek envy and jealousy because they never did and they never could have become as relevant, even a fraction of as relevant as the Persian Empire to evolve the global civilization! Persians taught the world the meaning of civilization!

Civilization: Persia versus Greece and Rome

Even Christianity was stolen from the Ancient Religion of Persian Mitraism.

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses

Christianity, The Big Lie based on Persian Mitraism!

Western Anti Persian Propaganda
Yesterday and Today!

The only difference is that yesterday Greco-Roman Philosophers were spreading lies in the universities and public about the Persians being Barbarians, but today the Hollywood had taken over this task! Yesterday, Aristotle used to spread Anti Persian lies and hatred by calling the Persians, barbarians and today Oliver Stone does this task in the Hollywood!

Greek Hoplites in action

Ask yourselves, if Persians were such barbarians, then how come 1/3 of Greeks themselves jumped over each other’s shoulders to join the Persian Empire, become Persian protectorates or states? Why would Greeks themselves had denied that they were Greeks, yet they called themselves Persian Citizens of the Persian Empire? Because they were fed up with the Greek dysfunctional system which had brought nothing for them but disunity, wars, destruction and injustice even amongst themselves. This should ring a bell for you to comprehend that who was civilized and democratic and then who was envious and barbaric, no?

Grand Admiral Artemisia of the Persian Imperial Navy
Artemisia The First, of Halicarnassius

Grand Admiral Artemisia of the Persian Imperial Navy

Famous Historical Persian women

So what could Romans and Greeks do? They had to revise the history and pretend that they were the civilized democratic people and we were the savages! They had to pretend that they started the western civilization! They had to pretend that the world owes them because they built the western civilization! They had to pretend that they stopped the barbaric Persians from destroying the western civilization!

The reality is that the Persian Civilization is the oldest civilization on Earth.

8000 Years of Iranian History

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

The western scholars of the ancient Greece and present Hollywood, do not tell you that Persians are the oldest civilization on Earth, ruled the world as a sole superpower, invented the global civilization and ran a Federal Democratic Empire. In western eyes, Persians were and are barbarians and a threat to democracy!

Herodotus, the Father of History, or Father of Lies?

The Alexander Movie: How are Iranians and Greeks portrayed?

Global Ignorance

Majority of the world, specifically the western world does not even know that Persia and Iran are the same nation! They do not even know that Iranians and Persians are two names for the same nation! Forget about Persia and Iran, but basically 80% of the Americans do not even know what is the capital of Texas?! Ask them what is the capital of Texas and they give you all kinds of off shoot answers except “Austin”! A while back, they conducted a survey to measure the amount of general information, which the High School graduates have in America. Most of them did not know that:

* The past tense of “is” is “was”!

* Washington DC is the capital of United States!

* Dick Cheney is the vise president of United States!

And you expect these people to know that Persia and Iran, the same as America and USA are two different names for the same country?! These people do not even know the difference between their right and left arms! All they know is video games, MTV and Hollywood Movies! They get their historical information from cheesy Hollywood Movies based on Graphic Novels and Comic Books!

300 Spartans, The Real Story - Historically Accurate Review

The 300 Movie: Separating Fact from Fiction

The average westerners get their history from Hollywood Movies and the most intelligent ones of them get their history from Greek Philosophers and Historians’ exaggerated and fictional lies. In their versions of history, each Greek soldier was fighting for democracy and each Greek soldier fought bravely and killed between 20 to 100 Persian soldiers before he gloriously died for the freedom and democracy! This is history according to the west!

Alexander (Colin Farrell) and his Gay General lover (Jared Lito) in Alexander

Hollywood is the neo history teller or shall we say the neo story teller! Back then, Aristotle used to line up amazing fictional cheesy stories and call them history. Today, Oliver Stone and Hollywood do the same task!

Greek Hoplites in phalanx formation

Hollywood teaches us that today, American Heroes are fighting Rogue Evil Nations and each American Hero kills 50 enemy terrorists, Commies and evil doers before he dies! Hollywood also teaches us that yesterday’s Greeks and Romans were the democratic freedom fighters and they were fighting the Evil Barbaric Persians! Each Greek soldier was a brave human being who used to kill 100 Persian soldier before his glorious martyrdom! Greeks looked like Blonde Angels and Persians looked like Black Monsters with long nails, fangs and evil Ninja Japanese masks!

