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The Shiite Hierarchy!

Holy Cleric Ranks of Islam!
The Shiite Hierarchy!

Ahreeman X
1st Edition: November 13, 2008
2nd Edition: June 21, 2017

The Half Breed Iranian

Hello Boils and Ghouls, how are yous? Come gather around Poppa Ahreeman for yet another fantastic and amazing Tale O Shiite. Today’s story is about the hierarchy of clerics in Shiite Islam. Today we will discuss about all types o Shiites and various pieces o Shiites in the Islamic society.

Half-Breed! (2002)
Persian botanists have discovered a new Half-Breed of Persian Rose (Media)!
Darius: Hey Cyrus, is that the new Half-Breed of Persian Rose?
Cyrus: No Darius, that is the new and improved Mutated Iranian Weed!
[Notice: The clear identity conflict within the Persian Half-Breed! He is torn between Iran and Islam! His right half is dressed in pure Persian Achaemenid hat, Faravahar chest Emblem, boots and his left half is dressed in traditional Muslim turban, Allah IRI robe, paisleys and crescent and star logo and pointy Arabic shoes! With his right hand he is holding a bleeding body of the Persian Cat (Map of Iran) and there is an IRI Allah flag waving on his left hand! Notice deep roots of superstitions at his feet!]

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I was just checking my old files and I found an old humor piece. This is twisted and silly. Check it out:

Holy Skeletons!

Talking about Holy Skeletons in the closets or in this case Back-rooms of the Mosque!

I was just thinking about a few different issues yesterday and comparing a few different cases before and after the Islamic Reaction (1979) in Iran.

Then and Now

Before IRI we used to import Japanese technicians and hi tech labor force, because we had a shortage of technical people in Iran. The technology and industry was moving ahead by the speed of light, so Japanese were coming to Iran for work. Today, our engineers, and college graduates, due to lack of jobs, go to Japan to do low tech labor jobs which Japanese won’t even touch! Japanese treat us like dirt, look at us as inferiors and speak down to us.

Before the Islamic Bull-Shiite, Philippina maids were coming to Iran and working in Persian family homes. Hell, it was even a common knowledge by word of mouth that all distinguished Persian men had Philippina maids as side chicks and mistresses! When the lady of the house was not around, the Philippina maiden would choke master’s chicken and make him feel good! Today, Turkish police are double checking IDs from any Persian woman walking late hours in Ankara or Istanbul just to make sure they are not prostitutes! Iranian women due to disastrous economical situation of Iran, are selling their bodies in Turkey, Germany and even in L.A.! Where is Reza Khan the great to see what has happened to the women whom he freed and took Hejab off their faces? Where is he to see that IRI made prostitutes out of the proud Persian women?

Reza Shah the Great, the Real Story

Let’s dig deeper in to this disease which has infected our society, named Islam.

The Iranian Disease

Islam is the religion of perverts such as Mohammed, Murderers such as Ali, and anarchist horny bastards such as Hussein. This is the religion of Khomeini with his book, Resalat Al Mohmalat al Mozakhrafat (Resaleh)! The nonsense book of an uneducated bastard about which foot to enter the bathroom with and to make sure not to urinate in front of Ka'bah in Mecca, and to make sure not to sit on the toilet with your back or frontal privates facing Mecca while shiiting and urinating in your bathrooms!

This is a book of a moron named Khomeini writing about "you have to stick 2/3 of your middle finger in your rectum when washing your butt with water in the bathroom, Islamic way, so the Taharat and cleaning is properly done in accordance to Islam! This man was the leader and father of the Neo Global Islamic Revolution and a bunch of Idiots were and are following him then and even now.

Imam Khomeini on Sex and Marriage

Imam Khomeini on Toilet Laws

IPC Persian Library

IPC English Library

If all Muslims specifically Mullahs do what Imam had told them to, and do Taharat correctly, then hell, all holy men of our country must have rectums the size of an apple or an orange, damn they must all be having loose anal muscles!

