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Scientific Historical Comparison

Trump versus Hitler: Similarities and Differences
Scientific Historical Comparison

Ahreeman X
September 11, 2017

German Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler vs. American President Donald Trump


The same as the “Fake News” fabricated by the MSM (Liberal Mainstream Media), we also have “Fake History” fabricated by the “Liberal Professors” in the American and European Universities. The Western Universities are “Liberal Infested” and therefore, they are not places of higher education; however, they are places of “Indoctrination” and “Brainwash”!

Unlike the Liberal Professors who teach you “Fake History”, I am here to teach you “Real History”.

Scientific History

The best method of teaching the Real History is to teach the “Scientific History”. The True “Scientific History” is taught by teaching the history via drafting the true science, logic and knowledge as the essential tools to aid us to transform the “Factual History” from one generation to another. My perspective of history is a scientific approach. I look at history not as a dead subject of old tales, yet as a living science.

I am a firm believer in Free Thinking, Logic and Science; therefore, the only path that I see forward on teaching the history is to teach the “Scientific History”. I do not deal with emotions, fads, political correctness, bias and censorship. I deal with logic and science. As a scientific man, a scientist and a historian, it is my duty to inform all of the true “Scientific History”.

Liberal Narrative

Many liberals love to compare Hitler with Trump; as a matter of fact liberal professors in the liberal infested universities are handing out research assignments to their indoctrinated and brainwashed students on Trump vs. Hitler! The point is to vilify Trump, delegitimize his presidency and to destroy him! They do not hand these assignments for the sake of studying history and concluding a logical and historically accurate comparison results; however, they have a selective alter agenda.

Academic Establishment the same as the Media Establishment always has a selective bias on reporting and informing. For instance:

Media Bias

Media Establishment has a record of:

- Reporting Fake Polls

- Reporting Fake Statements

- Reporting Fake Events

- Reporting Fake News

- Colluding, harmonizing and synchronizing with Democratic Party in aiding them to win elections
(Ex: Media Collusion with Clinton Campaign exposed by WikiLeaks)

- Self Serving interest (corporate media globalist agenda) in antagonistic conflict with the Trump Agenda (Nationalist Economic Agenda).

- Creating the News rather than reporting the news

- Selective reporting of the news

- Media cover up
(Ex: Cover up of Susan Rice Benghazi and Wiretap of Trump Campaign)

- Attacking Trump on 24/7 bases to undermine his presidency and to destroy him

- Avoiding the American people to get informed on real news by 24/7 spread of liberal biased propaganda and lies

- Creating false narratives to distract the public from the reality
(Ex: Creation of Russia Collusion to distract the people on Trump success and achievements such as the blooming economy, mass job creations, high GDP, all time illegal immigration low, all time crime low, all time unemployment low  and etc.)
And so on …

Academia Bias

Academic Establishment has a record of:

- Selective teaching of historical and political events in the universities

- Propagating Cultural Diversity (Multiculturalism) but Groupthink (Liberalism)

- Undermine and marginalization of all free and intellectual thinkers outside the liberal groupthink

- Bring forward false logic (fallacy) and fake evidence via selective coverage of history and historical events

- Marxist, Socialist, Anarchist and Liberal Propaganda

- Indoctrinating liberal agenda via injection of liberal causes in to the students’ brains (Fantastic Climate Change Tales and Social Justice Agenda)

- Banning free flow of information in the universities by banning speakers, lecturers, assemblies, websites and books from the Right

- Teaching historical, scientific, economical and political lies

- Seize the Freedom of speech

- Seize the Free Debate
And so on …

Indoctrinating University Assignments

Liberal professors have been handing out research assignments to their students on Trump vs. Hitler to conclude via similarities that Trump is another Hitler; therefore, he will establish Fascism, suppress freedoms and kill many people in the future. Ultimately Trump will establish a racist dictatorship in America. This is the desired conclusion for the liberal professors.

For this research, they send their students to gather information (preferably from liberal biased sources).

Free Thinkers and Smart Students

The Free Thinkers and Some intelligent students decide to learn firsthand about the Nazism; therefore, they figure to study Mein Kampf (Hitler’s First Book) and Zweites Buch (Hitler’s Second Book) which are the best sources to gain information about Nazism.

True Translations of the Hitler’s Books

Naturally the best selection of the “Mein Kampf” and the “Zweites Buch” (the same as all other books) are available online, so they want to purchase the most accurate version and they end up here:

Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler’s First Book) and Zweites Buch (Adolf Hitler’s Second Book)

We recommend these True Translations of Hitler’s Books:


After all, these are the most accurate versions of the Mein Kampf and the Zweites Buch available.

