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Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran
Ahreeman X
May 20, 2007

This is a fundamental question often asked from me. For "All's" knowledge, and for once and for all, I shall now clear this matter and vastly respond to this important question. Let us review the main reasons for the birth of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

I. Lack of political freedoms and existence of the atmosphere of political suffocations and oppressions by the Imperial Regime. Amazingly, Shah had a double standard! He jailed all the Intellectuals and Leftists, but at the same time, Shah allowed Clerics and Muslim to freely do political activities. Shah left the Clerics' hands open! According to the constitution of the Imperial Regime, the religion of Shiite Islam was the official religion of Iran! There was clearly no true secularism in Iran. Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi (unlike his father Reza Shah The Great), was a religious man. Shah himself was a superstitious Muslim with no respect for Secularism and much respect for Clerics and Islam! This came back to hunt him and destroy him!

II. Creation of a one party (Rastakhiz Party) totalitarian System by Shah of Iran. At last Shah banned all political parties and created a one party system. This was the last draw to repress democracy and political freedoms in Iran and move Iran towards a fascist police state.

III. Existence of a system of Favoritism, Corruption and Social Injustice. On top of the list and causes for this disease, stood the corrupt Pahlavi family and Monarchist Aristocracy who had the monopoly on most of the major businesses, industries, investments and agriculture. Embezzlements and Briberies were the norm of the Iranian society. The most corrupt of the Pahlavis is Ashraf Pahlavi with the history of promiscuous behavior, switching young lovers, third of her age like old underwears, shaky business and land deals and indeed drug deals. Ashraf's Import/Export of drugs and famous royal grand opium dens and orgy parties were famous. Ashraf's corruption went as far as getting arrested in Italy for drug trafficking but Darbar (Imperial Courthouse) used political force and financial bribes to keep this event out of the international media; however, it still leaked out and caused an international scandal. Ashraf was the tip of the iceberg and the rest of the Shah's brothers and sisters were corrupt to the bones. The nation was ran as one large totalitarian corrupt organization by the gang of Monarchist Aristocracy with the Pahlavi Mafia on top of the food chain!

IV. Participation of All political parties banned by the Shah, to join hands to overthrow the Imperial Regime and accelerate the process to achieve Democracy in Iran. The dictatorship of the Shah had caused every single banned (moved underground) political party and organization of Iran, whom normally would have not associate or even talk to one another to strongly cling together and form a united opposition against the Shah to overthrow the fascist dictatorial regime of the Pahlavis! This was amazing because nothing could unite all these political parties except the hatred of the Pahlavi Regime.

Confederation of Iranian Students abroad (1970s) was a great factor for this union and that is why today, many (such as Amir Abbas Fakhravar) are trying to re-create this student movement abroad. Little do they know that the factor which had created the confederation was the hatred for monarchy! Today, the various opposition groups have a common hatred for IRI; however, they still sincerely do hate the monarchists! Mr. Fakhravar and alike, cannot re-create the confederation while flirting with the symbol of monarchy (Reza Pahlavi II). Greater masses of Iran do hate the monarchists even more than they hate the mojaheds! Mr. Fakhravar and alike need to open their eyes! Aligning yourself with Hezbollah such as Akbar Ganji (Ex Revolutionary Guard Fundamentalist and present Reformist) and then with the symbol of procrastination, indecision and laziness for three decades such as Reza Pahlavi II (corrupt monarchists) will get him nowhere, but creation of yet another Cheese-Whiz dish same as 101 other political organizations of Iran, weak and useless to commit any substantial change! Mr. Fakhravar and alike, need to seek connections with the true opposition of Iran, sincere and devoted nationalist revolutionaries and masses of Iran, or else the CIA and the US States Department's donations to Reza Pahlavi and himself will be wasted!

