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Toward the Great Civilization
Shah of Iran Book in Persian


Toward the Great Civilization
The Final Version (Book in Persian)
Introduction and Review: Ahreeman X
Author: Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Originally Written: 1977
Republished by IPC: November 16, 2014
2573 Shahanshahi PIY (Persian Imperial Year)

Shah of Iran Book: Toward the Great Civilization
(Be Suye Tamadon-e Bozorg)

Toward the Great Civilization Chapters Index
A Look at Today’s World
Iran during the Revolution Era
Toward the Great Civilization
My Message to the Iranian People

Toward the Great Civilization (Persian version)
1977 = 2536 Shahanshahi PIY (Persian Imperial Year)

Toward the Great Civilization (English version)
1994 = 2553 Shahanshahi PIY (Persian Imperial Year)

Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Final Years


In this book Shah of Iran had analyzed and covered various subjects such as:
Crucial Problems of the World
Problems with Modern Civilization
Future Path for Iran
Iran’s Place in the Globe
Land Reforms and Agricultural Revolution of Iran
Natural Resources of Iran
Labor and Labor Issues
Urbanization and Housing
Judicial System
Administrative Revolution
Battle against Corruption
National Public Health Insurance
Resurgence (Rastakhiz) Party of the Iranian Nation
National Independence Policy
Political System
Economical System
Social System
Educational and Cultural System
And more …

The Last Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Books

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi has written a number of books:

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Books
Mission for My Country (1961)
White Revolution (1966)
Philosophy behind the Revolution (1971)
Shahanshah of Iran on Oil: Background and Perspectives (1971)
Historic Speeches (1975)
Toward the Great Civilization (1977)
Answer to History (1979)
The Shah’s Story: An Autobiography (1980)

One of his most important books is “Toward the Great Civilization” (1977) where in it, Shah elaborated on his views and the long term plans for Iran. Shah has laid the foundation for the Iran of the future in this book.

Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi a Superb Nationalist

Fair Historical Judgment

People ask me, if you are such a hard critic of the Shah and you are not a monarchist, then why do you call him “Alahazrat”?

I reply, after all, I grew up in Cabinet and Darbar (Courthouse) of the Imperial Iran; after all, the first 16 years of my life was spent in the Imperial Iran; and after all, the man has done many goods for Iran and Iranians. I grew up in an environment where we referred to and called Prime Minister Hoveyda as “Aqa” (Mister) and we referred to and called Shah of Iran as “Alahazrat” (Great Majesty). Old habits die hard and I am a product of the Imperial Iran.

People tell me, no matter what, your mind set and mentality is the same as a monarchist.

I reply, my friends, I am as far as it comes to a monarchist because unlike monarchists, I am not dogmatic, absolutist, irrational, impractical, and stuck in yesterday; on the contrary, I am evolutionist, scientific, logical, practical and a futurist. Monarchy is an obsolete and outdated system of government where the monarch either is a tyrant (Absolutist Monarchy) or serves no purpose and exists as a leech sucking the national budget (Constitutional Monarchy). I believe in democracy and the most logical and advanced system of government which is the unique American Republic system where there exists no Prime Minister, and the President is both the head of state and government, thus he has a purpose. I only believe in logic and rationalism.

Just because I criticize Shah of Iran, it does not automatically mean that I disregard everything productive which he had done. Most importantly he was a great Nationalist and I am a Hardcore Persian Nationalist. That is the most important factor that I have in common with Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and yes, I do still call him Alahazrat due to respect and nostalgia. OK, I have to admit that I also do it to piss off the Extreme Anti Pahlavi Folks such as Jebheis, Tudehis, Islamists and others. I can’t help it, I am a controversial person!

What I am is a fair judge of characters and with all the good and bad that Mohammad Reza Pahlavi has done, it is fair to state that his vision for Iran, even though flawed, yet it was on the right path, morely he was a true Iranian nationalist.

Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi had Great Plans for Iran

Opening Experts

On 1977 just before the riots and the Islamic Revolution Shenanigan started, Shah of Iran started this book with these words:

Shah of Iran:

“16 years ago my first book Mission for My Country” (1961) and 11 years ago my second book White Revolution” (1966) has been published. The first book was mostly about the past and the second book was about the present. Today, I see the necessity for my third book “Toward the Great Civilization” (1977) which is about the future to be available for the Iranian nation to read.”

With an introduction such as this, Shah had clarified his detailed vision for the Iran of the future and the Iranian nation’s path in the future world. Next he continued:

Shah of Iran:

“What forced me in to doing this task was the fact that for each individual Iranian, to properly perform his family duty, national duty and global duty towards the humanity; he must have a general knowledge of the rules and regulations which the todays and the future world and Iran are based upon them.

We can commit to Great Tasks and Major Changes in a society, only if the people of that society are well informed about their global situations and personal duties. Only then, these informed and responsible people can participate freely and voluntarily in these great tasks and major changes.

For the informed participation of the masses, the public opinion must be informed and aware of all the social facts, future goals, national programs, resources, limitations, their strong points and their weak points.

It is possible that these realities are not always positive and good to talk about; however, to not speak of them is less positive and even worst. Therefore the dialogue between me and my nation is not only logical, yet it is a necessity.