After studying the above issues and facts, we can easily comprehend that the liberal reality is parallel to the Real Reality! It is like Liberals live in an alternate reality (LaLa Land)!

Therefore there is a big difference between compare comparison of Trump and Hitler, the liberal version and the scientific historical version!

ANTIFA the Paramilitary Wing of the Liberal Academia

To accelerate their liberal agenda, the liberal academia does not stop there but they also make sure that nothing gets out of the university environments but their own brand of misinformation. To guarantee this task, they have their own thug army funded by “George Soros” (Socialist Billionaire who wins through creating chaos in the world) and directed by the liberal professors. This rag tag thug army of paid protestors is lead by professional Anarchists. This rag tag army of criminals is called the ANTIFA (Anti Fascists); however, the funny thing is that like Fascists, they wear black, they seize Free Speech with violence and they destroy university campuses and public property! On top of it all, ANTIFA justifies their atrocities as the ultimate and noble acts to save the Liberal Socialist World!

ANTIFA wears black, seizes freedom of speech on the university campuses and uses violence to progress their socialist agenda.

ANTIFA are anarchist terrorists who believe in chaos with socialist benefits! ANTIFA consists of:

Paid Protestors
Career Convicts

And so on …

Black Lives Matter

BLM (Black Lives Matter) is yet another self serving fabricated Para Militia Movement created by the Communists, Marxists and Black Racists, not to serve the Black People but to serve their own Black Racist Agenda and Socialist Agenda to destroy the Trump National Populist Movement and to create anarchy in America.

Reality of the Black Lives Matter


“Pigs in the blanket,
Fry them like bacon”

(Black Lives Matter Rally Chants)

“What do we want?
Dead Cops.
When do we want it?
We want it now.”

(Black Lives Matter Rally Chants)


Cop killing in America has risen drastically during the last year and this year.


Do you see any correlation between “Black Lives Matter” rhetoric and the rise of dead cops in America?


Let’s not forget that “Black Lives Matter” were invited to the White House by Hussein Obama!

Let’s not forget that “Black Lives Matter” were praised and cherished by Clinton and the liberals at the Democratic Convention!

Let’s not forget that “Black Lives Matter” has been strongly funded by George Soros, the billionaire globalist Liberal!


Do you see any correlation between Democratic Party’s praise of “Black Lives Matter” and victory of the “National Populist Movement” in the “2016 National Populist Revolution of America” and election of Trump (leader of the movement) as the President?

Time for Change!

It is time to dump the liberal political correctness in the dumpster of history and deal with the problems realistically!

It is time to be honest with each other, stop censorship, and evolve open and free discussions in America!

Rebuttal to the Liberal Narrative of Trump vs. Hitler

Liberal Version of the Trump vs. Hitler (as stated above) is similar to the fake news. It is fabricated by the liberal professors in the mainstream Liberal Universities of America and Western Europe. Basically it is politically correct liberal propaganda far from reality.

Inventions of Hitler’s Nazi Germany

Everything you hear (in the west) about Hitler is negative. The west puts forward every single negative task which has been done by Hitler but they never report every achievement which he had done! For instance they never report that Hitler and Hitler’s Nazi Germany was responsible for the creation and invention of the:

VW Automobile
Autobahn Freeway System
Z Series Original Computers
3D Filming System
V2 Rocket Missiles
Original Rocket Science
Original Aerospace Engineering
Original jet power engines
Original Jet Fighters

Original Nuclear Science
Bayer Aspirin
Methadone Pain Killers
Hugo Boss Fashion Industry
Fanta Soda Pops
Medical Science Genetics Advancements
Many Modern Medical Science Achievements

And so much more …

Let’s face it:

Love him or hate him, good or bad, right or wrong,

“Hitler’s Nazi Germany was one of the most Self Sufficient Governing Systems in the history of the Earth!”

Hitler’s Nazi Germany was one of the most Efficient Systems of government in the history of the world.

Nazi Germany was a scientifically advanced society.

* * *

Trump versus Hitler
Scientific Historical Comparison

Now we will discuss the true scientific historical comparison between Trump and Hitler. In this section we will discuss in this manner:


Let’s roll:

* * *

Trump versus Hitler

Hitler inherited a disaster from the Weimar Republic
Hitler inherited a disastrous depression, inflation, unemployment and a shell of a nation due to the Versailles Treaty and the incompetence of the Weimar Republic.