Pahlavis had overthrown the legal and democratic constitutional monarchy of Qajar Dynasty (Ahmad Shah Qajar) and managed to establish an absolutist monarchy and a great police state dictatorship in Iran. Of course when it all started (1925), Reza Khan (father of Shah) was against it all and wanted to establish a republic in Iran, but the combine forces of the monarchists, aristocrats, feudals and mullahs had forced him and pushed him in to transforming Iran from a democratic constitutional monarchy (Qajar) to a dictatorial absolutist monarchy (Pahlavi). During the 50 + years of the Pahlavi Dynasty, step by step every single political freedoms, freedom of press, freedom of assembly and even free market (freedom to create corporations without bribing the Pahlavi Regime) had banished. Suffocation became unbearable and all political fractions seen no other choice but to unite to destroy the Pahlavi Dictatorship.

V. Cooperation of All political parties of Iran with Islamists and Khomeini, simply as an Alternative! This was probably the greatest bad choice and stupidity made by all Iranian secular political parties and organizations of Iran to join hands with Islamists and give birth to the Islamist Fundamentalism of Khomeini, but then again they saw no other alternative to overthrow the Pahlavi Dictatorship! Until this day, I believe that opposition had to work with the Imperial Regime and commit to a "Change" from within the system. On 1979 when Shapour Bakhtiar became the Prime Minister, there existed a great chance to support Bakhtiar and stand behind him rather than standing behind Khomeini, but the Iranian Opposition failed to take advantage of this golden opportunity. Bakhtiar was there to cut the Pahlavis' hands from the power and turn them to constitutional monarchs. Bakhtiar was there to establish a democratic constitutional monarchy in Iran and the opposition had to support him. Unfortunately by then it was too late and the law of physics (every action will cause an equal strength reaction but on the opposite direction) took control. The political suffocation of Pahlavis were so severe that opposition's hatred for Pahlavis had pushed them away from Bakhtiar and closer to Khomeini. This was a great catastrophe.

VI. Cooperation of the leaders of (Whores of Opposition) including the back then Top 2:

Tudeh Communist Party
National Front (Jebhe Meli)

and now Top 4:

Tudeh Communist Party
National Front (Jebhe Meli)
Fedayeen Khalq Aksariyat (Marxist)
Nehzat-e Azadi (Nationalist Islamist)

who betrayed Iran and worked with Mullahs for future positions, power and money! These groups and their leaders such as Sanjabi, Amir Entezam, Forouhar, Bazargan, Ardalan, Yazdi, Kianouri, Tabari, and others were basically sold their souls to the mullahs! Marxists such as Tabari and Kianouri had overnight become devout Muslim! Positions, power and money were the key motivations. Eventually for their great services to the Islamic revolution, Khomeini jailed and killed them one by one! Khomeini needed these political parties to rise to power, but once he was there and strong enough, then step by step he started to close these parties and jail their leaders. Revolution ate his own sons! They got what they deserved!

VII. Massive protests by the illiterate masses of Iran who assumed that they will overthrow the Imperial Regime and create a Democratic Regime! Cattle of illiterate masses rushed the streets and followed their leaders to destroy their own roots from the foundation!

VIII. Dragging of the illiterate masses of Iran into the streets by the hands of Intellectual Left (Tudehists, Jebhe Meli, others).

IX. Cowardly escape of Shah of Iran from Iran. The Ship Captain fled, instead to stay and fight for Iran. This was a disgrace and a main reason for Mullahs to gain control. Mohamad Reza Pahlavi had done many goods for Iran and he was somewhat a nationalist but his legacy will be always tainted as the Shah who handed Iran to Muslim and therefore the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a global menace.

When times got rough, the first to abandon ship were Pahlavis with their suitcases full of money who jumped the ship! This was Shah of Iran's second cowardly escape in times of need. Once in 1953 (Mosadeq era) and once in 1979 (Khomeini era), Shah of Iran preferred to jump ship like a coward and escape the enemy, rather than standing his ground and fighting to save Iran. Historical actions such as these, makes one to ponder if Shah of Iran was truly a nationalist and cared for Iran or was he a megalomaniac narcissist coward who only wanted to save his own neck? History is the best judge!