300 Spartans, The Real Story - Historically Accurate Review

According to the cheesy western history books taught in schools (based on Greco-Roman lies) and Hollywood, back then we were Evil Persian Barbarians and today we are Rag Head Iranian Barbarians! We simply can’t win! One way or another, we end up as the Rogue nation then and now! The evil is in our blood! We are savage, barbarian dogs who want to take over the world and rule the world with our never-ending bloodthirst and dictatorial nature! The free democratic world and the western world must seize the Persian (Iranian) Evil Empire or else we would destroy the democracy!

There are no ends to the western garbage and the propaganda is so deep and effective that this morning I woke up, looked in the mirror and what have I seen?

I had grown fangs, horns, a tail, blood shot eyes, red long evil nails and I even wore an Evil Ninja mask (300 Style) on my face! I guess as a Persian, the evil is in the blood and there is no escape from it! I guess I must turn Evangelical and see the light of Jesus and hope for the Reverend Long Schlong in Hick town Mobile, Alabama to save my soul and send me to the heaven or else I will burn as an Evil Persian in depths of Hell! Praise the lord, save me Reverend, I can see the light of Jesus, Alle Luya, Praise the Lord O Mighty ……. Whoopee Doo ……

Persian Immortal Commander with the Japanese Ninja Death Mask (300 Spartans Movie)! History according to Hollywood and costume design according to Graphic Novels!

The amount of Bull Shiite Water (Anabeh) is so way up above the head, that I can barely keep my head above the Shiite Water of the Hollywood! No end in sight with the ongoing repetitive creation and production of the Bull Shiite Hollywood Movies in the name of the history! Soon they will show these Comic Book based movies in the classrooms as the sources of the western history!

Historical Reality

The reality is something absolutely different than what the western historical lies and Hollywood teaches you! The reality is that the Today’s Western Civilization, would not even exist without the Ancient Persian Civilization! Persian Civilization is the Global Mother Civilization and specifically the mother civilization for the Western Civilization.

We were the source of the global civilization. We were the sole super power on Earth (Greek Era) and then one of the two super powers on Earth (Roman Era). We had defeated Rome in 3 separate occasions. Persian Shahanshahs were appointing Puppet Roman Caesars in Rome. We humiliated Rome and educated the Greeks to the true civilization! If it wasn’t because of us, the westerners would have still lived in the caves! Now they call us barbarians!

The Cyrus Cylinder

Zoroastra and Zoroastrianism, The Real Story!

Historical Critics

I finished watching Alexander on DVD. I often do not go to theatres, because they are often uncomfortable, noisy and I simply cannot concentrate on the content of the movie; therefore, I wait till the movie comes out on DVD or cable movie channels, so I can watch it. I often do not buy DVDs, unless they are Persian DVDs or select foreign works. For instance, I only collect the best of the Persian Cinema. I practically own the history of the Persian Cinema on VHS and DVD. Let us not forget that the Persian Cinema is a global phenomenon. Award winning Persian movies are world famous.

On Oliver Stone

Stone is a liberal director with a history of falsifying the history! Nixon movie, was the perfect example! Stone is not qualified to release a verdict on history, yet obviously he had done it and it is called “Alexander”!

On Alexander, the movie

This movie was yet another big budget box office flop, which now the producers/studio wish to somewhat make-up for it on DVD rentals and sales! I doubt that it will ever happen.

This movie was yet another falsification of history based on exaggeration and lies of the Greek Historians such as Herodotus, Ptolemy, Aristotle, Plutarch, and others........., made on the Greco-Persian Wars, and produced by the Hollywood! But this movie was far worst than "The 300” and "Esther and The King" and others. This movie was a flat out fabrication of history! Oliver Stone needs to stick with theatrics, scene graphics, cinema tricks, neo style of filming and let go of the history!

The artistic value of the movie becomes unimportant when the whole movie is not historically accurate!

Almost the whole movie is practically falsification of history! Allow me to mention a few points amongst many, shall we start from the beginning?

Historical Fiction and Facts

I. Unlike what has been portrayed in the movie, in every battle, 40 or 50 thousand Greco-Macedonian did not defeat an army of 250 to 300 thousand Persians!

