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My Experience with Shiite!
Ahreeman X

1st Edition: August 18, 2007
2nd Edition: January 20, 2018

My lifetime of experiences with Shiite started with a whole bunch of Muslim Shiites trying to steal my nation and turning it to a Pile O Shiite, sorry typing error, I mean turning it to a Shiite type of a government. Eventually these Shiites had succeeded and finished their second Shiiting of Iran (1979) during the past 1400 years. The first person who Shiited all over Iran was Hazrat Omar ibn al Khatab, the second Caliph of Rashedin and a true Islamic Saint! Of course Omar had done this task with the help of other little Shiites such as Imam Ali, the first Shiite Imam and the fourth Caliph of Rashedin! However, this latest Shiitement all over Iran, had been done by that Great Shiite, Ayatollah A-hollah Khomeini, the Great Shiite reviver, Oops sorry typo again, The Great Shiite himself.

L. No Sunni Islam
R. No Shiite Islam

So once the Shiite covered the whole nation, and the level of Shiite water had passed way above my neck and head, by then I had to do something about all this Shiite! I started reading the works of some scholars such as Ahmad Kasravi to finally understand that "What is the reason that our people are so much full of Shiite?!

Is it that they were born with all this Shiite in the brains or is it that The Shiite comes later on in life and after the birth?! I mean, is it the society that actually shoves all this Shiite in our people's heads or our people are naturally Full O Shiite?!

Therefore my lifetime of research about the nature of all this Shiite, had enlightened me to the point, which I have discovered that it was an Arab conspiracy blended with a little bit o Turkish Safavid Bull Shiite! Even though Muhammad had indigestion and developed this infection in his long intestine, yet it had all started with Ali Alayh al Salam and his Rashedin Caliphate o Bull Shiite, which had eventually flourished and became very heavy type o Shiite during the Qajar era, and obviously this Shiite became a very Tough Shiite during the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Finally all this Shiite had caught up with our people's minds and practically Iran had drowned and drenched in all this Shiite! That's when Revolution occurred, I mean Shiite Revolution of Iran or shall I say Shiiting in The brains of the Iranians!

So finally when all the Shiite hit the Fan! And the level of all this Shiite got out of control! The Shiite level got way above the neckline. To recognize the depth of this problem and then seeking a solution, first we had to study the Shiite! Only after vast studies, we would know what type o Shiite we were dealing with! At last I had discovered that I had to take action by shoveling some of this Shiite out of our people's heads and dumping it in the dumpster of history. The answer was to simply educate myself to get to understand the very Nature and the Chemical Compound of all this Shiite!

So to survive among all this Shiite, and to keep my head above the flooding level of the Shiite Water, I started my studies and got my first degree, My first degree was my Associate of Science Degree in Bull Shiite (AS in BS). Then I went on to tougher Shiite Knowledge and achieved my Bachelors of Science Degree in Bull Shiite (BS in BS) or shall I say by then I became a double Bull Shiiter (kind o like Double Whammy)! Well, you got to admit that one has to become a BSer to BS around this System of BS in our Nation! Next was to get my Masters of Science Degree in Bull Shiiting (MS in BS) to truly achieve the excellence in the science of Bull Shiiting! Only then, I could name myself a true Master of BS! And finally I went all the way and achieved my Ph.D. in Bull Shiiting (Ph.D. in BS) so I had to become a Doctor of BS, and a true professional BSer! After completing my studies and achieving my Doctorate in BS, I was ready to deal with the problem!

Now I do believe that I had reached the point of calling myself a philosopher in BS! I truly mastered my ways around the BS and I gained enough knowledge of all this Bull Shiite! So I am well qualified to finally take some of this Shiite out of our people's brains and dump it in Sewer via Sewer Canals or at least in Dumpsite where it belongs. So as you see my dear friends, I have been Shoveling Shiite since I got my Doctorate in Bull Shiite! I am still shoveling all the Shiite, cause as you know "There are so much Shiite in Iranians' Heads" and I been Shoveling Shiite out of our people's heads for years! At least I gave my people some breathing room to raise their heads a little bit above the flooding and Drowning level of the Shiite water, which was Drowning them! I guess the only way to fight this tough Shiite is to become a professional Bull Shiiter like yours truly Dr. X! Yes, I am truly in touch with the Shiite!

I had finally shoveled some of this Shiite, which had been shoved down our people's throats, back towards the faces of Mullahs and Shiite Masters. Shiite, I guess I done some good Shiite during my lifetime, hell you can call me some Big Shiite Buster now!

In the hope of taking all the Shiite out of our people's throats and brains, and finally to lower the level of the Shiite Water, which is drowning our people by getting way above their necklines … I shall continue the battle with the Shiite .......

The Professional Shiite Buster that I am (hey I should make a logo or Emblem of "No Shiite" like the Ghost Busters' logo in the movie!), I must achieve this task.

People, by the way "I just stepped in some tough Shiite, I hope I can manage to wipe it off my brand new shoes! Now I got Shiite all over my shoes!

Now pardon me, I have to go to the Shiite Can to deal with some tough Shiite!

Later my Darlings .....

May the Shiite level be below your necklines, so you do not Drown in it ......

And always remember:

Whatever Shiite, which does not infect your brain or drown you, will only make you stronger!

Yes my friends, for decades, I have been shoveling Shiite out of our people's brains, and I shall shovel on ……


Ph.D. in BS
A true philosopher in Bull Shiite,
Unstoppable Shoveler of Shiite,
The one and only "Shiite Buster X"

Shiite Shoveler X

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