X. Cowardly escape of the Pahlavi Dynasty from Iran (as usual and the same as 1953), rather than stay their own grounds. In addition to Shah, almost the complete Pahlavi Family (those who ruled Iran) had fled the scene of the crime! Only a few who had no role in the regime, had stayed back. The Pahlavi Family and the closed circle of monarchist aristocrats around them, had suddenly fled Iran overnight. They were the first to escape to the safety of the west! Indeed billions of dollars also vanished and disappeared with them!

XI. Commander in chief escaped so Statesmen and Military lost morale. How could the soldier fight for a cause while he could see that his commander had cowardly escaped the battleground? It seemed like the great Shah of Iran and his Generals were nothing but puppets of Carter and CIA! During Shah's final years, he became as bold as to clearly state in his interviews that Iran has a "Social Imperial" (Socialist + Monarchy) regime and is an independent nation. Iran will choose her own policies and purchase weapons from anyone she wants. If west hesitates to sell certain weapons to Iran, then Iran will buy from Russia (USSR back then)! Shah was openly flipping his finger to the west and sending them the signal that we are not your puppet and we will do as we please.

This was a very bold move and when one makes such bold moves, then at least he should have the backing of his own people! If you want to stand straight in front of the west and claim yourself as a regional and a continental power, then at least make sure that your people will stand behind you! Once Carter and the west started to become suspicious of Shah's intentions, were not happy with his leadership of OPEC, high prices of oil (for those times) and clearly afraid that Iran would take over the whole middle east in a few months (back then Iran was militaristically strong enough to do so), then Carter started to sing his human right songs and send mixed signals to Iran! When times got rough (1977 and 1978) and Shah and his Generals wanted a clear answer from Carter and CIA that if they would back the Imperial Regime or not, Carter started his mixed signals! One day he would say open fire and fight the revolutionaries by all means possible and the next day he would preach to Shah about the human rights violations and advice him to withhold and be patient!

Shah clearly did not know what to do! Suddenly Shah was not the independent leader who was giving ultimatums to the west! Suddenly Shah became a western puppet (same as 1953) and awaiting DC's orders! Why you ask? Because Shah could clearly see that he had lost all his cards and aces (backing of the masses)! His own people hated him and he simply could not believe that! How can this be (he asked himself)? This was a shock to him! This was the results of his own shortcomings because rather than staying in touch with the masses and be amongst them, he started to detach himself from the masses (his son Reza Pahlavi does the same) and only rely on the corrupt monarchists around him to report on how the masses live and how do they feel about his actions! Rather than sticking with the masses, shah detached himself from the masses and clung to the corrupt monarchists and the Imperial courthouse and SAVAK (secret police)! Once the Shiite hit the fan (1978), he was simply amazed that why his own people hate him so much!

So afterall the mighty Shah was not so strong and self determined! The independent Shah of Iran was awaiting orders from DC on what to do! It is documented that Shah was over and over asking on what to do? Even Farah was telling him to be his own man and decide on what to do by himself! Shah became extremely weak, shocked by the degree of hatred of him by the masses, felt abandoned, behaved like a servant to DC and CIA, awaited orders from DC, and on top of it all, suffered from cancer which made him more indecisioned and undetermined to decide on a plan and to make his move.

He ordered irrational actions such as opening fire on the revolutionaries and people in the streets but then being inconsistent about it! He started killing a bunch but then he was not consistent to kill at least 10,000 Muslim to crush the riots! He was afraid to arrest the Ayatollahs but then again he ordered newspapers to slander Khomeini and call him Gay! Inconsistent actions like this, caused the brain dead Muslim to hate him more and stand behind Khomeini and totally abandoning him! Eventually weakness got the best of him and he was the first to escape Iran. Like a coward he cried and fled the battle. Once Imperial Generals witnessed this action, they lost moral and the same as Shah, they seized any rational decision-making and looked at DC for orders! All their lives, they were not making any critical decisions and were trained by the Shah not to think and to blindly obey orders. How could they start breaking the tradition now?

Imperial generals, like little toy soldiers seized to think! They awaited orders from US Generals such as Hoiser! The mighty Imperial Generals did not stand strong (like the Algerian Generals in 1980s who crushed the Islamists), stand firm, fight and destroy the Islamists and save Iran, but they stood scared like little rats looking at Washington DC to order them what to do!

