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Chapter One: Why Federalism for Iran?
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History of Federalism in Iran
Chapter One: Why Federalism for Iran?

Ahreeman X
January 15, 2010

Iranian Founding Fathers
L: Cyrus The Great, Designer of the Persian Imperial System of Government
R: Darius The Great, Designer of the Persian Federal System of Government


Allow me to put forward a few questions for you?
Are Iranians aware that Iran has 8000 years of civilized history?
Are Iranians aware that Federalism have had ever existed in Iran of the past?
Iranians assume that Federalism is a Western Concept!
This causes some to take sides against Federalism!
Iranians have a narrow and vague comprehension of Federalism.
Do Iranians know that if not born, at least Federalism was raised in Iran?
Yes, Federalism in its primitive form had existed in Iran over 2500 years ago.
Do not believe in Hollywood because Hollywood does not produce history but garbage.
Pre-Islamic Persian Empire was the only super power which had never practiced slavery!
Back then, when Greece, Rome, Egypt and China practiced Slavery,
Iran was practicing Federalism!

So once more, let me ask you, where did the Civilization come from?!

Civilization: Persia versus Greece and Rome

8000 Years of Iranian History

Iran Dynasties and Monarchs of 8000 Years


If you browse through the history section of IPC, you will notice that the historical periods and the historical subjects which I write about and emphasize on them, are mostly strange to and little known about by the average Iranians. In today’s Iran, under the occupation of AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), the government decides policy for almost about every aspect of people’s lives! This is the ultimate stage of centralism which becomes pretty close to Fascism and in our case Islamism. This is exactly why we need to inform the average Iranian about the meaning of Federalism, the system of Federalism and the History of Federalism in Iran. The average Iranian is absolutely in the dark about Federalism; therefore, I shall make it my duty to educate them and get them out of the dark.

Scientific History versus Dogmatic History

As I have mentioned before, a handful of Iranian historians (including me) do have a scientific approach rather than a dogmatic approach towards the history. A scientific historian observes, researches, studies and looks at the history as a “Changing Science” which gets updated and upgraded like every other field of science. A scientific historian writes history in accordance to the latest archeological, anthropological, historical and scientific discoveries. On the contrary, the dogmatic historian (almost all Iranian historians) do believe in “Absolutes”; therefore, they do not write the scientific history, and instead, they hand you stories which they have heard from their predecessors, professors, fathers and grand fathers. Same stories transform from generations to generations and never get updated!

The dogmatic historian is also historically, logically and politically biased. His knowledge is similar to the word of God and it will never change!

The perfect example of the dogmatic history is what they teach in today’s Iran. What they teach in Iran is not history but political indoctrination and brainwash of the children since the early age.

Today’s History Taught Inside Iran

Today’s history taught inside Iran is basically garbage! According to the IRI historians, Iranians were basically uncivilized and savages before Islam! Actually Hollywood believes in the same thing; therefore, this is one thing that IRI and Hollywood have in common, they are both Anti Iran and Iranians! IRI text books, history books and historians insist that:

* 8000 years of Iranian history is overrated.

* Iran’s Pre-Islamic history is minor accomplishment.

* Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great are overrated.

* Pre-Islamic Persian Empire is over exaggerated.

* Pre-Islamic Persians were semi barbarians and in the dark.

* The relevant history of Iran starts with entrance of Islam (651 AD).

* Iranians embraced the Dear Islam with open arms.

* Slaughters, rapes, massacres, slavery, pillage and forced indoctrination of Iranians by Arabo-Muslims from 635 AD to 651 AD (Persian - Arab Wars) and then from 651 AD to 873 AD (Arab
Occupation of Iran) were fiction!

* Iranians accepted Islam by will and solely due to the ruthless oppression from the Hierarchy of the Zoroastrian Fire Temples, Mubed-e Mubedan and Sassanid Imperial Dynasty.

* Islam did not destroy Iran but liberated Iran.

* Mohammed, Ali, Hassan, Hussein, etc. were not murderers, rapists and pedophiles, but Prophets, Saints and Infallible Imams!

* The glorious point and the golden era of the Iranian history begins with the Safavid Persian Colonial Empire (1501 -1736) simply because it was the first Shiite Empire in the globe!

* The greatest period of the Iranian history is the post 1979 era (IRI) and Imam Khomeini (the1st IRI Imam and the 13th honorary Shiite Imam) is father of the not just Iranian nation but the global Shiite Muslims!

Khomeini’s Goals (Graphics)

* All Persian Imperial names throughout the history, may they be names of persons or places must be erased or transformed to Islamic names.

* Iran is not important but Islam is sacred must be protected.