Trump inherited a Nightmare from Hussein Obama’s Socialist Regime
Trump inherited a nightmarish recession, bankrupt economy, no growth GDP, high inflation, high unemployment, dysfunctional war on terror, chaos in the Middle East and the world and indeed a nation on welfare, food stamp and unemployment. Obama and the Liberal Congress handed Trump a destroyed “Crippled America” and a Collapsed World!


Hitler made the German Economy great
Before he started the war, Hitler dragged the collapsed German Economy and Society of the post WWI to become a powerful, functional and prosperous economy with the vast labor force; furthermore, created a “Self Sufficient” economical system.

Hitler built a great economy including but not limited to:
Mass Job Creation (High Employment)
Mass Military Industrialization
Great Autobahn (German Highway System)
VW (Automobile of the people)
Small Radios built for everyone
Self Sufficiency

Trump made the US Economy blooming
Stock market up, mass job creation, returning US Industries and Corporations back home (from abroad), raise the GDP and creation of wealth were only fractions of what Trump had done so far to make the US Economy bloom.

Trump is building a great economy including but not limited to:
Millions of Job Creation
Returning Corporations to America
Mass Investment in American Business
Reconstruction and New construction of Infrastructure
Returning Auto Companies to America
Mass production of American Autos
Exporting the energy (Natural Gas, etc.)
Self Sufficiency Goal

Hitler made Germany self sufficient

Trump is making America not only self sufficient but we are exporting energy (for the first time in ages).


Hitler was a celebrity
People waited for hours to see him speak or to get a signed autograph. People saw Hitler as one of them.

Trump is a celebrity
Trump was a sensation even before he took office. People wait half a day in the lines only to see the Trump Rallies, hear him speak, and to get a signed autograph or picture. They see Trump as one of them.


Hitler was a bestselling author
“Mein Kampf” was a best seller in Germany before Hitler even took office.
Adolf Hitler Books
Mein Kampf (1925)
Zweites Buch (1928) [Was not published during his lifetime]

* Note: There are a number of speeches, monologues, court documents, interviews, notes and will, which were originally written by Hitler and later were published as books; however, they were never written and formatted as books by Adolf Hitler’s desire and they were never intended to be published as books (during his lifetime). Hitler’s major books are “Mein Kampf” and Zweites Buch”. These other documents are of a lesser importance because they were not meant to be published as books by Hitler.
Here are listed these documents:
The Hitler Trial Before the People's Court in Munich (1924)
My New Order (1941)
My Political Testament (1945)
My Private Will and Testament (1945)
Unmasked: Two Confidential Interviews with Hitler in 1931 (1971)
Hitler's Letters and Notes (1974)
Hitler's Table Talk (2000)

Trump is a bestselling author
Donald J. Trump Books
The Art of the Deal (1987)
Surviving at the Top (1990)
The Art of the Comeback (1997)
The America We Deserve (2000)
How to Get Rich (2004)
The Way to the Top: The Best Business Advice I Ever Received (2004)
Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life (2004)
The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received (2005)
Why We Want You to Be Rich: Two Men, One Message (2006)
How to Build a Fortune: Your Plan for Success From the World's Most Famous Businessman (2006)
The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received: 100 Top Experts Share Their Strategies (2006)
Trump 101: The Way to Success (2006)
Think Big and Kick Ass (2007)
Never Give Up: How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success (2008)
Think Like a Champion: An Informal Education in Business and Life (2009)
Time to Get Tough: Making America # 1 Again (2011)
Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich - And Why Most Don't (2011)
Trump Tower (2011)
Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again (2015)


Hitler was independently wealthy
Due to book sales from Mein Kampf (globally), Hitler was a wealthy man.

Trump is independently wealthy
Trump is a billionaire industrialist and builder. Trump is a bestselling author. Trump is an Ex TV Star and an international celebrity. He did not need to become president but he done it only because he loves America.


Hitler was a sex Symbol in Germany
Desired by many German girls and women, Hitler was mass worshiped by many women around the globe. Hitler was a sex symbol. Hitler was very popular amongst the German and many foreign women in the Nazi Circa.

Trump was an International Playboy
Throughout his life, Trump has been an International playboy well desired by many women.


Hitler for 13 years as the German Chancellor never accepted salary
He was independently wealthy mostly due to his book Mein Kampf.