XII. Treason of All Imperial Generals except a couple. They combinely signed a famous paper and handed the Imperial Forces to Khomeini. Imperial Generals had done the ultimate cowardice act! They had surrendered Iran to Islam and this was treason. Later on, they were either jailed, killed or escaped to exile. They got what they deserved. Today, you can surf the net and go to any monarchist site (such as Shirin Neshat's site) and see how Monarchists had created legends out of these cowards!

XIII. Cowardly escape of the Imperial Statesmen to the west.

XIV. Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar (prime minister), Immortal Guards, a few other Military personnel and civilians were the only people who stayed back and defended Iran until the final moments that it became obvious that the battle was lost.

XV. The West (USA, UK, etc.) have decided that Shah had to go. Shah was becoming too powerful in OPEC (as the head of OPEC) and too strong militaristically, also he refused to sell cheap oil anymore! They assumed that Shah could become a military threat backing up his possible plans to stop the flow of the oil to the west by taking over the whole Middle East in a month or so! That was not far off of reality because back then, Iran was capable to do so!

XVI. Carter's direct policy of Human Rights which he forced in Shah's throat, instead of backing him up against the Islamist Terrorists! Carter's Human Rights policy became Iran's main nightmare! Carter was also responsible for not supporting his major Ally, Shah. In a way, Carter had lost Iran (same as he lost Panama Canal and Panama). Jimmy Carter and his foreign policy caused America to destroy a great friend (Imperial Iran) and to create a new powerful enemy (Islamic Republic of Iran). Carter and CIA were directly responsible for creation and expansion of the Neo Islamist Fundamentalism in the world lead by Khomeini.

XVII. Carter's policy of creating a Green Belt (Islamist Regimes) around the old USSR to help fighting the communism. Eventually Communism got destroyed but a new enemy was reborn which named Islam! This policy backfired in the West's face! Carter and CIA were responsible for creation and aid of Khomeini, the father of Neo Islamist Fundamentalism and in return, Khomeini started the new wave of Islamism which gave birth to all Islamic fundamentalist movements such as Hezbollah, Al Hams, Al Jihad and every other fundamentalist group and organization around the world. Carter and CIA did the same with Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. The Green Belt Policy of Carter had created the new enemy far worst than Communism. This new enemy was in fact an old enemy, which was sleeping for centuries, but Carter did not just wake him up, yet also aided him to grow strong. Carter is directly responsible for creation of the new global Islamist Terrorism. It is funny that Norwegians and Liberals grant him the Piss Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Prize)!

XVIII. USA abandoned Iran rather than support Iran against the Islamists.

XIX. UK helped the Islamist Reactionaries rather than supporting Iran!

XX. West (France, etc.) supported the Islamist Terrorists rather than supporting Iran!

XXI. Iran's old generation, Monarchist or Anti Monarchist, both are responsible for disaster of 1979. Monarchists, because they were not worthy to defend Iran. They escaped or betrayed Iran. Anti Monarchists, because they helped creating the IRI. Both Fathers of 1979 on either side, had helped to destroy Iran. Islamist Revolutionary or Imperial Generals, both had destroyed Iran. Fathers of 1979 have sinned and their sons and daughters are now paying for their sins!

XXII. Government of each nation, is a representation of the people of that nation. Iranians deserve IRI, until they prove different!

XXIII. Brutality of Islamists was a key point. There were even Palestinian PLO Guerrillas involved in the revolution backing the Islamists! All opposition groups helped creating the Islamic Revolution, creating the IRI and then, the Revolution killed all her own children one by one! Now all opposition groups are fighting the IRI. Even the 4 Whores of Opposition:

Tudeh Communist Party
National Front (Jebhe Meli)
Fedayeen Khalq Aksariyat
Nehzat-e Azadi

with a history of opportunism, shifting sides and political prostitution are also beginning to see that fighting the IRI is the only choice!

XXIV. The Mullahs, Islamists and most of all the Iranian Muslim were all responsible for creation of IRI. The superstitious Shiite Islamic beliefs of the Iranians were a major cause for the growth of Islam and IRI.

