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Part Two

Civilization: Persia versus Greece and Rome
Part Two
Based on the latest Archeological, Historical and Scientific discoveries and facts.
Ahreeman X
October 5, 2007

Persian Achaemenian Lion Emblem

Leonidas and Xerxes - A Comparison
A historically accurate character comparison versus The 300 Fantasy

I imagine by now, most of you had watched the Hollywood spoof 300:

300 Spartans, The Real Story!

Not that this movie belittles the Persian Culture, but it failed to name certain Persian Heroes and Heroines:

Grand Admiral Artemisia of the Persian Imperial Navy

In reality, Leonidas was a petty king in Greece (one of the many) who killed the messenger (Diplomatic Catastrophe) of Xerxes whom was the Greatest Emperor in the known world (Shahanshah of Iran). Xerxes gave Leonidas many chances to surrender, but Leonidas refused. This had left Xerxes with no other choice but to eliminate Leonidas and his Greek troops.

Xerxes as portrayed in the 300 Spartans film (2007)
This portrayal could not be farther from the reality! It was more comical than historical!

Now I shall make a simple historical comparison between Leonidas and Xerxes. Even though in reality, Leonidas (most likely) never met Xerxes (because he was a small potato for the Persian emperor to meet), yet let us compare the characters of these two. Greek Historians and Hollywood Historians have made a legend and a myth out of Leonidas and Greek lifestyle, yet they created a barbarian and a coward out of Xerxes and the Persians, but what was the historical reality?

Xerxes as portrayed in the Last Stand of the 300 Spartans film. This is a more realistic portrayal of Xerxes. The Persian Emperor is sitting next to his "Blood Battle Banner".

Education of Xerxes versus Leonidas (A Comparison)

Leonidas had practiced hand to hand combat, military life and trained as a soldier all his life until 18 years of age when he had to graduate as a soldier. His graduation test was to sneak attack an unwarned and defenseless slave (like a coward) at night (when there was less visibility) and to choke him to death. Every Greek classmate of Leonidas in military school had to graduate this way by unfairly attacking an unarmed innocent slave and kill him without being discovered or get caught! This is how Leonidas became a man, Spartan style. This was the Spartan tradition for all princes, royalty and aristocracy in Spartan. This is how they built their ruthless nation of professional soldiers and Hoplites. Leonidas killed an innocent unarmed defenseless slave at night to become a man at 18. This was the Greek style.

Xerxes studied philosophy, history, literature, poetry, economy, sociology, military training and how to run an empire, for all his life. At age 18, he would graduate becoming a man. To become a man and as his final test, after many practices and concentrated meditative battle practices, Xerxes was put in a large dark closed circle, such as the center of the game field, equivalent of a small Geek coliseum. Persians did not have coliseums but they had stadiums to play polo (Persian national game), wrestling (another Persian national game) and military combat practices. So Xerxes was put in the circle and a live wild lion were released to attack him. It was either Xerxes or the lion. Xerxes was armed with a spear. Xerxes killed the lion to graduate. This is how the Persian princes would graduate and get prepared to become kings (Shahs).

Xerxes as portrayed in the One Night with the King film (2006). This is a more civilized portrayal of Xerxes.

Now compare the Greek way of killing an innocent unarmed slave by an sneak attack at night and choking him to death from the behind, to the Persian way of killing a lion with a spear! This was how Leonidas graduated and become a man and this was how Xerxes graduated and become a man!

Greek Cowardice and Trickery versus Persian Bravery and Heroism. You be the judge?

L. Persian Achamenian Infantry with long shield
R. Achamenian Persian Guardsmen

Spartan Bigotry

When a child was born, the elders would inspect him to be perfect (physically and mentally). Any slight deformity or imperfection and they would right away kill the infant. Leonidas passed the test. This was the norm in the military state of Spartan. Is that humane?

Greeks started the Greco-Persian Conflict and Wars

Western sources tell you half of the story! They never tell you the full story!

Historical order of events occurred:

I. The Ionian Revolt by Greek citizens of the Persian Empire (Internal Greeks) in Anatolia (today's Turkey). External Greeks had agitated the Internal Greeks (Persian Citizens) to burn down places and to revolt against the Persian rule.

II. External Greeks (lived outside Persian Empire) had caused the revolt and burned the glorious Persian City of "Sardis" in Anatoli to the ground.

III. Xerxes burned Athens to the ground as a revenge to teach the Greek agitators a lesson not to mess with the Persian Empire.

