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A History: Part Two

Iranian National Socialist Movement (A History)!
Part Two
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: November 9, 2007

2nd Edition: July 10, 2015

SUMKA Square Flag

SUMKA History
National Socialist Iranian Worker's Party (SUMKA)

Even though SUMKA was officially formed in 1952, yet since 1940s, SUMKA has been a political entity in Iran. The original Iranian National-Socialist Workers Party (SUMKA), from the acronym of "Hezb-e Sosialist-e Melli-ye Kargaran-e Iran" (in Parsi language) was the first Nationalist Socialist party of Iran. SUMKA was a very active organization and pretty much involved in politics during the World War II (WWII) and the beginning of the 1950s. In 40s SUMKA became the headquarter for Iranian National Socialists. In a way SUMKA became the Fifth Column of Nazi Germany in Iran! Amongst some of SUMKA's original members and leadership, there were Manouchehr Amir Mokri, Manouchehr Foroutan, Parviz Foroutan and Hussein Zarabi.

SUMKA Simorq Flag (Old Flag)
The original flag of SUMKA. Emblem of Simorq Bird from Shanameh Ferdowsi at the center.

SUMKA Persian Flag (New Flag)
The new flag of SUMKA with Lion, Sun and Straight Edge Persian Sword at the center of the Derafsh Kaviyani (ancient Persian banner) symbol, with both Persian Spike Alphabet (Khat Mikhi) and Modern Persian Alphabet writings around the logo.

After the invasion of Allies (USSR, UK and USA) to Iran, Dr. Davud Monshizadeh and a group of his comrades had joined the Nazi Foreign Legion forces and were fighting for Nazi Germany in Europe. Later on SUMKA invited them to come to Iran and eventually SUMKA made Monshizadeh the leader of the party. After a while, Manouchehr Amir Mokri and his comrades such as Sepehr had left SUMKA, created "The Aryan Party" (Hezbe Arya) which considered to be SUMKA's competitor.

Soon after these events, Shapour Zandnia wrote the Constitution of SUMKA and Dariush Homayoun also joined SUMKA. Dariush Homayoun (today's Liberal Monarchist) is in fact an old Nazi who used to write for SUMKA Newspapers; furthermore, an old Terrorist who lost his ankle in an explosion went wrong accident (back in Pan Iranist days)! Dariush Homayoun tried to Bomb, but accidentally he blew up his ankle and he got Bombed!

I have always mentioned this fact to Foroud Fouladvand (Head of API aka Anjoman Padeshahi) and Dariush Homayoun (Head of CPI aka Constitutionalist Party) that "Amateurs" should never play with matches and explosives!

Dr. Yazdi, Tudeh Communist party leader, after arrest in 1953

Coup Makers Victory March (March-e Kudeta-chian)
General Fazlollah Zahedi during the 1953 Iranian Coup.
CIA had successfully reinstalled the corrupt Monarchy in Iran.

Coup Makers: General Zahedi and his son Ardeshir Zahedi during the 1953 Iranian Coup, right after distributing the CIA Dollars to Street Thugs (Arazel o Obash) and Hooligans (Lat o Put) for their good service.

General Zahedi amongst a great number of Street Thugs and Hooligan Lampoons (Obash o Arazel), Career Criminals, Ex Prison Convicts, Soldiers and Coup Makers of 28 Mordad, 1953 Iranian Coup

L. Coup Makers, Thugs and Hooligans paid with CIA money, at the Radio Station Building, Tehran, Iran (1953).
R. Coup Makers and Thugs paid with CIA money, on the Tank-top, Tehran (1953).

Gilan Province of Iran, during political confrontations and uneasy days of 1955

SUMKA took active part in 28 Mordad Coup of 1953. SUMKA was actively associating with the Retired Imperial Officers and General Zahedi (The father of Ardeshir Zahedi), the Prime Minister of the Coup! Zahedi was named "Taj Bakhsh" (Crown Granter) because CIA drafted Zahedi as the head of Military Personnel and other Arazel O Obash (Street Thugs) to make a coup (1953) and Grant Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, his crown and reinstall him as the Shah of Iran! That's why Shah was always thankful to General Zahedi and Zahedi Family for once more granting his crown to him! Even later on, when Ardeshir Zahedi, openly took sides with and defended the Imperial Courthouses Corruption against the Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda (who wanted to clean house), the Shah of Iran took the cowardly step by supporting the corrupt Ardeshir Zahedi and Darbar (Courthouse) against the Prime Minister (later Minister of the Courthouse) Amir Abbas Hoveyda who wanted to clean the corruption in the Imperial Government and courthouse. For more information on Amir Abbas Hoveyda, read:

The Orchid Man, Amir Abbas Hoveyda

Kermit Roosevelt (CIA), Planer of the Iranian Coup of 1953

Don Wilber (CIA), Organizer of Iranian Coup of 1953 (Operation Ajax) at Luxor Egypt, 1930.

