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Reza Pahlavi didn’t Support 2nd Iran Coup of 1984
Reza Pahlavi Crimes Against the Iranian People


Reza Pahlavi did not Support the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984
Pahlavi Documents Published After 4 Decades
Reza Pahlavi Betrayed Iran and Iranians
A History of Reza Pahlavi Crimes Against the Iranian People

Ahreeman X
October 9, 2020

General Amir Hooshang Ezazi is a National Iranian Hero
General Amir Hooshang Ezazi is a Historical Legend
Theoretician and Planner of the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984
Hero of the Zufar, Oman Campaign and Hero of the Iraq Campaigns
Shining Star of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces
General Amir Hooshang Ezazi, Imperial Iranian Green Beret Special Forces Army Airborne Paratroopers Commander
(picture taken when he was a special operations colonel)

Parts Index
* Introduction: Let the Untold be Told!
* General Ezazi’s Letter to Reza Pahlavi
* Reza Pahlavi’s Response to General Ezazi
* Ashraf Pahlavi’s Stopped Check to General Ezazi
* Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi’s Coronation Islamic Blessed Writing
* Original Documents in Persian

Reza Pahlavi is a Big Zero
Reza Pahlavi is Condemned by the History and the Iranian People
Reza Pahlavi did not Support the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984
Reza Pahlavi with Cheap Talks and No Action had Wasted Over 4 Decades of the Iranian People’s Time!

Introduction: Let the Untold be Told!

I have never spoken of this episode in public. This episode had stayed in my mind and in my heart since the 1984. I have never spilled the beans due to security reasons for the patriots, possible future coup attempts, secrecy and opposition reasons.

I have never spoke of this episode for 4 decades until now! I have never wanted to publish this historic event publicly but Reza Pahlavi’s repeated fraud and conning of the Iranian people via his cheap talks, 3 minute interviews on TVs, forming Bull Shiite Movements, and neither getting out of the Iranian politics picture nor actually committing to a solid struggle, but only dangling around and wasting the Iranian people’s time, had forced me to at last tell this story to the Iranian youth and the Iranian Nationalists.

Reza Pahlavi’s latest shenanigan cheap talk is his sham “New Covenant” (Peyman Novin) and I promise you that it will not be his last charade! This is the front which Reza Pahlavi puts out for you and the cheesy Iranian TVs propagate to brainwash the Iranian youth!

Now get ready to know the true face of the con artist and traitor to Iran and the Iranians. Reza Pahlavi is a charlatan who talks a lot with no action. Now allow me to tell you a story of how Reza Pahlavi acted when it came down to action?!

I have promised you that one day I will tell you this story. Now after 4 decades I am breaking my silence to tell you the true history about the Crimes of Reza Pahlavi against the Iranian Opposition, Iranian people and Iran!

Many names will not be mentioned and will be blanked from the original documents in Persian for security reasons. First, you can read the complete history untold until this minute and then view the original documents in Persian. Now I will unveil what has been hidden from you for decades. The media has made a hero from Reza Pahlavi but once you read this document, you will recognize that Reza Pahlavi is nothing but a zero who committed a grand crime against the people of Iran; furthermore, he has been playing the Iranian people for over 4 decades with cheap talks. Reza Pahlavi has been nothing but a block on the way of a substantial nationalist revolution to free Iran.

Crimes of Reza Pahlavi

1st Coup 1980
Organizer: General Ayat Mohaqeqi
Organizing Source: Iranian Air Force
Results: Failed Coup

Ayat Mohaqeqi of Nozhe Uprising, Portrait of a Persian Legend

2nd Coup 1984
Organizer: General Amir Hooshang Ezazi
Organizing Source: Iranian Green Beret Special Forces Army Airborne Paratroopers
Results: Never Occurred

Reza Pahlavi did not Support the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984

General Amir Hooshang Ezazi commander of the Imperial Iranian Green Beret Special Forces Army Airborne Paratroopers is a national hero.

