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Answer to History: The Final Version
Shah of Iran Book in Persian


Answer to History
The Final Version (Book in Persian)
Introduction and Review: Ahreeman X
Author: Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Originally Written: September 16, 1979
Republished by IPC: May 23, 2011

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi: Answer to History


Alahazrat wrote a number of books such as:

Mission for My Country (1961)
White Revolution (1966)
Philosophy behind the Revolution (1971)
Shahanshah of Iran on Oil: Background and Perspectives (1971)
Historic Speeches (1975)
Answer to History (1979)
The Shah’s Story: An Autobiography (1980)

However the most important of his books were “White Revolution” and “Answer to History”. The most historically significant of his books is “Answer to History”. He was sick with cancer when writing this book, so in a way it was a race with time when he was writing this book. In the future we will publish “White Revolution” but now we will publish the bread and butter and the core of his writings, “Answer to History”.

Shahanshah Aryamehr

This is the final version of this historic book dictated by Alahazrat, the late Shah of Iran. The final version was reedited and also a chapter was added to it by the Shah. The final version includes a final chapter titled: “Final Days of My Life”. This book is available in English, French and a few other languages; however, the Persian version is the exact dictations of the late Shah of Iran to the writer; therefore, the Persian version carries a special historical weight and value.

Fair Judgment of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

I am the greatest critic of the late Shah of Iran but I am also a fair historian and a scientific historian. Good or bad, wrong or right, the late Shah of Iran just like everyone else had his flaws and glories. He had his negative and positive points. No one is perfect and neither was the Shah. Disregarding his many mistakes and flaws, I have always stated that Alahazrat was a great nationalist who had done many goods for Iran.

Let’s face it, Alahazrat Homayoun, Pahlavi-ye Dovom, Nur-e Aryai, Bozorg Artesh Daran, Shah-e Shahan, Shah-e Iran Zamin, Shahanshah Aryamehr, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, underneath all the titles was only a simple man named Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, a simple nationalist and a lover of Iran.

For Shah of Iran’s photos, review:

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On Monarchy and Monarchs

Everyone who reads IPC is well aware that I am not a monarchist; furthermore, I have proved via logic and beyond the reasonable doubt that the System of Monarchy is illogical, flawed, dysfunctional, corrupt, outdated and incompatible with the modern information age.

Monarchy or Republic Thread

Today’s Monarchs exist, not because their predecessors had suddenly become democratic and they have granted democracy to the people, but because people via sheer force had pushed them out of the power and have turned them from Absolutist Monarchs to Constitutional Monarchs.

Today’s Constitutional Monarchies were pushed by sheer force of the people and shaped in to becoming democratic regimes (in Europe). Today’s Absolutist Monarchies are living the final breaths of their lives (In Asia).

Even in this day and age, neither the Constitutional nor the Absolutist Monarchies are truly democratic in nature, simply because the people cannot vote the monarchs out of the office. Monarchs are nothing but unelected parasites with no purpose in life.

Today’s global institution of Monarchy is an outdated, irrational and useless shell of what once it used to be. The 21sth century monarchs are nothing but powerless, useless and clueless burdens on the shoulders of the tax payers. For more information please review:

Republican vs. Monarchist Views

Role of the 21sth Century Monarchs and Monarchists

The Historical Relation between Monarchy and Shiite

And review my works in these indexes:

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Iran Philosophy

On Alahazrat, Shah of Iran

In the past I have done many vast analysis and criticism of Alahazrat:

Reasons for the Birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

And also my works in the Iran Politics Index:

Iran Politics

Now, I do not want to criticize Alahazrat. Now I want to speak of all the good which he had done for Iran. Anyone who reads IPC is well aware of my past. All one has to do is to read X Diaries (my memoirs):

Founder of IPC
I do not want to get nostalgic or sentimental here, but the truth is that Alahazrat is the same as my father. I always had a love hate relationship with my father and of course the same with Alahazrat, but can one ever throw his father in the dumpster of history? No matter how much he dislikes or how much of a conflict one has with his father, how can he forget about his father and throw him under the bus? Father is still the father! My feelings towards Alahazrat are the same as my feelings towards my father. I have to admit, no matter what, Alahazrat will always remain as my father.

Alahazrat had done many goods for Iran and Iranians and his greatest work was the White Revolution which in the future we will publish his book by the same name which will vastly discuss the subject. Alahazrat played an important role in industrialization, modernization and progress of Iran.

A Few Words by Alahazrat

Let us review some of Alahazrat’s words throughout this book. These words can make one think about a different perspective. A perspective which they may have never heard about!

Here are a few words by a simple nationalist named Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (my translations):

“I dedicate this book to the memory of all martyrs of Iran, men and women who lost their lives for Iran.”

“Today the Dark Forces under the pretence of the Holy authority, yet truly under the authority of an irresponsible bunch are trying to destroy everything which was built by the people of Iran.”