CIA Big Boys Club
Don Wilber (right), Ron O'Callaghan, and Bill Ruprecht in 1987.

General Fazlollah Zahedi, executor of the Iranian Coup of 1953. CIA drafted Don Wilber to plan the coup and Zahedi to execute the coup. Great Team of Wilber-Zahedi had managed to return the weak-minded and indecisioned Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, back to power.

Ardeshir Zahedi is touching up General Fazlollah Zahedi's medallions, fixing up his buttons and prepping up his uniform for a special formal occasion. The great team of Father and Son, CIA Puppet Boys! What a team! The Show must go on ….

Obviously Shah had to take sides with his corrupt sisters and brothers represented by Zahedi, rather than Hoveyda's Anti Corruption League. This made Hoveyda terribly disappointed of the Shah, so he backed down from his Anti Corruption Plans and quit his position.

Amir Abbas Hoveyda, Great Prime Minister of Iran Photo Album

Reasons for the Birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Role of 21st Century Monarchs and Monarchists

Ardeshir Zahedi, Imperial Iran's Ambassador in US, at Montreux 2003

Ardeshir Zahedi: I am proud of my Big Daddy Kudeta-chi (Coup Maker). My daddy was a servant of CIA and I carried his legacy as an obedient CIA Boy Toy. We were born to be CIA Niggers! Yassir Master, Yawzom Master, Yes Sir-i Master, my children and grand children will continue the legacy. We are Homegrown CIA Niggers and we be serving the Master and we are damn proud of it!

SUMKA Hypocrisy

The funny thing is that primarily SUMKA was Anti Monarchy, considered Monarch and Monarchists as corrupt elements, which must be cleaned up and shipped out of the government. SUMKA was pro Coup and establishment of a Nationalist Progressive Regime, pro speedy industrialization and pro labors, farmers and masses of Iran! Amazingly, when the open conflict between Mosadeq (Jebhe Meli) and Shah (Monarchists) started, SUMKA took sides with Monarchists and later on, even helped the 1953 Coup. SUMKA members became "Coup Makers" (Kudeta-chi)!

Davud Monshizadeh SUMKA Head

SUMKA Internal Conflict

After 28 Mordad Coup of 1953, Dariush Homayoun started a heavy internal campaign in SUMKA and forced SUMKA to take sides with Shah and Monarchists! SUMKA officially supported the Shah and Monarchists, so Shapour Zandnia and his comrades factioned out of SUMKA and restarted their relationship with Manouchehr Amir Mokri and his group. Together, they made a Nationalist Entity and published an Organ named "The Nationalists" (Nasionalistha). At this point, Dr. Davud Monshizadeh became a suspicious element and a target by the Imperial Regime! The Imperial Regime, Shah and Monarchists were openly suspicious of his intentions and activities, so Monshizadeh left Iran to Europe. He lived in exile and eventually on 1989 he died in Sweden (after the Islamic Revolution).

True Nationalist Socialists of SUMKA were never approved of Monarchy.

Davud Monshizadeh with SUMKA Command and Members of Khuzestan

A Note on my Grand Father

My Grand Father, "Engineer T. M." (Mother's Side), was a Big Shot in the organization of SUMKA. He was a heavy duty National Socialist Sympathizer who openly affiliated with Germans. During WWII, once Allies invaded and occupied Iran, My Grand Father was responsible for giving refuge, hiding and escape of many Nazi German Officers from Iran and back to German Fronts or Germany. Later on after the invasion-occupation of Iran by the Allies, my Grand Father was even arrested by the Allies and their puppet regime (Mohamad Reza Pahlavi's regime) and put in jail for his affiliation with Germans. Through my grandfather, my mother also became a SUMKA member and joined the SUMKA Youth!

L - R: Dr. E. M. (my grandmother), Engineer T. M. (my grand father) and the little cute girl (my mother).

My Grand Mother was a medical doctor from the first graduating class of the Tehran University, a women's rights activist, a big time supporter of Reza Shah The Great's reforms, a powerful businesswoman, a true nationalist, and indeed my role model and my love. For more information about this magnificent woman, read:

DeChadorization Day! - "Women's Liberation Day of Iran"

A Note on my Mother and Father

This is so funny, because in their youth, my father was a hard-core revolutionary member of the Tudeh Communist Party (Iran's Main Communist Party) and my mother was a member of the SUMKA Youth (Iranian Aryan Nazi Youth)! Dad was an extreme left winger who was jailed by the Imperial Regime and was given 2 choices: Prison and Death or joining the regime! So he signed the "Goh Khordan Nameh" (Letter of Apology), changed his ways and joined the regime. Eventually he became a famous journalist, author and a cabinet minister in Hoveyda's cabinet. Mom, on the other hand, never went to jail, but she went for studies to Europe, also cooled down, joined the regime and gained an important post with the Ministry of Health and another position with one of Empress Farah's Organizations.