Back in 1984, there were Imperial officers serving all over the sensitive posts of the Iranian military forces in contact with each other and with General Ezazi, waiting for the decision outside Iran from Reza Pahlavi II, support and finances to commit to a second coup. Back then, there was infrastructure inside the IRI military to commit to a successful coup.

Today, that infrastructure does not exist because all of the Imperial officers are either executed, force retired or passed away. Reza Pahlavi’s cowardice, indecisions, shortcomings and betrayal had cost Iran and the Iranians, big time! We have lost a golden opportunity. We could have made a coup on 1984.

History could have been different because General Ezazi and the other comrades practically had the golden plan ready to be executed. General Ezazi went in person to see Reza Pahlavi, but he refused to see him! General Ezazi made a numerous contact attempts including sending 3 telegrams and 2 letters to Reza Pahlavi which finally RP responded and basically ignored General’s repeated requests and advice to finance and support the 2nd coup. At the time and still today, Reza Pahlavi has a bunch of losers, ass kissers and useless incompetent buffoons around him. These buffoons play the role of advisors to him.

Back then, when he could, he refused to free Iran, and now, he screams the New Covenant (Peyman-e Novin) to the masses! His New Covenant is nothing but cheap talk and show crocodile tears for the public to pretend that he cares for the freedom of Iran.

Through the years, he repeatedly made pacts with the Reformist Fraction of Hezbollah and IRI instead of making pacts with true Nationalists of Iran!

I have never before, exposed these documents publicly. When I see that time after time, Reza Pahlavi spews cheap talk, gathers a group of incompetent losers around him and furthermore, makes pacts with the Reformist Fraction of Hezbollah, only to show that he still exists and he still cares, these actions have confirmed my original thoughts that Reza Pahlavi has never been serious nor interested in actually overthrowing the IRI. Reza Pahlavi has been wheeling and dealing with the Reformist Mullahs and Fraction of IRI. In another expose, I will in detail expose Reza Pahlavi’s true motives and how he wasted over 4 decades of the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian people’s time. He neither gets out of the picture and quits politics, nor he is seriously fighting the IRI.

Reza Pahlavi's Secret Deal with IRI

2nd Iran Coup of 1984

After the experiences gained from the unsuccessful coup of 1980 (Nozhe), Iranian patriots were determined to make a successful coup to overthrow the Islamic Regime. The coup was planned to the detail. There were three different plans but one plan was chosen as the best plan. A great number of the Imperial Iranian Officers were still serving in different branches of the IRI military, in fact, they were in charge of sensitive posts. IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) were new to the scene and were only beginning to enter as a force. IRGC was nowhere as powerful as today. There were petty officers faithful to the old regime, there were troops still faithful to the old regime. There were civilians, ex Imperial officials and workers inside Iran, still faithful to the old regime. There were a great number of ex Imperial officials, officers and civilian activists ready for a coup. There were youth activists counting minutes to participate in a coup. In other words, the coup would have been successful because:

Why the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984 Would Succeed?

I. The Coup’s Pre-Conditions were Met
The actual conditions for the coup to occur, were ready, both inside Iran and outside Iran.

II. The Coup Infrastructure Existed
The military and civilian units faithful to the Imperial Regime, were existed inside Iran and there were many high-ranking officers in sensitive posts serving inside Iran, yet with allegiance to the Imperial Regime.

III.  Harmony, Trust and Allegiance Existed
Every opposition member both civilian and military (inside) and specifically paramilitary commandos (outside) were like a unified wave, determined to commit a coup under the supervision of the officers drafting the desired plan.

IV. Coup Leadership was Worthy
All of the high-ranking officers inside, civilian unit leadership inside, commandos outside, activists outside were trained, in shape, battle-ready, knowledgeable of plans and in agreement with each other about the ultimate plan.

V. Worthiness of the Head of the Coup
All high-ranking officers and civilians (inside), military, paramilitary and activists (outside) had faith in General Ezazi, the plan and the operations.

General Ezazi

General Amir Hooshang Ezazi was not chopped liver; furthermore, he was one of the most competent, battle-worthy and intelligent military commanders of Iran. The man was the commander of the Imperial Iranian Green Berets Special Forces of the Army Airborne Units. The man had a history of special operations in Oman, Iraq, abroad and inside Iran. The man was a top commando paratrooper with a golden history of a series of successful operations and battles.