Trump never accepted salary for presidency
Trump became president to save America on the verge of collapse. He did not need the money; therefore, he does not receive the salary; furthermore, he saves money for America by getting the projects done cheaper and ahead of the schedule (unlike Washington DC Bureaucracy).


Hitler stated: “Our leaders are corrupt and incompetent.”
Hitler sincerely believed that Weimar Republic leaders were incompetent and they destroyed Germany. They have turned the WWI Powerful German Empire in to rubbles.

Trump stated: “Our leaders are corrupt and stupid.”
Trump believes that Washington DC is a swamp. Congress and Government are loaded with self serving politicians. They are corrupt, in the bag of “Special Interest” and bought and sold by the corporations. The DC Swamp must be drained so America can be great again.


Hitler despised globalists as the enemy of Germany
Hitler believed Globalism is another word to undermine the German ingenuity.

Trump believes globalists are there to destroy America and Americanism
They will do this task by importing unskilled cheap labors through the “Open Borders Policy”. Global Corporations are pro “Open Borders” policies. They have the Democratic Party and the Establishment of GOP in the bag so they can rule America against the will of the American people. That is why Trump ran for the office to return the power back to the people where the founding fathers were intended.


Hitler believed in Germany First

Trump believes in America First


Hitler was a hardcore Nationalist and he loved Germany

Trump is a Heavy Duty Nationalist and he loves America


Hitler drafted mass meetings
Via mass gatherings, rallies, parades, theatrics, showmanship and speeches, Hitler captured the German hearts.

Trump makes mass rallies
Via mass rallies, gatherings, speeches and showmanship, Trump has made America to fall in love with him.


Hitler was man of the people
The average German labor and worker loved Hitler

Trump is man of the people
The Hardworking Workers and Middle Class America love Trump.


Hitler made Germany great (primarily before the WWII)

Trump is making America great
High GDP, High Stock Market, High Job Creation, Cut Regulations, Returning Manufacturing to America, Made in America Campaign, Low Unemployment, Low Crimes, Low Illegal Immigration, Eliminating Food Stamp, Welfare and Entitlement, Making America Great are Trump priorities.


Hitler worked for veterans
Hitler served Veterans well and was focused on them.

Trump works for veterans
Trump reformed Veteran Affairs; flood the goods towards them and taking care of them.


Hitler made military great
Hitler created the greatest and most sophisticated military in the world (until America entered the war). America took advantage of the peace period and being all the way on other side of the world, away from the conflict, to build her military might.

Trump made military huge
Trump is all about military and service personnel. America is once again the most powerful, sophisticated and modern military in the globe and is getting better by the day. Trump believes in powerful military to keep the global peace.


Hitler was a Nationalist and a Populist
Hitler was a Nationalist who despised the Establishment. He believed that the Aristocracy and the Government Establishment are corrupt, self serving and Anti Folk (public).

Trump is a National Populist
Trump is heavily Anti Establishment of Media, Academia, Hollywood, Corporations and Government. Trump sees the liberal and republican establishment as corrupt institutions detached from the Average America. They are the Swamp and they must be drained.


Hitler was a great speaker
Hitler speeches were full of passion, theatrics and showmanship. He gave it all he had and frankly almost collapsed after each major speech. Hitler speeches were mesmerizing and heartwarming. Hitler hypnotized the masses via his speeches. Hitler made the average man to feel powerful as a part of the Folk (public). The Folk were a powerful entity.

Trump is a great speaker
Trump speeches connect directly with the average Joe and Jane. Trump speeches are written and spoken for hardworking Americans and the Middle Class. The Workers directly connect with him, believe that he is one of them and they love his down to earth approach, average man’s lingo and honesty. They believe Trump is a Blue Color Billionaire and a Construction Worker and Builder in heart. Trump Speeches and Rallies capture people’s hearts and give them a sense of belonging and empowerment.


Hitler was raised to power via German people
German people had put Hitler in charge via votes and elections (primarily). German people had made the Nazis strong and in charge. Even though Hitler was appointed as the Chancellor of Germany by the president Paul Von Hindenburg and after his death, Hitler took over the office of presidency and declared himself as “Der Fuhrer” yet primarily it was the people’s votes which put the Nazis in the Reichstag (parliament) and raised Hitler to gain control.

Trump was raised to power via American people
Average American people fed up with the corrupt Government, Wall Street, Corporations, Hollywood, Academia, Democratic Party, Republican Party (GOP) and Political Correctness, found a voice within Donald Trump. The people chose Trump as their voice and raised him to power to clean up the Washington DC and burn down the System to create a New System.


