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Iran Gay Galore - Part 3

Persian Gay , Lesbian and Transsexual Galore!
The Gay Pictorial Report of the Century!

Ahreeman X

1st Edition: July 23, 2007
2nd Edition: March 3, 2014

Part Three
Leather Pride and Gay Parade

Warning: This post is way too gay!
Youth 13 to 18 read with parental advisory
Youth 10 to 12 cover your eyes
Children under 10, what the hell are you doing in IPC? Get out!

(Ratings are enforced by Catayoun Razmjou, head of IPC Moral Majority)

Leather Pride Flag

After reading this report,

If you are a Homophobe or a Racist, you will be pissed and mad as hell.
If you are a Christian Fundamentalist or a pious person, you will choke on this report.
If you are a Militant Gay or a FemiNazi, you will explode in to rage and anger.
If you are a politically correct Liberal Democrat, you will surely pull out your hair.
The rest of you will get thrills, laugh and love this report!

Gay Iran Flag

Leather is a culture, a lifestyle, a fetish and a state of mind!
S&M (Sadism and Masochism) is a way of life …

Persian Mistress

Leather Pride

Waving the Leather Pride Flag

Wave it high and wave it with pride
Boys in leathers, chains, belts, straps and other shiite!

Persian Transvestites

L. American Mistress (The Great Satan)
R. Qods Units - Iranian Elite Forces IRGC:
"We Want Dool. Down with Great Satan!"
But are they Islamist Militant Gays in the closet?

Iranian S&M Persian Mistress

This Persian model was shy at first.

Then he got sad.

Then he stared at us.

Then he took it off!

And gave us a pose.

Then he looked at us straight in the eyes and warned us not to write anymore Gay Persian humor in IPC or …

Or else, he would flash his shambool!

Soheyl Pashmi: Get a load o this.
X: Oh no, close your legs, I am going blind!
SP: Stop dissing Persian Gays or I'll take it off …
X: Whatever you say, just put on your trousers.
SP: I'm warning you Ahreeman, I'll let it all hang out …
X: OK OK, I'll stop writing humor!

And just to prove he is serious, he took it off and started playing with his shambool!

X: Oh No … STOP IT, Stooooooooop it now!

And he went on …

Damn boy, you are a hairy little Shiite Kicker, aren't you?
Get your hands off your Moameleh!
Put your clothes back on. Someone call the security. This place is beginning to smell like Ass! Boy, this is the IPC Office, not a Persian Hot-bath Club! Boy, let go of your Kharzeh and put your clothes on, you have blinded me with hair!

Leather Pride Parade

They marched in front of the office and waved at us and warned us not to go on with the Gay Humor!

The boys showed us their fists in anger and the girls threatened to stump on us with their boots!

Wait a second, what the hell are they? Males, Females, Trannies, In Betweens or what? FemiNazis marched in front of the IPC Building and blinded our eyes! At this point, we asked Allah for courage and Help!

Then a monster appeared, no it's a boy, no it's a horse, no it's a leather freak, no it's the Jack-Boot Man! A New Gay Super Hero!

Jam Bone showed us a drawing of his naked body with a Mohawk and his schlong showing!

Jack and Jill made us impotent for life, killed every sexual desire in us for the rest of our lives, and killed our eyesights by putting on their costumes!

Swabbies done their little perverted dirty dance!

Next thing you know, they brought a battle ship in the waters at the bay, next to the office and started dancing Disco with the beat of the Village People!

Swabbie Ass Grabbing started!

All this disco noise and suddenly Village People showed up!

Then the Village Idiots showed up!

Gay Bears were lain under the sun, had watched all the GayLa Disco Dancing on the ship!

Persian and International Gay Bears started gathering at the beach and they had appeared from nowhere!

Persian and International Gay Bears posed for photos!

Couple of them jumped in the hot tub for Allah knows what?

Iranian Gay Pop Stars: Kamran and Hooman (G&G: Gayron and Gayman)
X: Hey what are you guys doing here?
G&G:  We didn’t wanna miss out on all the Hair and Bangarooni (Kun Kunak)!

Iranian Gay Hairy Bears: Hassan and Hussein (Not Hassan Rouhani & Hussein Obama)
X: Hey what are you two doing here?
H&H: We just chased Kamran and Hooman here. We heard they’re looking for some Prime Persian Hairy Meat!

X: God damn Abdol, … and what are you doing here?
Abdol Kos Khar-Neh (at the back): I’m just here to squeeze the tities of this fine Meme Boluri (Crystal Tities) Pearly White American Boy named Reds!

If these episodes were not bad enough, suddenly Gimp and his master showed up!

Is that Peter Khan Zendran posing as The Gimp?

Even the Japanese Gimp showed up threatening us with some Kung Fu Fragging!

Gimp smiled at us!

Then a full covered masked Gimp showed up! Are you sure he is not Peter Khan Zendran? He is so pale and chubby, just like Peter? I think he is a Mongolian Albino just like Peter? What did you say? No, not at all, he is not a Mongol or retarded! I said a Mongolian Beef, not a Mongroid or Mongrel!

