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Portrait of a Persian Legend

Ayat Mohaqeqi of Nozhe Uprising 1980: Portrait of a Persian Legend
Ahreeman X

1st Edition: June 9, 2007
2nd Edition: June 23, 2016

General Pilot Ayat Mohaqeqi

July 10, 1980 = Tir 19, 2539 Shahanshahi, The Anniversary of Nozhe Uprising.
Imperial Iranian Air Force IIAF
The Portrait of a Nationalist Legend

I just remembered that a while ago I was watching a 4 hour video of a political concert by Dr. Fereydoun Farrokhzad, one of our greatest sons of Iran who lost his life by the hands of the IRI terrorists. This was not the Farrokhzad you used to see in Mikhake Noqreyi show (silver carnation show) or many other TV or Radio shows, which were entertainment shows before the revolution. Farrokhzad has been named as the greatest showman of Iran ever. Yes, but this was a different side of Fereydoun, the political side who made the whole auditorium jump in joy with nationalistic feelings, the huge crowd was applauding for 15 minutes at a time. Death to Khomeini and IRI chanting was non-stop, what an atmosphere. Many of you already saw this show, the speech and the political songs of this show has been heard by many lovers of Iran. The ones who never saw this show, rent it or buy it and see it, many awesome political songs, lots of political speeches, and talks of very down to earth Fereydoun, had made the whole place shake. The name of this two part 4 hours video is "The Nationalistic Concert of Fereydoun Farrokhzad" (Konserte Meli Va Mihaniye Fereydoun Farrokhzad).

During this program, Fereydoun sang a song for Nozhe Uprising, named "Hamrazmanam" which was about Ayat and his Compatriots of Nozhe. It was about the men and women who had lost their lives during the Nozhe Uprising.

Fereydoun Farrokhzad: Hamrazmanam (Compatriots) - Studio

Fereydoun Farrokhzad: Hamrazmanam (Compatriots) - Live in Concert

What a song, the whole place was in tears, and then bursting in screams of insults: Death to Islamic Republic, Death to Mullahs. Any nationalist would have exploded!

The Nationalistic Concert of Fereydoun Farrokhzad (Selected Parts):

Fereydoun Farrokhzad Nationalist Concert London 1983

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Here is an interesting poem, article and true history of Fereydoun Farrokhzad and Nozhe:

Warmates (Hamrazmanam) Poem - Fereydoun Farrokhzad, the Real Story!

This made me remember Ayat and his legacy on that night ...........

July 10th, a plan for overthrow of Islamic Republic by a group of Nationalist soldiers had been discovered. Banisadr the president, Colonel Fakuri, head of Air Force, and Rezai of Revolutionary Guards together went on IRNA TV and announced the discovery of the coup. According to them, they were aware of the coup plans about a month before the D Day, and they were watching it, had it under surveillance and were waiting for the right time to take action.

This is probably not true (due to the later speech of Khomeini). So the plan was to capture the third air-force fighters base in Hamedan, and assign it as the battle headquarters. Bomb the important strategical bases in Tehran and Qom, take over the National Radio and TV, start the temporary provisional government and then await the next move.

The announcement, which the revolutionaries would announce after the success of the coup would have been:

"Dear Military brothers, the D day has come and Nationalist military of Iran, packed up and trashed the deteriorating government of the Mullahs. All units of Military, police, and Zhandarmery (equivalent of the state police) are unified. Any kind of resistance will be destroyed with extreme action. Wait for the next order....."

Ayat Mohaqeqi (Sitting in center) with his squadron
Golden Crown Freedom Fighter Squadron 1971

Wow what would it be like, if Nozhe Uprising would have succeeded in 1980, where would have Iran be now!

Khomeini went behind the tribune on Tir 20th, July 11th and talked for 50 minutes. He stated that how pasdars accidentally went in a house which gambling was going on there, The dog of the house attacked one of the Revolutionary Guards and forced him to go to the basement, there he found a huge amount of ammunition and guns, so they found one of the storages for the coup. This happened a short while before the arrests, so Banisadr was talking nonsense about how they knew about the coup a month before! As you see one person in IRI contradicts the other person, which is nothing new, lack of communication in IRI and lack of group work is nothing strange!

