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Black Confederate Veterans 2
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Black Confederate Veterans
Part 2 - Blacks who fought for the Confederacy!

Part 1, 2

Black Confederate Veterans
Blacks who fought for the Confederacy!
4th of July Special
Part 2
Ahreeman X
July 3, 2012

Black Confederate Veteran Activist H K Edgerton

A Glance through the History

The Civil War occurred when the CSA (Confederate States of America) succeeded from the USA (United States of America).

Black Confederate Veteran Soldier posing with the Confederate Flag

During the Civil War (1861 – 1865), there were about 90,000 Black Confederate Soldiers serving the Confederacy. These Blacks were either freemen or slaves. Most majority of this number were volunteers. Majority of them were Labors, logistics, and servants; however, there were a good number of Black Soldiers who were combat units and fought for the Confederacy.

A Southern Boy Scout pays his respect to a Black Confederate Veteran

Amongst the Black Combat Soldiers who fought for the Confederacy were “Louisiana Native Guards” whom were a militia regiment consisting of over 1500 Black Soldiers and Officers who fought for the Dixie Land starting from 1861. On 1862 to protect New Orleans, a number of 3000 Black Soldiers formed the “Louisiana’s 1st Native Guards”. They had shown great braveries. A number of Black Confederate Soldiers were known as the “Rebel Negros” whom gave many hard times to the Union Soldiers of the Northern Army.

Southern by the Grace of God Rebel Skull Rider

A Militia and Regular Troops of Free and Slave Volunteers, paid for their services were drafted in Alabama on 1861. Virginia Militia of 300 Black Soldiers, many of them free Blacks and Volunteers have marched and defended Richmond, Virginia the capital of Confederacy.

Dixie Land

3 Companies of “Free Negros” had offered their services to the Confederacy in 1862 and drafted as the professional regular army combatants. Many other Blacks had signed for service as volunteers, paid soldiers, freemen and slaves willing to fight as freemen. Many of them had put on reserve for emergency scenarios.

Black Confederate Soldier

The list goes on but no matter how hard the Northern Liberals try, yet they cannot change the history. The truth is that many Blacks had sympathy for Confederacy, many volunteered and many have fought and died for Dixie. These Black Confederate Veterans were not Uncle Toms but they believed in the Southern Way of Life, Dixie Land and Independence from the Union Oppression. This is why they fought and died for the South.

Anthony T. Welters Black Confederate Soldier
Anthony T Welters portrait late 1800s
Antony T Welters is one of the Black Confederate Veterans buried in San Lorenzo Cemetery at Saint Augustine, Florida, USA

Good Black Conservatives and Liberal Plantation Slaves

Black Confederates have fought and died for the South. This is why until this day the Northern Liberal Democrat Welfare Plantation Owners and Black Liberal Democrats call them Uncle Toms and some like NAACP even try to deny their existence! Any Black Person who does not fit the Liberal definition and profile of the “Dependant Voter”, “Ghetto Dweller”, “Project Houser”, “Food Stamp Beggar” and “Corner Liquor Store Hanger” is drive byed as an “Uncle Tom”! The Liberal Establishment and the Big Government African Americans call these veterans “Uncle Toms”. In fact they refer to every hard working black person who works for the living, pays taxes, runs businesses and is a conservative as an “Uncle Tom”. Today’s Good Old Black Folks members of the Tea Party, Conservative Movement and GOP are referred to as “Uncle Toms”.

William H Yopp (Ten Cent Bill)
William H Yopp a Black Confederate Veteran Soldier

Yesterday, they fought and died for Confederacy and today Liberals call them Uncle Toms! Today they are the movers and shakers of the Black Community and liberals still call them Uncle Toms. The truth cannot be more clear:

Any Black person who does not fit the profile as the “Liberal Dependant Voter” must be bashed, trashed and referred to as an “Uncle Tom”. In this country you cannot be a Hard Working Black man or woman and you dare to be a Conservative Black man or woman! Yet you must belong to the “Big Government Liberal Establishment Welfare Plantation” and be a good obedient “Liberal House Negro” such as Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton and NAACP members to be accepted as an honorable “African American” person.

General Robert E. Lee Commander in Chief of the Confederate Army

In today’s America we got decent “Black Folks” and then we got “Liberal Plantation Slaves” AKA “African Americans”!

Confederate Flag with Skull Center

Well I got news for you. We do not have African Americans in the Tea Party and the Conservative Movement. We only have Good Old Decent and Hard Working Conservative Black Folks over here. These good folks are not “African Americans” or any other latest “Politically Correct” Bull Shiite Term created by the Liberal Establishment and the Big Government Liberals! These good folks are just plain and simple “Black Folks”. I do not have any “African American” Friends but I only have “Black” Friends. So take your African American and the rest of your liberal politically correct terminology and shove it up your Liberal Rears where the sun won’t shine in New York City, Los Angeles and Hollywood …. Oh and please save some to stick up Hussein Obama’s rear end!

Southern Rebel Skull Rider Confederate Flag
Confederate States of America Flag

Rebel Boobs
Southern Girl’s Rebel Bikini Boobs
Let’s Go Down South!

Confederate Poster: Old Rebel never forgets the Civil War
No Sir-ee Bub … I Ain’t Fergettin!

Eternal be the Southern Cross Banner, the Rebel Flag …
Eternal be the South …

South Will Rise Again!

Hope I have shed some light on the subject.

Riding and Writing from San Diego, the last Solid Southern Conservative Stand in the Gay Liberal State of California, Ahreeman ends here!


Dr. X

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