Hitler was loved by the masses (primarily)
Before mid war era, Hitler was loved by the Germans because he returned wealth, jobs, power and prestige back to Germany.

Trump is loved by the masses
Trump is a working class hero. He talks like them, feels their pain, knows their challenges, identifies with them and is their voice in DC. He was elected by the people to clean up the government and return the power to the people.


Hitler believed that Germany was off direction
Hitler believed that the corrupt politicians and greedy globalist corporations have diverted Germany off of her great glory as the master of the world.

Trump believes America is off direction
Trump believes that the corrupt establishment and globalist corporations have destroyed America, made her weak and betrayed the Americans.


Hitler was mocked and belittled by the Establishment
Establishment and intellectuals had put Hitler down and referred to him as an uncultured thug.

Trump is being mocked and belittled by the Establishment
Establishment and intellectuals put Trump down. They refer to him as a thug and insensitive ignorant lampoon.


Hitler was hated by the Liberal Academia
Liberal Academia was against Hitler. Liberal professors saw Hitler as a regressive factor, a fascist thug and ignorant to the liberal causes.

Trump is hated by the Academia
Academics are against Trump. Liberal Professors and Academic Establishment are not only despising Trump and his values but they are actively enabling and encouraging violence and organized violent resistance against him on and off campuses. ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and other Leftist Terrorist Groups are well supported and directed by the liberal professors and funded by George Soros are to destroy Trump and his presidency.


Hitler took Germany out of the disaster of Weimar Republic

Trump took America out of the destruction of Obama’s Socialist Republic


Hitler used great slogans and phrases
Hitler’s slogans were legendary and registered in people’s minds.

Trump uses great slogans and phrases
Trump nick names and phrases are epic and popular with the masses:
- Crooked Hillary Clinton
- Pocahontas (referred to Elizabeth Warren falsely claiming that she is Indian American to get into the university via Affirmative Action)
- Little Marco (Marco Rubio)
- Low Energy Jeb (Jeb Bush)
- Lying Ted (Ted Cruz)
- Swamp (Washington DC Establishment)
- Drain the Swamp
- Build the Wall (Mexican border wall)
- Fix Rigged System (Corrupt Elections System)
And so on …


Hitler used the media
Hitler used the media to the best of his ability to gain control and to remain in power. Joseph Goebbels his minister of propaganda was a master of propaganda.

Trump uses the media
Trump plays the media like a flute! He knows their pressure points and how to tick them off. He used the media to gain control. He was on every channel because people loved his speeches and rallies. Trump rallies were money in the bank for the media.

Now the media hates him and they bash him on daily basis, but the more they bash him, create lies against him and talk about him; the more the people will love him, because the people hate the media and do not believe the media.

Have in mind that according to the latest surveys, Reruns of Yogi Bear Cartoons (Cartoon Network and Boomerang) has more rating than CNN! The rating of CNN was number 14 spot with MSNBC following closely. This is how people think of the media and the Fake News.

Basically except FOX, Few Talk Radio Shows, Few Websites and Alternative Media, everything else is Fake News. The journalism in America is dead and the Main Stream Media is liberal biased. Media is activist Anti Trump force and a wing of the Democratic Party. Rather than reporting the news, media in America creates the news out of their rectums (Ex: Trump - Russia Collusion)!


Hitler was a great propagandist

Trump is a great propagandist


Hitler was an industrialist and technologist
Hitler was pure technology and industry. He was hardcore gong ho on advancement of the nation through industry, technology and science.

Trump is pro industry and technology
Trump is a builder. Trump is pro progress of the nation via industrialization, business and technology. Trump believes that liberals are Anti Industry and Anti Business because via useless regulations, fake environmental regulations, fantastic tales of manmade climate change (fabricated by Al Gore and Clintons to make money) and other nonsense, they block the manufacturing, energy explorations, industrialization and business growth in America.


Hitler was a great showman
Hitler used theatrics and extravaganza. Hitler theatrics, poses, photography, movies, light shows and parade shows are unique until this day. Hitler conducted Big Rallies, Big Shows, Big Parades, Big Gatherings and Big Light Shows. The bigger, the better the effect was!

Trump is a great showman
Trump is a master of theatrics and big extravaganza. Trump stirs up the crowd, rallies the troops and conducts mass rallies like a master. Trump knows how to push people’s buttons and how to make liberals and media to blow a fuse! Trump has all the control and propaganda. No propaganda is bad propaganda. Love him or hate him, everyone including the media always talks about Trump!


