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Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire & Blood Book
Arab Muslim Invasion of Persia: Introduction / Review


Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood Book
Arab Muslim Invasion of Persia
Author: Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh
Introduction and Review: Ahreeman X
1st Edition: January 10, 2007

2nd Edition: January 30, 2015

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh

Kourosh Aryamanesh's Masterpiece on How Islam has Entered Iran

Do you know what have Arab Muslims done to your ancestors?
Do you know what Arab Muslims done to Iran?
Do you know how “Religion of Peace” has entered Iran?

Well, now you are about to know the truth which has been hidden from you by the politically correct Liberals and the Islamists! Read the Introduction and then read the Book but prepare yourself for a Culture Shock which may cause you to reevaluate your complete value system and religion! May the truth be unveiled!

For the first time on Internet and after Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh's assassination by Islamic Republic of Iran's Terrorists, I have finally decided to dig into my archives and publish the final and unfinished Masterpiece of our mentor and my master Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, online. Learn the hidden history unveiled by the great historian, scholar, criminologist, professor and author, Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh. This book is about the history, which they do not teach you in schools of Iran, the true historical events of how Islam entered Iran or shall we say the "Persian Holocaust"!

What have Arab Muslims done to Ctesiphon?

Each to their own time frame, Ctesiphon then, was the largest and the most luxurious city in the globe, practically 10 times larger, wealthier and cultural than New York City of today! Ctesiphon University, Ctesiphon Library, Ctesiphon Palace and Ctesiphon Gardens were world famous and the best in the globe. Arab Muslims leveled all of them to the ground. In a way, by burning all the Persian books, they nearly destroyed the complete Persian Knowledge, Science, Philosophy, Music, Art, Culture and History.

Next time, you think of Islam, think twice, because you worship the Serial Killers of your Race!

Do Jews worship Nazis?
Do Blacks worship Ku Klux Klan?
Do East Europeans worship Communist Russians?
Why do Iranians worship Islam?
Why do Iranians worship a Serial Killer named Muhammad?
Why do Iranians Arab Worship?
This can only happen in a Bizarro World named Iran!

Islam is a Disease
Quran is a Terror Manual
Muhammad was a Serial Killer
Ali, Hassan and Hussein were Mass Murderers and Rapists
Wake up and smell the stench of Islam!

For more information on Islam:

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected!

Read Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood Book, educate yourselves to True History of Iran thus only then, you can dump this Disease called Islam in the Dumpster of History!

To read in details on what have Arab Muslims done to Ctesiphon, read this book:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD): Part 1

Ctesiphon the Persian Empire Capital Before the Arab Muslim Invasion Occupation
Before First AIOG (Arabo Islamic Invasion Occupation) 635 AD - 651 AD
Fall of Ctesiphon 638 AD

Ctesiphon the Persian Empire Capital During the Arab Muslim Invasion Occupation
During First AIOG (Arabo Islamic Invasion Occupation) 635 AD - 651 AD
Fall of Ctesiphon 638 AD

Ctesiphon the Persian Empire Capital After the Arab Muslim Invasion Occupation
After First AIOG (Arabo Islamic Invasion Occupation) 635 AD - 651 AD
Fall of Ctesiphon 638 AD

Ruins of Ctesiphon - Ctesiphon of then, was similar to New York City of today, but ten times more glorious and with riches beyond belief! Ctesiphon University and Library were the scholar heavens, where scholars from around the world would come to research, teach and debate philosophy, literature, history, music and science. When Arabs were done, there was nothing left of Ctesiphon but a pile of rubbles.

We will publish this book online and for free, so the public will read it and the Iranian future generation will study it and educate themselves about the "Persian Holocaust" when Arabo-Muslims led by Omar, Ali, Hassan, Hussein and other Tazi murderers committed the "Iranian Genocide". Today, we are exposing this mass murder, so the uninformed Iranian Youth inside and outside Iran will no more worship the murderers of their fathers and create Shiite Saints and Imams out of them.

Arab Invasion of Sassanid Persian Empire Political Map
Region at the break of the Arab Muslim Invasion of the Roman Empire and Persian Empire

Arab Invasion of Persia and Ctesiphon Map of Arabs and Khalid Ibn Al Walid Campaigns

1400 years ago Arabo-Muslims led by Omar, Ali, Hassan, Hussein and other Tazi murderers killed your fathers, raped your mothers, enslaved your brothers, sent your sisters as concubines (sex slaves) to Mecca and mass slaughtered hundreds of thousands of your fellow Iranians. Then they started the 1st AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government). This is how Islam entered Iran! Islam did not enter Iran with chocolate kisses and Noql O Nabat! Today, it is time to once more stand against the 2nd AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) of the 1979 and Mullahs.