II. Greek Historians, fathers of Western Civilization, may had called Persians, The Barbarians, but Oliver Stone insisted on referring to Persians, over and over as Barbarians! Aristotle and many other Greeks called Persians Barbarians in this movie! Persian Empire was the sole Super Power of the 4th, 5th and 6th Century BC. Persia ruled the globe. Persian Cities of Persepolis, Pasargad, Susa, Hecatompylos, Ecbatana, etc. were hearts of the global civilization but according to the Greek Historians and a Liberal Piss Ant Director, Olive Oil (Oliver Stone), Persians were Barbarians and Greeks were civilized!

III. According to the movie, Greco-Macedonian invaded the Persian Empire to teach them "The Civilized Ways"! Persians were Barbarian Slave Owners, Savages, Nomads, Offensive, and Brutes! Greeks were civilized, democracy lovers, humane, just, Free Men! The reality is that amongst "All" Ancient Civilizations, Persia was the sole culture, which never practiced Slavery! Before the invasion-occupation of Iran by the Arabo-Muslim (651 AD), there was not a single slave in Iran!

History of Slavery in Iran

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

On the other hand, Greco-Macedonians practiced slavery the same as Rome! When they had taken over Persia, they enslaved many! Greco-Macedonian were a group of scattered City States in Greek Peninsula who sat around, discussed philosophy, fought amongst themselves and Banged each other's Butts! Sparta, Athens and the rest were amongst them! Until Philip the Macedonian, united them and made them one, they were inferior scattered cultures of the South East Europe. In comparison to Persians, they were far inferior. They were practicing slavery and they were irrelevant in global hierarchy! But of course Greco-Roman Culture is the base for the Western Culture and From Herodotus all the way to Stone, Westerners need to falsify the history to earn global respect for their civilization!

IV. Until this day, the greatest historical theory is that Alexander and her Mother Olympias plotted the murder of Philip (his own father), but according to the movie, Darius III sent an assassin to murder Philip or at max, Olympias plotted it without Alexander's knowledge! Alexander was flawless!

V. Greco-Macedonians, before invasion of Persia, did not have a pot to piss in, and they were killing each other in 101 battles and brawls amongst themselves! Before Philip, they were not even a single united nation! According to the movie, they brought civilization, knowledge of military, and education to the Persian Empire, which practically owned the known world back then!

Now I would like you to ask yourselves that how could a bunch of rag tag inferior cultured people such as Greeks, had brought civilization to the sole super power on Earth (Persia) which owned more libraries and universities than all the Greek cities combine?!!

VI. According to the illiterate, uneducated, faggish, sissy liberal pinko, Stone, The Mighty Persian Infantry, the glorious armies of Darius III, wore cheap dirty rags on their heads! But Greeks wore sophisticated helmets with feathers! Persians wore no armor, cheap cloths but Greeks wore full body armors! Let's be logical, shall we? How can the armies of the richest and the sole super power in the globe, wear rags on their heads? Historically, there were a group of elite Immortals who used to wear a scarf looking head-gear, short in front, long at the back, with a head band which held it and a mouth piece which covered their mouths to avoid the desert dust. These Immortals and some Desert Units wore these headgears which were often in yellow-gold colors. They were 3 piece headgears in gold which they were desert units' head covers. In the heat of the desert, they could not wear helmets but they had to wear these gears.

Alexander is fighting the Persian troops who wear the historically inaccurate white Arabic Rags on their heads! First of all, this battle was fought about 330 BC, Arabo-Muslim armies invaded and occupied Iran by 651 AD. We have about 1000 years of historical gap and mistake in Oliver Stone’s fashion designs and costume wears! Secondly, Iranians (Persians) are not Arabs and they never did wear then and do not wear now, the white rags on their heads!

This does not mean that the complete Persian infantry did not wear helmets and armors! Oliver Stone, put some dirty white rags on the Persian Infantry-men's heads which was far more similar to the Arab Rags than Immortal Persian's Gold-Fabric Gears! Oliver Stone is mistaking the Arabo-Muslim for Persians!

