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Let’s Go Brandon = FAQ Joe Biden
Fun Page


Let’s Go Brandon = FAQ Joe Biden Fun Page
Song, Dance, Meme, Audio, Video, Toon, Humor and Other Spices!
Ahreeman X
February 20, 2022

Let’s Go Brandon Mullahs in Iran Branco Cartoon
“Biden hands Mullahs $ 29 Billion frozen overseas assets!” (Media)
“Democrats and Mullahs’ Nuke Deal 2.0 is on the way!” (Media)
“Democrats are the Greatest Protectors of the Mullahs!” (Media)
Biden is video chatting with Mullahs, reading off of Obama’s Dictated Teleprompter (Hope and Change Logo) and with empty confused thoughts, cheering the Mullahs!
In the meanwhile, in Tehran: You Go Brandon!
Raisi to Rouhani: I think Biden got this!

History of Democrats & Mullahs: Democrats' Misfires

Let’s Go Brandon Greetings

The other day, I woke up in the morning and before I started Shiite, Shower and Shave AKA washing my face, shaving, brushing my teeth, etc., I found myself staring at the mirror and starting my day by stating to myself in the mirror: “Let’s Go Brandon”!

When I went downstairs, I started my day by stating again “Let’s Go Brandon”! I went outside to the courtyard and shouted “Lets’ Go Brandon”, the neighbor on the corner jogging, shouted back “Let’s Go Brandon”! I went to the backyard garden and browsing the patio and the pool, unconsciously shouted “Let’s Go Brandon” and the neighbor few houses down shouted back “Let’s Go Brandon”! I went to my home gym and started my workout with “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase!

I find myself at the dentist, mechanic, shooting range, gun club, bikers hangout starting the dialogues with “Let’s go Brandon” and they respond by “Let’s Go Brandon” statements! Some church services start with the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase!

Holly Shiite Droppings and Jumping Bull Shiite Artists, what do you know, its everywhere and everyone is chanting it! This thing is now global!

The phrase had become so popular that now everyone is using it to express how they feel about the behated US Puppet Regime Leader “Joe Blow”, the Puppet Master Cabal behind him, and the complete Big Government and Deep State Establishment which had stolen the 2020 Election and illegitimately ruling over the people in USA as a Tyrannical Totalitarian Autocracy. When people say “Let’s Go Brandon”, in fact, they are expressing how they feel about the Tech Oligarchs, Media, Democrats and the complete Globalist Establishment which aided the Numb Nuts, Incontinent, Incompetent Senile Old Shiite Bag Joe to steal the election and destroy America.

Joe Biden President Erect Beijing Joe Made in China Bred by Deep State Ahreeman X Graphic
Shiite Bag Joe: Ahreeman you son of a bitch, you should be ashamed of yourself, making a mockery of me by referring to me as the “Regime Leader”, C’mon man, I’m your good old president, the Big Guy; now don’t forget to give me 10% of the new piece’s profit, the Big Guy likes his cut and …. Hey where was I, I lost my thoughts ….. Ahhh, Hmmmm …. Oh yeh, get off my lawn, you Johnny Rebel trouble maker, cut off the mockery and obey the New World Order and Great Set Back, and ……. Yeah, Where am I? Yeh, need to go to bed, had a long day, ate 2 triple scoops ice cream cones and ….. eh … goodnight!

Trump the Cleanup Man

I feel sorry for Trump, he is like the “cleanup guy”! He had to cleanup the Shiite all over the FAQed up country after 8 years of that Bozo Hussein Obama and now after the 4 years (or sooner) of Shiite Bag Joe, he has to again cleanup the mess and the Shiite severely and extensively all over the nation! It is like the poor guy is destined to cleanup and disinfect after the Democrats Shiite all over the place! And then amazingly, he turns the Shiite Hole to the greatest economy in the world! Think about it, Trump is a hard-working economical genius whom like the Energizer Rabbit, keeps on going and going nonstop! Let’s not bad eye or evil eye him (Persian Style), knock on wood, he is the only hope America has! Hey, I’m an atheist but you know what they say, God Bless Trump! Amen!