Today, together we say:
No to Islam and Yes to Iran.

Ctesiphon Then and Now

Ctesiphon Gate Then: Before Arab Muslim Invasion

Ctesiphon Gate Now: After Arab Muslim Invasion
Ruins of Ctesiphon (Palace Gate), once the most glorious city in the world and the great Sassanid Capital

Kourosh (Cyrus) Rest in Peace thus We Are Awake!

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh never found the chance to complete and publish this book (due to assassination), so it is time for me to do it for him. It is a decade late, but better late than never! Aryamanesh could only dream of what we can do today with the power of Internet. If Master Aryamanesh could dream, then his dream would've been to create a "Virtual Persian Online Empire" to mass educate the Iranian Youth for free! To allow free access for "All" Iranians to "All" banned books by Islamic Republic of Iran! To grant free access to Iranians to educate themselves about their Persian Heritage! And in a nutshell:

"To protect and serve the Persian Culture" via the tool of Internet.

Well, Master rest in peace because your dream had come true! Your "Virtual Persian Online Empire" is now a "Reality" and it is called IPC. My comrades and I, will continue carrying the torch which you lit and enflamed! The Fire shall burn forever. The Fire shall burn until we free our nation and end the reign of AIOG.

Ctesiphon Gate

Islamic Republic of Iran assassinated Kourosh in cold blood before he could finish this book. However, he managed to publish a major part of this historical document in his newspaper:

"Message of Us, the Free" (Payam-e Ma Azadegan), also known as "Persian Journal of Libertarians."

Ctesiphon Road

What you will read, is the complete 15 parts of this valuable book in Persian. It was a good amount of work to format this document and adapt it for the website, yet I hope that in the future, I will find time to translate this historical masterpiece to English, so the whole world will enjoy reading it. Soon or late I have to do the translation. In a mean while, I am releasing this book review as Narrative Summaries and an Introduction to this Masterpiece. In these days of crisis, which our national identity is in danger of extinction and our glorious 8000 years of history and culture is savagely under attack by the Occupying Islamic Regime, Arabo-Muslims and Persian Traitors; I, as the student of Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, feel that it is my National Duty to publish this document, so the Persian Youth will learn their True National History. With respect and Permission from Her Royal Highness, Dr. Azadeh Nikbakht the valuable writer and his widow, and in the memory of the great historian, "The Reviver of The Persian Culture", my Master, Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, I dedicate this valuable historical book to Iran and all lovers of Iran.

Ctesiphon Arches and Balconies (Ivan-e Mada'en)

Ctesiphon Persian Capital’s Arches View

So Dr. Aryamanesh's newspaper was "Message of Us, the Free" (Payam-e Ma Azadegan), also known as "Persian Journal of Libertarians."

Dr. Aryamanesh's Group of Scholars was named "Guardians of the Iranian Culture" (Pasdaran-e Farhang-e Iran). This group had released a number of valuable history books and two books on "Persian Names".

Ctesiphon Back Areas View

Countrymen, fellow citizens, patriots, Persians: Teach your children about how Islam came to Iran. Teach your children the True History of Iran. Tell your children "What Tazi Muslim Arabs done to their ancestors!

Ctesiphon Hall

Ruins of Ctesiphon, The Ancient Capital of Sassanid Persian Empire, near Baghdad still exists. Before 638 AD, Ctesiphon used to be the wealthiest, most prestigious and the most glorious city in the world. Ctesiphon, to the envy of Rome, Egypt and Arabia, was the center of Culture in the civilized world. On 638 AD Ctesiphon had fallen. By 651 AD, The Muslim Arab Barbarian Beasts, burned Ctesiphon to the ground. Arab Savages mostly murdered all the men, raped all the women, kidnapped young girls and sent them to Arabia as concubines (female slaves), and enslaved the young boys. By 651 Ctesiphon was leveled and what had left was a pile of burning ashes. The largest city in the world was destroyed and wiped out of the map!