Eventually Mom and Dad both cooled down and stopped being such political Hot Heads, but throughout the Imperial Iran, even though they both had very sensitive positions in the regime, yet Dad cooled down from a Communist to a Socialist and Mom cooled down from a Nazi to a Nationalist! They were both holding High Ranking positions in Imperial Iran, yet both were critical of the Regime and were Reformists from within the Regime.

Until this day, I joke around with my mother and tell her:

X: How on Earth a Commie and a Nazi hooked up together? Don't yous hate each other?
M: Life works in mysterious ways!
X: Opposite attracts, ha?
M: You never know what destiny will deal for you!
X: Love knows no boundaries, right?

And then she cusses me out and tells me to get lost …..
(Mom and Dad are divorced and are not on good terms with each other! Sorry, I lied, I mean they hate each other's guts!)

SUMKA in 1950s

SUMKA Party was technically formed in 1952. Eventually Davud Monshizadeh, a professor at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich became the leader of the party. Monshizadeh claimed to have served with the Waffen SS (Schutz Staffel or Protective Squadron) and had been injured during the Final Battle for Berlin.

SS Propaganda Poster
Waffen SS (Schutz Staffel) meaning "The Protective Squadron" was the elite force of the Nazi Germany Armed Forces.

The issue here is not that if Monshizadeh served in Waffen SS or not, but the issue here is that if he fought for Nazi Germany?

No, we can't be sure that Monshizadeh served as Waffen SS.
Yes, we can be sure that Monshizadeh fought for Nazi Germany.

He did either serve as "Nazi Foreign Legion" or as "Waffen SS Foreign volunteer".

Nazi Germany Waffen SS Commander Flag

Nazi Germany Waffen SS Flag

Waffen SS Poster, Nazi Germany

Waffen SS Foreign Volunteers propaganda poster for SS Dutch Volunteers, Nazi Germany

Originally, the racial policy of Nazi Germany was that each Nazi Party member and specifically Waffen SS member had to provide Aryan ancestral proof of 3 to 6 generation back (depending on the party or military group positions). This extreme policy was looked over at the final years of the war, simply because Nazis were in desperate needs of troops; therefore, when it came to racial purity, they were willing to look the other way!

Adolf Hitler (Der Fuhrer)

Nazi Swastika Square

Nazi German Flag

Nazi German Square Flag of National Chancellor Hitler

Nazi German Flag of National Chancellor Hitler

Nazi State Flag of Germany

Nazi German War Ensign

This looking the other way was even comical at times, because at the beginning of the war, Waffen SS members had to prove their Aryan ancestry 6 generations back, but suddenly during the final years of war, Waffen SS and Nazi Foreign Legion started drafting all types of Non Aryans!

First, they started to draft from "Non German" Aryans such as Croats, Norwegians and Danes. Second, they started to draft from German Axis nations such as Romanians, Hungarians and Bulgarians. Third, at the most desperate moments of war, Nazis forgot all their racial policies and drafted any white person as long as they had no Jewish blood in them! They started drafting from all "non Aryan" nations such as France, Belgium, Holland, Ukraine, Poland, and many others.

Waffen SS started divisions such as "Waiking" and "Charlemagne" full of Non Aryans, for example:

100,000 Ukrainians
50,000 Dutch
40,000 Flemish Belgians
20,000 French
6,500 Arabs (Algerians, Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanian, Iraqis, Saudis and Palestinians)
And many others were serving in Waffen SS Foreign Volunteers Divisions!

So once the going got tough, Waffen SS and Nazi Foreign Legion forgot all about Racial policy and they started drafting Latins, slavics, and even Hemitic Arabs! In 1939, Nazis were calling these people, "Inferior Races", but in 1945, as long as you were white and not a Jew, then you could join the Nazis! This is how hypocrite and full of Shiite were the Nazis! Once they had to save their necks, they forgot about all their fundamentals! Waves of volunteers were drafted to save the Fatherland! Pre-teens, Teenagers, Young, old, medium rare, Polaks, Slavics and even Hemitic Arabs were welcomed to fight side by side the Aryan Germans to save Hitler's neck! Does cockamamie cheesy philosophy sounds familiar? When going gets tough, everything goes, even your fundamentals! What a joke!

