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A Mid Winter Nightmare!
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Chapter 3: A Fantasy Humor Play

A Mid Winter Nightmare!
A Fantasy Humor Play
An Ahreemanic Classic - IPC Nostalgia
Ahreeman X

1st Edition:  December 21, 2006
2nd Edition: January 18, 2018

I wrote this piece a while ago. This is basically a sequel to the:
A Mid Spring Nightmare!
A Mid Summer Nightmare!

A Mid Winter Nightmare!
An Islamo-Pedophile Gay Dream with Ahmadinejad!


I had a Islamo-Pedophile Gay Dream with Ahmadinejad in it!

This is so bizarre! This morning I woke up due to 2 reasons:

I. A smack across the head by Blondie!
II. A Woody by Haji Kuchike!

Why you ask? Allow me to tell you a story …

I had a pedophile gay dream with Ahmadinejad present! Strange you say? Well I'll be damned! Soon I need to write a humor piece about it:

Mid Summer Gay Dreams!

It was a freezing cold mid winter night and I was cuddling up under the blankets in my king size Victorian bed, and then it all started …

Ahmadinejad had entered the room in an SS Uniform, trying to imitate Hitler!

A: Death to Israel, Death to Zionism, …
(Usual shouts and slogans …)

Then he took of his uniform and jack-boots!

The scene changed and now we were outside on the sidewalk!

So in a nutshell, Blondie, Ahmadinejad, 3 kids and myself were sitting nude in a modern extra large bathtub, which was placed on the sidewalk next to the gate of our old house in Sepah Avenue, Tehran, Iran (now possessed by Mullahs)! Fire Hydrant was screwed open, water was splashing all over us. Ahmadinejad had a pasdar uniform on and then next minute he became naked!

All of us were sitting on the edge of the tub, chit chatting (Anishtok migoftim)! It was all innocent, we were not having sex or anything but we were planning on having some!

So we told the kids to run around and play, and we told Blondie to bring us drinks. Then there was only Ahmadinejad and me, alone in the tub!

Next thing you know, Ahmadinejad was crawling on his stomach on the sidewalk, telling jokes and acting silly (like a Marmulak reptile). Metamorphoses! Ahmadi became a lizard! He was so funny and humorous.

I told him:

X: You must be the funniest pasdar, which I had ever seen………..
Ahmadi: Looki looki look, I'm a Marmulak (lizard)!
X: You surely crawl like one!
A: Kids look, I'm crawling on the sidewalk like a lizard!
X: Wow!
A: I'm a little lizard, but Imam can crawl better, because he is a big lizard!
X: Hee Hee Hee….
A: I can even catch flies with my tong, looki ….
(He stretched his 1 meter tong and caught a fly!)
X: We should call you the Basiji Doctor Reptile!
A: Nuclear Energy is our Natural Rights … (he started shouting the slogans!)
(Kids cheering and laughing at backgrounds….)

and I was cracking up laughing at his jokes that suddenly Blondie woke me up!

Blondie: Ahreeman? Ahreeman? Why are you laughing in your sleep?
Ahreeman: It's better than having nightmares and scream like you!
B: Why are you laughing?
X: Ha Ha Hee Hee, so funny ………
B: What?
X: I was having an Islamo-Pedophile Gay Dream with Ahmadinejad! It was so funny and I was in the middle of chatting with Ahmadinejad and laughing at his jokes that you interrupted my dream!
B: Khak bar saret konan!
X: Baba Anishtok migoftim, we were reminiscing…
B: You sick twisted pervert! Martike-ye Ravani …
X: No it was all innocent ……. ( And I told her the whole dream)!
B: There is something really wrong with you. So twisted …. (She whacked me across my
X: Why do you hit me? We were not having an orgy! It was all innocent! We were just nude!
B: Didn't I tell you, all Persian men are gay?
X: Honey it was just a dream ……..
B: A Gay Pedophile dream with children and Ahmadinejad?
X: But children were only playing around and Mahmoud was only joking around!
B: You say Mahmoud, like he is your Pesar Khaleh (Cousin)!
X: Actually he is quite humorous…
B: I know you have serious psychological problems!
X: But sweetheart?
B: Sweetheart my ass, you need professional help…….
X: So I need professional help only because of an innocent dream?
B: This is the most twisted sick psychotic Bull Shiite I have ever heard!
X: But Honey Suckle, it was only a Mid Summer Gay Dream!
B: With children and Ahmadinejad?
X: Well honey, Prophet Mohammed had sex with 6 year olds (Ayesheh)! It is Halaal in Islam to do the …
B: You sick twisted bastard …
X: But honey, our Prophet PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone) was a child molester, are you trying to go against the wisdom of the Prophet?!