IV. Alexander the Homosexual Drunk had burned Persepolis (the Persian capital) to the ground.

Greco-Persian Wars Map

Darius III (right) in the battle with Alexander (left) to save Iran from Greco-Macedonian Barbarians. Darius III's last stand against the Greek invasion (Original Art). This floor mosaic had been found in the remains of a Roman house in Pompeii area (Italy). This piece is most likely a mosaic copy of a painting which was painted by Philoxenos of Eretria about 310 BC. The mosaic represents the Battle of Issus when the Persian Shahanshah Darius III on the horseback fights Alexander. During my last trip to Italy (Last Summer) I have seen this large piece, up close. It is a fine piece of mosaic art.

Many historians claim that Xerxes had burned down Athens and then in later years Alexandra De Grape had returned the favor and burned down Persepolis (one of Persian Empire's Capitals)! This is absolute falsification of the history, because the External Greeks started it all by burning down Sardis, capital of Lydia Khashtara (state) of Persia. Lydia is the present Western Anatolia in Turkey. So Greeks started it all by burning down Sardis and Xerxes only returned the favor by burning down Athens (more power to him) and lastly Alexandra De Grape (Alexander The Great), in later years burned down Persepolis.

Reconstruction of Persepolis, the main capital of the Persian Empire

As you see, we were only defending our Empire against the True Barbarians, Greeks! Of course Western and Greek Historians falsify the whole history and twist and turn and then mold the history into their desired fairy tales!

Persian Bull Column-top

Great Persian Dilemma

In my opinion, one of the greatest Persian Dilemmas is that we did not keep our alphabet and we surrendered to Arabs and were forced to adopt their alphabet. This to me is a cultural catastrophe and today, we have no choice but to adopt the Latin alphabet! If we want to be compatible to the globe, then we must adopt the Latin alphabet (same as Turkey).

Why Change Persian Alphabet from Tazi to Latin?

Personally I consider it beneath me and I refuse to write in Persian Tazi (Arabic) alphabet. To do so, is to accept Arabo-Islamic Superiority to my own Persian Culture. This is why we invented the Persian Latin Standard Alphabet in IPC:

Standard Persian Latin Alphabet

After the liberation of Iran from Islam, this alphabet will be the future national alphabet of the nation.

The bottom line is that we did not keep our alphabet but Jews kept theirs. The other day I went to Elijah's Restaurant in La Jolla (famous San Diego Jewish delicatessen and restaurant) and I was sitting right in front of a framed poster. It was the Jewish Alphabet. Imagine that despite all types of discrimination and abuses throughout the history (mentioned above) by the hands of almost every culture in the world, Jews had managed to keep their alphabet. Invasion after invasion to their homeland (Israel) for over 3000 years, and they survived and they kept their language and alphabet. This is admirable.

Historical Facts on Israel-Palestine Issue

A Historical View on Jews

L. Persian Achaemenian Armored Infantry
R. Persian Achaemenian Immortal

Jews are intelligent historical people and we should learn from them. For centuries, we (Persians) were the only protectors of the Jews and it is unfortunate that now we (Persians) had joined the many other cultures as the oppressors of the Jews! I would like to take this chance to announce to the world that please separate the accounts of:

Mullahs, Shiite Muslim, Islamo-Fascists, Islamic Republic and Nazis
The True Persians.

L. Queen (Shahbanu) Esther, the Persian Jewish Queen of Iran
R. Emperor (Shahanshah) Xerxes, the mighty Persian emperor
Scene from One Night with the King film (2006)

The True Persians have nothing to do with above groups, which presently do occupy our nation. Once we free our nation from the slavery of Islam, once more we shall reestablish and repair our damaged relationship with our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Queen Esther enters the Hall of Ceremonies facing Xerxes (sitting on his throne under the Persian Winged Lion. Despite all the traitorous efforts to oppress the Jews and undermine her position, Esther was a giant of a character who managed to save the Persian Jews and once more grant them equal rights the same as other citizens of the Persian Empire. Esther managed to convince Xerxes to be on her side and together they had managed to destroy the Racist Front of the courthouse and the aristocracy.

Allow me to mention that there exists 100,000 Persian Jews in Israel. One out of every 60 Jews in Israel is Persian. Iran and Israel, despite the present political catastrophe, have close ties.

Famous Iranian Israelis

End Words

In the future, stay tuned for my many other research documents on roots of the global civilization. Soon I will release an article on Persian Scientists and Scholars, whom the Arab world loves to name them as "Islamic Scientists"! In other words, Persians and Persian Empire were greatly responsible for inventing the Global Civilization. We have 8000 years of civilization, the oldest in the globe.