Here we go again with the white rags on the heads! Darius III (Persian Emperor) amongst his generals and troops, but they are wearing white rags on their head! Why does the Persian Shahanshah (Emperor), his Arteshbods (Generals) and Elite Immortals (Persian special forces) look like Arabs?! Great fashion design blooper by the historically illiterate Oliver Stone.

Historically Accurate Persian Costumes
L-R: Spear Bearer holding the Achaemenid Cyrus Eagle Banner, Immortal Officer, Darius III

Historically Accurate Persian Immortal Costumes
Elite Persian Immortals in action

Historically, each part of the Persian Empire had their own unique local uniforms. The Persian Armors (some areas) were far heavier and more sophisticated than the Greeks! In this movie, what happened to the legendary Persian Infantry's various helmets? The Feathered Heavy Helmets (similar to the Greek commanders), The Funnel or Cone shaped Helmets, The Crooked and bent forward cone shaped Helmets, The Cylinder shaped Persian hats, etc.? Even the original Persian Desert Unit's Fabric-made Head-Gears of gold, did not look anything like the dirty white, cheap Arabic head-scarves of Qutrah (traditional Arab headgear of skullcap and scarf) and Iggal (headband holding the qutrah) Palestinian type o deal, which Stone suggested!

Mr. Oliver Stone, educate yourself to the true costume design of the Persian Achaemenid era:

Persian Heavy Armored Infantry Spearman with Helmet

Heavy Armored Persian Infantry in action

L-R: Persian Light Cavalry, Persian Heavy Cavalry with feathered cone (funnel) shaped helmet, Persian Heavy Armored Infantry with the Crooked and bent forward cone shaped Helmet.

Persian Medium Armored Cavalry

Persian Heavy Armored Cavalry Officer

VII. Alexander was portrayed as a forgiving hero to the Persian Imperial Court! Let’s review the real history:

* Estatira (Stateira), sister of Darius III did not beg forgiveness from Alexander!

* Alexander chased Sissy Cambis (Darius III's mother) around. He had a thing for her. Movie did not even show Sissy Cambis!

* Alexander burned down Persepolis to the ground. This happened in one of his epileptic, drunken, homosexual manic depressive rages! Movie did not even show the destruction of the major Persian capital by Alexander!

* Alexander, later on had so much shame for destroying Persepolis, that granted amnesty to Darius' family!

* Alexander's behavior was far from civil in Iran! He was a bloodthirsty drunken homosexual psychopath.

Princess Estatira (Stateira) Achaemenid, sister of Darius III is kneeling before Alexander and begging for mercy (a western painting), which is of course pure fiction.

Annelise Hesme as Estatira (Stateira) in the Alexander Movie
Estatira was a stubborn and a brave woman. She never begged for mercy to Alexander.

Stateira and her Persian Court

VIII. Alexander was a Homosexual, Alcoholic, Epileptic, Bloodthirsty, Maniac Warmonger who invaded the heart of civilization, the Persian Empire and destroyed it! In the movie, Alexander becomes a Philosopher Genius who civilized the Persians! How could a rag tag inferior culture (Greeks) who lived in a far corner of the world (Balkans and Grecian Peninsula), have had civilized the mighty Persians who taught the true meaning of civilization to the globe?!

IX. Alexander had great sexual perversions. He spent most of his time with Hephaistion, his Gay General or other gay boys, such as gay dancers and pretty boys! Alexander was a flaming Faggot! In the movie, he becomes an International Playboy who breaks Roxanna's heart!

Alexander and Hephaistion, a relaxing gay moment between homosexual childhood friends!

X. Roxanna was a Persian Princess, a respectable lady noblewoman who was forced to marry Alexander and bear him children. Politically, she had no other choice! In the movie, Roxanna becomes a low-key irrelevant figure in politics of the time; furthermore, she becomes a Gypsy looking character, with black skin! Roxanna was not black! Roxanna was a white Aryan Persian Princess!

Fake Roxanna
Oliver Stone's: Rosario Dawson Roxanna

Marriage of Roxanna and Alexander
Check out Roxanna’s garment. What the hell is that? It looks like the Arab costumes of the Persian Gulf Region from Qeshm Island or maybe Abu Musa! In Oliver Stone’s world, Persian Princesses from the 4th century BC do dress up this way! This costume was surely created out of Oliver Stone’s rectum!