You know what? This is the hierarchy of the clergy ranks in Islam:

Holy Cleric Ranks of Islam

1. Talabe
When one is a Talabe (Religious Study Student) of Islam in Houzat al Elmiyat al Qom, or any other mosque, they are known as Tolab (plural for Talabe). What happens in the back-rooms of the mosque is that all higher ranking holy men bang the Tolabs deep and hard and stick the Sword of Islam deep in Tolab’s Anuses! This is how tolab graduate to a higher spiritual level in the mosque! They earn it the HARD way! They struggle and suffer sexually to gain spiritual wisdom! What happens in Qom, stays in Qom! Only Allah knows what really goes on at the backrooms of the mosques and madrasahs!

2. Hojatol Eslam
Once one is Hojatol Eslam, he bangs the Tolab and gets banged by the Ayatollahs, kind of like an Islamic give and take of knowledge or Khoms O Zakat! Bedeh Bestunes (Esfahani Accent)!

3. Ayatollah
Then when he gets to be Ayatollah it is time to only bang all! Ayatollah bangs the whole hierarchy of clerics below him!

4. Ayatollah al Ozama (Grand Ayatollah)
This is the highest rank. Now it is time to Bang the whole Shiite Population of the world! Let the banging begin! At this rank, Ayatollah al Ozama shall bang the whole nation, such as Khomeini banged the whole nation. This rank practically Shiites all over the nation and screws all Umma’!

5. Imam
This is not even a rank, but now we are talking Sainthood! Technically we had 12 Imams (including the non-existent invisible Mahdi); however, when a Grand Ayatollah gets really way too grand (huge belly due to much Persian food), then he becomes a saint or an honorary Imam; therefore, he joins the 12 Imams and continues the fine Shiite tradition. This is why we ended up with the 13th Imam (Khomeini) and 14th Imam (Khamenei)! Hey wait a second, I am having a premonition, I predict a 15th Imam in the near future! It’s a shark, no he looks like a shark, no wait a second, it will be the 15th Imam, Hazrat-e Imam Rafsanjani! Yeh, the future Imam of the global Shiites!

So as you see, the true musical band which called themselves the “Back Street Boys” must have been having some Islamic Experience, cause in the back-rooms of the mosques, it has been a tradition for thousands of years to do the old "Islamic Bangarooni"!

This whole religion is based on the “Belly” and “Under the Belly”! It is one big old butt plugging, mataht shoving bangarooni! That’s why they call our new Tolab and Hezbollah the one and only "Back Door Boys"!

Remember when that drunk Ayatollah Gilani who had a TV program in IRI and often was performing it drunk, was giving hypothetical Islamic cases such as:

An Islamic Problem

What if there is an earthquake and your aunt is upstairs and you are downstairs, all of a sudden ceiling cracks and she falls on top of you nude on nude and her vagina goes directly on and your Penis goes in her vagina! Is this halaal or haraam?

Ayatollah Gilani on Socio-Sexual Problems in Islam!

This moron was speaking of nonsense like this on the national TV and public were watching it as entertainment, it got some high ratings too.

I mean what is the possibility of your aunt being exactly above you (2nd floor) and nude and then lands skin to skin on top your penis?! The man was a drunk! A certified drunk indeed!

Another time he was discussing how women should cover themselves properly head to toe like Penguins or Badenjan (eggplant), cause when he was coming to the studio, he saw a woman with hejab, yet she had thin black stockings on. Under the Islamic clothes, he could just see her ankles, only a few inches of her ankles from under the long dress to the edge of the BoBo Islamic shoes that they make for women to wear (made in IRI)! Yet this bastard, Ayatollah Gilani said that he got turned on by the site and he got horny! He got tahrik! Ayatollah Tahrik shodand! I believe he wetted himself under his holy robe! So women should not wear provocative clothes cause clerics might get a hard on!

This son of a bitch got turned on by a few inches of ankle of a woman with thick black stockings on! Damn, what are the odds? People his age here in the west are taking Viagra day and night to get it up half ass, yet the Muslim bastard got the hard on by just looking at a covered ankle wrapped in black stockings!!!!!

The tapes are in archive of IRI TV stations for those who missed out on that!

Now you might say how did we get from Cyrus the Great, writer of the first human right document in the world 538 BC, Omar Khayyam the father of Algebra, Poet and astronomer, Nader the Great Emperor and military mastermind, Reza Khan the father of Nation, to men like Khomeini and his 2/3 middle finger ass shoving, and Gilani with auntie's skin to skin episode????
Same way that in Germany,
They got from Beethoven, Goethe, and Martin Luthers to Hitler and Georings!
At least Hitler was a nationalist, but these bastards are not even that, they stole everything the nation owned!