XXV. The lack of political and general education, caused the masses of Iran to pick up an axe and to cut their own roots and chances of prosperity. Shah and his regime could be directly responsible for this factor! Shah enjoyed an environment of blind faithful followers rather than critical thinkers and intellectuals. This is how he would guarantee the survival of his regime. Shah educated the masses but political and philosophical education was banned! Anything which would lead the Iranians to ponder about political freedoms, democracy, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, human rights violations, federalism, critical thinking, political, economical, social and fundamental reforms were banned! This lack of political and general education came back to destroy Iran. People were kept as cattle and "kept brides" out of touch with the new wave of democracy and progressive system of government. People were well fed and provided for, and happily lived in a controlled police environment. If people were truly educated about secularism, democracy, federalism and human rights, then on 1978, they would have not followed the Mullahs and Khomeini to pick up an axe and to destroy their own roots and prosperity! People were not educated about their individual rights.

XXVI. Everything in Imperial Iran looked good on paper but dysfunctional (half ass) in practice. The industries were not fundamental production forces but only parts assembly line factories (Montage Industries), White Revolution of Shah and People looked great on paper but never flourished in full power, and so went every other aspect of life n Iran. This is amazing because Reza Shah the Great (father of nation) went out of his way to make sure that "Changes", buildings, industries and construction of Iran is in every step fundamental; however, his son, Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi was mostly leading mediocre, superficial and half ass tasks to be completed or even never to be completed! It seemed like nothing was fundamental during his reign. The Imperial Iran was seemingly this great economical, social, political and military super power! Shah had portrayed and made the global public view to believe that Iran was a regional and continental power but suddenly on 1979 the Iranian Lion had collapsed like a paper tiger! Poof, just like that!

XXVII. Lack of secularity was a major factor and cause for the disaster of 1979. Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi (unlike his father Reza Shah The Great), was a religious man. Shah was a superstitious Muslim with no respect for Secularism and much respect for Clerics and Islam! This came back to hunt him and destroy him! How can the leader of the nation not respect secularism? How can the constitution of the nation not be secular? How can the leader of the nation (Shah) have one foot in Mecca and Ka'bbah and then one foot in Persepolis? There was no clear separation of Mosque and Government in Imperial Iran. The Imperial constitution dictated the Shiite Islam to be the official religion of the land. This lack of secularism eventually had destroyed Iran.

XXVIII. Shah's character flaws were an important factor to turn the masses of Iran away from him. Shah had great character flaws and one of the most important one of them all was to abandon his principles in desperate times! The perfect example was that when times got tough, he jailed a great number of innocent politicians, cabinet ministers, representatives and other statesmen including his own comrade and one of Iran's greatest all time Prime Ministers, Amir Abbas Hoveyda. Shah used these honest and sincere nationalists as escape goats and sacrificial lambs to prove to the people that he is fighting the corruption in the regime! This was indeed laughable because the people whom he arrested were some of the most honest people in the regime (Amir Abbas Hoveyda was one of them)! So Shah arrested and put a bunch of innocent servants of Iran in jail as escape goats, but he left the real criminals to walk around free (Pahlavis and Hand Kissing Aristocrats)! Shah betrayed a great number of nationalists who served under him and were true servants of Iran. By committing this betrayal to save his own neck, Shah had proved to the people of Iran that if you serve your Shah and nation as an honest servant for decades, then you will be rewarded by prison term and incarcerations! The true face of Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi became absolutely clear and unveiled for the masses to see.

XXIX. Finally and in my opinion the most important reason for the fall of the Imperial Iran and the birth of the Islamic Republic of Iran was that Mohamad Reza Shah (unlike his father, Reza Shah the Great) was detached from the masses (Reza Pahlavi II, his son is the same). When you hide yourself in your palaces, foreign travels, and throwing great ceremonies (such as the 2500 Years Celebrations of the Iranian Monarchy) and invite every single foreign leader but not your own people, when you make the celebrations not open to public, and you intentionally surround yourself by a group of Hand Kissers and Ass Kissers (Monarchists and Aristocrats) and detach yourself from the masses, then you should not be surprised when the masses abandon you on 1978! How can you lead a nation when you have no clue about how the masses live? How can you get your information from SAVAK, Hand Kissers and Ass Kissers around you, rather than actually live amongst your masses? Ignore the masses' needs and they shall abandon you. As I have always stated:

"The moment that you detach yourself from the masses and abandon their needs, is the moment that your downfall begins."



