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Satirical Poetry and Parody (Hajviyat)

Bernie Sanders Rally Coconut Voters! (AX)
Trump Story of General Pershing, Pigs and Muslims! (AX)
Iranian Elections in a Nutshell! (AX)
IRI Iranian Amateur Terrorist Bloopers! (AX)
My True Story of Ascension to Heaven! (Ali Sina)
What Would You Donate to Jimmy Carter? (AX)
Ahreeman, the Messenger of Allah: An Interview with Ahreeman X (AX)
The Old Calf, who never become a Cow! (AX)
Please Tear Blood, While Reading My Humor! (AX)
Holy Cleric Ranks of Islam: The Shiite Hierarchy! (AX)
The Day I Become a Prophet! (AX)
Questions for Monarchists on Referendums & Elections? (AX)
Politically Incorrect Term for an Iranian! (AX)
Out There Pure Persian Terms: Persianizing or Fragging the Lingo? (AX)
That Wacky Tacky Hillary Clinton: The Hillary Clinton Show (AX)
Reminiscing With God! (AX)
Monarchist Nowruz Amnesia! A Love Letter to a Monarchist! (AX)
Top 10 Most Chauvinist Men on Earth (AX & Haj Seyed Reza)
Zeynab Sisterhood Memoirs: Iranian Female Police (Catayoun Razmjou)
Circumcision International Encyclopedia! (AX)
My Experience with Shiite! (AX)
Internet Addiction [Persian] (Pantea Golzari)
Final Sexual Solution for the 21st Century, Zeros [2000s]! (AX)
New Persian Slangs [Persian] (Pantea Golzari)
New Improved Prophets for Persians! (AX)
Chinese in 5 Minutes - Persian Style! (AX)
Funny Atheist Quotes: Famous Atheist Expressions and Idioms! (AX)
Reza Pahlavi II vs Fidel Castro! - A Comparison and a Case Study (AX)
You could be Persian, if … (AX)
Adventures of Haji Kuchike and Haji Bozorge AKA The Hojaj
Sex Change Operation by Dr. Haji Kuchike! (AX)
Chador, Sexy and Fashionable!
Sexy Iranian Women in Fashionable Chador 1: Exotic Chador (AX)
Sexy Iranian Women in Fashionable Chador 2: Funny Chador (AX)
Sexy Iranian Women in Fashionable Chador 3: Sports Chador (AX)
Sexy Iranian Women in Fashionable Chador 4: Militant Chador (AX)
Sexy Iranian Women in Fashionable Chador 5: Sexy Chador (AX)
Eye-Rainian and Iranian Episodes!
Biker Chicks and Girls with Guns Photo Galleries included
Eye-Rainian and Iranian 1: Eye-Rainian Roots (AX)
Biker Chicks Photo Gallery included
Eye-Rainian and Iranian 2: Eye-Rainian goes to Gun Club (AX)
Girls with Guns Photo Gallery included
Iran Gay Galore: Persian Gay, Lesbian & Transsexual Photo Galleries
Persian Gay Gallery 1: Gay Protest and Rainbow Parade (AX)
Persian Gay Gallery 2: Gay Islam and Gay Iran (AX)
Persian Gay Gallery 3: Leather Pride and Gay Parade (AX)
Islamic Masturbation Encyclopedia: Book of Halaal Jalq
Islamic Encyclopedia for Proper Masturbation - Book of Jalq (AX)
Mid Season Nightmares
Comedy Fantasy Plays, Shakespearean Style!
A Mid Spring Nightmare! - Comedy Play in 2 Acts - Part 1 (AX)
A Mid Summer Nightmare! - Comedy Play in 2 Acts - Part 2 (AX)
A Mid Winter Nightmare! - Comedy Play - Part 3 (AX)
Nowruz Persian New Year Humor and Gallery
Who wants what for Nowruz? - Chapter 1
Who wants what for Nowruz? - Chapter 2
Nurollah X Series
Similarities between Farts and Mullahs! (AX)
Nurollah and Media (AX)
Reformist, Moderate and Fundamentalist! (AX)
The Logic Behind 72 Virgins! Islamic Problem # 69 (AX)
New Iranian Website Directory - Valentines Special (AX)
People and I (Hilarious Religious Q & A) Ashura Special (AX)
Islamic Jokes by Nurollah - Part 1 (AX)
Islamic Jokes by Nurollah - Part 2 (AX)
Who Voted for Obama?
Who Voted for Obama? Part 1: Liberal Types Political Humor (AX)
Who Voted for Obama? Part 2: Obama Voters Photo Album (AX)
Persian Slangs Dictionary
Iranian Alternative Terms! (IPC)

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Things That Make You Wonder! … Holiday Humor (Lori Foroozandeh)
Life Education Certificate for Men! (Haj Seyed Reza)
Study is Better than Hookers - Calling God [Persian] (Pantea Golzari)
Iranian Humor from Qom (Haj Seyed Reza)
99 Names for Allah, with Definitions & Benefits! (Lori Foroozandeh & AX)
Middle Eastern Islamic Humor (Haj Seyed Reza)
Scattered Persian Jokes! (AX)
Men and Women (Pantea Golzari)
How to Make Women and Men Happy? (Haj Seyed Reza)
Paykan Automotive + Watch What You Say! (Pantea Golzari)
Lori's Sunspot! (Lori Foroozandeh)

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Satirical Poetry and Parody (Hajviyat)
50 – Hajv-e Panjah: Satirical Poetry (Original) [Persian] (Farzin)
Book of Satirical Poetry and Literature - Divan Hajviyat Ahreeman X
Islamic Encyclopedia for Proper Masturbation - Book of Jalq (AX)
Liberal Sing Along Dance Song! (AX)
The Old Calf, who never become a Cow! (AX)
50 - Hajv-e Panjah: Dirty Old Man Poetry (Ahreemanic) [Persian] (AX)
Islamic Revolution Lampoon - An-Qolab! [Persian] (AX)
For Imam Khamenei, with Love! [Persian] (AX)
Funny Islamic Songs and Lyrics: Parodies from Allah! (IPC)

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The Hodge Conservative Twins YouTube

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