The present book is getting published when 15 years has passed from the greatest development of the Iran of yesteryears. White Revolution (1966) of Shah and People has fundamentally changed the fabrics of the Iranian society. The political, social, economical and cultural conditions of the nation has been fundamentally changed and reshaped. The Iranian nation has been adapting to a new material and spiritual system; therefore, naturally all the views, methods and programs have been changed. So in the same manner, the global situation which we live in has also changed …”

White Revolution of Shah and People Photo Album

In this manner Shah of Iran established the foundation for the Iran of future and he made it clear that only well informed and educated people will comprehend the necessity for this foundation and the major changes of the Iranian social fabrics.

Shah insisted for the Iranians to get informed and educated so they can progress Iran as they develop their minds.

Shah’s Mistakes

Shah’s plans and intentions were great but there were various problems with them. To establish a grand plan such as this “Great Civilization”, Shah had to grant democracy to the Iranians a long time ago; therefore, they would have the mental preparedness and ability to digest and work with him. Shah failed to do so. Shah’s late try to grant democracy and freedoms was a little too little and little too late!

Shah believed that primarily people need to be informed and educated and secondarily the democracy must be granted or else they would not know what to do with democracy. On the other hand, it takes the intellectual elite to inform and educate the people; however, Shah eliminated all of them, exiled them or put them on house arrest! One cannot educate the people without the educators!

Creation of a one party system (Rastakhiz Party) was contradictory with Democracy but Shah believed that at that point (1977), Iranians needed to be united under one flag to build the future. Later on, when they were educated enough, then they could have Democracy. This analysis was also wrong because exactly on the same year (1977) unrests, protests and riots started to form and by the next year (1978) they become explosive. Shah’s calculations for Iran were drastically flawed.

Another problem was the Feudals, Mullahs and Bazaar (Small Bourgeoisies) who lost lands and prestige due to the White Revolution. These social classes never forgiven Shah and they dragged the Religious and Uninformed people of Iran behind them to commit to a Fundamentalist Islamic Revolution.

Shah’s Grave Mistake

The gravest mistake that Shah had ever done was not to follow the path of his father, Reza Shah the Great to get the Mullahs and Islam out of the Iranian social system’s fabric; on the contrary, Mohammad Reza Shah was a devout Muslim full of superstition. This was due to his mother (Queen Mother) being a superstitious Muslim. After all, mothers build their children’s psyche. No matter how bright, progressive and secular Reza Shah was, yet his son Mohammad Reza Shah was a religious and superstitious person in nature, so how could he get rid of Islam in Iran?!

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was always soft on Mullahs and Islam; this had finally cost him his reign, crown and throne; furthermore, this softness gave birth to the Islamic Republic of Iran! One cannot be an Iranian and a Muslim both, thus they are contradictory to one another.

Great Civilization was Great on Paper

Shah’s intentions and plans were too drastic for the public, simply because he did not prepare them for it. Evolution and Democracy in Iran was too little and too late. Educating and informing the Iranians about the master plans did not work; furthermore, a few months later the riots started and a year later (1978) the Islamic Revolution was fully blown. By 1979 everything was about to get destroyed and the Shah had fled the country.

“The Great Civilization” was a great master plan which looked great on paper and it could happen in complete form; however, the creator of this plan was also his own greatest enemy! Shah due to many mistakes and miscalculations had read the political and social situation of the Iran of the 1970s wrong. Shah’s understanding of his own people and country was flawed and that made his complete analysis flawed.

If Shah did not make many mistakes and based his analysis on facts, then this plan, the “Great Civilization” would have worked, but as I stated, it was too little and too late!

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

American Liberal’s Mistake and Different Destiny

Overall, Shah of Iran had good intentions and he was a solid nationalist. Shah had great plans for Iran but unfortunately history had other plans for Iran. The destiny of Iran and Iranians went 180 Degrees towards the other direction. Shah of Iran died in exile, Jimmy Carter, Western Liberals and Western miscalculations gave birth to Khomeini and Khomeini gave birth to the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism which eventually created Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Jihad, Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS and more.

All the Shah’s dreams had become nightmares. The progressive Imperial Iran has become the Backward Islamic Republic of Iran. Due to ignorance, America created her greatest foe, the Islamic Fundamentalism! America lost a great ally (Imperial Iran) and gained a great foe (Islamic Iran), many thanks to Jimmy Carter and Liberals. Today, Hussein Obama and Liberals continue on the same ignorant path to destroy America, Iran and the Globe.

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected

I clearly remember the old days in Iran (the first 16 years of my life lived in Iran). Throughout his life, Alahazrat spoke of the “Great Civilization” which we were once more destined to get there. He also spoke of “The Unholy Alliance of The Red and The Black Reactions” (Marxists and Islamists) which together they were a heavy weight dragging Iran down to the bottom of the pit. Alahazrat’s vision was moving towards the “Great Civilization”, but ……

Purhase and read these books by Shah of Iran:


More valuable books:

Iran Online Bookstore

Alahazrat Homayoun, Pahlavi-ye Dovom, Nur-e Aryai, Bozorg Artesh Daran, Shah-e Shahan, Shah-e Iran Zamin, Shahanshah Aryamehr, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, underneath all the titles was only a simple man named Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, a simple nationalist and a lover of Iran.

Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a sharp dresser

I am a great critic of the Shah of Iran but I have to admit that Alahazrat made many mistakes and he done many goods for Iran. If you put both in the scale, you will notice that the good that he done overcomes his bad. May his spirit rest in peace.

Please enjoy reading this valuable and historic book:

Toward the Great Civilization (1977)

Other books by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi:

White Revolution (1966)

Answer to History (1979)

Shah of Iran Comic Book: Recaptured Glory (1977)

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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