L. Gimp
R. Peter Khan Zendran
Are you sure the Gimp and Peter are not the same? They have similarities:
Fat Heads, Pale Skins, Big Tities, Chubby Bodies and they both play with sex S&M toys!

Persian Gays jumped each other's bones at down under and sent us the transmission on the web cam!

Couple of Persian Lesbians kissed each other passionately to make a statement!

X: Iranian Lesbians?
Leech Girls: No, we just didn’t wanna miss out posing for the cameras and hoping to become famous models!
X: Why they call you Leech Girls?
Leech Girls: We’re not really Gold Diggers, we don’t dig gold but we suck the dollars out of old men’s wallets; yet the real reason they call us the Leech Girls is because we enjoy hugging each other like Leeches and to suck the juice out of each other’s tities and taboulis in the cold Persian Winter nights! We just like to suck like Leeches: money, tities and everything in between!

But then … Snapper showed up!

Snapper, say hello to the kiddies.
Hello Children.
Who's Snapper you asked?


Let me use a Chuck Berry number to explain who is the Snapper.
Let me tell you a story:

When I was a little bitty boy
my grandmother bought me a cute little toy
silver bells hangin on a string
she told me it was my ding a ling a ling

Everybody sing along:
O my ding a ling,
my ding a ling
I want you to play with my ding a ling

One more time:
O my ding a ling,
my ding a ling
I want you to play with my ding a ling

you know then mamma took me to Sunday school
they tried to teach me the golden rule
every time the choir would sing
I'd take out my ding a ling a ding

then mamma took me to grammar school
but I stopped off in the vestibule
every time that bell would ring
catch me playin with my ding a ling a ling

Everybody sing along:
O my ding a ling,
my ding a ling
I want you to play with my ding a ling

One more time:
O my ding a ling,
my ding a ling
I want you to play with my ding a ling

once I was climbing the garden wall
I slipped and had a terrible fall
I fell so hard I heard bells ring
but held on to my ding a ling a ling

I remember the girl next door
we used to play house on the kitchen floor
she'd be the queen and I'd be the king
and I let her play with my ding a ling a ling

Everybody sing along:
O my ding a ling,
my ding a ling
I want you to play with my ding a ling

One more time:
O my ding a ling,
my ding a ling
I want you to play with my ding a ling

once I was swimming cross turtle creek
man them snappers all around my feet
sure was hard swimming across that thing
with both hands holding my ding a ling a ling

girl downstairs
she's so big and bold
grandma warned me, "she's too old"
she used to take me swingin in the school yard swing
swing down and take my ding a ling a ling

Everybody sing along:
O my ding a ling,
my ding a ling
I want you to play with my ding a ling

One more time:
O my ding a ling,
my ding a ling
I want you to play with my ding a ling

this here song it ain't so sad
the cutest little song you ever had
those of you who will not sing
you must be playing with your own ding a ling

your ding a ling
your ding a ling
we saw you playin with your ding a ling

Sing it:
Oh my ding a ling
everybody sing
I want to play with my

Everybody: my, ding a ling … oh my, ding a ling
Slow down: I wanna play
Everybody: with my ding a ling...!!!
Oh my ding a ling ……

Now I may have been too young to remember and maybe I have made a mistake and taken a man named "Snapper" for the "Snappers" in the Turtle Creek! Who knows, now that I'm thinking clearly, I am beginning to remember his face! It was this son of a bitch "Snapper" who was all over my feet and I had to swim cross that creek while holding on to my ding o ling o ling to protect it from Snapper! If I had not protected my Ding o ling o ling, then it would have never developed to become Haji Kuchike!

Haji Kuchike at your service

So it went something like this:

Once I was swimming cross turtle creek
man named
Snapper all around my feet
sure was hard swimming across that thing
with both hands holding my ding a ling a ling

Yes, surely there were not Snappers all over my feet, but it was the man named Snapper all over my feet!

Lesbian Power

Flag of our Gay Fathers
(Veterans are shaking in their graves!)

Our story comes to an end. The moral of the story is that:

This is a Bang or get Banged kind O World!
Watch your front and back while walking the Jungles out there!

So at last the IPC and I had survived the Gay Raid (protests) outside and inside the IPC Building and office and I made it here to tell you all about it!

Now my little boils and ghouls, I expect you to behave. OK Kuchulus? Now go play around and do the Tranny Belly Dance!

Not the

Bone Dane:
Chador Dance:
Pulp Fiction Dance:
Excitement Dance:

But the

Tranny Belly Dance

Now did you have enough Gayshess for now?
Did you have enough Gayshess to last you a lifetime?
Good, that's good enough, curb your enthusiasm!
Calm down and go to bed.

Sleep tight, say a prayer and if you'll be good, then the next morning, the Gay Fairy will bring you a Dildo! Not that there is anything wrong with being a fairy or being Gay (Seinfeld)!

Snapper, will you say goodnight to the children?
Nighty night, don't let the Snapper bite …

Gay Power

Ahreeman Bless you my children


The Evil1
Dr. X

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