So as you see, it is not far fetched for Monshizadeh to become Waffen SS on 1944 or 45. For God's sake, they were drafting almost everybody!

Davud Monshizadeh wanted to be the Iranian Nazi Fuhrer

In 1939, Monshizadeh had a fat chance of joining the Nazi Military Machine, because he could not even prove that he was fully Aryan himself, set aside 3 to 6 generations back! I mean take a look at his facial structure, forehead, cheekbones and height! But in 1944 or 45, he was probably welcomed with rose paddles to join the Nazi Foreign Legion or Waffen SS as a proud Aryan! Nazi Hypocrisy in action!

L. Davud Monshizadeh, The Iranian Fuhrer conducting a Nazi Salute!
R. Davud Monshizadeh in a moment of ponder.

Davud Monshizadeh self claimed Iranian Nazi Fuhrer, the head of SUMKA

Before 1952, SUMKA was referred informally to those in Iran who supported the Nazi Germany during the WWII, but after 1952 SUMKA became the official National Socialist Party of Iran.

Jose Ortega y Gasset and Davud Monshizadeh

Monshizadeh was inspired by Jose Ortega y Gasset (1883 - 1955), the Spanish philosopher and a follower of Hegel and Nietzsche. Fundamentals of Ortega's philosophy were based on:

a) Circunstansia
b) Raciovitalismo
c) Razón Histórica

Jose Ortega Y Gasset close-up

Now I will briefly explain each factor,

Jose Ortega y Gasset believes that philosophy has a critical duty to lay siege to beliefs in order to promote new ideas and to explain reality. In order to accomplish these tasks, the philosopher must leave behind prejudices and previously existing beliefs, and investigate the essential reality of the universe. Ortega proposes that philosophy must (as Hegel proposed), overcome both the lack of idealism (in which reality gravitated around the ego) and ancient-medieval realism (which is an undeveloped point of view in which the subject is located outside the world) in order to focus in the only truthful reality (life). Ortega suggests that there is no "I" without things and things are nothing without "I", so I (human being) can not be detached from my circumstances (world). This had led Ortega to pronounce his famous maxim "Yo soy yo y mi circunstancia" ("I am myself and my circumstance") which was the core of his philosophy.

Jose Ortega y Gasset believed in a philosophical system, which centered around life. Ortega declared that "I live therefore I think". This was a direct inspiration from Nietzsche's Perspectivism, which he developed by adding a non-relativistic character in which absolute truth does exist and would be obtained by the sum of all perspectives of all lives, since for each human being life takes a concrete form and life itself is a true radical reality from which any philosophical system must derive. So Ortega emphasized on the terms "Razon Vital" ("vital reason" aka "reason with life as its core foundation") to refer to a new type of reason that constantly defends the life from which it has surged and "Raciovitalismo", a theory that based knowledge in the radical reality of life, one of whose essential components is reason itself.

Razón Histórica
Jose Ortega y Gasset saw the "vital reason" also as a "historical reason", for individuals and societies are not detached from their past. In order to understand a reality we must understand its history. Ortega stated that, humans have "no nature, but history" and reason should not focus on what is (static) but what becomes (dynamic).

Historical Similarities: Ortega and Monshizadeh

Jose Ortega y Gasset had led the Spanish republican intellectual opposition under the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera (1923 - 1936), and he played an important role in the overthrow of King Alfonso XIII (1931).

Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Spanish Republican Revolutionary Intellectual and Philosopher

Davud Monshizadeh had set Ortega as his role model and wanted to overthrow the Iranian Monarchy and Mohamad Reza Pahlavi's regime. Monshizadeh looked at Monarchs as weak, corrupt and inferior beings that were blocks on the way of the prosperity of the nations.

Monshizadeh looked at Ortega's and Hitler's works as inspirations. Monshizadeh translated a number of Ortega's works into Persian. Monshizadeh intended for these works to serve as the founding principles of the SUMKA party. Primarily SUMKA was opposing the Monarchy but later on they opposed Jebhe Meli and Mohamad Mosadeq's regime. Monshizadeh was not keen on Shah or Mosadeq, but Dariush Homayoun was a factor who pushed SUMKA towards the Monarchist camp!

SUMKA had managed to gather a good number of members, sympathizers and support base amongst the university students, labors, technocrats and other workers.