When Woke Green New Bull Shiite Ruined the World?
Bits O Wisdom by Shiite Shoveler X

The Phenomenon

As most of you are aware, it all started with an NBC Reporter, a Liberal Bimbette (not a fully grown bimbo) interviewing a NASCAR driver fellow named Brandon. During this interview, the fans were chanting “FAQ Joe Biden”; however, the reporter tried to cover it up and repeated the chant as “Let’s Go Brandon”. Since then, the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has become the top phrase for conservatives and patriots everywhere around the world to express their feelings towards not only Joe Biden but the complete Globalist Liberal Democrat Establishment.

Soon, it went global, they made T shirts, Posters, Stickers, Decals, and the whole line of merchandise and they made out like bandits on them!

Let’s Go Brandon Original Interview - NBC Reporter Coverup

How Let’s Go Brandon started

Then Jen Psaki who sucks a lot of Schlong and is a professional Democrat Bull Shiite Artist tried to put Shiite on Shingles and slide the reporter’s question about this issue, under the Persian Rug!

Jen Psaki (Democrats’ Joseph Goebbels Propaganda Minister) on Let’s Go Brandon Chants

Even Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis could not help not to explain the Let’s Go Brandon Phenomena!

Crowd cheers on Gov. Ron DeSantis with "Let's Go Brandon"

Eventually it had become an issue in every home around the country!

'Let's go Brandon' Chant: Gaining popularity and critics

Next thing you know the funny Greg Gutfeld expressed his opinion on the phenomenon.

Greg Gutfeld reacts to left losing it over 'Let's Go Brandon'

The more the liberals got pissed off about it, the more popularity it gained globally! During every professional sport in American stadiums, you can hear “Let’s Go Brandon” chants exploding throughout the arenas! Naturally the Bull Shiite Artists of the Mainstream Lying Media, try to cover them out of the broadcasts.

In a way, the people are expressing their true feelings about not only “Shiite Bag Joe” but the complete Woke Liberal Establishment including NFL, NBA, BLM, ANTIFA, Democrats, Media, Tech Giants, Deep State and the Big Government!

When people chant “Let’s Go Brandon”, in a way they are expressing their feelings towards everyone who stole the election and FAQed up the USA. Everyone who participated in the Election Stealing of 2020 and turned America from Master of the World to a 3rd World Shiite Hole!

'Let's go Brandon': Anti-Biden chants go global

Donald Trump smiling as fans chant “Let’s Go Brandon” at the 2021 World Series

Massive 'Let's go Brandon' banner flying over Georgia-Missouri game

Biden Agrees with Let’s Go Brandon!

Even Biden agreed about “Let’s Go Brandon! The Senile Old Fart is so out of touch with the reality that he has no clue where he is, who he is, what he does or what is going on; therefore, the Cabal hands him a teleprompter or a piece of paper on what to say, what to sign and how to react to the media, and when he gets stuck with brain freeze, someone like Jill Biden or Jen Psaki jumps and drag him out of the public scene!

It is like they drag his wheelchair in front of the cameras and tell him what to say and then drag him away from the cameras! White House even has various props and backgrounds such as rose garden, vaccine hospital, oval office and press room which puts out behind him to show that he is not always in the basement or the bedroom, and for God’s sake, sometimes he goes outside!

During the Christmas, a father called Biden and at the end of the Christmas message, he told Biden “Let’s Go Brandon” but Biden is so out of it that he agreed with the caller and Biden said Let’s Go Brandon himself! Biden probably thought that its all about people cheering the Race Car Driver or the way so many people (Majority of USA) love and support him!

Caller to Biden: Merry Christmas, Let's Go Brandon

Oregon Dad Under Fire for ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Christmas Call

Joe Biden SOS Swim Tube Made in China Defective Expired Product Ahreeman X Graphic
Beijing Joe: Wow, so that’s what “Let’s go Brandon” means?! I always thought it’s a term of endearment by Billions of my fans who unconditionally love me so much!

Next thing you know the Memes came out!

The 'Let's Go Brandon, I Agree' Song Meme

They even purchased a very expensive Superbowl ad to make sure the world sees it and they displayed a “Let’s Go Brandon” political ad!

Let’s Go Brandon
Dave McCormick Superbowl Ad

* Inflation Record High
* The Fiasco in Afghanistan is a Grave Below
* Big Tech is Silencing Conservative Voices
* US Trade Deficit Hits Record High
* On Pace to Surpass Record for Annual Homicides
* Illegal Border Crossings Soar to Record Highs
* This is So Much Bigger Than Brandon!