B: I know soon or late you'll turn Akhund, with beard, mustache, tasbih and Aba!
X: But Mooshi, it was an innocent little dreamy poo!
B: With little kids and Ahmadinejad in the tub?
X: Oh they weren't really kids …., they were young teenagers …
B: Still it's sick …
X: You were there too!
B: Thanks a lot for sharing your twisted orgies with me!
X: But honey it was only a wet dream!
B: Why do you have a hard on?
X: It was such a turn on! Could not help myself!
B: Sick bastard!
X: But Haji Kuchike is always up 5 AM! Heybatesho eshq ast!
B: Go see a psychiatrist …….
X: Honey, Freud said it is all normal!
B: Freud was a sick mother ………. Just like you!
X: But blossom bosom it was a silly dream ….
B: You are a sick son of a ………
X: But seriously this is strange. They say you dream at night about the issues, which you think about them during the day! But I was not thinking about Mahmoud and children during the day! Well maybe here and there I was reading stuff about politics but not actually ………
B: Oh shut up and don't include me in your Islamic sick orgies.
X: Sorry honey, next time I'll exclude you!
B: I am telling you, all Persian men are gay!
X: That is not true ……
B: God damn Persian men ………………..

Now folks,

What kind of sick twisted dream was that? How on Earth have I dreamt of that? What the hell does it mean? Strangely, Peter the Gimp (Peter Khan Zendran, the famous Gay Activist) was not in it!

The funny ting was that while all of us were in the tub, people were walking all over the sidewalk, going about their business as usual! It must be all due to my exhibitionist nature! I often enjoy walking around naked in the house and garden. I just let Haji Kuchike loose, getting some fresh air! Neighbors often get to peep or openly view Haji! I even walk nude next to the windows, while people in the street driving by. At first they turn their heads to the right and take a quick look and then look straight forward to the street, but suddenly with unbelieving eyes, they once more turn their heads to the right and stare at my naked body! They probably ask themselves: What the hell is that hairy twisted Persian guy doing, standing naked by the window?

In my opinion, they have no business looking up at the second floor of my house, into my office window, rather than keeping their eyes on the road! If they must peek in to my house, then let them get blinded by Haji Kuchike's site (Heybat)! Bunch of God Damn nosey people!

Dear Lord O Mighty ……. Dear me! Bless my adventurous soul!

This was one of the funniest dreams, which I ever had. I surely must write a humor piece about it.

The strange thing is that I often have nightmares about Mullahs but this one was a wet dream! I don't know, there's something about Ahmadinejad (Riot, murder, killer …)!

You guys are damn lucky because you always get the first glance at my future stories. I always share my episodes with yous, because I lovese lovese lovese loves yous……..

Here are some more Twisted Episodes, especially for yous. Dig in and enjoy:

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And that was your bed time story, now say goodnight and go to bed. Don't let the Muslim Bed Bugs bite! Nighty night folks ……

Adios Amigos y Amigas

El Hefe X

A Mid Spring Nightmare!
A Mid Summer Nightmare!
A Mid Winter Nightmare!
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