“A while back in Tehran, I have published my latest book and in this book I had put forward my grand platform for the future of Iran. I had introduced these plans to the Iranians. I wrote this book with much hope that the future of my nation will be bright. A bright future worthy of my ancient land which throughout the history she has been one of the major foundations for the global civilization. Iran has been an ongoing factor for the betterment of the human civilization. My plans for Iran of the future were glorious. My vision was to build a completely modernized, progressed, hi tech, well educated and economically prosperous Iran …...”

“Throughout my reign, I have built a mutually prosperous and peaceful relation with both the East and the West. This peace allowed me to concentrate on building Iran and moving it towards the ‘Great Civilization’ ……”

“My vision was to once again revive Iran and reestablish her position in the globe as a major contributor for the global civilization. My goal was to once again move Iran towards the ‘Great Civilization’, but unfortunately ……”

“My answer to history should begin with the history of my nation. Iran is an ancient land which her history is still vastly unknown to the global public. My goal was to create a modern and progressive Iran for the 20th century. My mistake was rushing this progress; maybe this downfall would not have occurred if I had not rushed the modernization. The fall of the Imperial Iran can bring on catastrophic results not only for Iran but also for our friends and allies in the region and the globe. This catastrophe can destroy our friends and allies in the region and the world.”

“In this book I will explain the complete untold story of the so-called Iranian Revolution which was in fact a Reaction back to the Dark Ages. This book will be my Answer to History ……”

About the Answer to History

They call him a Conspiracy Theorist and out of touch with the world and his people. I have many disagreements with many points that Alahazrat had made in this book; however, he also brought forward many important analysis and historical facts to the attention of the reader.

So was he really a conspiracy theorist or was he just trying to introduce you to the hidden facts behind the curtain?

Answer to History” is Alahazrat’s and Iran’s journey and story throughout the history from the dark days all the way to the light and then back to the darkness!

Alahazrat’s goal was a popular march towards the “Great Civilization” and Iran was indeed moving towards that destiny; however, things did not go by the plan and ……

Alahazrat and Iran were becoming way too powerful and this had frightened many in the region and the west. They assumed that Iran could simply take over the whole Middle East and the flow of the oil, so they had to do something about Alahazrat and Iran!

In this book Alahazrat talks about how Jimmy Carter, Liberals, US Democrats, CIA, British SIS MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service MI6) all and all due to political illiteracy, lack of knowledge about Iran, misinformation and misdeeds have directly jump started an Islamic Revolution in Iran to create a “Green Belt” (Islamic Belt) around the Ex Soviet Union (USSR).

The Green Belt

Along with creation and empowerment of Taliban and Al Qaeda, the creation of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) was part of the west’s plan to create an Islamic fortress around the Soviet Union. They figured that the Fundamentalist Islam and Religion would be the best weapon to fight the Godless Atheist, Totalitarian Marxist USSR.

Creation of the Green Belt was all fine and dandy until it backfired on them! Little did Jimmy Carter know that by creating IRI, he made America to lose her greatest Ally in the Middle East (Imperial Iran); furthermore, turn it into her greatest enemy in the world (Islamic Republic of Iran). By creating IRI, Jimmy Carter did not only create an enemy and destroyed Iran, yet he gave birth to the global Neo Islamic Fundamentalism! Down the road IRI had become the greatest state sponsor terrorism in the globe.

Today’s IRI is the major supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Jihad, Afghan Shiites, Bosnian Islamists, Tajik Fundamentalists, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Iraqi Shiites, Yemenis Shiites, Bahraini Rioters and every other single Islamist Terrorist organization in the Middle East and around the globe.

Jimmy Carter gave birth to IRI and in returns IRI gave birth to the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism. Creation of Neo Islamic Fundamentalism was a tactical win for Carter Administration to temporarily avoid the growth of Marxism alongside the Ex Soviet Borders; however, the Islamists had grown to become a monster threatening the globe.

Far Worst Lethal Enemy: Islam replaced Communism

Today, Marxism and Communism are either basically dead (USSR and East European Block), revisionized and transformed from “Communist Regimes” to “Totalitarian Capitalist Regimes” (China and Vietnam), or simply are dying out (Cuba, North Korea, etc). In today’s world, Communism is dead (thanks to Ronald Reagan), but Islam had replaced Communism and is a far more dangerous enemy than Communism (thanks to Jimmy Carter). Islam is a far worst formidable foe because under the pretence of being a religion, it had turned the “Cold War” to a “Holy War”! Islam does not hesitate to use any tactic including but not limited to White Lies (Taqiyah), Terrorism, Suicide Bombing and even nuclear power to reach its goal which is creation of an Islamic Empire (Caliphate).

