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Lizard Raping Hindus & Woke Democrats
4 Hindus Gang Raped a Monitor Lizard in India!


Lizard Raping Hindus and Woke Democrats
4 Hindus Gang Raped a Bengal Monitor Lizard in India!
Reptilian Bestiality Supreme Bizarre S&M Act

Ahreeman X
April 19, 2022

Mouthy the Lizard
Mouthy: Hey Hindus, don’t get any ideas! I’m just yawning, no Erotic Woke Virtue Signaling for BJ!

Lizardly Loved!

It is not a hoax or a joke, the Hindu Brothers really went one step beyond! We have been informed that Hindu Brothers gang raped a big Bengali Lizard, an endangered species in the forest and even filmed it! Chew on that one if you can! It must be the adventurous deeper sense of living it on the edge by displaying to the world that you are weird and crazy enough to bang a large size reptile and if they do not believe it, then show them the proof on the video!

As soon as I have heard about this news, I told myself, boy am I gonna have a ball with this news or what? I mean we have a huge Indian audience who religiously follow IPC, I simply must write a piece about this one. Hindu Brothers gonna trip with it!

Bengali Lizard Gang Banging Rapists
4 Lizard Banging Hindu Brothers in green, red, blue checkered and two-tone black and white shirts (front) with the Maharashtra police and forest rangers (back). The Lizard Rapist Hindu Brothers posing with their “Assault Vehicles” Motorcycles used to travel in the forest, luring innocent lizards, gang raping them and film it for the social media! Maharashtra, India

No, as I stated, this is not a hoax or a joke, the Hindu Brothers really went one step beyond:

Lizard Gang Rape News:
Endangered Species are Gang Banged in Bengali & Mumbai!


“Bengal monitor lizard allegedly gang-raped in Maharashtra forest; four held

The Hindu

A video of the alleged gang-rape also found in one of the accused’s phone

Four persons were arrested for allegedly raping a Bengal monitor lizard in Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR) in Maharashtra, a forest official said on Wednesday.

The incident, which occurred at Gothane village in Ratnagiri district, came to light days after the four accused were booked for illegally entering Chandoli National Park, which is part of the reserve, with one of them carrying a gun for hunting, he said.

The accused were being probed after they were booked on March 31 for illegally entering the forest when the crime came to light, the official said.

The STR is spread over four districts of Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur and Ratnagiri.

The accused were identified as Sandeep Tukaram Pawar, Mangesh Kamtekar, Akshay Kamtekar and Ramesh Ghag, he said.

"During the investigation, the forest officials found that the accused had allegedly raped a Bengal monitor lizard. Their act was also recorded in a mobile phone of one of the accused persons," he said.

"We have recovered all the related evidence from the accused and they were granted forest department custody initially, but are out on bail now," the forest official said.

They have been asked to mark their presence before the forest officer, who is probing the case, every Monday, he said.

"The four accused have been booked under various sections of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972," field director of Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR), Nanasaheb Ladkat, said.”


Bengali Lizard Gang Banging Rapists Pose
3 of the 4 Lizard Banging Hindu Brothers (squatting in the front) with the Maharashtra police and forest rangers (back). The Lizard Rapist Hindu Brothers lured innocent lizards, gang raping them and film it for the social media! Maharashtra, India
Ahreemanic Observations:
* Are they really ashamed or they have their heads down as just an act?
* 2nd ranger from the left is furious!
* 4th ranger from the left cannot help not to laugh!
* And what’s in the bag on the right? Camcorder?
* Check out the lizard rapists’ sandals for comfort during the hunt for lizard rape!
Now you have seen it all! Only in India baby, only in India!

All this lizard banging reminded me of my episode with the lizards:

Relation Between Ahmadinejad and Lizard!

A Mid-Winter Nightmare! – Chapter 3
A Fantasy Humor Play

Persian Humor Index

Relation Between the 2 Reptiles: Ahmadinejad and Lizard (See Similarities)
Lizard: Hey Ahreeman, don’t insult the reptiles by including Ahmadinejad amongst us!