Hitler built the West Wall (French Border)
For defense and security
Made of layers of reinforced concrete pyramids (Dragon’s Teeth), Large Steel Bars Stars (Czech Hedgehog), Water Filled Trenches and Miles of Bunkers to block tanks and armored vehicles advance.

Trump is building the Southern Wall (Mexican Border)
For battle against illegal drugs, immigration and terrorism


Hitler was Anti Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs
Hitler believed that drugs make you weak and they affect your mind.

Trump is Alcohol, Cigarette and Drug Free
Trump is absolutely against these addictive substances and he raised powerful children free of drugs.


Hitler was super clean and organized
Hitler was all about discipline and conduct

Trump is a Big Time Germaphobe and neat freak
Trump is pro law and order
Trump creates wealth via order


Hitler was very blunt and bold in his speeches
Hitler was not politically correct.

Trump speaks of what is on his mind
Trump says whatever he wants and he does not care about the circumstances and the results of his speech. Trump is extremely politically incorrect.


Now we will move to “differences” where Hitler and Trump are absolutely two different stories:

* * *

Trump versus Hitler

Hitler was an Invader
Hitler invaded other nations and taken them over.

Trump is a Protector
Trump is trying hard to keep America safe from the Muslim Refugee and Illegal Alien Invasion.


Hitler was Aggressive
Hitler was pro invasion, war and interference in other nations’ affairs. He loved nation building in Nazi Germany’s mirror image and style (East and South Europe).

Trump is Defensive
Trump is against interference and nation building. Trump wants to live and let live, stay away from other nations’ affairs but create law and order in America and the world.


Hitler was Pro Expansion
Mass World Conquest was Hitler’s goal. Creation of the New World Order under German Master Race was the agenda.

Trump is Pro Conservation
Trump is pro building a wall and securing America. Trump wants to conserve America as the most unique system of democracy in the globe. Trump is pro American Exceptionality. He wants to save America, survive the American Exceptionality, Conserve and Maintain America.


Hitler made Nazi Party, the party of ruling
Hitler created the Nazi Party as the ultimate system of control and governing.

Trump used GOP to gain power and control, for the People
Trump is not about political parties. Trump is not a republican or democrat. Trump believes neither parties are conservative but they are both politically correct and corrupt. Trump did not make GOP great to rule America but he used GOP to gain power for the people. As a matter of fact according to Trump:

“In 5 or 10 years, there will be nothing left of GOP but the name. GOP will become the ‘American Workers Party’, a labor party.”
(Donald J. Trump)

Trump is beyond parties. Trump is here to fundamentally change the both parties and Washington DC Culture. Trump is about the people and wants to return the power to the people.


Hitler Destroyed Lives
Hitler killed millions via genocide, incarceration, annihilation and wars. The lives meant nothing to Hitler and they could be sacrificed for the ultimate good of the Fatherland to master the globe.

Trump Saves Lives
Trump rescuing millions by saving and securing America from the “Muslim Invasion” (Under Refugee Mask) and “Illegal Immigration” (Cheap Labor for Global Corporations) and “Unskilled Labor AKA Welfare Recipients” (Unskilled Migrants). Trump is saving the world by threatening the tyrants and dictators via strong military and not backing down nor appeasing.

In regards to Muslim Invasion (Refugee Migration), Trump does not want America to become Europe (unsafe and on the verge of Civil War)!


Hitler was Anti-Semitic
Over 6 Million Jews were murdered by Nazis in WWII.

Trump is Pro Jews
Trump is the best friend that Israel and Jews have ever had. Trump had done many tasks for protection and promotion of the Israel and the Jews.


Hitler created wars that eliminated millions and caused mass destructions

Trump drafted troops and surges to end long lasting wars via show of power


 Hitler made Germany great via wars

Trump makes America great via business and economy


Hitler bloomed the economy via Centralism
Hitler was pure centralist and pro concentration of power via the powerful central government

Trump makes America great via Federalism
Trump is hardcore pro Federalism, State Rights and Electoral Votes. Trump is against Federal Government’s overreach of power which can cause “Unconstitutional Tyranny” (Obama Regime).


Hitler was a vegetarian
Hitler avoided meat.

Trump is a Steak eater, makes his own brand
Trump Steak is the best in the World!


Hitler loved Animals
Blondie was Hitler’s love, not just his dog! Hitler did not hesitate to eliminate millions of humans in the name of the New Order but he could not hurt an innocent animal!