Taqiyah: Islamically Correct Lie

Muslims are given God given rights to tell “Taqiyah” White Lies (Favorable Truth) when necessary. In Islam you can lie when it is for good of the Umma’ (Greater Muslim Community), war situations (to save Muslim lives), political situations (to save agenda) or simply to save one’s neck. Any large or little lie can be justifies in Islam as Taqiyah. The law of Taqiyah has been used over and over by IRI and its crony terrorist satellites as tactics to achieve their strategy (Creation of the Global Caliphate).

So Jimmy Carter, Democrats, CIA and the West destroyed Iran and revived Islam! Now the world has to deal with this Epidemic and Infection (Islamist Fundamentalism). Iran was a sacrificial lamb, an experiment which went bad. This is why I truly have a special feeling towards Jimmy Carter:

What would you donate to Jimmy Carter?

Democrats and Republicans

Let me ask you something:

Do you honestly think if hypothetically instead of Carter and Democrats, Nixon and Republicans were in power in USA, then Imperial Iran would still fall?

Republicans have always supported Shah and the Imperial Iran.

What Carter done was to play a game with the Shah. One day he urged Shah to suppress the rioters and one day he sang his famous “Human Rights Songs” and avoided him to use violence! Carter did not back Shah; furthermore, he sabotaged Shah’s actions and provided the downfall of the Imperial Iran. Carter flirted with both sides and prepared and paved the way for Khomeini and Islamists to gain power in Iran.

“These are the reasons that a true Nationalist Iranian cannot also be an Iranian American Democrat! These are the reasons that all IRI Lobbyists and IRI Liberal Reformists are also Iranian American Democrats and are voting Democratic in the US elections.”

In this book, Alahazrat elaborates and dissects the complete history of pre and post Islamist Revolution (Reaction) in Iran.

About Providing the E-Version of this Book

It has been a long time that I wanted to publish this historical book in IPC. We have finally done it and No thanks to Reza Pahlavi! For the record, I was the first who urged him to provide a scanned copy of his father’s book for the Iranian cyber space community to read. I imagine at the time he was way too busy playing Mr. Mom, babysitting and cooking gourmet food in the kitchen, so when Yasmine got home from work, she would dine on some fine cuisine! Reza Pahlavi II has always been too busy for Iran and Iranians!

When along with the Imperial Generals, we asked him to participate or fund the 2nd coup (after Nozhe); he was too busy to help. When I asked him to provide a web copy of his father’s book to enlighten the Iranians inside Iran, he was too busy to help and I will bet with you that in the future free Iran, the true democracy will be achieved without Reza Pahlavi II lifting a finger (as always) to help! Inform yourselves:

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!

Why Reza Pahlavi II Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

Ayat Mohaqeqi of Nozhe Uprising, Portrait of a Legend

Reza Pahlavi II has no trace of his grandfather Reza Khan (Father of Nation) or his father Alahazrat in his blood. For true story of Reza Khan, review:

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

Reza Pahlavi II is shell of a man. Reza Pahlavi II is a weak, superficial, useless, illiterate, uneducated, gutless, coward with no direction, no hobby, no job, no career, no clue, and no purpose in life. Reza Pahlavi II was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he will die with one. He has never worked a day in his life and every time that he miserably and financially failed, his family and the Arab Kings have bailed him out! He is useless to Iran and Iranians. This is further reason that Monarchy and inheritance of power from one generation to another is flawed. Just imagine if this useless bum would have become Shah! The nation would have been doomed!

Answer to History

 I strongly recommend for all to read this historic book. It is essential to read and inform yourself about the other perspective ……

A great nationalist has passed away in Exile while his spirit rested in Inxile! He maybe died abroad but his soul stayed in Iran and with the Iranians.

I clearly remember the old days in Iran (the first 16 years of my life lived in Iran). Throughout his life, Alahazrat spoke of the “Great Civilization” which we were once more destined to get there. He also spoke of “The Unholy Alliance of The Red and The Black Reactions” (Marxists and Islamists) which together they were a heavy weight dragging Iran down to the bottom of the pit. Alahazrat’s vision was moving towards the “Great Civilization”, but ……

Answer to History Index

Part 1: From Iran of Yesterday to Iran of Today
Part 2: Pahlavi Dynasty – The Rescue and Unity of Iran
Part 3: The White Revolution
Part 4: The Unholy Alliance of the Red and the Black
End Words
Final Days of My Life

And now here is the Answer to History by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Hope you enjoy and Bon Appetite,

Now review the other perspective and read the rest of the story in Persian:

Answer to History (1979)

Answer to History, the English version and Shah's other books can be purchased here:


Like it or not, Alahazrat had done many goods for Iran and Iranians. We always remember his mistakes and all his flaws. Let us now remember all the good that he has done and speak a few words about them. May Alahazrat’s spirit rests in peace.

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

With hope for better days

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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