The party was opposed to Mosadeq's leftist social democratic government (1950 - 1953) and propagated a strong Neo Nationalist Socialistic ideology. Its leader, Davud Monshizadeh was a determined person. SUMKA was the Extreme Right Wing, Iranian Ultra Nationalist Party of Iran. In many occasions they went head to head with Jebhe Meli and they definitely had a beef with Tudeh Communist Party (Hezbe Tudeh)! Back then, the majority of youth in Universities and High Schools were extremely political and they were either:

Tudehi (Radical Left)
Jebhei (Liberal Left)
SUMKAi (Ultra Nationalist Right)

These three were the Top Three Political Parties of Iran. And then there were a minority of political activists whom were pro various Nationalist, Republican and Monarchist Movements and Parties of Iran.

Davud Monshizadeh Timeline (1914 - 1989)

1914 - Born in Tehran. His father was in Cossack Brigade and killed (due to political and power struggle) during his early ages, so his grand mother grew him up.
1931 - Sent to France by Iranian government to study
1937 - Received a degree in literature and moved to Germany
1938 - Started his studies in Germany
1939 - Monshizadeh and Bahram Shahrokh started working for the Persian program of the Nazi Germany's Deutsche Radio.
1940 - He started writing articles for Das Reich, the official newspaper of the German National Socialist party
1941 - He worked with various organizations in Nazi Germany
1943 - Achieved his doctorate in philosophy and literature
1945 - During the Berlin War (Final Battle), he was injured as a Nazi Foreign Legion, defending Berlin during the final battle. He was hospitalized (off and on) till 1947.
1947 - Taught Iranology and Persian language in university of Munich
1950 - He started teaching Persian in Alexandria University
1952 - Along with Manouchehr Amir Mokri and Hussein Zarabi, he had officially established the SUMKA Party of Iran. SUMKA had a role in oil nationalization of Iran.
1953 - Monshizadeh was "Unofficially Exiled" to Europe by Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi
1989 - He Passed away in Sweden

Monshizadeh always tried to dress like Hitler, look like Hitler and behave like Hitler.

SUMKA members at a meeting

Dr. Davud Monshizadeh, the leader of the SUMKA Party, was very keen on the works of Jose Ortega y Gasset, the Spanish philosopher. Monshizadeh believed that Ortega's work could serve as the basis for the party policy; therefore, he translated two articles by Ortega, one about technique, the other about intellectuals. Monshizadeh also translated a number of books by Ortega to be used for the enlightenment of the youth.

SUMKA Iranian Nazis

Members of the Nationalist Movement of Iran believed that important philosophical works must be translated into Persian so they could form the cultural foundation for the national policy. They started translating some of Plato's works, and went on to Hegel, Nietzsche and eventually Mussolini and Hitler's works. Many translators/authors had eventually developed a taste for
translations of the famous philosophical/political works by the western Nationalist Ideologists.

Iranian Nationalist right, naturally had political reasons for doing so, yet they did not use philosophy as a "Means" to achieve a political "Ends". They temporarily adopted the politics to build a strong foundation.

My Grand Father was working closely with Dr. Monshizadeh and other top figures of SUMKA to establish these goals.

IL Duce Benito Mussolini

Fasces Emblem
Fascist Italy's Fasces Emblem is actually the representation of the Ancient Roman Fasces (Battle-Axe) used to be carried by the Roman Fasces Carriers on the frontline of the Roman Troops during the military campaigns.

Fascist Italy Roman Fasces
The traditional Roman Fasces was made of a bundle of birch tree rods, tied up together with a ribbon as a cylinder, with an axe in the middle of it. Symbolism of the Fasces suggests that despite the fragility of each independent single rod, as a bundle they exhibit strength. Fasces was the "Battle-Axe" symbol of the Roman Empire.

Fascist Italy's Official Fasces Flag of IL Duce Benito Mussolini

Fascist Italy State Flag

Fascist Italy, Repubblica Sociale Italiana (1943 - 1945)

SUMKA, The Organization

SUMKA had various internal organizations such as:

Iranian Women Group
Established in "18 Day, 1951", they were a progressive group for women's rights, but as far as organizational importance, they were not as high as other groups.

Technical Group
They were a technical group in charge of tasks such as:

* General construction
* Construction of buildings
* Construction of meeting halls and party quarters.

For example, SUMKA had created the famous "Work Movement" (Jebhe Kar) and their motto was to "Build the future Iran with hard work." The very first construction plan drafted by the "Work Movement" was to build a new and large size "Meeting Hall" in the new building, simply because the old Meeting Hall was too small and could not satisfy the needs of the party. SUMKA membership was on the rise and the party needed a huge meeting hall. As their very first task, the "Work Movement" started the construction of this new hall under the direct supervision of "Engineer T. M." (my grand father). Grand Father was the head of SUMKA Construction Group.