Khomeini preached about the Nozhe Uprising, same as Mullahs preach about the Arab victories over the Persian forces during Sadr of Islam (beginning of Islam): when wind and sand storm caused the forces of Islam to gain victory over the Koffar (apostates), the Persian Imperial Forces 1500 years ago in a battle had been defeated; this dog also caused the victory for Islam during this event, this is how we eventually had discovered the whole coup! The dog had done his Islamic duty well; The Forces of super natural are with the Muslims. Allah is behind us!

So this is how super natural forces of wind, sand, storm, and a "Muslim Dog" had combinely saved Islam at the last moment!

250 of our best military personnel and non-military, including 50 pilots were arrested and put on a show trial and then executed by the hands of the Islamic executioner bastards. If those 50 pilots were not executed and coup would have been successful, the Iran-Iraq war's outcome would have been different. Put together all the Imperial pilots that IRI had executed before this incident and during this incident, then you will see that there were no one left to fly our planes to do air battles! That's one of the main reasons which war had dragged on for 8 years, instead of a few weeks! Now if this war had occurred during the Imperial Iran era, then the Iranian Military would have taken over the whole territory of Iraq in just 2 weeks.

General Sajad Mehdiyoun was basically in charge of the ground operations while General Ayat Mohaqeqi was in charge of the air operations. The plan was to bomb Khomeini's house, important military quarters, bridges, landing fields and other strategical points.

General Sajad Mehdiyoun was a great factor in organizing the revolt. The leader of the uprising; General Ayat Mohaqeqi, a true Iranian soldier, stood proud to the end and his last speech is famous, now we will state this speech.

Ayat made a speech, a last speech of his trial, the show trial before his death by the Islamic executioners who killed 250 soldiers of Iran, I will state his speech here:

Final Words of Ayat Mohaqeqi, General of Air Force, Pilot of Iran

"I am a soldier of Iran

In the name of Iran, In the name of martyrs and heroes of this land of Ahurai (Ahura mazda = Ancient Persian God of the Zoroastrian Faith), In the name of all lovers of Iran who died so Iran would live.

My name is soldier of Iran, my job is to be a soldier for Iran, my goal is to lose my life for Iran, you know me, I am the soldier of Iran.

I am the same soldier of Iran who broke down the walls of prejudice in Babylon to free the Jews (Ayat was referring to Cyrus The Great who freed 42,000 Jews from slavery of Babylon.), I am the same soldier of Iran who conquered Rome, I conquered India, I freed Azerbaijan, I created glory in Zaffar, Oman for the Imperial Military, I tamed Saddam's Ram and Riots in Iraq!

I never turned my back to the enemy, Islands of Persian Gulf, warm sun of Khuzestan, Arvand River, Ivane Madaen, Cetisphone Sassanid Capital, all and all still remember me, do you know me, I am the soldier of Iran.

I lost my life over and over, my head over and over, so you would be safe, the Iranian skies would be safe, I am among you and with you, do you remember me? Do you know me, I am a soldier of Iran?

Shake my warm hands, I am your old friend, I am still alive, only death of Iran will cause my eternal death, I am still alive! Do you know me? Do you remember me? I am a soldier of Iran.

But Iran will never die, Iran is eternal, it will live for eternity, we must survive, so Iran will survive, this is our historical destiny. Do you know me? Do you remember me? I am a soldier of Iran.

Iran will live forever, remember me, I am a soldier of Iran......."

Ayat said these words in the Islamic show trial, just like the one which was held for the Jews in Shiraz, just like the ones held over and over for true lovers of Iran.

An Imperial Iranian Airforce Golden Crown Acrojet

Ayat said these words as his last wishes, saluted his comrades, first the military salute and then the Ancient Persian Salute (the right hand raised up to the chest, vertical to the chest pointing to the sky) the original Aryan Salute.