If the commander of the Imperial Iranian Green Berets was not the ideal coup leader, then I don’t know who would be?! For God’s sake, at the time, the commanding officers of various military units inside Iran were his ex-students, the ones he trained in the Military Academy and University. They were absolutely faithful to him.

At the time, I had the pleasure of having a small part in the coup. I was a young Rooster, only a kid and a hot-headed activist.  I can tell you one fact:

Every single person involved in the 2nd coup from a colonel to a foot soldier, to an activist, to a student inside or outside Iran believed in the leadership of the coup and believed in the worthiness and genius of the commander of the coup General Ezazi. The man was practically a legend of his time.

Reza Pahlavi wasted this great nationalist’s time. Reza Pahlavi ignored his telegraphs, letters, refused to meet him, escaped from town to not visit him (despite Shahbanu Farah’s invitation) and finally when he responded, the response was basically an asinine spit in the face and ignoring the General! Reza Pahlavi wasted General Ezazi and Patriots’ time, Iranian Opposition’s time and Iranian people’s time! Reza Pahlavi has been doing such, for over 4 decades!

General Ezazi is an Iranian Hero!
Reza Pahlavi is an Iranian Zero!

Why Reza Pahlavi did not Support the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984?

Let us be very blunt here because we are way passed platitudes, Persian Flatteries and curtain of respect; therefore, I am going to lay it on the line for all of you:

I. Reza Pahlavi is a Coward
Reza Pahlavi is a natural born coward. After the defeat of the 1st Coup of Nozhe at 1980, he was terrified that if this 2nd Coup would fail, then the Mullahs would crucify him and certainly assassinate him. Just like he had nothing to do with the 1st Coup, he wanted to have nothing to do with a 2nd Coup. There was only one problem: A coup needs finances and support. Reza Pahlavi did not provide any of them!

Figure, when Reza Pahlavi attends a political event or even a simple concert, his table is next to the exit, so he will be the first to escape if needed! He is a chubby cowardly boy who plays the role of the Wanna be Shah!

II. Reza Pahlavi was Busy in Night Clubs
When General Ezazi and us were planning a coup to save Iran, Reza Pahlavi had his hands full, dancing the nights away in Discos, Night Clubs, Concerts and House Parties. RP’s priorities were whores, faggots and con artists around him and partying with him. RP’s priorities were surely not Iran and Iranians.

III. Reza Pahlavi was Never Man of the Battle
Since early days in Iran, RP was a sissy boy. He was never man of the battle. He was too distracted, too weak, too incompetent and too ignorant to even participate in a paramilitary or a military operation, set aside opposition leadership or running a country. This is where monarchy is flawed and heredity of the leadership is illogical. Look at the Pahlavi Dynasty:

Reza Shah the Great had Balls of Steel
Mohammad Reza Shah had Balls of Copper
Reza Pahlavi II has Cotton Balls

This is the reason that head of the state must be chosen upon Merrit, worthiness and leadership not due to heredity (monarchy). The complete institution of monarchy is outdated, flawed and a thing of the past. The grandfather was father of the nation, the father was a nationalist but a flawed weak man, and the grand son is a complete imbecil, a coward, an unworthy sissy boy, an uneducated moron, and a weak boy given the duties of a strong man! He was the wrong choice to begin with, but the funny thing is that for over 40 years, he still insists to be a player in the politics of Iran and a wanna be Shah!

IV. Reza Pahlavi always Surrounded himself with Morons
Reza Pahlavi’s advisors were always incompetent fools. His financial advisors were thieves and morons which invested his money in stock market sad deals. They made RP to completely lose his ass in the stock market, go broke and then go around and beg for money from the Arab Sheikhs, family and Monarchs! Reza Pahlavi has no financial sense; he is an idiot when it comes to economics. The advisors he chosen were also morons! That’s why once, he went bankrupt! By begging around, again he built a fortune but still his financial advisors are idiots just like him!