Military Training
* Military training of the members
* Flight training courses (theoretic)
* Flight training courses with model planes (practical)

Cultural Group
This was the most important and active of the SUMKA Groups. Shapour Zandnia was the organizer of this group. For example, some of the important tasks of this group were the teachings of the training courses. SUMKA had serious plans for a coup to dismantle the weak and corrupt monarchy of Pahlavi and to establish a powerful and progressive government of the workers; therefore, party needed to train the future statesmen and technocrats. There were special classes made for the sole purpose of training the future personnel to run the government.

General Hideki Tojo, the Japanese Prime Minister
Japan was an important part of the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan)

Japan Flag - The Empire of the Rising Sun

Japanese Naval Ensign

Japanese National Sozialistische Japanische Arbeiter Party Flag

Japanese Ancient Temples Swastika Flag

SUMKA, Plots and Coups

SUMKA had a history of planing coups. Primarily, they wanted to make a coup and end the monarchy and exiling Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi. Next, they wanted to make a coup and end Jebhe Meli's (INF) leftist regime and exile Mohamad Mosadeq.

Many of these plots were not successful, so after the failure, SUMKA leadership had to clean their hands from these plots, so they would claim that they had nothing to do with these plots!

At the end of 1952, General Zahedi (The father) and a group of Imperial Generals were planning a coup to get rid of Mosadeq and Jebhe Meli. At the same time, Shapour Zandnia of SUMKA was gathering a coalition: Ardeshir Zahedi, General Mozayeni, General Monazah, a few Islamic Parties, Zolfaqar Group, Arya Party, a few athletic clubs and indeed the SUMKA party to overthrow Mosadeq's cabinet. They started various meetings such as the meeting in "Qanat Abad" to plan the street protests and the coup.

These Pre-Coup plans started to leak and Mosadeq's government started the arrests.

On "9th of Esfand, 1952", SUMKA started a major attempt to form coalitions to overthrow Mosadeq and his cabinet.

On "10th of Esfand, 1952", Mosadeq gave special instructions and the SUMKA Headquarter was blitzkrieged and attacked by the police. SUMKA were accused of Arson, Riots, Assassination Plans, Coup plans and Terrorism. This was the moment that Mosadeq and Jebhe Meli declared open war on SUMKA. So police ransacked the SUMKA headquarters and inspected everything. Police arrested Shapour Zandnia for carrying a concealed weapon. At the same time, they arrested a number of retired statesmen and military personnel. Right away, Dariush Homayoun started releasing announcements that SUMKA had nothing to do with the recent Coup attempts and riots! Dariush Homayoun was the cover-up master of SUMKA! In later years, Shapour Zandnia mentions in his memoirs, all about the SUMKA plans to terror Afshar Tus (Chief of Police at the time) and to carry the Coup de Tat.

On "12th of Esfand, 1952", once more the police attacked the SUMKA Headquarters and arrested Amir Naser Moini, Etman Petrosian, Specialist Saberi, and indeed "Engineer T. M." (my grand father). Obviously my grand father was a political hot head who often ended up in jail!

On "13th of Esfand, 1952", police had arrested Comrade Hussein Sheibani of SUMKA organizing committee.

At this point, Monshizadeh got the message, so he stepped back, reorganized and started planning for the future (1953) Coup to take care of Mosadeq and Jebhe Meli!

Mosadeq had managed to kick Shah out of Iran, take control of the government and rule Iran for only 2 days!

So SUMKA started something which eventually resulted in CIA backed coup of 28 Mordad and replacement of Mohamad Mosadeq by Fazlollah Zahedi (August 19, 1953). Operation Ajax (CIA Codename) had erected General Zahedi to overthrow Mosadeq and re-grant the crown to Mohamad Reza Pahlavi.

Dariush Homayoun

Dariush Homayoun has a history of changing as many political parties and ideologies as he changed underwears! Does the terms Opportunist, Deal Maker and Hand Kisser sounds familiar?

Dariush Homayoun

Dariush Homayoun was originally writing for the SUMKA weekly Newspaper. Eventually he climbed the ladder and become a big shot in SUMKA. He was the element behind pushing SUMKA towards the Monarchist camp. Dariush Homayoun is originally an old Nazi.

Dariush Homayoun was also a Coup Maker (Kudeta-chi) and active in plotting the 28 Mordad 1953 Coup. Next thing you know, Homayoun switched sides from a Nazi to a Monarchist!

Dariush Homayoun has a talent to move along in any direction, which the wind blows!
Dariush: What can I say, Dollar has a power over me! I likes the Greens!