Now forget the IRI rhetorics and propaganda. Please glance at the latest scientific divisions of the Iranian historical timelines:

8000 years of Iranian history

Periods of Iranian History:

1. Ancient Civilizations Era: 6000 BC - 2000 BC
2. Vedai Era: 2000 BC - 850 BC
3. Pre-Avesta Era: 850 BC - 728 BC
4. The Kingdom Era: 728 BC - 559 BC
5. The First Imperial Era: 559 BC - 651 AD
6. The First Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation Era: 651 AD - 873 AD
7. The Second Imperial Era: 873 AD - 1979 AD
8. The Second Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation Era: 1979 AD - present

For more detailed information, read:

8000 Years of Iranian History

A Wrong Historical Concept Believed by Iranians

Reader must keep in mind that the first Arabo-Muslim Invasion of Iran actually started at 635 AD and it continued until 651 AD when Yazdgird III had murdered. The Arab Invasion lasted 16 years. Public often is wrongly under this impression that Arabs invaded Iran and took over Iran quickly in a year or two. This is absolutely false. The invasion continued for 16 years, yet the almost complete occupation, practically started from 651 AD. We call the period between 651 AD - 873 AD, the First Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of the Persian Empire because from 651 AD, Arabs practically were controlling Iran. However always remember that the Persian-Arab Wars actually started at 635 AD, and lasted for 16 years.

So we did neither embrace Islam by will nor surrendered quickly to Islam in a couple of years. We fought for 16 dreadful and long years. For more information read this book:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran

So if you go to Iran and pick up any of the Iranian history text books, you will notice that our history begins on 651 AD (entrance of Islam to Iran), established at 1501 AD (by Safavids) and becomes great at 1979 AD (IRI era)! Take a good look at the book and you will notice that the whole book is about the past 1300 or 1400 years.

If the book has 300 pages, then there are 100 pages about IRI, 50 pages about Shiite scholars during the Persian Colonial Empire, 50 pages about Safavid Persian Shiite Empire, 50 pages about Early post Islamic period of Iran and Arabs, 40 pages about Golden Era of Islam from Mohammed to Mahdi (12th Shiite Imam) and only 10 pages about 6650 years of Persian history before Islam! This is the Iranian history according to the Shiite, Half-breed, Tazi, so-called historians of IRI!

Which Iranians are Against Federalism?

Basically two groups of Iranians are against Federalism:

1. Monarchists
2. Islamists

Both above groups are pro Centralism, and they will hand you a number of Bang O Salavat (nonsense) reasons on why Federalism is poison for Iran! The reality is that both of these two groups, under their masks are pro Centralism to oppress and to control, not just all the minorities but all aspects of every Iranian’s life by force.

These two groups in nature are Anti Democratic, Anti Secularism, Anti Freedom and surely Anti Federalism.

Flawed Logic of the Monarchists and Muslims

Monarchists tell you that Iran can only remain as a united nation under the strong grip of a powerful central government and rule of a Shah. The only element which can keep Iranians united as a nation is a Shah (king)!

Muslims tell you that Iran can only remain as a united nation under the strong grip of a powerful central government and rule of an Imam AKA Supreme Spiritual Leader (Velayat Faqih). The only element which can keep the Iranians united as a nation is Theocracy, Islam, Allah and his representative on Earth which is the IRI Imam!

What do Monarchists and Muslims have in common?

* Both groups believe that the legitimacy of their governments are imbedded in the symbolic rule of one leader as a father figure for the nation. First group’s father is the Shah and the second group’s father is the Imam.

 * Both systems of government get their power from a God, may it be Allah or Ahuramazda! Their mottos are:

Khoda (God)
Shah (King)
Mihan (Country)


Allah (God)
Islam (Religion)
Imam (Holy Leader)

- Notice that in monarchist doctrine-motto, Iran comes third and in Muslim doctrine-motto, it does not even exist!

Monarchists are Shah Worshipers, Muslims are Arab Worshipers and both groups worship some sort of invisible God! None of these people are true Nationalists. On the contrary, Us the True Nationalists, worship Iran and nothing but Iran. In our book, Iran comes first.

* Both groups believe in powerful central government grip to control, benevolently provide for and rule over the people.

* Both groups believe that people are helpless and incompetent to govern on their own, so the government must direct them, control them, provide for them and set an example for them to follow!

* Both groups believe that the masses must obey and follow a father figure (Shah or Imam) and a Myth (God or Allah).

* Both groups observe people as incapable to run their own destiny, country, economy and lives. They are in need of supervision.

* Both groups believe that internal autonomy of states will lead to chaos and separatism.

