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Who Killed More People:
Nazis, Communists or Muslims?


Who Killed More People: Nazis, Communists or Muslims?
Number of Murders Through the History

Ahreeman X
October 27, 2021

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Who killed more people throughout the history of mankind? You may have been asking yourselves this important question? To find the answer to this crucial question, you can take what the Mainstream Liberal Media, Social Media, Tech Giants and Wikipedia feeds you as propaganda or you can read the IPC history section and this article to get educated to the real history. You can trust Google’s filtered algorithms spiced up with wokeness and sugar coated with political correctness or you can read what has been hidden from you by the establishment for decades, you can read the facts right here and by me, a historian who has been studying, researching, reading and writing history since age 10!

I am a historian, I deal with historical facts, not propaganda or woke political correctness. There is a world of distance between historical reality and what your Marxist professors and liberal teachers teach you at the educational system.

I am not here to white wash or sugar coat Nazism, Communism or Islam. I am here to inform you of the historical facts because as a historian, it is my human duty to inform the public of what had really occurred throughout the mankind’s history. In this liberal woke politically correct age, it is surely hard to get your hands on the true history. Well, welcome to the reality and the true history.

History Index

Who Killed More People Throughout the History?

# 3. Nazis

Nazis came to # 3 in mass murder of the humanity.
Nazis killed over 17 Million people in 12 Years (1933 – 1945)
Nazis were in power for 12 years (1933 – 1945); however, they killed the most people during the WWII (1939 – 1945). Nazism killing statistics include:

* 6 Million Jews

* 5.7 Million USSR Citizens

* 3 Million USSR Military and Prisoners of War

* 1.8 Million Polish Military and Citizens

* 312,000 Serb Military and Citizens

* 250,000 Disabled in Camps and Institutions

* 250,000 Gypsies, Romanis, Sintis
(Gypsy people originated from the North India and migrated to Europe)

* 70, 000 Undesirables and Criminal Offenders

* 3,000 Homosexuals

* 1,900 Jehovah’s Witnesses
And much more …

Add them up and you will get over 17 Million people killed by the Nazis.

* * *

# 2. Communists

Communists came to # 2 in mass murder of the humanity.
Communists killed over 100 Million people in 104 + Years (1917 – 2021)
From creation of the first Communist Regime by Vladimir Lenin in Russia (1917) until this day, Communism had done his great share of mass murder throughout the history. Communism killing statistics include:

* Stalinist USSR killed 20 Million of mostly its own people in WWII

* 200,000 killed during the Red Terror (1918 – 1922)

* 11 million died from famine and Dekulakization (1929 -1932)
(Dekulakization was a Soviet campaign consisting of the political repressions, mass arrests, deportations and exterminations of the millions of Kulaks (Prospering Peasants) and their families during the period of the USSR’s first 5-year plan, specifically during 1929 - 1932.)

* 700,000 executed during the Great Terror (1937 – 1938)

* 400,000 executed during the oppression period (1929 – 1953)

* 1.6 Million died during the Forced Migrations AKA Population Transfers

* 2.7 Million died in the Gulag (USSR Labor Camps), labor colonies and special settlements

* 1 Million Gulag Inmates Released but put in a certain death situation
(1 Million Gulag prisoners released during the World War II into the Red Army penal battalions, where they faced certain death; the partisans and civilians killed in the postwar revolts against the Soviet rule in Ukraine and the Baltics; and dying Gulag inmates freed so that their deaths would not count in the official statistics.)

* Addition of What USSR Created Communist Regimes Killed
(If you add the total number of the people killed by the Communist regimes which the USSR created and supported including the Eastern European Block, China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia, the total number of the murdered victims becomes closer to the 100 Million.)

* Addition of What Today’s Communist Regimes are Killing
(Keep on adding what is going on today in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea and African Communist Regimes by starving, sanctioning, jailing and killing their own people. The total number will go over 100 Million.)

Add them all up and then you will notice, that makes communism a great blunder and tragic catastrophe in the human history.

* * *

# 1 Muslims

Muslims came to # 1 in mass murder of the humanity.
Muslims killed over 1 Billion people in a bit over 1,411 Years (610 – 2021)

From Muhammad’s 1st Revelation (610) Until Today (2021), Muslims have slaughtered over 1 Billion people; however, the greatest number of the Islamic mass murders were during the early years and the Golden Age of Islam during the “Arab Rashidun Caliphate” of 29 years. Even though Muhammad (570 – 632) the creator of Islam had his share of mass murders, yet he came no where close to the Rashidun Caliphate, specifically Omar and Ali whom were grand mass murderers.

Rashidun Caliphate (632 – 661)
Abu Bakr (632 – 634)
Omar (634 – 644)
Uthman (644 – 656)
Ali (656 – 661)

Mass murders by Muslims were not a few cases here or there. Muhammad was a mass murderer but Omar and Ali (Muhammad’s Executioner) were grand serial killers! Ali, the 1st Saint and Infallible Imam of the Shiite Islam have beheaded hundreds of people by his own sword!

Muhammad, 4 Caliphs of Rashidun, Golden Age of Islamic Caliphate and Muslims until this day, together and in total, have mass murdered the greatest number of humans in history. For the total events and murders, educate yourselves to the true Islamic history:

Islam Index

Muslims killing statistics include:

* Iran

- Medieval Era (600 – 1492)

Only during the Arab-Muslim Invasion of the Persian Empire
Arab-Muslims Killed Over 1.5 Million Persians, Mostly Zoroastrians (635 AD – 651 AD)

Persian Holocaust

Persian-Arab Wars: 635 AD - 651 AD, went on for 16 bloody years and they did not finish over night! Persians resisted the brutal and blood thirsty Arab invaders for 16 years of battle and resistance.

