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Black Confederate Veterans
Part 1 - Blacks who fought for the Confederacy!

Part 1, 2

Black Confederate Veterans
Blacks who fought for the Confederacy!
4th of July Special
Part 1
Ahreeman X
July 3, 2012

Black Confederate Officer and Soldiers marching on in Dixie


Riding and Writing from San Diego, the last Solid Southern Conservative Stand in the Gay Liberal State of California, Ahreeman shall begin this important historical lecture!

Rebel in Heart!

I woke up this morning singing “Red Rose O Alabamy” (Confederate Song) in my sleep! What the hell was that?! Hot Damn (I told myself), I must be an Ol Confederate Officer’s Soul reincarnate in the body of a Persian man ….. and that is why they call me the “Eye-Rainian RedNeck”!

Red Rose O Alabamy

Eye-Rainian and Iranian – Eye-Rainian I

Eye-Rainian goes to Gun Club – Eye-Rainian II

Black Confederate Activist H K Edgerton honors the Confederate Flag

Hot Damn, I had always one foot on the saddle of the bike and one foot in the grave! I was born a Rebel! I was not born in America but I am as American as the Apple Pie and Football (which I played for decades). When it comes to defining the term “Rebel”, I give a new definition to the term! I am an Original Rebel.

What I Believe?

Racing with the Death!

From Homeless to Corporate Manager

IPC Founder Index

Black Confederate Soldier Silas Chandler a Freeman and Former Slave with Andrew Martin Chandler his childhood friend and fellow Confederate Soldier from 44th Mississippi Infantry - Company F
Civil War (1861 – 1865)

I have always been a Rebel. Since childhood living in Iran watching the Western Movies, I had sympathy for the Confederacy and I just knew that there must be more to all of these Yankee Propaganda Western Series and Movies than what shows! Then at an older age, when I started my history readings (age 10), I also started to read the American History. Things started to clear up but they never had become clear as the glass until I came to America (1979) and started to study the American History in depth. I self educated myself to the true American History in the later years. Until this day I simply cannot get enough of the American History.

A United Daughter of Confederacy is receiving the Confederate Flag and Honors for her Black Confederate Veteran Grandfather’s braveries and services to the Confederacy. Honors received way past due!

On this 4th of July ……

On this 4th of July I have decided to write a special piece about one of the most controversial cases in the American history, a case that American Liberal Media, American Liberal Democrats and American Politically Correct Liberal Educational System refuses to debate about and they blindfold their eyes to the historical realities. It’s a taboo subject that the Lame Stream Media (Sarah Palin’s Term for the Main Stream Media) refuses to even talk about! So in this 4th of July Special, I have decided to write about this subject and acknowledge the great services of many Good Old Black Folks who served and fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. These forgotten veterans are also valid veterans of the Civil War. No matter how the Liberal Big Government Establishment disagrees with their politics, yet they have fought and died for what they believed as Confederate Soldiers and Servicemen and women. It is well past due to acknowledge and give credit to these Black Confederate Veterans.

Dr.  Nelson W. Winbush grandson of a Black Confederate Veteran stands in front of the Confederate flag which draped his grandfather’s coffin on 1934

In this paper I shall educate the open minds amongst the Iranian American Community, American Community and the Global Community about this historical fact. The fact that the Liberal Big Government Establishment does not want you to know.

Black Confederate Veteran Louis Napoleon Nelson poses with his grandson Dr. Nelson W. Winbush at the Memphis train station in 1932 before leaving to attend a Confederate reunion celebration.

American Exceptionalism

On this 4th of July America will be 236 Years Old!

2012 – 1776 = 236

The history of this amazing nation which in only 236 years have managed to dedicate more to the human civilization, science, technology and history than any other ancient civilization is fascinating. The nation which provided the Greatest Constitution on Earth:

Major Human Rights Documents of Mankind (Lawrence of Persia)

Lawrence of Persia Index

In only 236 years, America has achieved what the world could not have achieved in millenniums. Why is that? Because America is the only place on Earth where you can come, do hard work, become a citizen, make something of yourself from nothing, engage in the “American Dream” and afterwards, we will accept you as an “American”!

Confederate Battle Banner Southern Jack

We do not care about your race, religion, ethnicity, ideology and Klan or Social Status. As long as you speak English and be a productive member of the society to make America a better place, we will embrace you as one of us. Then we will call you an “American”.

You can go to England, France, Germany or anywhere else in the world and join their societies for decades but officially or unofficially and in their hearts they will never accept you as their citizen and one of their own but we will. Why? Because America is the nation of immigrants and the immigrants are what makes the America great.

Tea Party

Tea Party Flag
Gadsden Flag (Don’t Thread on Me Flag)

This flag was first flown upon the board of the Patriots’ Colonial Troop Ship on January 4th, 1776.
General Gadsden had designed this flag. General Christopher Gadsden (1724 – 1805) was a military man and a statesman from South Carolina. He was the leader of the South Carolina Patriot Movement during the American Revolution. He was a Representative in the Continental Congress and a Brigadier General in the Continental Army during the War of Independence. General Gadsden was the designer of the Gadsden Flag which is now drafted by the Tea Party as its official flag.