At least Hitler loved his country and done all that he has done for his nation, yet he screwed up, that loony! These bastards are sucking the wealth of the nation dry, ...... like little turbaned leeches!

Again, anywhere Islam went, it left a legacy of death, disease, dirt, ignorance, and bankruptcy!


What the hell is temporary marriage? Siqeh? A man can marry 4 legal wives and as many Siqeh as possible! Isn't this like legal and religiously correct prostitution?

Siqeh is when a man marries a woman for certain period of time from couple of hours to a few years! It often involves a sum of money to pay for compensations too!
What hypocrisy!

When are we going to put all these Arab barbarian nonsense traditions away and re-join the human race?

At the present, I get the conclusion that anyone who is still a Muslim is either:

Types of Muslim

1. Muslim by Tradition
A Muslim by tradition, praying to his God as an old generation to generation transfer of tradition. Hey look me, I am a Mulsim because my father was one and his father was one and my great grandfather was also an idiot and …… so it runs in the family!

2. Muslim by Ignorance
An uninformed person who has not read the Quran and does not know the infested disease of Islam. This guy just follows the religion blindly as most are.

3. Muslim by Pure Evil

A traitor to Iran and Irani whom knowingly is stabbing the nation at the back. Clerics, Hezbollah and other Half-breed Arabo-Muslim bastards are included in this category!

I give the older generation and some of the opposition Muslims the benefit of the doubt and consider them from the first group. However the younger generation is basically from the second group of the uninformed.

Dual Identity

Today, there is no excuse for an Iranian to remain a Muslim! There is nothing left of our nation, we are back to the dark ages, our economy had collapsed, one dollar is 1000 tooman (more or less), now forget the Rial! At Shah's time it was one dollar to 7 Tooman and we were complaining why it’s not one to one!? Country is destroyed, prestige is gone, social values, traditions and the basic Persian culture is in danger, language is full of Arabic, it is time to not waste any more time and take action. The least you can do is to preach and get the word of mouth out and around, enlighten people and open their eyes!

We need to take the mask of Islam and Arab off of our faces. We have the turbans, the rags on our heads, our women look like Badenjan (eggplant), hell we look like Arabs, we sound like Arabs with the Arabic being the Scientific Lingo in Iran these days! We act like Arabs (barbarian wise); We pray to the same Allah as Arabs, Holy Shiite, we must be Arabs! Cause the world is beginning to mistaken us for Arabs!

If it looks like a goose, sounds like a goose and walks like a goose, then it must be a goose!

Here’s an analogy for the retards:

Do Jews worship Hitler?
Do Blacks worship Ku Klux Klan’s Grand Wizard?
Then why are we (Aryan Persians) worship Arabo-Islamic (Hemitic) Allah?

Time to wake up!

Time to get up, stand up, stand up for your rights, as Bob Marley says.

Take the Islamic Mask off your faces!

A Prayer

May the victory be on our glorious cause to free our nation from the damn Zucchini looking Mullahs, Ayatollah Kadoo or the cabbage looking, Turban wearing Hojatol Eslams (Hojatol Eslam Kalam Sefid). May Aba (robe), Amameh (Turban), Na’leyn (Islamic flip flop), Giveh (Islamic Foot-ware), Aftabeh (Islamic toilet pitcher), Tonban (Islamic pajama), Chomaq (Islamic baseball bat) be gone from our house. May the emblem of Allah with its couple of swords on both sides on the IRI flag be stiffened and sharpened and gets erected, deep into Mullahs’ Matahts behinds! So they can really feel and see the light of Allah, and get closer to him!

Islamic motto of Tonban and Aftabeh be away from our people!

Lavat Path to get closer to Allah!
Lavat = Islamic Anal Sex

Yes my friends,

The Lavat (Islamic Butt Bang) been going on routinely and for centuries, in this "House of Lavat" (Mosque). The good old "Islamic Bangarooni" is the Halaal (Religiously Recommended) and the Savab (Religiously Rewarded) way to get closer to Allah!

Praise Allah!

The sooner we get Islam out of Iran, the sooner we can rejoin the human race!”

Long live Iran and Irani
Long live all Persian free women and men
Long live individuality and human rights
Long live humanity


Dr. X

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