Anwar Shaikh and Hindu Brothers’ Back Bones!

Anwar Shaikh used to say:

"Hindu Brothers have no back bone (to take care of Islam and Muslims in India)!"
(Anwar Shaikh)

Anwar Shaikh: Why Islam Can’t Coexist with Other Religions?

Anwar Shaikh Index

Now we know why the Hindu Brothers have no back bone?! Because:

A) Hindu Brothers took their backbones out to crawl like reptiles; therefore, facilitate to easily gang bang lizards!

B) Hindu Brothers are busy gang banging lizards and have no time to deal with petty issues like Islam and Muslims which are destroying India!

Bengali Monitor Lizard: Ahreeman, you jerk, I’m getting raped down here in Bengal by these savage Hindus and you are making fun of this whole ordeal by one of your net spoofs, shame on you! Your comedy routine is at the cost of my virginity! I was only an innocent youngen when these Hindus got the hold of my Suzie, Hiney and Lips!

Questions on Lizardly Love

Questions come to mind:

* Is there a lack of Indian women in Maharashtra, West India that Lizards become the mate of choice?

* Weren’t there also no Pearly White boys available?!

* Are lizards more appetizing than Indian girls?

* What’s next: Watermelons and coconuts?

* Maharashtra and Mumbai are Muslim districts, is it possible that the Islamic disease rubbed off to the Hindu Brothers?

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected – Chapter 1

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected – Chapter 2

* Is bestiality the latest fad of the day in Maharashtra?

* Does this lizard banging have anything to do with the Woke New World Order?

* Are Hindu Brothers trying to top the American Liberals on Weirdly Wokeness?

* As long as the liberals changed the definition of marriage, will there be any Primate – Reptile Marriage involved in the future?

* Is this an Indian thing that we ignorant Americans do not get?

* As long as the Hindu Brothers have already gone one step beyond, can you inform the public that was this interaction only vaginal, or the anal was also in the picture too?

* Was this reptilian orgy delightful for you perverts?

* Was it worth getting arrested, ashamed and publicly humiliated?

* You know what the lizard inmates will do to the reptile rapists like you in the Indian jails, don’t you?

* Will there be the prospect of the future exclusive interview, book, movie?

Bengali Monitor Lizard does the Twerking!
Baby Got Back!

Hindu Brothers Must Come to America!

Hindu Brothers, don’t feel so bad, just after your prison term, come to America! Democrat run USA will make you feel right at home! No, actually better than home!

In today’s America, we went one step beyond whatever sickly perverted tasks which you guys do in Bengali, Maharashtra, Mumbai and India!

We got Faggies, Trannies, HeShes, Drag Queens, Submissive, Dominatrix, Bull Dykes, Butch Girls, Fem Boys, Sissy Boys, Boy Toys, Slave Boys, Groomers, Gender Benders, Bestiality, Necrophiliacs, Pedophiliacs, Sicko-philiacs, LGBTQIA and another 6 to 60 genders created by the liberals!

We got:

Men marry men
Women marry women
In between marry in between
Men marry little boys
Women marry little girls
Men marry dogs
Dogs marry cats
So why not men marry lizards?

Come on over to America, you will fit right in, feel at home. You will fit right in amongst all the degenerates, perverts, sickos, twisted clowns, geeks, freaks, Brotherly Loved and why not Lizardly Loved?!

Come on over, it’s a Zoo out here! In liberal America, Everything Goes as long as it is consensual! Was it with consent? Did the lizard agree to do the nasty?! Was it Halal or Haram? Did you read the Siqeh (Temporary Marriage Verse)?

Ayatollah Khomeini on Islamic Religious Teachings 1:
Sex, Marriage, Divorce and Relationships

Islamic Encyclopedia for Proper Masturbation (Book of Jalq) in 2 Volumes
Modern Islamic Sensual Guide for the Pious Muslim!
A Neo Revolutionary Move in Literature and Linguistics!