See Persian Aryan Salute,

8000 Years of Iranian History! - part one

Ayat said these words and then left us his legend, one of the greatest freedom fighters of all times.

One day in the future, his name will be along the names of Babak Khoramdin, Maziyar Qaren, Negan the lioness female warrior, Abu Moslem Khorasani, Yaqub Leis Saffarid, Ferdowsi Tusi, Rostam Farokhzad the Sassanid General, etc.

Ayat reminds us of the valiant braveries of Kaveh Ahangar or Arash Kamangir.

Some compare him with Rostam Farokhzad who fought Arabo-Muslims to the last drop of his blood and his army's blood and did not surrender. He rathered to die Persian than live Muslim!

Ayat Mohaqeqi, a true legend, one the future of Iran...the history books of the free Iran, will remember him, he who sacrificed so Iran would live............

Let's have a moment of silence for 250 heroes of Nozhe executed by the Islamic Regime. Where would Iran be if Nozhe had succeeded?! July 10, 1980 = Tir 19, 2539 Shahanshahi, anniversary of the Nozhe Uprising.

Let's remember some of our heroes of the Nozhe:

General Sartip pilot Ayat Mohaqeqi
General Sepahbod pilot Sajad Mehdiyoun
Major pilot Farrokhzad Jahangiri
Captain pilot Mohamad Malek
Captain Bijan Iran-Nejad
Homafar Yousef Pour-Rezai
Captain pilot Karim Afruz
Colonel pilot Darius Jalali
Colonel of Army Amir Khosrow Zarineh
Dr. Majid Vesali
Major of Armored Division Cyrus Sotudeh
Colonel of paratroopers Mohamad Naderi

and the list goes on..............

Long live their memory, long live their sacrificing freedom fighting souls.

You died so, Iran would live ............

Let's remember the 250 who died by the hands of Muslim bastards and the traitors who betrayed them for opportunism and a fist full of money. Let's remember these Persian Traitors as the lowly dogs that they were.

Khomeini said, that dog was an important factor; yet, there were many other traitor dogs like that one, there were even some Islamic human traitor dogs amongst them! Do you See how one dog (a Quran reading Dog) and then other few Arabo-Muslim dogs can destroy a plan for salvation of Iran?

These lowly dogs, petty snitches and traitors were not Iranian. They may speak Persian and act as Iranians but these Half-Breeds, Arabo-Muslim and Servants of Allah were and are born traitors to Iran and Irani.

The Issue of Dates

Nozhe Uprising had occurred on July 10, 1980 = Tir 19; however, many activists combine this event with the 18 Tir Revolts and celebrate the anniversary of this uprising also on 18 Tir, but do not make a mistake about the actual date of the Nozhe Uprising which was on 19th of Tir equals July 10, 1980.

Lies Said About Nozhe Uprising

There exists many lies about Nozhe and the character of General Ayat Mohaqeqi. The liars who speak of these lies, do quote from the video of these trials available for the public to purchase. They say that Ayat Mohaqeqi was a coward who accepted his crimes and begged the Islamists for mercy! These lowly dogs want to destroy the memory of Ayat. Their proofs are bits and pieces from this video.

Allow me to clarify this issue. This video has been made by Islamic Republic of Iran and it consists of bits and pieces of this trial. This video does not cover the complete trial, so you may see parts of this trial and assume certain things and conclude certain conclusions! When bits and pieces of a trial has been taken out of context, then one can interpret any conclusion, which he desires! This is how the Islamists and some lowly coward Imperial Generals and Officers who escaped Iran, try to twist the history, only to portray themselves as the heroes!

Islamists and Monarchists' Agendas to Twist the History

Islamists have an agenda to belittle Ayat Mohaqeqi and it is an ideological agenda.

Certain Imperial Military personal in exile also have an agenda to belittle Ayat. These coward Imperial Generals and Officers are the same people who escaped from Iran and handed Iran to Khomeini and Mullahs. Today, these dogs or their children create websites and portray themselves as great national heroes!