Confederate Flag
Confederate States of America Flag

Tea Party is a constitutional movement for limited government, lower taxation and limited regulations. Tea Party is a movement against the Big Government control and oppression. Same as the original 1776 Era Tea Party, the Neo Tea Party is the true spirit of the independence, free markets, capitalism, entrepreneurship, freedom and federalism. Tea Party is the true patriotic movement of America and the true Conservative Movement of America.

The Gadsden Flag was the flag of the American Colonies at the time of the American Revolution against England. A rattlesnake above the warning, "Don’t Thread On Me” is the logo. The rattlesnake had become a traditional symbol of the American Colonies. The reason was that the rattlesnake was only found in the first American Colonies and nowhere else in the world. The origin of the slogan “Don't Tread On Me” refers to the rattlesnake's deadly jump and strike and the idea of it is best to leave the rattlesnake alone.

The rattlesnake on the flag is designed in the shape of the American Colonies with the tip of the rattle tail being the Florida peninsula and the head being the New England.

Due to the original connection of this flag to the original intention of the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms sought by the American Revolutionaries, this Flag has been informally adopted by many Libertarians and those seeking strict interpretations of the U.S. Constitution.

Tea Party being a Constitutionalist Movement has drafted this flag as of her own.

Southern Tea Party Banner
Tea Party Gadsden Confederate Flag
Confederate States of America Flag with Tea Party Rattlesnake Center
Don’t Thread On Me!

Wrath of the Rattlesnake!

We the Tea Party are the Rattlesnake which is best to be left alone. The same as 1776, we are a Constitutional and Conservative Federal Force, best to be left alone by the Big Government Liberals, but once the Big Government messes with us and every aspect of our lives, they wake up the Rattlesnake representing the American Patriots. The Rattlesnake shows her power, remember the 2010 Congressional Election? Now the Big Government is once again messing with the Rattlesnake and this is why Us, the Tea Party Rattlesnakes will bring upon the Big Government “The Wrath of the Rattlesnake” in the 2012 General Election!

Hussein Obama, White House, Senate, House and Governorships beware cause here comes the Tea Party to wipe out!

Rebel Rider Skull - Johnny Reb Confederate Skull Insignia
With bullet holes in the cowboy hat

Hard Work = American Dream

You can be a nobody with nothing, come to America and start from zero. Due to hard work you can become somebody; furthermore, you can own everything and become a celebrity, a tycoon or a legend. Only in America baby, only in America where we have no monarchy, aristocracy or social barriers. Over here we only have elected officials by the people. No heredity of the crown over here!

Big Government Liberals

But of course now Hussein Obama and Liberal Socialists want to change all that! They want to penalize you for your hard work and for becoming the American Dream! They want to tax you, single you out, brand you, declare class warfare on you and oppress you because you worked your way up due to hard work and you did not choose to become yet another “Obedient Liberal Plantation Slave” on Food Stamp, Housing, Welfare, Medicare, Healthcare, Dick Care, and so on … playing the role of the “Dependant Voter” for the Liberal Democ-Rats!

Now, liberals want to crucify you for your hard work by declaring class warfare on the wealthy, rich, middle class and the working class.

Working Class and Social Parasites

Well, Socialism is all fine and dandy until the Big Government runs out of working people’s money! After all, nothing is free and the Big Government panders to the Non Productive People and Bums by penalizing and over taxing the Productive People and the Working People, so the Non Productive People get piggy back rides from the Productive People provided by the Big Government! The money must come from somewhere because the Big Government has no money of its own!

Obama’s wet dream is to create and implement this Big Socialist Government System in America. Obama’s role model is the Failed European System and the Collapsed EU.

Obama’s Socialist Regime in hope of creating a Big Government ruling the country (in the vision of Europe) is trying to declare Class Warfare on the Working People.

Obama’s Socialist Regime with indoctrinating the “Culture of Entitlement” gathers all the Bums, Free Loaders, Career Unemployed, Benefit Recipients, Government Cheese Eaters and Cool aids Drinkers as their army of dependant voters to change the American Culture from a “Productive Hard Working Culture” to a “Dependant Entitlement Welfare Culture” to create a Nanny State in the vision of the Failing Socialist Europe. The Europe is collapsing due to Socialism and Obama wanting to redirect America towards the “Euro-Pee-On” Socialism! Let us not get off the subject, this is another article for another time and let us get back to my dream!

Back to the Dream

So I woke up this morning singing “Red Rose O Alabamy” Confederate Song and I surprised the Hell out of myself! … and then it all started to make sense!

Then it all came to me that this must be a clue! It has been a while that I was trying to write something about an important historical event obscured under the clouds of lies by the Socialist Liberals and Liberal Democ-Rats! Maybe this is a sign for me to write it now! I have always managed to postpone it and leave it for the future amongst many other future projects in the dusty archives of my mind (never to come to reality and print), but I guess I received this sign to fess it up, spit it out or at least write it down as a short essay. Better a short essay than no essay! So this is how it all started ….