You see, in Liberal America, every degenerate act is OK as long as there is consent!

Bengali Monitor Lizard Claws!
Ahreeman Joon: Ooh What Big Claws You Have! Hindu Brothers must think twice before approaching this one or he might make chutney out of their balls!

Clinton’s Liberal Pedophile Ring

Remember the big scandal about the Big Shot liberal pedophiles involving Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew Windsor the Duke of York and a bunch of other rich liberals who conducted wild pedophile orgies in various places and then they ended up killing the orgy host Jeffrey Epstein in jail and are trying to kill Chislaine Maxwell their Madam pimp?

They got Jack Shiite in comparison to you!

Lizardly Loved! Lizards Mating!
Hindu Brothers: Ahreeman, stop making fun of us, reptile, primate, so what? We’re all animals and it’s a Woke New World! Everything Goes …
Sing along:
Doing me, doing you, we’re all mammals,
We wanna do it like they do it,
In Discovery channel ... Lala Lala La La La, Lala …

Clinton Body Counts

Bill Clinton: Hey Ahreeman, for the record, I did not suicide that man in jail! I also never inhaled or put my cigar in Monica Lewinsky’s mouth or …

Hillary Clinton: Hey Ahreeman, for the record, I have never accidentally murdered anyone in episodes such as White Water, Staffer-Gate, Pizza-Gate, Victor Raiser, Mary Mohane, Vincent Foster, Seth Rich, Jeffrey Epstein, Christopher Sign, Jovenel Moise and these are only the ones that are publicly known!

Leopard vs. Monitor Lizard
Leopard: Hey buddy, I feel sorry for you, but when it comes to Bangarooni, better be you than me! Just keep the Hindu Brothers away from my butt!

Hindu Brothers Welcome to America!

So come on to the land of opportunity, Brotherly FAQed and Liberally Trashed! It’s a Freak Show down here! Come to America by first visiting that hair sniffing, child molesting, child lap sitting, hairy legged, bear hugging, behind the ear kissing, old Kook, Usurper Biden, the Regime Leader in the White House and Nancy Old Pussy (Pelosi) in the Capitol where the degeneration begins! Then come to California the land of degenerates and first visit our beloved Tyrant Governor “Jerry Brown’s Butt Boy” AKA Gavin Newsom and then come on down to San Diego and visit our beloved Mayor the “Li’l Gay Elf on the Shelf” AKA Todd Gloria! I am sure that you will learn a lot from these Veteran Perverts but make sure to sign the consent form first!

Lizard Man and Monitor Lizard
Lizard Man: Ahrrr … I’m a formidable cannibal! If those Hindu Brothers come near me or my lizard, I will rip them a new one! They got another thing coming to them! And Ahreeman, PETA Animal Rights and I have already canceled and banned you because you have the sensitivity of a cucumber! Shame on you!

Gender Pronouns Education Before Entering USA

Just declare your pronouns and come right in, specifically when you enter the bathroom or Woke Liberal USA! It goes like this:

Male: He, Him, His, Himself
Female: She, Her, Hers, Herself

Then it gets weird:

In Between: They, Them, Their, Themself


Beanstalk Giant: Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum

Which he went like this:

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum,
I smell the blood of an Englishman,
Be he alive, or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread.

And for the Lizard:

Lizard: Liz, Lizzo, Lizzy, Lizzette

But you can go like:

Bestiality Lover: Sick, Sicko, Sickos, Sickness

Got it?!

LGBTQIA Alphabet Soup and all the Muslim Refugees, Illegal Aliens, MS13, Gang Bangers, Drug Cartel Workers, Mojados, Coyotes, and other animals are gathered here, why not you?!

Welcome to America, the Neo Liberal Zoo! All Animals are Welcomed! We are trying to Make America a 3rd World Shiite Hole! Bon Appetite!

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