Persian Heavy Cavalry

Primarily Greeks and then Arabs had burned down our major Persian libraries, universities, historical and scientific books. Much of our history is lost because of Greek and Arab savagery and ignorance. Still, some of these valuable books were taken back to Athens and became basis for the Greco-Roman Civilization. Way before Greeks knew the meaning of the terms such as Libraries and Universities, we had many Libraries and Universities around the Persian Empire. Universities and libraries of Susa and Babylon were some of the oldest ones in the Persian Empire and then we had the famous Gondi Shapour (Jondi Shapour) University and Library during the Sassanid Era, which was leveled by the Arab barbaric invasion.

Ctesiphone in Smoke, Fire and Blood

At least Arabs do not claim cultural superiority and except their ignorant youth, all Arab scholars are perfectly aware of this fact that their Arabo-Islamic Science and Culture is mostly created and established by the Persian Scientists and Scholars, but the Western, Greek and Roman scholars are still trying to twist the history and hide the fact that compare to the Persian Empire, they were inferior tribes whom eventually had build their empires on the back of the slaves and inhuman practices!

L. Persian Sassanid Elephant Unit
R. Persian Sassanid Clibanarius
Sassanid Dynasty (224 AD - 651 AD)

Us Persians, ruled the world and were the sole super power in the globe, while Greeks were a bunch of petty irrelevant city-states which fought amongst themselves; however, Plato calls us the "Barbarians"!

Sassanian Cataphract War Exercise (3rd Century AD)

While we were operating a Democratic Federal Empire, which ruled the world, Greeks were practicing slavery, enslaving their neighbors, fighting and killing each other and yet they call us Barbarians!

An Arab Camel Cavalry Unit of the Persian Foreign Legion. Persian Foreign Legion Forces were hired to secure the boundaries of the Persian Empire (Achaemenid Period).

While we were operating the first universities and libraries in the world and educating the world and mostly creating the global civilization including the western civilization, Greeks were sitting around the Grecian Peninsula, inventing Greek Style (Anal Sex and homosexuality), banging each others' butts, discussing philosophy and brutally fighting each other!

Persian Achaemenian Officer standing at a gate in Persepolis.

We (Persians) had defeated Rome in 3 separate occasions and became the sole super power in the world (Sassanid Dynasty). We appointed puppet Roman Caesars and ran Rome as a puppet satellite. Roman Emperors (Valerian) kneeled to the horse of our Persian Shahanshahs (Shapour).

8000 Years of Iranian History! - part three

Surrender of Valerian (Rome) to Shapour (Persia)
L - R. Female Persian cavalry officer, Nobleman of the Suren clan (with tall "beaked" hat), Emperor Valerian (kneeling by Shapour's horse), Roman Senator (in toga), Shahanshah Shapour (on horse-top). Valerian kneels and begs for mercy from Shapour (Kaveh Farrokh version).

Rome was a brutal empire with her economy based on slavery, POWs and built on blood!

Slavery was nonexistent in the Pre-Islamic Persia. We had a slave-free empire and we ruled the world with the Persian ingenuity, human rights, federalism and respect for all cultures.

After Arabo-Muslim Bedouin invaded and occupied our nation, we clung to our Persian Culture and thanks to legends such as Yaqub Leis Saffarid and Abolqasem Ferdowsi and masses of true Persians, we have managed to expel the Arabo-Muslim invaders and occupiers out of Iran and end the Arab Imperialism in Iran.

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran - part four

L. Abolqasem Ferdowsi - Reviver of the Persian Language
R. Yaqub Leis Saffarid - Liberator of Iran and Educator of the Persian Language

The slavery was an Arabo-Islamic present for Iran:

History of Slavery in Iran

Bedo (Arabo-Muslim) had no culture until we taught them the meaning of culture and civilization. Arabo-Muslim were and still are surrounded with superstitions:

The Meaning of Crescent and Star Islamic Symbol

After the infection of our culture by Arabo-Islamic barbaric sub-culture, we had done our best to cleanse our culture. Since the entrance of Islam to Iran, we had a constant struggle between two forces:

I. Persian Traitors (Iranian Muslim and Arab Worshipers) whom betrayed their own culture and grasped Arab Worship.

II. True Persians (Lovers of Iran) who remained as the resistance to Arabo-Islamic Cultural infection, Arab Worship (Islam) and degeneration of our glorious Aryan Persian Culture, the oldest civilization in the world.