Fake Roxanna
Oliver Stone's: Rosario Dawson Roxanna
Here are Oliver Stone's portrayal of Roxanna: Black Skin, Savage, Knife Dancing Girl, Animal-like, Minor Irrelevant Princess and Alexander's Sex Slave Girl! Not that there are anything wrong with Wild, Black, Savage, Sex Slave Girls or Rosario Dawson! I actually get turned on by all the above; however, this is not the historically accurate portrayal of the Persian Princess. Furthermore, it was a degrading portrayal of Roxanna! Oliver Stone's Roxanna looks like a Tribal Gypsy Black Iranian female from South Iran and Persian Gulf shores Provinces and Islands such as Hormozgan! Doesn't she?

Roxanna Achaemenid (Real Roxanna)
Here is another grave mistake and historical sabotage by the Hollywood Liberal Director "Oliver Stone"! In his "Alexander Movie", Stone portrayed Roxanna as a Black Woman, savage slave girl of Alexander and a minor Achaemenid Princess! In Stone's movie, Rosario Dawson played the role of Roxanna! Now I have no idea what kind of garbage Oliver Stone intended to release and upon what historical information he made his Hollywood Spoof; however, if Stone and I are talking about the same Roxanna, then Roxanna Achaemnid was neither black nor a minor princess! Roxanna Achaemenid was daughter of Darius III, Shahanshah of The Persian Empire! This is a factual based portrait of my Roxanna and the historically accurate Roxanna. Would you please tell me if she looks black or savage to you?!

Famous Historical Persian women

XI. Olympias was daughter of King Epirus, a Greek Rooted City State Monarch, but in the movie, Olympias also becomes a Barbarian rooted (same as Asians and Persians) broad! Actually Alexander marries Roxanna for her resemblance to his mother Olympias! Roxanna was almost a common poor woman, not worthy of Alexander! The only reason Alexander married her, was because she looked like her mother and also Alex wanted to marry an inferior Persian to capture the Persian hearts! All the Greeks openly disputed this, because they considered themselves superior to Persians! The reality is that Alexander knew that Persians were a superior race and culture, so Roxanna was politically, too important to ignore! Oliver Stone fabricated this whole Roxanna-Olympias deal!

Angelina Jolie as Queen Olympias mother of Alexander. Stone’s Olympias is a Barbarian Gypsy Witch Woman! Angelina Jolie with her luscious lips, looks very juicy with the snake!

Rosario Dawson as Roxanna Achaemenid, the Persian Princess who looked and acted like Olympias, Alexander’s mother. That is why Alexander married her. The reality is that Alexander raped her and forced her in to a political marriage! Unlike Oliver Stone’s Roxanna, the real Roxanna was neither a Gypsy nor a black woman! Roxanna Achaemenid was a white Aryan Persian.

XII. Darius III took military command of his own armies in many different campaigns and battles but according to Stone, he was a coward. He escaped Gaugamela to fight another day, but Stone portrays him as a coward! Darius III in Stone's movie, becomes a Paper Monarch!

For battle maps, visit:

Maps of the Persian Empire

Darius III (Raz Degan), Shahanshah of the Persian Empire, his Immortals and troops

Raz Degan as Darius III at the battleground in the Alexander Movie

XIII. There is no trace of the other side of the story, The Persian Side, in the movie! There is no trace of braveries of Commander Aryo Barzan or other Persian Military Braves and Generals! Greeks are supreme Warriors and Persians are Savage Coward Dogs! And if you think that's bad, then wait till you see what Stone had done to Indians!

XIV. Indians become sub-human in Stone’s movie! In one scene, he brings a few Polynesian locals of Australia, which they do look like Monkeys and Stone makes them play the Indian roles! They play the locals in the jungles of India! Indian Kings, soldiers and Armies become very similar to Monkeys of the jungle! The reality is that, even though, Alexander took over today's Pakistan and parts of Sind and Punjab, but Indians were the ones who finally seized his campaign and war machine! Indians had fought the bloodiest battle of Alexander's life in the Indian Peninsula (sub continent). Indian Elephants crushed Greco-Macedonians but in the movie, Alexander on horse-top single-handedly battles a War-Elephant Unit (famous scene) This black horse is the same wild horse that Greek veterans could not tame but a pre-teen Alexander tamed this beast in early days in the movie! Amazing Fabricated stories and exaggeration (Greek style) is unbearable! Oliver Stone had portrayed the Persians as barbarians but Indians as animals!