He was also the Co-Creator of the Pan Iranist Party. Dariush Homayoun was also an amateur terrorist! Homayoun was also a factor who pushed Pan Iranists into Terrorist activities. He was not reluctant to use Terrorism, Coup de Tat, and all means possible to reach his goals. In one of the Pan Iranist's famous Bombing Missions, plans went sour and due to an explosion, "Rais" died and "Dariush Homayoun" lost one of his ankles! Since then, Dariush Homayoun has a limp and needs to wear special shoes. So his ankle was blown off, while trying to explode a bomb and make an unsuccessful coup and now he walks with a limp (Shal Shali)! He was with Pan Iranists until Shah closed down all political parties of Iran including the Pan Iranist Party and erected a one party system with Fascist Rastakhiz Party ruling the nation! Only then, Homayoun had officially become a Hard Core Rastakhiz member! So once more, Homayoun switched sides from a Nationalist to a Fascist!

Later on he had become the editor of Ayandegan Newspaper, then Minister of Media (Etela'at) in Amuzegar's Cabinet. After the 1979 Islamic Reaction, he had erected the CPI (Constitutionalist
Party of Iran) and become the Head of CPI (Constitutionalist Party of Iran).

Dariush Homayoun, the Good Old SUMKA Nazi Days!
Dariush Homayoun, man of many faces!
Throughout his political career, Dariush Homayoun has been a Nazi, a Nationalist, a Fascist, and a Liberal Monarchist!

Dariush Homayoun is a master of Flip-Flops with no political identity. Homayoun's principles are political opportunism, deal making, even the use of terrorism to gain power. Dariush Homayoun has been a Nazi, a Nationalist, a Fascist, and now a Liberal Monarchist! What's next?!

Note: Since the original time of the witting of this paper, Dariush Homayoun has passed away (2011).

Copy of Tehran Mosavar about the 1953 Coup

Imperial Iranian Security Forces are fighting the Anti Regime Terrorists (1972)

Shah and Soraya, 1953 Coup

Shah with General Fazlollah Zahedi, 1953 Coup
Shah: Kheyli hal dadi, damet garm, maro dobareh be ye navayi resundi, vagar na kar zar bud! Jigareto bokhoram!
Zahedi: Qorban ma Nokare Khaneh Zadim, chakerim, dast busim, khake payim, qabel nadareh, vazifamune!


SUMKA had appeared in the political scene very strong but it disappeared very quickly and then reappeared in the 21sth Century, Decade of Zeros (Decade of 2000s). Today, SUMKA has built a website, teaching fundamental beliefs of the Iranian National Socialist Ideology to the new generation and drafts new blood. SUMKA, even though operated by some devoted members, yet they have never regained their glory of the past. They also never regained the great number of members that they used to have (40s and 50s)!

Today's SUMKA is basically a few members and a number of random Internet sites and weblogs which they close down a few months after they open up! Their ideology is based on Anti Semitism (Jews) and Anti Hemitism (Arabs) and glorifying the Aryan Identity. Originally, the party was opposed to Mosadeq's leftist social democratic government (1950 - 1953) and exposed a strong Neo Nationalist Socialistic ideology. Today's SUMKA in comparison to the Popular SUMKA of the 40s and 50s, has drastically soften their tone. They have softened their tone about Raciology, WWII, and Nazism. They have even soften their tone towards Mosadeq and Jebhe Meli.

SUMKA Original Flag
The Iranian National Socialist Worker's Party's Old Flag (SUMKA)
The original flag of the Iranian National-Socialist Workers Party (SUMKA), from the acronym of "Hezb-e Sosialist-e Melli-ye Kargaran-e Iran" (in Parsi language) was a Nationalist Socialist-like Flag with a stylized eagle in the middle. SUMKA was a very active organization and involved in politics during the World War II (WWII) and become an official political party during the beginning of the 1950s but it disappeared very quickly and then reappeared in the 21st Century, Decade of Zeros (Decade of 2000s) with a new Flag.


Political Parties and Organizations of Iran (Part One)

SUMKA New Persian Flag
National Socialist Iranian Worker's Party (SUMKA)
Notice that they switched the acronym: "Hezb-e Sosialist-e Melli-ye Kargaran-e Iran" to Pure Persian acronym: "Hezb-e Sosial-e Mihani-ye Kargaran-e Iranzamin" and they dropped the Arabic words from it!

Other Iranian National socialist Parties and Groups

Even though the National Socialism and Ultra Nationalism is on the rise (inside and outside Iran), yet they lack leadership and organization; therefore, they are lacking the strong structures, organizations and the great numbers which they used to have in the 1940s and 1950s.

Today's National Socialist groups are basically a small number of members with a few websites and weblogs.