The battle between these two groups was clearly visible in the history of Iran. In certain periods of the Iranian history, the True Persians such as Yaqub Leis Saffarid (861 - 879) were in power and forced the educational system, universities, schools and even the courthouse and government to speak Persian and throw away the Arabic language. In certain periods of our history such as today (1979 - present), we have the Half-Breeds and Arabo-Muslim (Mullahs, Hezbollah and Shiite Muslim) ruling Iran. Today, they want to destroy everything Iranian and adopt everything Arabic. Today they are destroying our language, culture, history and dignity. Today, we are fighting for the cultural survival of our glorious Persian Ways.

As true Persians, we are fighting All Fronts! While Hollywood and Western Propaganda Machine (in Exile) preaches Anti Persian Hatred, Twistation of History and Westoxication of our culture, the Arabo-Islamic Propaganda Machine (in Inxile) preaches Anti Persian Hatred, Twistation of History and Arabtoxication of our culture!

Your children in exile (west) are bombarded with Western fabricated lies and they learn their history from Comic books, graphic novels and Hollywood's cheesy spoofs!

Your children in inxile (inside Iran) are bombarded with Arabo-Islamic fabricated lies made up by Shiite Mullahs and they learn their history from Quran, Islamic School System, and degenerated Arabo-Islamic garbage forced in to their throats 24 hour a day via media, schools and even on the street corners coming out of the speakers!

28 + Years of BrainWash!

IWI (Islamic Whorehouse of Iran)!

Lo Persians,

You have invented the Global Civilization, but Hollywood and Western Media is portraying you as "Muslim Terrorists" and your own government insdie Iran (Islamic Republic) and her media propaganda machine brands you as "Traitors to Islam" and "Westoxicated Fools"!

Let me spell it out for you. West is there to protect the western interests. Mullahs and Shiite Muslim are there to protect and serve the Shiite Islam. Who is there to protect and serve Iran? Who is there to protect and serve your children?

Your children in the west are westoxicated and can't read, write or speak one lousy Persian sentence without mixing English or Western words in to it!

Your children in Iran are Arabtoxicated and can't read, write or speak one lousy Persian sentence without mixing Arabic words in to it!

You must be really proud parents! You are growing a generation of illiterate Persians to their own history, culture and language!

Immortal Guards (6th Century BC), Achaemenid Era

Youth of Iran,

Save yourselves, because no one but no one will help you to survive as Persians! Inside or outside, inxile or exile, you are becoming degenerated and infected with foreign values (either Western or Arabic)! Save your culture and save yourselves because no one is out there to save you.

Everyone is out there to get you! Let me spell it out for you. The West and the East is in agreement about one thing:

To Destroy the Persian Culture!
To Destroy a Strong Iran!
To Destroy Persian Nationalism!
To Destroy Persian Heritage!

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow - Nationalism

Hollywood is preaching garbage and gets you to play the 300 video Games!
Mullahs are preaching Islam and get you to Bang on your chests for Ashura!

Ashura - This is Shiite Islam! (5 parts)
Starting with
Ashura - This is Shiite Islam - part one

Your political leaders are degenerates!

How can a Shiite Muslim Pacifist (Reza Pahlavi) and the weak coward Disco Monarchists or Shiite Muslim Cult Leader (Maryam Rajavi) and Islamist Cultist Mojaheds save you and Iran? How can they save the Persian Culture when they are not even Persian? Wake up!

Persian Achaemenian War Chariot in action

Youth of Iran and The Student Movement,

This is your wake up call out of your cocoon. Make a move and we are with you and we will support you in every move.

The bottom line is that the true history cannot be hidden forever. The secret is out. The scientific and well-documented history is in front of your eyes (above).

Western Media, Hollywood Lies, Graphic Novels, Greco-Roman Historians or Arabo-Islamic Mullahs cannot hide the truth neither from the world and neither from the eyes of the Persian youth.

Western and Eastern Civilization exists because of the Persian Ingenuity and the Persian Civilization, the oldest Civilization in the world, to be precise, an 8000 years old civilization.

Everything held dear by the west, including Human Rights, Federalism, Education, Libraries, Universities and even Democracy were originally formed in the Persian Empire by the Persians. The rest are fabricated lies made in the West or the East. Face the Reality because it is certainly hitting you in the face.

Persian Griffin
Griffin had a body of a lion but head and wings of an eagle.

Now that you have been exposed to the real historical facts, I would like to once more put these questions forward:

Who were the Barbarians?
Greeks, Romans and Arabs,

Who invented the Western and Global Civilization?
Greeks, Romans and Arabs,

Self-educate yourselves, because Hollywood and Western Media will not!

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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