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Ahreeman X: Iranian Women's Liberation Day
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I wrote this piece a long time ago. Women's Liberation Day of Iran, January 7, 1936 = Day 17, 2494 Shahanshahi. I wrote this informative historical article about the "Liberation Day of The Persian Women" during Reza Shah The Great's reign in Persian; hopefully soon I will translate it to English so all the English Speakers will also be able to read it. On January 7th 1936, Iranian Women had finally thrown their Hejabs away. As a symbolic act, the Hejabs had ended up all over the streets and sidewalks of Iran and women stepped all over them. Women joined the work force and regained their human rights. Reza Shah The Great and The Free Women of Iran, made this possible by a joint force. January 7, 1936 is a very important historical date, which jump-started the women's rights movement of Iran. After this date, the secular progressive women of Iran had taken the lead to fight the women's rights cause in an ongoing battle.

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