Alexander, after single handedly defeating and slaughtering many Indian troops and officers, now goes head to head, attacking an Indian elephant Unit, only by his sword while sitting on his favorite horses back. Pure fiction and exaggeration of history by Oliver Stone.

Indian archer who does not even look Indian! Oliver Stone dragged some natives of Australia and Polynesia to the scene of his movie and made them play the roles of the Indians! They look anything but South Asian Indians!

XV. Philip was a rough man and in his final years, he became insane. He was an alcoholic semi maniac but in his final years he became a full-blown drunken psychopath! Alexander inherited Alcoholism, Brutal nature and Insanity of Philip. Alexander in his final years, became a paranoid, schizophrenic, maniac, and worst than his father. He started killing his own friends and generals. In the movie, Stone, remotely mentions this issue and passes on by to other chapters! Stone, gently slides this fact under the Persian Rug and hides it with grace!

Another Passionate Gay Moment in Alexander’s life
General Hephaistion (Jared Lito) giving a back massage to Alexander (Colin Farrell) before a passionate GayLa!

XVI. At the time of Alexander’s invasion, there were also other enemies trying to invade Iran from all sides. Amongst these enemies were Sythians, Massagets, Indians, Arab Nomads and African tribes: therefore, by no means Alexander and the Greeks had managed to conquer Persia on their own sole efforts! All elements came together to destroy the Achaemenid Persian Empire (559 BC - 330 BC); however, after years of occupation by Alexander and his Seleucid descendants, Persians had managed to kick the Greeks out of Iran and revive the Persian Empire [Arsacid Empire (238 BC - 224 AD)]. By then, Persians managed to revive their empire, but Greeks had faded away in history, taken over by Romans and become a part of Rome.

We went under the Greco-Macedonian Occupation (Hellenistic period) during 330 BC – 238 BC, but we managed to stand back up, kick out the Greek invaders and revive our culture and empire. So we survived the Alexander’s barbaric invasion-occupation, but the Greeks faded away, so who had the last laugh?!

Iran Dynasties and Monarchs of 8000 Years

XVII. When Xerxes had taken over Athens, the Persian Nobles had no intention to reside in Athens and Greece, thus Greece was not worthy to reside in; however, when Alexander and Greeks had taken over Persia, they loved to reside in Persia! Greeks were similar to a bunch of nomads in comparison to Persians. When they taken over Persia, it was like granting them the Heavens to live in!

Greek Hoplite

Greeks say that Xerxes had burned down Athens, so Alexander returned the favor by burning down the Persepolis! Greeks fail to state that why Xerxes had burned down Athens? Xerxes burned down Athens because for ages, the Greeks were sticking their noses in the Persian Empire’s affairs! They were agitating and promoting separatism amongst our states. External Greeks wanted to separate our Greek States from the body of Mother Persia. They were sticking their noses in our internal affairs. They had to be taught a lesson to stay out and keep out of our internal affairs. But Alexander burned down Persepolis because he was a psychopath! There was nothing great about Alexander! Why is he called Alexander the Great in the west? He was a fine general but did he have any decent human characteristic?

Civilization: Persia versus Greece and Rome

XVIII. Greeks burned major Persian libraries and books. Much of our history is lost because of Greek savagery and ignorance. Still, some of these valuable books were taken back to Athens and became basis for the Greco-Roman Civilization. Way before Greeks knew the meaning of the terms such as Libraries and Universities, we had many of them around the Persian Empire. Universities and libraries of Susa and Babylon were some of the oldest ones in the Persian Empire.

Alexander and Darius III Battle portrayed on Mosaic, Pompeii, Italy
I have actually seen this magnificient piece.

Realistic face of Darius III on mosaic

Realistic face of Alexander the Macedonian on mosaic. As you can see, Alexander was a brunette, not a blonde!

The bloodthirsty Alexander

XIX. Alexander was not blonde, but he was brunette. This is a historical fact documented in history and art mosaics painted in ancient times. Why is it that Hollywood insists on all Western Heroes such a Alexander and Jesus to be blonde haired and blue eyes?! Next page

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