Let’s Go Brandon Super Bowl Ad

Dave McCormick YouTube

In other words, the ad tried to express that everything is FAQed in USA and the country is destroyed! The Bull Shiite Artist “Chicken Ass Joe Biden” and the Cabal behind him (Puppet Masters) truly Shiited all over America! Nothing good came out and Democrats destroyed everything!

The Cabal Which Runs USA

As you know, Biden is braindead and a Cabal is running the country! The Cabal is:

Hussein Obama
Susan Rice
Tech Oligarchs
Nancy Pelosi

And indeed,
George Soros

Whom all get their shares of kickbacks from Big Poppa Panda Xi Jinping and the China Lobby, also get their shares from the Big Pharma shoving vaccines up people’s asses every few months, even 2-year-olds! Naturally the “Big Guy” (Chicken Ass Joe) gets his cut which is 10%.

Chicken Ass Joe

Honestly, I want y’all (now that’s southern) to next time when the Media covers up his gaffes, look carefully at his face and judge for yourselves, doesn’t Biden really look like “Chicken’s Ass”?! Then go grab a chicken, check out her ass and compare comparison!

Chicken: Hey Ahreeman, don't insult my ass!

Let’s Go Brandon Songs

Next thing you know, a mess of “Let’s Go Brandon” songs came out and a couple went to # 1 song in the USA; however, the best of the best were the Kid Rock songs because Kid Rock really Rocks!

Kid Rock at the 4th of July Concert

Kid Rock: We the People (Let’s Go Brandon) Song

Kid Rock Videos

Kid Rock - Video
We the People (Let’s Go Brandon)

Kid Rock – Video Collage
We the People (Let’s Go Brandon)

Kid Rock - Lyrics
We the People (Let’s Go Brandon)

Kid Rock – Lyrics 2
We the People (Let’s Go Brandon)

Kid Rock – Audio Official
We the People (Let’s Go Brandon)

Kid Rock Patriotic Songs

Kid Rock: Don't Tell Me How To Live

Kid Rock: American Rock 'n Roll

Kid Rock YouTube

Kid Rock: We the People (Let’s Go Brandon) Song Lyrics


Kid Rock - Lyrics
We the People (Let’s Go Brandon)

We the people in all we do
Reserve the right to scream "FAQ you"
(Hey-yeah) Ow
(Hey-yeah) Huh
"Wear your mask, take your pills"
Now a whole generation's mentally ill
(Hey-yeah) Man, FAQ Fauci

But COVID's near, it's coming to town
We gotta act quick, shut our borders down
Joe Biden does, the media embraces
Big Don does it and they call him racist

We the people (woo, let's go Brandon)
We the people (woo, let's go Brandon)
We the people (woo, let's go Brandon)
We the people

FAQ Facebook, FAQ Twitter too
And the mainstream media, FAQ you too, too, too
(Woo) Yeah, you

We the people (ooh, yeah)
We the people

Inflation's up, like the minimum wage
So, it's all the same, and ain't a damn thing changed
You piece of Shiite, I don't see color
"Black Lives Matter", no Shiite, Mother FAQ-er

But we gotta keep fighting for the right to be free
And every human being doesn't have to agree
We all bleed red, brother, listen to me
It's time for love and unity

We the people (woo, let's go Brandon)
We the people (woo, let's go Brandon)
We the people (woo, let's go Brandon)
We the people

And you social media trolls, y'all can suck on Deez (deez)
Deez nuts, that's what's up

We the people (ha-ha)

If you're down with love and wanna make things better
All we gotta do is just come together
Weather the storm, and take my hand
Then follow my lead to the promised land
'Cause we the people, we gotta unite
To follow that good time guiding light
Climb aboard this love boat
And rock that bitch up and down the coast

In order to form a more perfect union
Do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America

We the people (woo, let's go Brandon)
We the people (woo, let's go Brandon)
We the people (woo, let's go Brandon)
We the people

Standing up, and standing tall
Cause it's all for one and it's one for all
All, all, all
We the people (woo)
We the people


Hall of the National Populists
Ted Nugent the Rock Legend with wife (Shemane Nugent), Kid Rock with fiancé (Audrey Berry), Sarah Palin (God Mother of the Tea Party) with “The Don” Spokesperson of the MAGA Movement (Donald John Trump) at the Oval Office, White House.

