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vs. The True History – Part 2

Alexander, falsification of history by Oliver Stone!
A Historical Critique – Part 2
Ahreeman X
April 11, 2008

Darius III Achaemenid (Raz Degan), Shahanshah (King of Kings) of the Persian Empire
Oliver Stone’s version in Alexander Movie

Hollywood’s Historical Lies

I have no idea why does Hollywood insist on propagating to the world that Persians and Egyptians were black? There were Black people living in the Persian Empire and Egyptian Empire; however, neither Persian Empire nor Egyptian Empire were built by blacks, ran by blacks and ruled by blacks! The average ancient Persians and Egyptians were not black! Why is it that Hollywood creates these lies out of their studio executives’ rectums?

Alexander, 2004 version’s movie poster

Alexander, 2004 version’s movie poster

Persians and Egyptians were not Black!

Is Hollywood trying to give a false perception that the Persian Empire and Egyptian Empire were populated by black raced people? Does Hollywood believe that by falsification of history, black people will benefit from this? Does Hollywood believe that these historical lies are only a new method of Affirmative Action and Political Correctness to falsely equalize the historical dedication of whites and blacks to the global civilization?

Rosario Dawson, a black actress plays Princess Roxanna, who was a white Aryan Persian! Same story in the Hollywood spoof “300” with Peter Mensah, a black actor playing the role of a white Aryan Persian messenger of Xerxes the Great. Actually half the Persian troops in the movie “300” were black! Hollywood does the same thing to the Egyptians and hires black actors to play the historical Egyptian roles in the movies and documentaries. According to Hollywood, Persians and Egyptians were and are black! The reality is that I been around the world and I am a historian. There lives more blacks in San Diego county in USA than there are blacks in Iran and Egypt! Blacks never were and are not now running Iran (Persia) and Egypt. Hollywood is trying to rewrite the history with a touch of political correctness, affirmative action and flat out lies! Of course the historically ignorant public majority in America and the west, buys these Hollywood fabricated history and even quotes from them!

This is so comical! These Hollywood executives, directors and producers wake up in the morning and tell to themselves that:

OK, let’s see, Greeks and Romans were in Europe, so we have no choice but to portray them as whites, but wait a second, Persians were in Asia and Egyptians were in Africa, so why not rewrite the history and portray them as Blacks? Why don’t we tell the world that the Persian Empire and the Egyptian Civilization were built by blacks?! Let us revise the history and drag political correctness and affirmative action in to the global history, why not?

Alexander in the heat of the battle

Take a look at the recent historical movies and documentaries made by Hollywood. They actually hire black actors and actresses to play the parts of Persians and Egyptians! This is flat out falsification of history for the sake of political correctness!

Not that Persians and Egyptians were not black, yet even The ancient people from the Siranaeek Kingdom (Libya) were not black.

Alexander (Colin Farrell) and his troops

Do you believe black folks are stupid? Don’t you think black folks know their own history? Black folks are perfectly aware that there were ancient Ebony Kingdoms in Africa such as:

The Aksumite Kingdom (Ethiopia)
The Nubian Kingdom (Sudan)
The Kushite Kingdom (Sudan)
The Napata Kingdom (Sudan)

But they are also perfectly aware that Egyptians were not black. Almost all black folks are aware of these historical facts, well, except Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, and Reverend Luis Mohammed Farrakhan and Nation of Islam and a few other liberals who preach welfare culture, affirmative action and modern slavery!

So let us get this straight: Ancient Persians and Egyptians were not black.

Greco-Persian Wars
Greek Hoplite (left) battling the Persian Immortal (Right)

Darius III at the battleground observing the Greek positions and movements.

Persian Heavy Cavalry Commander

Persian Heavy Cavalry Commander in action

Persian Heavy Cavalry (right) fighting a Greek Hoplite Infantry (left).

Persian Immortal Spearman

Persian Immortal Officer in action

Persian Heavy Armored Immortal with bent forward cone shaped helmet at the battleground.

Persian Officer with feathered helmet (left) and Persian Rider (right) are riding a four horse Persian War Chariot.