The Glorious Baharestan Carpet

Tabari (historian) writes, Ali (first Imam of Shiite and the fourth Caliph of Rashedin) was the one who suggested cutting the Baharestan carpet into many pieces! Shiite Mullahs have been telling the gullible Muslims that Omar was the one who torn this masterpiece apart! In fact, Omar wanted to keep the carpet as a whole, yet once Ali pointed out that Arabs may assemble, talk and even revolt (because they want to share the loots), then Omar changed his mind and ordered the carpet to be cut in many pieces and distributed amongst the Arabs. It is documented that later on, Ali sold his large piece of the magnificent Baharestan carpet for twenty thousands derhams.

They tore apart the gigantic famous Baharestan Persian Carpet in the main palace, made of silk, gold threads, and jewels in to hundreds of pieces, then stole it and took it back to Arabia. They stole everything that they could find, including jewels, precious metals and everything else valuable in the capital and then after the rape and slaughter which went on for days and weeks, they burned The Glorious Ctesiphon to the ground.

Eagle DoorTop, Ctesiphon

Arab Muslims Destroyed Ctesiphon Library and Burned All Persian Books

The book burnings started, they practically burned all our books in the glorious world famous Persian Library of Ctesiphon. The Persian documented history, science, literature, poetry, music and scripture of centuries and millenniums were burned to ashes by Arabo-Muslims. The only book needed in Islam is Quran, so they burned everything else! The book burnings continued for days and weeks!

DoorTop, Ctesiphon

Persian Holocaust

Persian Casualties of War Statistics

They speak of how Persians embraced Islam with the open arms and smiling faces!
Here are some statistics:

Battle of Qadesiyeh: 500,000 Persians Died
Battle of Jalola: 100,000 Persians Died
Battle of Estakhr: 40,000 Persians Died
Battle of Nahavand: 400,000 Persians Died in only 3 Days
Ecbatana (Hamedan) and Raga (Ray): Sa'ad ibn al Vaqas, Muslim General killed 1/2 the population
Neyshabour: Hassan and Hussein (Imams of Shiite), Caliph Ali's (1st Imam of Shiite) sons, killed 1/3 of the population
Gorgan: 10,000 Persians Died in only 1 Day
Khorasan, Mazandaran, Azerbaijan: Muslims killed Hundreds of Thousands of Persians in battles and then raped women, mass slaughtered men, pillaged, destroyed or burned everything.
The resistance against Arabo-Muslim Occupation went on for years...
Is this how Iranians accepted Islam with open arms?!
"Shame on those Iranians who still worship the murderers of their ancestors!"

Please tell me:

Was this how Iranians greeted Arab Liberators and accepted Islam with open arms?
Was this "The Persian Holocaust"?

L. Islam, representation of terror, murder, pillage, violence and bloodshed
R. Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire, Blood and Tears! Murders, Rapes, Burnings, Lootings, Pillage and Book Burnings continued for weeks …! When Arabs were done, there was nothing left of Ctesiphon but a pile of rubbles. It is crucial for Persian Youth to understand the true nature of Islam. This is what Arabo-Muslims had done to your ancestors! Welcome to Islam, religion of peace!

Siege and Battle of Ctesiphon
Bloody Arab Invasion of Persia, Capturing Ctesiphon the Persian Empire’s Capital

First and Second Arabo-Islamic Invasion Occupation of Iran

Arabo Muslims invaded and occupied Iran in two separate occasions:

First AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Invasion Occupation): Muhammadan Goons 651 AD
Second AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Invasion Occupation): IRI Khomeini Goons 1979 AD

The Traitors of 1979

* Half Breed Muslim Clerics
* Superficial Traitor Intellectuals
* Full Breed and Half Breed Arabo-Muslims
* Illiterate Religious Muslim Fanatics
* Lampoon Hooligan Agitators
* Palestinian PLO
* CIA and British Intelligent Service

all and all gathered numerous masses of the "Easily Influenced, Emotionally Primitive, and Naive Public" and threw them in the streets of a prosperous Nation and caused, "The Second Arabo-Muslim Invasion-Occupation of Iran". This was the starting point of the 2nd AIOG.

Persian, know your history and know what occurred to your ancestors…
Servants in Dreams of Leadership and destruction of Persia joined hands to destroy your nation once on 651 AD and once on 1979 AD.

A Persian who bends up and down praying in Arabic to Foreign Arabo-Muslim False House of Holy Ka'bbah in Arabia, is nothing but a Traitor who bows to Arabs rather than to embrace his or her own fellow Nationalist Persian Freemen and Freewomen.

Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood!
It has been written that: Ctesiphon was the richest city in the world. There were so much gold, silver, jewels, silk, other precious metals and stones, and other valuables in Ctesiphon that Arabs could not carry the pillaged loots on their own, so they had to draft Persian Traitors and Black Slaves, only to carry the loots back to Mecca!

Ctesiphon Arial View

Ctesiphon Gate, an over view from above

The best method of victory for Traitors and Arab Worshipers is to assassinate or shut down the voice of Free Iranians. Muhammad The Arab Bandit Prophet, his Murdering Caliph Ali The First Shiite Imam, and his sons Hassan and Hussein the Shiite Imams, were nobody worth of worship! They were a group of caravan bandits, thieves, criminals and murderers of the Iranian People.

Any thinking Iranian at some point of his life must decide between: Iran or Islam?

Royal Tombs, Ctesiphon

Aryamanesh emphasized on these issues

Let us review some of the subjects, highlights and bullet points which Dr. Aryamanesh emphasized on them in his book: Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood.

On Islam or Iran
On Arabo-Muslim Invasion of Persia
On the Roman Aids to Arabs
On Natural Disasters against the Persian Army
On The Treacheries of Salman-e Farsi, the Persian traitor who wrote Quran
On The Roman-Persian Wars
On Financial Support of The Church to Rome
On Khosrow Parviz's Harsh Treatment of Arabs
On The Expanding Distance Between Social Classes
On Persian Traitors
On Invasion of Death (Islam) to Iran!

Sassanid Elephant Unit and Clibanarius

Sassanid Derafsh Kaviani Bearer

Aryamanesh's Good Words

Now let us review some of the Master's sayings

Sa'ad ibn al Vaqas (Arab General): I have arrested 30,000 Persian Women.
Omar (Second Arab Caliph): Persian Women are fine for Brave Arab Warriors.
"Arabs accepted Islam, only to pillage the civilized world!" (Georgie Zeydan)

One cannot be a Muslim and an Iranian at the same time!
One must choose: Either Islam or Iran?

By turning our back to our ancient Persian Culture, we have turned our backs to Iran, and that's how we lost our national identity and became Arab Worshipers!

Salman-e Farsi was the greatest Persian Traitor of them all! Learn from our past mistakes to not become a Persian Traitor. Don't become another Salman!

It's time to raise the torn Flag of Kaveh, it's time to raise the Persian Flag sky high, its time to rise up to our Pure Persian Culture. It's time to go back to our good roots:

"Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds".

We used to Rule The World, it is a shame for us to be a lowly Slaves and Servants to Arabo-Muslims now.

The question is: "Islam or Iran"?

And that was pure Aryamanesh …

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh with Derafsh of Faravahar

There is no other culture, philosophy and way of thought as great, glorious, valuable and humanitarian as The Persian Culture. By not knowing and studying this ancient history and culture, Persians will fall in the dark abyss well of the history such as they have fallen now! Persians, discover and re-find yourselves and understand the inner being within yourselves. Get to know yourselves by learning your history and culture. Understand who you were and who you are today! The only cure to our disease is to learn our rich 8000 years history of Iran and getting to know ourselves.

8000 Years of Iranian History

Rostam Farrokhzad, Arteshbod (General) and commander in chief of the Mighty Sassanid Imperial Army.

Turn on your fellow "Arab Worshiping" Iranian to our rich pure Persian Culture, so he too, can break the chains of Islamic Slavery around his neck!

Arab Worship is nothing to be proud of!
What is a glorious progress for an Arab, could be a disgraceful shame for a Persian.

Arteshbod Rostam Farrokhzad on horseback before the battle. Rostam fought to the end and to the last drop of his blood.

Sassanian Persian Clibanarius Axe-man fights Arab Muslims in Mesopotamian desert 7 AD

Why Iran Lost The War?
Frequently Asked Question

The Reasons That Persia Lost The War:

1. Almost 70 years of Roman-Persian Wars exhausted the Persian Military and civilians, Damaged Persian Economy and caused a huge social distance between the social classes.

2. Rome's massive amount of aids, weapons, training for weapon construction and other supports for Arabs. This has backfired on them, because next, Arabs invaded Rome and took over all of Rome's Asian and African colonies. If it wasn't because of the lack of proper navy and water bridges, Arabs would have taken over the whole European properties of Rome and also the City of Rome itself, and Italy would have become yet another Muslim Nation!

3. Extreme poverty and hunger in Arabia, which made Arabs hungry for pillage, rape and murder!

4. The Black Death, a massive plague which wiped out the nation.

5. The joining of Arab Iranians and Arabs under protection of Persian Empire with Arabs of the peninsula and Desert Arabs.

