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Iran Gay Galore - Part 1

Persian Gay , Lesbian and Transsexual Galore!
The Gay Pictorial Report of the Century!

Ahreeman X
1st Edition: July 23, 2007

2nd Edition: March 3, 2014

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Part One
Gay Protest and Rainbow Parade

Warning: This post is way too gay!
Youth 13 to 18 read with parental advisory
Youth 10 to 12 cover your eyes
Children under 10, what the hell are you doing in IPC? Get out!

(Ratings are enforced by Catayoun Razmjou, head of IPC Moral Majority)

Rainbow Flag

After reading this report,

If you are a Homophobe or a Racist, you will be pissed and mad as hell.
If you are a Christian Fundamentalist or a pious person, you will choke on this report.
If you are a Militant Gay or a FemiNazi, you will explode in to rage and anger.
If you are a politically correct Liberal Democrat, you will surely pull out your hair.
The rest of you will get thrills, laugh and love this report!

Welcome to our Web Spoof

Gay Iran Flag

Hello Boys and Girls and In Betweens!
Come gather around Poppa Ahreeman and let me tell you a story. Ready? Let's Roll!

Rainbow Power

After writing and publishing this controversial article:

Iran's Flag: Save Persian Lion from becoming a Gay Pussycat!

Our local little Shemale:

Bache Kuni in a Field of Prairies: Gay Power!

Had snitched the contents of my article to the Gay Rights activists and had twisted my words in such manners that they have assumed that I am a Homophobe, a Racist and a Bigot! These accusations are far from the reality! By no means, I am Anti Gay, Lesbian and Transsexuals! In fact, talking about transsexuals, I am kind o getting turned on!

I am the most democratic and open-minded person in the Iranian media and politics. I believe in the complete individual and human rights for all. I mean the whole shebang. I believe in equal rights for all; however, I do not believe in special minority rights and status due to sexual preferences! Homosexuals are not a racial or an ethnic group! Gays can never become a minority group (such as Blacks). The whole concept of moralizing Homosexuality, turning it to an accepted normal behavior, legitimizing it and declaring Gays as a minority group is laughable. Political Correctness is a disease, which I would never follow. What goes on in your bedroom is private, so keep it out of public's face and keep it in the bedroom. Let us keep our sex lives out of public eyes and debates.

The reality is that my humor knows no boundaries and no one is safe from my words. Gays are no exception to this tradition. Gays are so touchy feely and sensitive when it comes down to these issues! Not that there's anything wrong with being gay (Seinfeld)! Yet they need to develop what they preach! Tolerance that is! Afterall, like it or not, Ahreemanic humor sees no boundaries, nothing is off limits, no subject is taboo and no one is safe from Ahreemanic remarks, thus Ahreeman fingers all! Now FemiNazis and Militant Gays can rip their asses apart and scream from the bottom of their lungs!

Question from Gay friends?

If instead of all this Gay Rights activism, you would have spent a fraction of all these efforts in the direction of a Regime Change, then the IRI would have been overthrown, so you did not have to worry about the Gay Rights being stepped on, at the first place! True or False?

Don't you think less Kun Kunak (Gay Rights Activism) and more Revolution (Political Activism) would automatically guarantee your gay rights in the future Iran?

So anyhow, after that famous controversial article, the Gay Rights Groups had conducted protests, rallies and demonstrations in front of the IPC office.

It became a Zoo out there!

It was like Gay Pride Parade but in protest to IPC!
It was like a GayLa but a hostile militant GayLa!

Many activists had participated.

Arsham Parsi, Spokesperson and Secretary of Human Rights Affairs for the Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization. Gay Power!

Arsham Parsi during a speech

Dr. Ali Zarabi - Authority in Persian Gay Affairs
"The Iranian Closet" - Gay Power

Check out this FruitCake!

At first it was all Black and White ……….

Transsexual showing her assets!

but Suddenly the protest got intense and turned in to Rainbow Colors!

Rainbow girls

At first it was hard-core protests for protest's sake

Gay Rights protests

Then The Agenda became Clear!
"One Large Bokon Bokon Capitalism" (Bache Kuni)

The Agenda became clear: Bokon Bokon, Bang O Salavat Style!

Children of the night, surprised after their true agenda got exposed: Bokon Bokon

At first it was all about Adam and Eve

Then it became about Adam, Eve and Steve!

Adam, Eve and then Steve right smacked in between them!

But then suddenly "Bestiality" came to the scene and "Hambone" offered an "Apple" to get Adam and Steve, kicked out of the paradise!

Snapper what are you doing here? You will not get introduced until part three of our story?
Sorry, could not withhold!
OK Ok Curb your enthusiasm. What were you saying?
But then suddenly "Bestiality" came to the scene …

Hambone, Adam and Steve!

Later on we found out that it was all about:

The Great White Hope

It was all so tempting and then …

This one threatened to replace Camran and take over the position of:
The IPC Political Consultant

This one threatened to make a Coup de Tat and replace Cat and become:
The IPC Web Mistress

This one threatened to jump my bones!
There's Gold in them there hills …

This one tried to Force kiss me!

Bone Marrow was a frustrated Gay Cowboy in the closet.
Bone Marrow was going bareback on the mountains!
Why they call him Bone Marrow?
Because he sucks the Bone Marrow out of people's Bones!

Bone Marrow came out of the closet and turned to:
The Screw-Driver!

Iranian and American Gay Cowboys,
Running the Bareback Mountains!
Bone Marrow joined them!

Maryam is a transsexual almost out of the "Closet"!

They came out of the "Closet"! Way out …..

Alexis Arquette went way out of the "Closet" into the Outer Space!

Alexis Arquette with Jackie Beat

Alexis Arquette, before and after the surgery.
Do you see any difference?

Oh Boy! This boy will one day make one ugly woman!

Talking about ugly transsexuals, how can we not mention Ann Coulter?!

Ann Coulter, the famous Transsexual

For more information, read:

Ann Coulter, the famous Transsexual

Ann Coulter, a Liability for GOP
The Secular Conservative Dilemma

Gay Persians at Gay Pride Parade

Persian and International Transsexuals

Gay Persians

Above groups did protest in front of the IPC Building with the blessing of the:

Little Gay Girls

And the:

Big Gay Girls!

Who got married later during the protests!

The Village Gay cousin of Bache Kuni was there.

The Village GayLord cousin of Bache Kuni was also there.
At first, he gave us a close up.

But then he gave us a "Full Exposure".

Brazilian Transsexuals were there.

Iranian Gay Gods in high heels were there and native Blacks were praying to them!

Gay Pride and Proud
Gay Super Hero: I am Gay, I suck Dick and I am Damn Proud of it!

I'm not Gay, I just love "Lamb Shanks"!

The bottom line was that they wanted to show us the new "Theory of Evolution":

The Gay Evolution

Flag of our Fathers
And the struggle will go on …
(Clint Eastwood and the Veterans are already shaking in their future graves!)

Dear Gay Persians, to show my sincerity, now I shall propagate for yous.

People, here are some educating Gay sites for you to study:

Arsham Parsi - Iranian Queer Activist
(For Degarbashan-e Jensi Iran)

I dig that name:
Degarbashan! (Riooooooooooooot!)
Pure Persian Term: Degarbash
Bache Kuni must be a Degarbash!

The Iranian Closet

Transsexual Women Success Stories

List of Famous Transgender People

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Nazi Girls, Twisted and Wild!

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