The Relation Between Liberals and Haji Kuchike, Imams Hassan and Hussein

Now that Let’s Go Brandon song by Kid rock, Rocks! That is one Bad Ass Song! And I am stating that while pointing at down there and shouting: liberals can eat “This” (Ahreemanic Schlong AKA Haji Kuchike the Junior Pilgrim) and Suck on “Deez” (Ahreemanic Balls AKA Imam Hassan and Hussein the Shiite Saints), and “Deez” (Kid Rock Style) is the neo catchy term, yeh eat “Deez” liberals!

Sex Change Operation by Dr. Haji Kuchike!
Adventures of Haji Kuchike and Haji Bozorge AKA Hojaj

Let’s Go Brandon Hit Songs

Now here are a selection of various famous Brandon songs with some # 1 hits nationwide.

Famous videos
Let’s Go Brandon Songs

Loza Alexander: Let’s Go Brandon

Bryson Gray: Let’s Go Brandon

Forgiato Blow 1: Let’s Go Brandon

Forgiato Blow 2: Let’s Go Brandon

Blake America: Nobody Likes You (Let’s Go Brandon)


Rockers, Rappers, Poppers, Hip Hopsters and everybody is down with Let’s Go Brandon Tunes!

Donald Trump Approves Let’s Go Brandon!

Even the Don approved the phrase and joined the shenanigan! Trump even stated during his rallies: “Let’s Go Brandon”, how true!

Donald Trump
Let’s Go Brandon

Donald Trump Sings Let's Go Brandon to Joe Biden

Liberal Privilege

It is amazing that liberals can dream of or act upon violence but when conservatives use an indirect profanity, they all go up in arms! Madonna wanted to bomb Trump’s White House, Johnny Depp wanted to assassinate Trump, Kathy Griffin wanted to behead Trump, a Liberal Play literally stabbed Trump, ANTIFA and BLM burned down large American cities for 6 months to the grounds, in fact liberals are the most intolerant, violent and racist people in the whole world; however, when conservatives play a few parodies and create a phrase which is indirectly profane, the liberals go nuts and all up in arms, screaming that “What happened to civility”?

Do you know what happened to civility? The civility jumped out of the balcony when you bozos stole the election and established a dictatorship in America, so basically, I know the alley and I say, y’all (that’s surely southern) can share and all of yous can kiss my White Aryan Persian Lovely Buttocks! In fact, liberals globally can gather and kiss my buttocks and as the famous poet, Ted Nugent recites:

“The Whole World Can Kiss My Ass!
Oh yeh, kiss my Ass
Everybody can,
Kiss My …”   
(Ted Nugent)

All Together Y’all

So let us gather in this Holy Place, the IPC Club and together from the bottom of our hearts and the top of lungs, shout “Let’s Go Brandon” and work so hard and wish so hard that after the 4 years of Shiite Bag Joe (or sooner if jailed for crimes), once again our beloved Trump the Cleanup Man, cleans up all the Residue and infection caused by the Democrats who Shiited All Over the Place and FAQed up the nation!

Destroying America is easy, Obama done it in 8 years and Biden in only in 1 year but putting back the broken pieces and not only to repair but to create the Greatest Economy, Society and Civilization on earth is hard. Not to worry, he done it before! Trump cleaned up all the Shiite after Obama and he will cleanup the Toxic Shiite after the Shiite Bag Joe! I both admire and feel sorry for Trump! Admire because he is a super strong person with unshakable determination and love to fix America, this turn for the 2nd time; and feel sorry for him because the poor man has become the master in cleaning after the Democrats! Trump is the Cleanup Man after the Democrats, whom as always Shiite all over America and turn it to a 3rd world Shiite Hole!

Democrats are Master Bull Shiite Artists who always FAQ up the country and Shiite all over the place; Trump is the reliable hope who always cleans up after them and fixes up our beloved land. All the praise to Trump, he is made of steel.

Hey, Democrats don’t need laxatives or dairy products, they were born to Shiite all over the country and the world! Shiite Bag Joe is the perfect example! As I have stated before:

“To put Democrats in charge of the Economy is similar to put Baboons in charge of NASA!”

I feel Trump’s pain, I truly feel Trump because I also have been the Shiite Shoveler for many decades!

My Experience with Shiite!

Shiite Shoveler X

Dr. X


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