How it all started?

Northern Liberals, NAACP, Black Liberals and Socialist Liberal Democrats through the years have been actively trying to hide, cover-up and lie about the history to put the average American and keep him in the dark. Due to liberal propaganda, the historically illiterate average American, aligns CSA (Confederate States of America, the Rebel Flag and Confederacy directly with the Slavery; therefore, any person who sympathizes with the South and CSA or the Confederate Banner is branded as Racist, Bigot and KKK.

Liberal lies of Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, NAACP and so on has no end! The propaganda is wide and deep. All of these liberal theories come dandy until the true historians uncover the plot and the Yankee Shiite hits the fan!

Gary Kalof grandson of a Black Confederate Veteran
Gary Kalof commander of a Sons of Confederate Veterans camp in Miami, Florida, USA

Historical Facts

When the history unveils that:

* Great Majority of the Southern Whites did not own slaves.
* Many Southern Blacks were Working Freemen.
* Many Blacks were Entrepreneurs who owned Slaves.
* Many Black Freemen and Slaves sympathized with the Confederacy.
* Many Black Freemen and slaves Volunteered to fight for Confederacy.

* Many Black Former Slaves fought for Confederacy to prove that they deserve their freedom.
* Many Blacks simply fought to protect their Southern home and lifestyle from the invading Yankees.

Then the Northern Liberal Lies fabricated in New York City, Los Angeles and Hollywood gets exposed and a curtain of ignorance gets up lifted from the average American’s eyes!

Liberals want to make you believe that the Civil War was fought for Slavery.
Liberals want you to believe that CSA Sympathizers are Racists.
The reality is that:
It’s Not Hate, its Heritage!
It is called southern Heritage.

The Major Reason for the Civil War (1861 – 1865)

The reality is that the Civil War was a constitutional conflict. It was a battle over constitutional rights of the states to run their own affairs vs. the Big Government controlling all the states.

The major reason for the civil war was not slavery but it was seeking independence due to oppression of the federal government turned to a central government while forgotten about Federalism. The Big Government denied the rights of states in their internal affairs and started to dictate to them how to run their lives. Big Government started to dump the Federalism which this country was built upon it in the trashcan. This is why states succeeded. This is how the Civil War started.

Same goes today where Hussein Obama and Big Government Liberals are trying to deny state rights (Arizona Case) and establish a Socialist Big Government dictating to states on what to do.

The Confederate Flag

Confederate Flag
The Southern Cross Banner (The Rebel Flag)

Confederate Flag originally represents the original 11 succeeded states + 2 invited states (Missouri and Kentucky)  to join the Confederacy. The original succeeded states were: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, and Texas.

In later dates the Confederate Banner represented the original 11 succeeded states + the 2 territories of Indian (Oklahoma) and Arizona (Arizona / New Mexico).

Even though Confederacy had claims on Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia and Maryland, yet they have never officially joined the Confederacy; however, they were always remained as battlegrounds. Missouri and Kentucky were more tilted towards the Confederacy but West Virginia and Maryland were more tilted towards the Union.

The Confederate Flag also known as the Rebel Flag, Dixie Flag or the Southern Cross is consisted of the original 13 stars standing for the original succeeded states and territories on a diagonal Southern Cross planted on a Rebel Red Color background.

Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Islam, I Learned on 9/11
Check out the Windshield Banner, he’s a Good Old Boy!
Southern Trucks Rock!

The Confederate Salute

The modern Confederate Salute is as:

“I salute the Confederate Flag with affection, reverence and undying remembrance”

This "salute" to the Confederate flag was written by Mrs. James Henry Parker of the New York and adopted by the “United Daughters of the Confederacy” in 1933. The salute is still used by all who believe in the Confederacy, the history, the heritage and the cause and the cry for independence of the Confederacy due to the oppression of the Big Union Government including but not limited to the:

* United Daughters of the Confederacy
* Sons of the Confederate Veterans
* Children of the Confederacy 

Rebel Rider
Johnny Reb Confederate Skull Insignia and Flag

Crucial Information

Please review below information:


Black Confederate Soldiers


Black Confederates Doc 1

Black Confederates Doc 2

Black Confederates Doc 3

Behind Dixie Stars


Black Confederate Veterans

Black Heroes of Confederacy

Black Confederates Honors


H K Edgerton on Dixie Flag

H K Edgerton on True South

H K Edgerton waves Dixie Flag

Black Confederate

Black Sons of Confederate Veterans

Black Confederate Flag Waver Student

Confederate Songs

Dixie Land (Elvis Presley)

Dixie Land

If the South Woulda Won

Burry Me in Southern Ground

I’m a Good Ol Rebel

I’m a Good Ol Rebel 2 (Hate Damn Yankees)

Johnny Reb

Yellow Rose of Texas

Wearing of the Gray

Red Rose O Alabamy

Battle Cry of Confederate Freedom

It Was a Rose

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