Persian Casualties of War Statistics

They speak of how Persians embraced Islam with the open arms and smiling faces!
Here are some statistics:

- Battle of Qadesiyeh: 500,000 Persians Died
- Battle of Jalola: 100,000 Persians Died
- Battle of Estakhr: 40,000 Persians Died
- Battle of Nahavand: 400,000 Persians Died in only 3 Days
- Ecbatana (Hamedan) and Raga (Ray): Sa'ad ibn al Vaqas, Muslim General killed 1/2 the population
- Neyshabour: Hassan and Hussein (Imams of Shiite), Caliph Ali's (1st Imam of Shiite) sons, killed 1/3 of the population
- Gorgan: 10,000 Persians Died in only 1 Day
- Khorasan, Mazandaran, Azerbaijan: Muslims killed Hundreds of Thousands of Persians in battles and then raped women, mass slaughtered men, pillaged, destroyed or burned everything.

The resistance against Arabo-Muslim Occupation went on for years...
Is this how Iranians accepted Islam with open arms?!
"Shame on those Iranians who still worship the murderers of their ancestors!"

Please tell me:

Was this how Iranians greeted Arab Liberators and accepted Islam with open arms?
Was this "The Persian Holocaust"?


Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood Book

Occupation of Iran Period

Add Mass murders of the Arabo-Islamic Occupation period of the Persian Empire (651 AD - 873 AD)

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

Add murders from 873 AD (end of Arab Occupation) to 1492 (end of Medieval Era)

Add them all up and we will hit 2 Million range of Persians killed by the Arab-Muslims.

* India

- Medieval Era (600 – 1492)
- Early Modern Era (1492 – 1783)

Indian Genocide

Muslims killed 170 Million in India including Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsis
Islamic Expansionism of 7th Century (600s) to 17th Century (1600s)

Add murders of after 17th Century (1600s) to 18th Century (1700s)
We are talking Millions more.

No where else in the world, Muslims have killed so many people as they had done in India. Muslims have massacred Hindus and other Indians like pesticide mass exterminates flies! What Muslims have done to Indians through the centuries is Mass Genocide. Liberals try to hide the reality via political correctness but no matter how hard they try to white wash the Islamic crimes, sugar coat Islam and wash off the blood of millions of Indians, Liberals and Islamists cannot wash the rivers of the Indian blood which the Muslims shed throughout the history! This is crime against humanity. This is called Indian Genocide by the Muslims!

* World

Early Period

- Medieval Era (600 – 1492)
- Early Modern Era (1492 – 1783)
- Modern Era (1783 – 1914)

Add all the massacres and murders during the middle ages, early modern ages and modern ages
Total number becomes huge.

Muslims killed 80 Million Hindus in total

Muslims killed 10 Million Buddhists in total

Muslims killed 60 Million Christians in total

Muslims killed 120 Million Africans in total

Add Chinese, Indochinese, Polynesians, Jews and other murders and casualties of this period.
The total Number becomes much more

Colonial Period

- Early Modern Era (1492 – 1783)
- Modern Era (1783 – 1914)

Add all the murders during the colonial period of the early modern era and the modern era
Include all the Muslim Empires histories
Total number becomes massive.

Ottoman Empire Massacres

Muslims killed 1.5 Million Armenian Christians
Ottoman Turks (1910 – 1918)

Muslims killed 100,000 Greek Orthodox Christians
Ottoman Turks (1910 – 1918)

Muslims killed 600,000 Syrian Christians
Ottoman Turks during WWI (1914 – 1918)

Contemporary Period

Contemporary Era (1914 – Present)

Add Muslims killing their own people whom they consider infidels or of other Islamic sects

Add Muslims killing Non-Muslim Infidels
Christians, Jews, Bahais, Zoroastrians, Hindus, others …

Add Contemporary mass murder of people by Islamic Terrorists.
Include Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Jihad and other Terrorist groups.

Add Contemporary mass murders of people by the Islamist Terrorist Sponsor Regimes
Include IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran); Islamic Republics of Pakistan and Turkey; Taliban Emirate of Afghanistan; furthermore, all the Arabo-Islamic countries in the Middle East and North Africa!

Iranian Opposition Massacre of 1988
Crime Against Humanity Gallery

Ilhan Omar vs. Ahreeman X on 9/11

Islamic Invasion of America
Step by Step Green Plan

Add everything up and the total number of people killed by the Muslims goes over 1 billion!

End Notes

Unlike what they indoctrinate in to your brains in the Western Liberal Schools and Eastern Islamic Schools, the real history is far from the liberal and Islamic propaganda history. Liberals and Muslims are best of friends and together they are masters of brainwash! Take these numbers to Ilhan Omar’s new office of Islamophobia in the US State Department and shove them up her turban and when she bends over for Namaz prayer, up her you know what!

You cannot sugar coat and sugar quote and then white wash the Islamic crimes against humanity. Here are the statistics:

Who killed more people in the human history?

* Nazis: Over 17 Million
* Communists: Over 100 million
* Muslims: Over 1 Billion

Educate yourselves because your politically correct, woke, CRT Liberal and Islamic schools loaded with Marxist and Islamist professors and teachers won’t!

There are 2 Types of Muslims!

Largest Iranian Online Library on the Web:

Iran Online Library

Many are Schooled, yet only a few are truly Educated!


Dr. X


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