Reza Pahlavi’s political advisors are worse!  The first time, they got him in to not supporting the true Nationalists of Iran; furthermore, they got him into forming coalitions with Ass Kissers, Ball Polishers and Sycophant Monarchists. These advisors advised him to form coalitions and participate in a series of Bull Shiite movements with flawed agendas. These movements were a coalition of the useless monarchists, reformist fraction of the IRI Islamist Regime, shady businessmen, charlatan con artists and wanna be technocrats. Reza Pahlavi participated in Bull Shiite Movements such as these:

Green Wave Movement
NCI - National Council of Iran (Shoraye Meli Iran)
Phoenix Project of Iran
New Covenant (Peyman Novin)

Which have all failed because the goals were unclear, the members were shady and the Reza Pahlavi as always was not serious and man of the battle.

Reza Pahlavi's Secret Deal with IRI

V. Reza Pahlavi is a Superstitious Muslim
Same as Shah and Shahbanu, Reza Pahlavi is a devout Shiite Muslim, deeply religious, blindly superstitious and philosophically illogical and backward. It is amazing that Reza Pahlavi did not inherit his grandfather’s (Reza Shah the Great) Big Balls, Secular Concepts, anti-Islam Sentiments, brightness, intelligence and productivity!

Reza Pahlavi’s indecision is a result of his superstitions which makes him weak. He had always escaped to religious consultants, fortune tellers and superstition rather than logic, reality and cost effectiveness of a task in hand! When it came down to decisions on the 2nd coup of 1984, instead of consulting facts and plans, he was consulting Raml O Ostorlab and Quran!

Religious superstitious mothers produce religious superstitious sons:

* Taj ol-Molouk Ayromlou Queen mother produced Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
* Shahbanu Farah Diba produced Reza Pahlavi

Results of the Islamic religious superstitions in the Shah’s case, resulted in allowing Ayatollahs to roam free without any consequences which ended up in the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

Results of the Islamic religious superstitions in Reza Pahlavi’s case, resulted in not allowing the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984 to happen!

This is Shiite Islam’s effect on the Pahlavi Dynasty! Only if Pahlavis would inherit Reza Shah the Great’s Large Size Balls and Anti-Islam secularity, we would have not been still involved with the Mullahs and the IRI, for now after 4 decades!

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

Reza Pahlavi has Zero Financial Intelligence

Now you understand why the Pahlavi Family had never put Reza Pahlavi in charge of the finances and the capital! There is always someone else who runs Reza Pahlavi’s finances. Some make him broke and some carry him along just to get by. The main capital is within the Pahlavi Family and not given to Reza Pahlavi to blow it like he did once!

The Coup Which Never Happened!

The 2nd Iran Coup of 1984 could have saved Iran. A legend and an Iranian superhero (General Ezazi) planned it, a group of top Iranian officers formed it, a number of great nationalists participated in it and in my opinion, it would have been a winner. At the time, I was only a kid but a young activist full of Pure Persian Pride. I had a small part in this coup. As a logical person who is very good with cost analysis and risk factors, both then and now, I can give you my solemn oath of honor that my professional opinion then and now is that this coup would have worked and succeed, only if Reza Pahlavi would finance it and support it.

I have Seen the Light!

After this episode, it had become very clear to me that all the rumors about Reza Pahlavi being a loser bum, a coward, an indecision simpleton, a financial moron, a career exilist, a person care-free of Iran, a selfish chubby boy, and a weak boy were true!

At that point, not only I, but many lovers of Iran, hardcore Nationalists and solid monarchists, have lost their faith in the Pahlavis, monarchy and definitely Reza Pahlavi! We had seen the light; RP pictures came down from the shelves and moved out of the photo albums. Pahlavi framed portraits came down from the walls. We had found out broken hearted that Reza Pahlavi has no trace of his grandfather or even father. We had become certain that with Reza Pahlavi, it will never be action, but only cheap talk.

That was the point in time which many nationalists went their own way disappointed, some abandoned politics with no hope and the rest such as myself, went pondering about the future struggle, knowing that Reza Pahlavi will never be a relevant factor towards the freedom of Iran.