Greek Hoplite

True Historical Conclusion

Alexander, was a Homosexual, Alcoholic, Epileptic, Paranoid, Delusional, Brutal, Blood Thirsty, Savage Beast who enjoyed raping boys and women, a maniac who invaded a Superior, Sole Super Power of back then's world (Persia) and destroyed it. He murdered, slaughtered, raped, pillaged and even burned the Persian Capital to the ashes! Alexander was head of the inferior barbaric Greco-Macedonian Tribes who invaded the Civilized worlds of Persia, Egypt, India and Bacteria brutally and destroyed them. Alexander was a step short of Hitler, Napoleon or Genghis Khan, but in this movie he becomes God and son of Zeus or preacher of Civilization!

Another sadistic heated passionate argument before sex between the dominant Alexander (Colin Farrell) on the left, forcing his will upon General Hephaistion (Jared Lito) on the right.

Oliver Stone is a modern day Herodotus. Biased, Dishonest, Con Artist, Illiterate, Charlatan, Hero Maker and a Fraud.

Alexander The Great with his lion head helmet and armor

And that's how Alexandra The Grape becomes Alexander The Great!

Alexandra The Grape (A True Fruit)!

This movie is "The Ultimate Hollywood Lie", ever made about the Greco-Persian Wars or the Ancient History. Any two-bit person, who knows anything about history, will clearly see through Oliver Stone's Lies and Falsifications of the Ancient History. No one but no one can be so ignorant, out of research and naive to twist the whole history in the manner that Stone had done! This is surely intentional.

Annelise Hesme as Stateira amongst other princesses and her loyal royal maidens.
L-R: 3 Royal Maids, an Achaemenid Princess, Princess Estatira (Stateira) and Princess of Babylon.

It is impossible for me to believe that Stone, actually researched the history and concluded as he did! It is pretty obvious that Stone is historically illiterate, but it is far more obvious that Stone selectively twisted many facts and decided to totally hide many other facts! Stone fails to speak of many atrocities of Alexander and intentionally, he hides them! It is not only Oliver Stone who fabricates the history but also his historical advisors and western professors (his sources who helped him make the movie) do participate in twisting the history of the mankind. This movie is a historical cover-up!

Hollywood Liberals claim that Stone always exposes “cover-ups” in his movies, but this movie is the ultimate historical cover-up created by Stone!

Thanks to Alexander and later on Arabo-Muslim (Omar and Ali), almost "All" of our historical books and documents were burned to the ground and turned in to ashes and that's why the world cannot hear our voice today! Volumes and volumes of Persian Historians' Books and Journals were destroyed in the fires of invaders who invaded our land and burned our books. Barbarians such as Alexander, Omar, Ali, Hussein and others invaded our land, burned our history, raped our women, killed our men, took our children as slaves, and destroyed our culture, but today, Greeks claim that they have civilized us and the Arabs claim that before Islam, we were savage Fire Worshipers! Thanks to Greeks, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, others.................. we have become civilized!

Ctesiphone in Smoke, Fire and Blood - Book Review

The Meaning of Crescent and Star Islamic Symbol

Not that we had any civilization before these bozos! Not that we have anything to show for it! What do we have to show for it?

Only 8000 years of Persian History, the oldest culture and civilization in the globe!

8000 Years of Iranian History

At the moment I am so disgusted with Oliver Stone's Movie, that I am ready to tear him apart! It is a good thing that he is not near me! It is simply sickening!

Angelina Jolie as Queen Olympias the gypsy rooted witch mother of Alexander, even though not historically accurate, although very juicy and appetizing as ever! Angelina Jolie’s lips are luscious enough to bring a dead man back to life!

It is bad enough that we have to put up with IRI, Westoxication of our youth abroad, Arabtoxication of our youth inside Iran, and now we have to witness, lampoons like Stone, trash our history!

This is garbage:

Alexander, Official Site

This is true history:

IPC Iran History

Darius III, his Generals, his Immortals and his troops at the campaign.

Mr. Oliver Stone, you might fool the average Jane and Joe with your rubbish fabrication of history, but beware of the historians exposing your pack of lies! This movie's historical value is equal to garbage!

It is a plain shame.

Dr. X

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Alexander, falsification of history by Oliver Stone!

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