Iranian National Socialist Movement


NASKA (Iran National Socialist Workers Party)
Hezb-e Nasional Sosialist-e Kargaran-e Iran

This is the new National Socialist party of Iran.


Iranian Aryan National Front
Jebhe Nasionalisti-ye Iranian-e Aryai

This is a new organization with some interesting agenda, articles and with a semi organized forum. Our beloved IPC member S&E (Soar and Envision) affiliates with this organization.

They emphasis on Aryan Values and Aryan Racial Factor. The Organization is a Nationalist Organization with Iranian National Ideals as its prerogative.


Iranian National Socialist Party (INSP)
Hezb-e Nasional Sosilalist-e Iran

This is also a National Socialist Organization with some interesting articles yet a very disorganized website and almost a chaotic organization! But they are trying and we should give them credit for efforts.


INSM (Iranian National Socialist Movement)
Jonbesh-e Nasional Sosialist-e Iran

INSM Sword Front Logo
INSM (Iranian National Socialist Movement)

This is the latest addition to the Internet based National Socialist organizations of Iran. Notice the colors of Derafsh Kaviyani in their flag.

Iran Nazi Center

Iran Nazi Center Study Association is the latest Organized Nazi Group funded, fabricated and promoted by the IRI Regime to undermine the Holocaust and to agitate Israel. Iran Nazi Center has Anti Zionist cores and strongly defends Hitler’s stands. A number of old Iranian Nazis and young Neo Nazis associate with this group and take advantage of the IRI Regime’s funding to propagate and promote their Nazi ideology nationwide.

Nazis use the IRI Regime to propagate Nazism and the IRI Regime uses the Nazis to poke Israel in the eye! It is a 2 way street and a beneficial political deal for both and for now!

Iran Nazi Center
Share Opinions and Become Members - Propaganda Poster Banner

Iran Nazi Center
The Study Association

Iran Nazi Center Commands Organizational Chart Hierarchy

Iran Nazi Center
The Historical and Research Association

Note: Since the original time of the writing of this paper, many of the Iranian Nazi Parties and Organizations seized their public activities and went in to hibernation.

For more information, flags and links to National Socialist Parties of Iran and in general, political parties and organizations of Iran, read:

Iran Political Parties and Organizations (part one)

Iran Political Parties and Organizations Index

Racial Apologists

All above organizations are National Socialist Organizations/Websites, with Ultra Nationalist Agenda. An interesting element that I have noticed about some of them is that they are basically Iranian Neo Nazi Organizations but they use a softer tone. For instance instead of openly stating their Philosophical/Political/Economical Ideology as Nazism (National Socialism), they use the term National Socialism. They also soften the tone on their Racial Stands and do not consider themselves Racists but they say that they only cherish the Aryan Racial Values!

In a way, they do not come flat out and say that they are Racists, but they beat around the bush and behave as "Racial Apologists"! Actually I rather see blunt people who come out straight forward and admit that they are Racists!

Personally, disregarding these Organizations/Websites' ideologies, I consider them as Iranian Nationalists whom have the good of Iran in mind. Also disregarding the fact that they might or might not believe in Democracy, Federalism and Parliamentary System, I believe that they are hard-core Nationalists and in good fighting spirit to revive Iran.

End Notes

If I agree on nothing with Ultra Nationalists, but at least I agree on one thing with them:

That today's Monarchs, Wanna be Monarchs (Reza Pahlavi) and Monarchists (Hand Kissers around Reza Pahlavi) are useless, worthless, sloth, overzealous, fanatical and corrupt. They are an entity from the past and they serve no purpose to build the future of Iran.

As an Iranian Nationalist, I emphasize that we (IPC) shall work with all the political parties and organizations of the Iranian Resistance from all angles of the political spectrum. After all, IPC is a coalition of resistance members from all ideologies. We propagate, advertise for and support all Iranian opposition groups including National Socialists and even Monarchists!

Iran Nazi Emblem
Iran Neo Nazi Emblem of the Aryan Eagle, Swastika, Long Live Iran and the Close Fist

And of course as I have always stated:

The Enemy of my enemy is my friend!


Anyone who picks up a pen or a gun to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran, is my brother and sister!

Therefore, more power to all Iranian National Socialist, Fascist or Falangist Groups or any other Iranian Resistance Movement and political party. I do not care if you are a Marxist or a Fascist, a Republican or a Monarchist, a Liberal or a Conservative, a Socialist or a Nationalist (such as I), or even a National Islamist or a Muslim, but as long as you are willing to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Government and Islamic Fundamentalism, then I support you.

More power to the resistance

Dr. X


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XXVI. A number of historical documents, essays, articles and illustrations - researched, written and graphic designed by Ahreeman X.

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