* Both groups believe that Pure Free Market Economy can lead to chaos; therefore, the economy must be lead by the Socialist Imperial System (Pahlavi Style Monarchy) or Islamic System (IRI).

* Both groups are Anti Individualists and decline the right of the Individual over the Group. They emphasize that the individuals’ roles are only to serve the group either as Monarch’s subjects or as the Umma’ of Islam!

* Both groups observe the people as inferior “Subjects” and “Followers” wither faithful subjects of a Shah or good Umma’ of Islam following an Imam. Their doctrine dictates that people are in need of following a leader.

* Both groups believe that the government is “The Only” factor which can control the destiny of the people, provide for them and guarantee a strong functional Iran.

* Both groups believe that only they are righteous and everyone else is a “Traitor”.

* Both groups are out of touch with historical, political, economical and social realities and needs of today’s Iran.

* Both groups had created an Ideal Utopia, yet not a Practical Reality, and set it as a Destined Goal for themselves to achieve! Obviously this destined goal has never been achieved!

* Both groups rely on Ideals, propaganda and sheer Government Force to rule over the people.

* Both groups believe in outdated and flawed political ideologies (Monarchy and Islam).

What Does Federalism Mean?

Federalism is a government system in which the balance of power is shared between the National Government and the State Governments. Each state has internal autonomy and this internal autonomy is the sole reason which keeps the state faithful and part of a coalition with the central government. In this system, all of the states combinely form a federation or a union.

Of course Federalism comes in many shapes or forms custom-made differently for different nations, but the basic concept is that:

The central government is in charge of providing the national security, foreign policy and international economical trades. Every other aspect of people’s lives is run by their own and their elected officials in their own states.

The desired future Federalism for Iran means that all states and minorities will have absolute internal autonomy. They will only obey the central government on military affairs, diplomatic affairs, national security and international trades.

Where does the Federal Government gets its Power from?

Unlike the Monarchy, Islam, Fascism, Marxism and other Totalitarian systems, the Federal Government does not get its power from God, Allah, Islam, religion, Shah, Imam, Fuhrer, Comrade Chairman, Proletariat or other mythical or earthly rulers, groups or symbolic ideologies.

Federal Government is a logical system which gets its power from the “People” and by people; I mean “All of the People”. Federal Government guarantees people’s rights to govern over themselves. Federal Government respects individual rights, free markets, and ingenuity of the masses and minorities to control their own destiny.

Why Federalism Works?

In a Federal System, what keeps a nation united is Federalism and the respect for the masses to freely run their own affairs, rather than to rely on the government, a ruler, a Shah or an Imam to run their lives!

Only Federalism can provide a united and a strong nation to progress with a speed of light and to remain united forever.

“Federalism is an equal give and take between the masses and the central government.”

In 21st Century, Federalism is the human way, the logical way and the prosperous way to go.

Iranians’ Wrong Concept about Federalism

By average, Iranians are uninformed about the definition, concept and specifically history of Federalism in Iran or the Globe. To them, Federalism equals chaos, separatism and anarchy. This type of flawed and uninformed way of thought had caused Iranians to politically, ideologically and economically regress rather than progress!

Examples of Federal Governments

The most unique and near close perfect example of Federalism is United States of America. USA is the greatest and the most powerful nation in today’s world. The American system of government is unique in the world. America is truly the government of people by the people and for the people. This is only possible through Federalism.

American Liberal Democrats, believing in the European Style of Socialism, do from time to time try to change America and social engineer America to revise it and transform it to yet another Socialist European system, but the people of America are what keeping America solid and intact. Throughout the history, American people have had actively resisted this Liberal efforts to revise America and to change the American Constitution in to a Socialist European Replica.

“Americans are the reason that America is America.”

Take a look at so many major economical powerhouses such as America, Germany, Russia, or take a look at so many merging economic powers such as Switzerland, Brazil, India and you will notice that they are Federal Systems.

You can even witness Federalism in Commonwealths of UK or as I call them Colonies of UK, such as Canada and Australia!

Ethnic Groups of Iran and Federalism

Proud Ethnic groups of Iran are very proud nationalist Iranians; however, they seek internal autonomy in their internal affairs. Iran is a vast nation with many ethnic groups. If we do not desire separatist movements, then we must find a solution. The solution is called Federalism.

Ethnic Groups want to remain Iranian and Iranian Citizens, yet they seek internal autonomy. Federalism would be the most suitable system of government to satisfy these needs. In a Federal System, states have absolute internal autonomy in their affairs. They only look upon the central government for International diplomatic policies, International trades, and military decisions. Everything else will be managed in states and by the people. Continued on next page.

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