Trump is not an Animal Person
Trump is a big Germaphobe and therefore he has no pets and does not go near animals. His clean nature does not allow him to even get near pets! You cannot own a clean house with pets in it!


Hitler targeted internal targets: Jews, Gypsies, Marxists, etc.

Trump focuses on external targets: Drug Cartels, Illegal Immigrants and Muslim Terrorists


Hitler was a believer in Racial theory
German Aryan Supremacy was the central core of Hitler’s belief system. Hitler believed Aryan Race is what makes Germany special and pure.

Trump is a believer in American exceptionality
Trump is proud of his American Heritage and believes in American Unique Exceptionality and Status in the globe. The Exceptionality of the System which was designed by the Founding Fathers and makes America Great is essential for the Trump Doctrine. Trump does not have a racist bone in his body; furthermore, he loves all.


Hitler was Anti Homosexuals
Hitler actively eliminated homosexuals. He even despised and eliminated his close homosexual comrade Ernst Rohm (head of SA).

Trump is pro homosexuals
Trump believes in LGBTQ Rights. He does not believe in special rights for homosexuals but he believes in equal rights for them. Trump has made it clear that he is here to protect the LGBTQ Rights but he also made it clear that “Special Rights” such as Marriage (Gay Marriage) belong to the States to decide and not the Federal Government to decide.


Hitler promoted Elite Groups
Elite groups such as “SS” AKA “Schutz Staffel” (Security Squadron) were created and promoted by Hitler as elite Aryan Unites most dear and near Der Fuhrer. Hitler discriminated between people, groups and even his own troops. There were clear favorites in Hitler’s eyes.

Trump promotes Americanism and All Americans
Trump is anti elite of everything. Everyone has equal rights in Trump’s eyes. Not everyone is equal because every two persons are different and they have different abilities but they are all having equal rights. Of course in Liberal LaLa Land, everyone is equal, yet we’all know that this is a fantasy because not even two persons are equal because they have different physical and mental abilities. What Trump cares about is to protect and serve Americanism with respect to the rest of the globe.


Hitler put the undesired in concentration camps
In Hitler’s Germany the undesired including but not limited to: Jews, Gypsies, Communists, Socialists, Slaves, even handicaps were incarcerated in Concentration Camps and exterminated.

Trump puts the illegal criminals in prisons and deports them
In Trump’s America illegal alien criminals are prisoned and deported to safe and secure America and Americans. Trump is here to protect the American Worker from lower wages caused by the Global Corporations’ “Open Door” policy to import illegal immigrants and unskilled Labors to replace them by working for lower wages.


Hitler stated great lies hard to dispute
Hitler believed in Big Lies, the bigger the better!

“If you have to state lies, then make them big because no one will suspect that they are lies!”
(Adolf Hitler)

Trump states facts but shows the depth of the disaster which America is in
Trump believes is Truth and nothing but the truth. “People must be told only the truth”, Trump states. Trump is the exposer of the truth and the media lies.


Hitler used violence to progress his agenda
Nazi Party was a firm believer in the use of violence to achieve party goals. Violence was the perfect tool to suppress all opponents and to reach the Nazi Goals.

Trump and Trump fans are victims of violence against them
Trump rallies are the most peaceful rallies and the most peaceful places to be; however, the liberal paid protestors and George Soros paid ANTIFA and BLM start the violence by crashing the Trump Rallies, and indeed the Trump National Populists will not stand by and get knocked around by the Anarchists and Communists. After all, Trump is a firm believer in self defense, old school style! Eye for an Eye baby!

The National Populists never start a fight but they always finish them!


Hitler was loved by the Media (state and Private)
After controlling Germany and even somewhat before the takeover, Hitler was media’s darling!

Trump is hated by the media (MSM)
Trump is the target and subject of despise by MSM. American Biased Media is there to destroy Trump via Fake News.


Hitler was a National Socialist
Nationalist = Love of One’s nation
Socialist = Somewhat Fair and Equal Distribution of Wealth

Trump is a National Populist
Nationalist = Love of one’s nation
Populist = Anti Establishment

Hitler and Trump are both Nationalists but one is a Nazi and the other is a Populist. There is a big difference between the two! Nazism is about Race but Populism is about the elimination of Establishment’s power and the return of the power to the masses.


Hitler dominated the world with power
Hitler exported his ideology and wanted to dominate the globe under the German Master Race.