Back in the 1980s, we have found out who Reza Pahlavi really is?! Our eyes opened up to the reality of Reza Pahlavi, so we moved on from Reza Pahlavi, the Pahlavis and the monarchy!

View these important historical documents, first in English translated by me and then the original documents in Persian:


General Ezazi’s Final Letter to Reza Pahlavi II

From: General Amir Hooshang Ezazi
Address and Telephone Number Blanked (for security reasons)
San Diego, California
To: Reza Pahlavi II

To His Royal Majesty Reza Shah II

I send my greetings and in the tradition of our noble ancestors, I shake your hand and bow to you.
I wish to God for your health and freedom of Iran.

This is the 3rd telegraph and the 2nd letter which I have sent you. I hope that I will receive a response to my final letter.

I am General Amir Hooshang Ezazi of the Iranian Green Barret Special Forces Paratroopers.

1. For 10 years I have trained and educated the best of the Iran in the Military Academy. Today they are colonels and commanders of the Iranian armies.

2. These officers whom once were my students, were valuable factors in my escape from the Khomeini’s prison. They have saved me from a certain death.

3. Colonel Qasem Hosseini, may his spirit rest in peace, was at the time the revolutionary prosecuting attorney of the army who aided me to safely escape from Iran.

4. For a year, I have been the commander in the Military University at the Saltanat Abad. My students were lieutenants and now they are serving as colonels of the Iranian army, air force and gendarmeries whom are all faithful to me.

5. Many of these officers are in contact with me through the telephone and letters. They are awaiting for our activities abroad.

6. General Blank (Security Reasons) was my adjutant infantry officer in Shiraz and he is in indirect contact with me.

7. General Blank (Security Reasons) Under Secretary of the Iranian Joint Forces is also in phone and letter contacts with me. I have sent his letters to you. These officers work and risk their safety but waiting for our decisions abroad to show their allegiance.

8. During the reign of Alahazrat, our dearly beloved departed Shah, upon his orders, I had built the first guerrilla airborne school with the help of the Korean Officers. The graduates of this school have been conducting special operations in Iraq (during the Saddam Hussein Regime) and drove the Iraqis crazy (during the war)!

9. I am the first Iranian commander whom with my 300 special forces paratroopers and a number of special officers, for 4 months have fought the Communist Guerrillas in the Oman. We have defeated the Communists in Zufar, Oman. With permission from Alahazrat Homayoun Shahanshah Aryamehr, and invitation from the Sultan of Oman, I went to his palace and he granted me the Zufar Medallion of Honor. Most importantly, we have finished these operations in Oman and returned to Iran without any human casualties to our Imperial Iranian Special Forces!

10. I have conducted 3 years of military training outside Iran and I have spent my complete savings which was in the amount of $ 50,000 on these trainings.

11. The first and the last donation of the Pahlavi Family (at that time) was a $ 20,000 check by Princess Ashraf Pahlavi to me in which Mr. Golesorkhi seized and stopped payment on it!

* Note 1
Stopped Payment!
A check in the amount of $ 20,000 was sent from Geneva, Switzerland to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA by the French American Banking Corporation from Valahazrat Princess Ashraf Pahlavi (Shah’s departed sister) to General Ezazi on 1/18/1982. The payment on this check stopped!

* Note 2
Later on, Princess Ashraf gave a check for the amount of $ 5,000 to General Ezazi which he spent it on his military trainings of the patriots and activism. At least Ashraf paid $ 5,000. That is more than Reza Pahlavi ever paid for a coup to free Iran which was zero dollars!

12. General Oveissi on two occasions had informed me that Shahanshah had made a special budget for you but until this day I have not received or heard anything about it!

13. My last effort to free Iran was 7 months ago when I went to Paris, France and met General Oveissi (later assassinated in France). He told me that Shahanshah stated that tell General Ezazi to return to America because “now is not the time for action”! I have returned to America. I paid for my roundtrip ticket from my own savings from working as a labor.