6. The Persian Traitors were one of the most important reasons for our defeat. The joining of Persian Greedy Governors and other Traitors with Arabs for future positions and money.

7. Arab Partisan Fight and Run Methods of Warfare in comparison with Persian Organized Warfare.

8. Floods of Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, which caused huge damages to Western parts of Persian Empire.

9. The Amazing Heavy Sand Storms at Qadesiyeh and Jalola Battles, blowing towards The Persian Military's faces. Arabo-Muslim Forces named these natural disasters, Gifts from Allah to Muslim Armies for destroying the Armies of Fire Worshipers (Zoroastrian Persians)!

10. In a nutshell, everything which could go wrong, did go wrong (Murphy's Law), so Iran was destroyed by Tazi (Arab Hounds) Arabo-Muslim Barbarians.

11. People often assume that Persians just gave up and surrendered to Arabs! They wonder on how one of the globe’s greatest empires such as the Persian Empire could easily collapse and become occupied by Arabs.

The uninformed fails to comprehend that the Persian-Arab Wars did not occur overnight and the Persians did not surrender right away! Persian-Arab Wars: 635 AD - 651 AD, went on for 16 bloody years and they did not finish over night! Persians resisted the brutal and blood thirsty Arab invaders for 16 years of battle and resistance.

L. Sassanid Cavalry Armored Knight
R. Sassanid Cavalry Standard Bearer

The Aftermath

After 650 AD and by 651 AD, Iran was basically occupied by Arabo-Muslim Forces until 873 AD which Iran's greatest freedom fighter "Yaqub Leis Saffarid of Saffarid Dynasty Freed majority of the Iranian lands and population from slavedom of Arabs." The following Iranian Dynasty of Samanids, had followed the same path and during these dynasties a greater numbers of states of Iran became free, yet Iran never re-gained its Pre-Islamic Glory neither in property and land, nor in strength and economy. After 222 years of Arabo-Muslim occupation of Iran, Yaqub Leis Saffarid, freed Iran (a great majority of the States of Iran) from Arab occupation. Yaqub is the greatest National Hero of Iran. Read more about Yaqub Leis Saffarid:

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms, Chapter 14: Saffarids

Sassanian Mighty Persian Cataphracts on the march

Why has Iran remained Muslim after 222 years of occupation?
Frequently Asked Question

1. Arabo-Muslims Gave Iranians three choices:
accept Islam, pay yearly ransom (Jaziyah) to Caliphate to remain as Non-Muslims, or to be executed by the sword of Islam. The fourth choice was also to fly the nation like Parsi Zoroastrians fled Iran to India.

2. Islam was much brutal and Muslims were much hungry for power, wealth and murder at the beginning era of Islam (Islamic Golden Years) rather than later centuries in Spain and Portugal, so the effect lasted in Iran but not in Spain and Portugal.

3. Persian Traitors betrayed Iran over and over through the years.

4. Conversion to Islam by extreme force.

5. Numerous Heavy rules and regulations forced upon Iranians.

6. Extreme Oppression and Slaughter of masses to remain Muslim.

7. Eventually Islam became a tradition from one generation to another.

8. Iranians chose Escapism to make heroes out of their oppressors, as a method of survival!

9. After severe amounts of brutality and abuse, the slaves (Iranians) started to identify with, and develop sympathy for their masters (Arabs)! Today we call this the Stockholm Syndrome!

10. Same Islamic Methods and patterns yet with less or much less brutality went on in other areas of the world such as the Asian and African colonies of Rome, Cartage, Egypt, and later on Spain, Portugal and ...

"1979, was when Iran went under the second Arabo-Muslim occupation which it continues until the present time. It is up to us to free and revive Iran."

So it all comes down to you:

Islam or Iran?

Sassanid Cavalry, Sun and Disc Standard Banner Bearer

Ctesiphon, Smoke, Fire and Blood Book

Read, educate yourselves and then educate others with the true history of Iran. Educate yourselves on how Islam entered Iran or as I name it the "Persian Holocaust". Enjoy the book:

Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood!

No Fear, The Battle will go on ......

Cyrus and Cyrus
Kourosh Aryamanesh (Cyrus) standing next to the text from the Cyrus Cylinder (Cyrus).

For more information on Cyrus Cylinder, read:

Cyrus Cylinder

Imperial Persian Immortal Guards during a formal parade (Pahlavi Era)

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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