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Islamic Revolution Anniversary Lampoon
The Reaction: An Qolab (Fake Feces)
From Book of Satirical Poetry by AX (Divan-e Hajviyat-e Dr. X)


An-Qolab! (Fake Feces)
The Reaction (Islamic Revolution Lampoon)

From: Book of Satirical Poetry by AX (Divan-e Hajviyat-e Dr. X)
Persian Tazi and Persian Latin Versions
Persian Font: Mandana
Poem: Ahreeman X

1st Edition: February 11, 2007
2nd Edition: February 11, 2017

Ahreeman fingers Islamist Revolutionaries
Ahreeman fingers Chadori Pious Women

Persian Tazi Version
Persian Latin Version
Shiite Gallery!

The Eye of the Shiite Chadori Beholder

Persian Tazi Version

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Persian Latin Version

Persian Latin version has written with the

IPC Standard Alphabet for writing Persian in Latin

Def-Jam IPC Poetry presents: "The Reaction" aka "An-Qolab"!

Qese-ye por Qose-ye An-Qolab!

This one for the,
Reaction of 1979 (An-Qolab) and its Creators (An-Qolabi-youn)!
[An-Qolab = Fake Feces, Fake Shiite Revolution, Reaction!]

OK Kiddies,
Gather around,
Let me tell you a story about a Nation who committed suicide!
One day, they picked up a knife and they stabbed themselves in the heart and of course in the butt!
and strangely, until this day, no one is willing to take responsibility for the,
Stabbing of the heart or the butt!

Let me tell you a story of a nightmare,
The Nightmare of 1979!
Times where good,
Nation was wealthy, perky, security, tidy and fondly!
But our Fathers were tired of happiness and security for their families
So our Fathers decided to change all the colors in to the Black
and turn our Nation in to the Shiite Hole!
They did seek democracy but they ended up with Pile O Shiite!
What do we call this, kiddies?
"Sins of The Fathers"

The Solution

So kiddies, if you have a problem with the way things had turned out on 1979 (after the Shiite Revolution), and of course the way your parents had destroyed your lives (after 1979), then I suggest for you to go get a baseball bat and shove it all the way up your Daddy and Mommy's Shiiter! It won't change the history but at least it will make you feel better!

So let me tell ya all about it!

This was the Devolutionary Process of Iran:

Iran = The Beautiful nation that I was born and raised in it
Viran = What the An-Qolabi-youn turned Iran in to! (a Destroyed and Shattered Shack)
Miran = What they started to build, after the destruction (Muslim Iran)
KIRan = The present Shiite Hole that your Fathers had built for you (Khomeini's Islamic Republic)

So this is what has happened:

Iran => Viran => Miran => KIRan

Yes, this was the Devolution of Lady Iran!

Now I got a special poem for you,
I call this one,

The Reaction!
[The Fake Shiite Revolution]

Do you want me to do one instantaneous poem?
With Rhythmic 6/8 Lyrics?
Eye-Rainian Style?

Now, you want me to do one on Iranian disease?

This one for all the Kos Kash-ayns who done Goh-Khori of 1978 - 79
And are still in Denial!
De-Nial (The Nile) is not only a river in Egypt!
It is also an Eye-Rainian Disease!

Here we go,
Let me tell you a story,

Bache ha jam'e beshin,
Ye Chai bedam, Garm beshin,
Mikham baratun Qese begam!
Qese-ye por Qose begam!

Yeki bud, yeki nabud
Zire Gonbad-e Kabud
Ye Keshvari bud be name Iran
Iran, ye Khanom bud,
Ye Khanom-e khoshgeli bud,
Iran Khanom neshaste bud,
Hamin tor ke khoshhal bud o Chai mikhord
Yeho, Ra'd o Barq shod, Tufan shod,
Yeho hame chi Viran shod!
Dastan-e ma injuri shod ...

You know me, I am instantaneous,
Poems come to me like Vahy to Mohammed!

I feel it coming, here's one coming to me,

Fel bedahe mikham she'retun bedam!
Qera tu kamar?

Here we go, sing along with 6/8 rhythm
Hama ba ham, biyayn........
are you ready?
Let's roll,
Here we go, here we go

* * *


Atal Matal Tutule
Dule Ruhollah, che jure?

Refah o Asayesh bud
Goshne Geda che jure?

Sargarmi-yo Khande bud
Zajr o Zajeh che jure?

Lebasa rang varang bud
Rang-e Siyah che jure?

Party o Diskotek bud
Shivan o Aza che jure?

Rahati o Safa bud
Gerye Zari che jure?

Atash o Khorshid bud
Hassan Hussein che jure?

Nowruz o Tirgan bud
Rowze, Ta'ziye che jure?

Farhang oTahsil bud
Aba, Amameh che jure?

Daman o Keravat bud
Rish o Lachak che jure?

Azadi-yo Qanun bud
Adl-e Ali che jure?

Shirni o Shokolat bud
Ta'un o Marg che jure?

Mini zhup o Shalvarak bud
Kalaq Siyah che jure?

Doktor o Porofosor bud
Gav o Olaq che jure?

Shikam-e ma sir bud
Za'f o Maraz che jure?

Khoshi mal-e Taqut-e
Jomhuri Eslami che jure?

Mollah, Masjed che jure?
Ketab Doa che jure?

Va'de Va'id che jure?
Qatl o E'dam che jure?

Emam khube ya Mollah?
Ye pat o begir tu hava!

Abed mikhay ya Ramal?
Na Seyed o Na Hamal!

Na Qom khube na Kashun
La'nat be har dota-shun!

Atal Matal Gurestun
Pish be su-ye Torkestun

Rahbar-e Hendi bestun
Melat o bebar Qabrestun!

Esmesho bezar Khomeini
Velayat-e Faqihi

Na fahm dare, na qanun
Bar mikone Haziyun!

Na pul dadesh, na khune
Keshvar o kard virune

Ma An-Qolab kardim
Iran o Abad kardim

Shah o birun kardim
Mollah ro, darun kardim

A jestim o va jestim
Tu Hoz-e Sendeh jestim!

Keshvar-e ma, Qashang bud
Parde-hash, rang be rang bud

Emam o ru kar kardim
Parde ro Siyah kardim

Dul-e Emam o Busidim
Kun-e Emam o Lisidim

Emam be ma ye KIR zad
Ye KIR-e qelqeli zad!

Nesfemun zendun raftim
Baqiyamun Kharej raftim

Emam be ma Eydi dad
Ye KIR-e qelqeli dad!

Keshvar o Maval kardim
Raftim Paris, Jah kardim!

Ma An-Qolab Kardim
Emam o Ma, Shah kardim!

Ma An-Qolab kardim
Sendeh ro Ash kardim!

Ma az ru ham nemirim
Zir-e bar ham nemirim!

Ma kheyli ham por-ru-im
Goh Khordim ham nemigim!

Biyayn hama ba ham,
Dobare, Dobare, ...

Ma An-Qolab Kardim
Emam o Ma, Shah kardim!

Ma An-Qolab kardim
Sendeh ro Ash kardim!

(KIR = Khomeini's Islamic Republic)

Malek ol Sho'ara-ye Chenar,
Khajeh Ahreeman-e Kermanshahi-ye Mama-Qani-ye Oriyan

Ahreeman Mirza Qajar

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