14. Now I work days as a school bus driver and nights as a security guard for a company. I barely make ends meet; however, I have no personal demand and financial expectations from your highness.

* Note 1:
Before San Diego, General Ezazi used to drive a taxi in New York to make ends meet.

* Note 2:
General Ezazi spent basically his complete saving at the time on the military training and political activism of the opposition members.

* Note 3:
General Ezazi was a generous soul, everything he owned was shared with his officers, troops, commandos, comrades, activists and opposition members.

15. Obviously you must know that via the invitation of the Oliyahazrat Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi (your mother), I travelled from USA to Cairo, Egypt to visit you but I was not successful to see you!

* Note:
Reza Pahlavi fled town not to see General Ezazi. RP ignored this great patriot and nationalist!

16. 3 years ago, I on behalf of my warmates and myself, have given Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi (your mother) 3 different plans to free Iran.

17. I will state right here to your majesty that in the future, both you and us the Imperial officers will be held responsible by the Iranian people and specifically the Iranian Imperial Forces that what have we done to free Iran and why we were not successful?

18. Once more I shall state to you that seize waiting for the action from inside Iran or foreign powers because we will be waiting for a long time and many years to come!

* Note:
How true! General Ezazi foreseen the future!

19. Your highness can set a small amount of money through one of your close family or trusties to finance my plan for drafting a force of only under 400 commandos. These commandos will be entering Iran through various Arab states of the Southern Persian Gulf.

20. With the aid of our military officers’ connections inside Iran, we can quickly capture a province of Iran and from there plan the national uprising.

21. I promise you at that point, the major world powers will take the first step to start negotiating with you.

22. At that point, with our support and finances, the officers and ranking military members faithful to us, can fight against the central government and even if they get defeated, they can fall back in to the single province captured by us to save their lives.

23. You need an urgent access to the foreign and exiled TVs and Radios via an organized propaganda machine.

24. I must sincerely inform your royal highness that Massoud Rajavi’s Communists (Mojahedin, now PMOI) have been much more successful than us in propaganda. They have successfully stolen and drafted many of our university students, thinking intellectuals, military officers and even your own personal pilot! Our propaganda in comparison to Mojahedin (PMOI) is not even zero but under zero!

* Note:
In the 1980s, While Rajavi was creating an army and along side of it a strong political organization; Reza Pahlavi was sitting on his ass and playing with his balls! Today, it shows, take a good look at the NCRI and Mojahedin organization, lobby, rallies, activism, operations, protests inside, missions inside and general mass organization. Then take a good look at Reza Pahlavi’s cheap talks for over 4 decades! Reza Pahlavi made true nationalists disappointed and they abandoned him, simply because Reza Pahlavi was never a worthy leader!

25. If you have appointed personnel (political civilian and military), these men around you are not trained and built to challenge and compete with the Mojahedin! The efforts of the men around you have so far provided a negative result.

* note:
Bravo General Ezazi, bravo! Every worthy nationalist was pushed away by Reza Pahlavi, instead, he surrounded himself with losers, low lives and incompetent imbecil and fools!

26. If your majesty allows me to visit you, I will present to you my plans in detail, my compatriots’ projects, letters from the active officers inside Iran who serve the regime and can be very valuable factors for the success of your majesty. One more time, I wish you health and success for Iran.

Be Proud
With Regards,
General Paratrooper Amir Hooshang Ezazi
January 25, 1984
San Diego, California, USA


Reza Pahlavi’s Response to General Ezazi

From: Reza Pahlavi II
To: General Ezazi

Date: 1983

General Hooshang Ezazi

I have received your January 28, 1984 letter. I am well informed about your past services and shining history. I am sure that you will be a valuable factor for the future activities. At the first chance which I travel to America, it will be arranged to meet you and discuss the future important issues, so I can hear your views and experiences.

Reza Pahlavi II

Reza Pahlavi Site

* Note 1:
Reza Pahlavi got both the date of General Ezazi’s letter and his letter wrong! He can’t even get the dates right set aside running the opposition or a nation!