Trump dominated the world with individualism and freedom
Trump does not want to export anything except American goods and he does not want to dominate anyone. The only thing Trump propagates to the globe is to be Free Thinkers and to celebrate “Individualism” and “Freedom”. Trump promotes Nationalism and Self Sovereignty.


Hitler although keen on Capitalism and Free Markets to progress the society, yet still had Socialist tendencies in the form of National Socialism.

Trump is heavily against any type of Socialism and he is a solid Capitalist.


Hitler was a Big Government Centralist
Hitler was pro Big Government running every aspect of people’s lives. The government ran by the Nazi Party was everything and people were only tools to obey and empower the party and government to achieve its goal and Nazi agenda.

Ein Folk
Ein Reich
Ein Fuhrer

One People
One Germany
One Leader

Was the motto!

National Socialism is a “Big Government” Ideology which in it, the government controls everyone and everything. It is all about the government control of state and people.

Trump is a Small Government Federalist Individualist
On the contrary, Trump is a firm believer in “Individualism” and “Federalism”. Trump believes in power of the people as the ultimate factor versus the Big Government control. Trump is heavily against the Big Government, Big Media, Big Academia, Big Establishment and Big Mind Control by the establishment.

National Socialism (Nazism) and National Populism are both Nationalistic but ideologically, economically, politically, philosophically and fundamentally they are a world apart!

Important Useful Reading

For those with the thirst for knowledge, here is some good information, well hidden from you by the establishment:

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology Philosophy (3 Parts)

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

Trump National Populist Revolution

Black Confederate Veteran Soldiers (2 Parts)

Iranian National Socialist Movement (2 Parts)

History of Federalism in Iran (2 Parts)

End Notes

The Liberal Left Establishment and the Academic Establishment loves to brand Trump and Trumpists as Fascists but the reality is that they have lost the election and the American people have spoken. They cannot accept this greatest loss in the history of the American elections, so now they are doing their best to illegally overthrow Trump (Government of the People)!

The Establishment is doing their best to illegitimize the Trump Government and destroy it via:

Media lies
Russian Collusion
Fabricated Special Investigators
Congressional Sabotage
Street Thug Violence
University Campus Violence
Rally Violence
Fabricated Paid Marches
Paid Protestors
Academic Lies
Hollywood Lies
Law Suits
Department Store Boycotts
Bogus Civil Suits
Fake Propaganda

And indeed,
Fake News

Enemies of the American People

These groups have self interests in antagonistic conflict with the Trump’s Nationalist Agenda; therefore, they are here to destroy Trump and with it the Will of the American People:

Enemies of the People

Liberal Corporate Media Establishment
Global Corporate Establishment
Wall Street Establishment
Academic Establishment
Hollywood Establishment
Democratic Party Establishment
GOP Republican Establishment
Washington DC Establishment

Everyone knows this fact and that is why the Fake News Media and the Congressional Approval Rating by the people is in the single digit! Everything that the media states and every poll that the media puts forward is a lie (the same as all of those media polls during the election were lies). The media has only one job and that is to destroy Trump and the Will of the People. Corporate Media wins only if Trump and the People lose!

Trump versus Hitler Assignments and Shenanigans handed to the students from their liberal professors are nothing but bias lies to indoctrinate the kids. The smart and intelligent students know better not to fall for these liberal socialist tactics. The smart students and the free thinkers do their own private research of the history and decide on their own on what to believe.

This is where I come in and as a scientific historian, I have a duty to the thirsty students and the hungry free thinkers to hand them an alternative to the average liberal lies taught to the public via the Fake News Media and the Fake Academia. In IPC, we teach the truth, pure scientific history and factual reality.

In this document I have done my best to display a scientific historical perspective of the factual history rather than the popular Fake History and Fake News told by the Academia and Media on daily basis! I have concluded a fair and balanced, scientific and factual comparison between the Trump and Hitler.

I have faith in the new generation and the free thinkers. They shall see between the lines and through the veils and clouds of ignorance and deceit covering the truth, created by the Academia and the Media.

The Establishment can
Fool some of the people, all of the times
Fool all of the people, some of the times
But they can never
Fool all of the people, all of the times

I have faith in individualism and free thinking
I have faith in the intelligence of the American People
I have faith in the will of the humanity wanting to be free
I have faith in the will of the people for free markets
I have faith in the determination of the people to get the Big Government off their backs
I have faith in the urge of the people to seek the truth

Eventually we shall all find our way to the “Shining City” upon the hill.
Free of the bounds and free forever …

Self Educate yourselves because the Liberal Academia Won’t!

More Power to the People


Dr. X

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