Khomeini with the help of opportunist intellectuals, had created the Islamic Republic of Iran, revived the global Islamist fundamentalism and created the Neo Islamist Terrorism in the world. Islam as a new enemy had replaced Communism! Khomeini is the father of Neo Islamism.

Iran of today, is a world apart from Iran of 1979. The only people who still believe that they can easily return Iran to where it was going on 1979, are simpleton Fools! Scattered Bands of Monarchists are amongst these Fools! Today's Iran is way off course from where it was going 28 years ago. Iran of today, is a Theocratic Despotic Regime, a major regional and Asian power, head of global Islamist Terrorism, the greatest state sponsor for all major Islamist Terrorist Groups of Middle East and the world, a powerful military force which produces many of her own weapons from vehicles all the way to missiles!

EU, Russia and China are also supporting IRI. The IRI is a great trade partner for all three. They would politically avoid USA to invade IRI. Of course EU plays footsy with the Mullahs and then slaps them on the hand! EU has a flip-flop policy and dances around the fire!

Today's Iran is a sore eye for United States! The United States cannot compromise with her, because USA does not compromise with Terrorism, set aside dealing with the Central Nerve System of Islamist Terrorism! USA also cannot invade her, because America is already involved up to her neck in Afghanistan and Iraq! Besides, even if America could invade Iran, they still would prefer not to! Why? Because Islamic Republic of Iran is an extremely powerful military force, ran by many true Islamist Believers who will fight to the death to protect Shiite Islam. This is not just another dictatorship, but it is an ideological issue! This is Islam verses the West. Iran is a large, powerful and ideological nation and in case of a hypothetical US invasion, The Iranian Campaign will be so devastating, destructive and massive, that will make the Iraqi Campaign look like a Sunday school practice! An Iranian Campaign at this moment will be a disaster and a Quicksand of death for American Troops!

Even though the combine forces of the Islamists (Hezbollah) including Fundamentalists (Imam's Line), Moderates Kar Gozaran), and Reformists (Khatami's crew) are about less than 20% of the Iranian people, and 80% of Iranians despise the regime and desire nothing but an end to the Islamic Republic of Iran, yet the 20% Hezbollah do rule Iran and would do anything to survive, so at least half of them (10% of the Iranian population) will fight to death to save the Hezbollah and Islamic Republic! This is enough to create a nightmare for USA! Not only that, but every single Islamist Terrorist Group in the world which is presently supported, trained and financed by IRI will fight the USA. This will become a global Jihad led by Islamic Republic of Iran against the USA. Is America really prepared to start this Jihad? Advice to US Government:

US - Iran Situation Analysis

So, Islamic Republic of Iran is like a Bad Marriage for United States! You cannot live with her and you certainly cannot kill her! IRI has become a nightmare for USA! IRI is like a poison which USA is forced to drink! IRI does whatever she pleases to do and she does not care about how USA may feel about her actions! Right or wrong, on 1979 Khomeini built an ideology which today, it has become the Second Shiite Empire (after Safavid's Empire of Persia) and The Second Islamic Empire (after the Golden Age of Mohammedan Empire) in the globe! Now, United States of America has no other choice but to deal with it, because this is only the beginning! Islamic Republic of Iran, the sponsor of The Global Islamism is here to stay! Do you really believe that UN and EU find the backbone to deal with IRI? Do you really believe that Russia and China will abandon the juicy trades with IRI? Do you really believe that They would abandon IRI? You decide!

To gain more info, you can also read this:

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Folks, to find true salvation and avoid the mistakes of the past, stand strong, face the mirror and repeat after me:

"No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.

Dr. X

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