The reality is that the Imperial Generals except a few, had signed that famous paper and had surrendered to Khomeini and handed Iran to the Mullahs. Many of them have been rewarded by the Mullahs to jail terms and executions but many others have escaped Iran. These are the coward charlatan Imperial Generals and High Ranking Officers whom now sit in exile and create these stories!

The reality is that even during the trial, Ayat never spilled the beans. He played a word game with Hezbollah, Mullahs and the judge. Until the end, he did not even admit that General Sajed Mahdiyoun had either a part or no part in the operations. He also protected the identity of many others who were involved in the operations. Ayat did not even confess that who was behind the planning and the blue print of the coup. He did not name a single person in NAMIR and NEGHAB operations outside Iran.

Ayat Mohaqeqi (second from the right) and other comrades at the trial

Ayat Mohaqeqi Trial by the Islamist Regime of IRI

Please review the trial of the Son of Iran, the Persian Hero Ayat Mohaqeqi:

Ayat Mohaqeqi Trial by the Islamist Regime

Some of these so-called Imperial Officers are opportunist dogs who flirt with IRI and bash the nationalists. The IIAF site used to have a forum, which welcomed the Hezbollah but banned the Iranian Opposition and Nationalists! These Shahollah Dogs were in perfect harmony with Hezbollah but in contradiction with Opposition!

So basically you have your Lying Hezbollah and the Lying Shahollah who want to belittle the heroes of Nozhe for their own political agenda! The reality is that Heroes of Nozhe belong to the masses of Iran. Heroes of Nozhe were neither Hezbollah or Shahollah affiliated. Heroes of Nozhe were either members of or affiliated with NAMIR (National Movement of Iranian Resistance) or its military wing NEGHAB, led by Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar. Slaughter of the Nozhe heroes was a massive blow to NAMIR but the later assassination of Dr. Abdol Rahman Boroumand and Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar was the final blow to NAMIR. After these events, IRI had basically neutralized NAMIR and eliminated any further threat from NAMIR to IRI.

Neo NAMIR Site

So if we must give credit to anyone for Nozhe, then it surely is not Shahollah, Imperial Generals in Exile, coward Reza Pahlavi II and the corrupt Pahlavi family! The credit for Nozhe Uprising goes to Nationalists of Iran, NAMIR and Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar.

Ayat Mohaqeqi at the trial - Came to save Iran and left with the blues …

Let it be written here, so the Monarchists can neither smear Ayat Mohaqeqi's name nor take credit for Nozhe! Let it also be written here that in the 1980s, once again we have asked for Reza Pahlavi II to support the well planned "Second Coup" to overthrow IRI, but the coward Pahlavi, just like his father who escaped Iran in times of need, had refused to collaborate with the Nationalists who were ready for the second uprising. Like Father, Like Son, nothing but cowards.

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!

Let's remember heroes of Nozhe Air-force Base, let's remember Ayat Mohaqeqi and his soldiers of Iran, they shed their blood, so Iran would be free. If you must worship a hero, if you have to be a hero worshiper, then shall it be that you will not worship false heroes like a half Arab breed Seyed Mullah called Mohamad Khatami the charlatan and the Islamist Reformists such as Akbar Ganji and Shirin Ebadi. If you must worship a hero, then worship a true son and lover of Iran, a true legend named Ayat Mohaqeqi.

Ayat, a freedom fighter, a leader, a myth,
Ayat Mohaqeqi, portrait of a hero, a legend,
Ayat and his men died, yet like phoenix,
They have risen from the ashes and became eternal,
They joined the long list of names,
The names of the freedom fighters of Iran,
Who lived Iran, loved Iran, and died as proud Iranians for Iran,
They sacrificed their lives, so Iran would live and remain proud,
Long live the nationalist martyr heroes of Iran
Death to Islamic Republic of Animals
Death to Jomhuriye Heyvani

Ayat Mohaqeqi was only a simple Nationalist.
Ayat, rest in peace, for we are awake,
Ahura empower us to continue General's legacy,
Long live Iran

A Lover of Iran

Dr. X

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