* Note 2:
After ignoring the General’s visit, telegrams, and letters, Reza Pahlavi was finally forced into responding (forced by Shahbanu)! This response was basically ignoring the General and he never got back to the General!


Princess Ashraf Pahlavi’s Stopped Check to General Ezazi

Amount of $ 20,0000
Princess Ashraf Pahlavi’s Stopped Check to General Ezazi
French American Banking Corporation Check from Geneva Switzerland to General Ezazi’s Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA account.

* Note 1:
A check in the amount of $ 20,000 was sent from Geneva, Switzerland to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA by the French American Banking Corporation from Oliyahazrat Princess Ashraf Pahlavi (Shah’s departed sister) to General Ezazi on 1/18/1982. The payment on this check stopped!

* Note 2
Later on, Princess Ashraf gave a check for the amount of $ 5,000 to General Ezazi which he spent it on his military trainings of the patriots and activism. At least Ashraf paid $ 5,000. That is more than Reza Pahlavi ever paid for a coup to free Iran which was zero dollars!


Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi’s Coronation Islamic Blessed Writing

Shahbanu of Iran’s Handwriting

The greatest honor of my life is that I am the descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). My greatest and eternal work is that I grant the Holy Quran and its translation to the nation of Iran during the coronation ceremonies of the Alahazrat Shahanshah Aryamehr and myself. The nation in which Shahanshah and I are so heartfelt about their better days and success. Our desire is that this shining light of Quran, which is specific to the words of God (Allah) and brings assurance and peace, shines more (crossed and changed: creates more light) upon the people of this nation.

We begin our work with this light, assurance and faith, and we are assured that the dear nation of Iran also walks with us on this path. We pray to God (Allah) for success (crossed and changed: from the bottom of my heart, I wish upon Quran to protect and bless Shah and the nation.)

* Note 1:
Notice the deep Islamic religious devotion of Shahbanu to Quran and emphasis on his connection to the family of the Prophet Muhammad.

* Note 2:
According to Empress Farah Pahlavi, Reza Pahlavi is both Seyed of Hussein-i, and Hassan-i descended from both Imam Hassan and Hussein (Shiite Imams and Grandsons of the Prophet). Who can ever forget that propaganda web page on Farah Pahlavi’s website about how Reza Pahlavi and herself are both Seyeds of Hassani and Husseini, a double whammy Seyeds?! Only after I mocked that ridiculous web page, Empress ordered her web designer to take the page off of her site. Of course, the reason she had the web page up was to make Reza Pahlavi popular amongst the Muslims and give him legitimacy as an Arabo-Muslim Seyed descendant; However, the tactic backfired because at the time, it was not popular amongst the masses to be a Seyed and for one to connect himself to Hassan and Hussein! At earlier time when Farah uploaded that web page, it was cool to be a Seyed (popular mood) but later on, being a Seyed become resentful amongst the masses.

Of course, Pahlavis eat the bread by the daily price (Nun ro be nerkhe ruz mikhorand) and they love to fly in the direction of the wind. The opportunists that they are, one day they are Seyeds and the next day they are Persian Nationalists. One day they are Monarchists and the next day they are Republicans! Any which way they can, as long as RP becomes a Shah or somehow returns to Iran and rule!

You see, one day he is Seyed Reza Pahlavi and the next day he is Cyrus Reza Pahlavi!
Gahi posht bar zin, gahi zin be posht!

So, after my mockery, Farah took the web page down:

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!
The Letter Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Answer!

* Note 3:
Notice the deep Islamic religious devotion of Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi to the Arabo-Islamic Religion of Bedouin who slaughtered our Iranian ancestors! Just like mother, Reza Pahlavi is also a devoted Shiite Muslim and an Arab Worshipper!


Original Documents in Persian

Now you have the background information, history and knowledge, also you have read the English translations of the original documents; therefore, you are ready to read these original historical documents published for the first time, after 4 decades, only in IPC. May they shed a light on to the true history of Iran, hidden from you by propaganda and brainwash:

Original Documents in Persian
Pahlavi Documents on 2nd Iran Coup of 1984


More Power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran

Pure Persian Pride


Dr. X


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