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When Woke Green New Bull Shiite
Ruined the World?


When Woke Green New Bull Shiite Ruined the World?
Bits O Wisdom by Shiite Shoveler X

Ahreeman X
September 27, 2021

No Liberal Bull Shiite Sign Ahreeman X Graphic Cartoon
Hear Yee, Hear Yee, it’s a Brand-New World! We are setting back to the New World Order by the Woke Globalist Corporations and the Tech Oligarchs! Come and get your Green New Bull Shiite fabricated by a Dimwit Bartender AOC, accepted by a psycho witch Nancy Old Pussy and enforced by the Woke Liberals! Get your Green New Deal at your local Welfare Office along with your Liberal Kool-Aid, Stale Old Bread and Government Cheese which smells like Ass Residue! Big Gov. will take care of you and makes sure that you will never evolve and prosper beyond the borders of the Project Housing and Section 8 to succeed in life! We make sure that you Government Mules born in the Liberal Plantations and Die in the Liberal Plantations! Nanny State will take care of yous! Just make sure you vote Democrat until your demise in the housing project! Now run along and be good Liberal Plantation Slaves!

Do you know at what point the “Liberal Poisonous Stew” of the “Woke Green New Bull Shiite” ruined the world?

* When sexy miniskirt wearing young and beautiful stewardesses changed to old, bald, gay guys branded as “Flight Attendants” to be politically correct and enforce equal opportunity work force in the skies, but that is when the joys of air travel died!

* When sexy miniskirt wearing young and beautiful waitresses in the restaurants changed to wither old hags in menopause or gay guys with faggish accents named servers rather than waiters, and that is when joys of dining out died!

* When nice and bright simple white light bulbs changed to Green Energy Saving, dim and dark “Orange Light Bulbs” where you cannot see what the hell you are doing at night in the bathroom!

* When white bright light bulbs turned to orange green bulbs, so you could not see Jack Shiite when trying to type or work at your office desk at night!

* When practical and substantial plastic Music CD jewel cases got replaced with cheap cardboard junk cases supposedly to save the planet and environment as another stunt by the Environmentalist Wackos and Green New Bull Shiite Lovers!

No Shiite Islam Sign Ahreeman X Graphic Cartoon
Muslims, Liberals, they’all the same Shiite cut from the same con Shiite, Full O Bull Shiite!

* When Plastic straws got banned by the liberals to save the planet Bull Shiite, and then we had to either drink with soggy paper straws or drink off the dirty cups which the local dishwasher boy didn’t spot check!

* When instead of burying plastic material under the dirt, so after few years they deteriorate and become soil, the Liberals banned plastic everything and made life hell!

* When liberals banned air conditioning in Europe for Green New Bull Shiite!

* When liberals banned ice in Europe for Green New Bull Shiite, so people had to drink hot drinks in the summer!

* When liberals are trying to ban windows, so people have to live in the dark buildings!

* When Bill Gates is trying to block the sun for Global Warming fantasy, so people will get vitamin deficiency by not gaining sunlight!

Liberals and Muslims Big Load O Shiite, Full O that Good Old Bull Shiite!
L to R:
No Liberal Bull Shiite Sign Ahreeman X Graphic Cartoon Mini
No Shiite Islam Sign Ahreeman X Graphic Cartoon Mini

* When Bill Gates drank poop juice (recycled sewer water), liked it and recommended for people to also drink their recycled pee and poop juice to save the planet via Green New Bull Shiite!

* When liberals banned fossil fuel and replaced it with low energy windmills, so people in Texas lived without heat and electricity in the freezing cold winter for couple of months!

* When liberals killed energy independence and replaced it with solar and water energies in cold climate places where the sun is dim and water is frozen, so people have to live without heat and electricity whole winter long! 

* When Fauci financed COVID-19 made in Wuhan Lab and spread around the world by China, but he insisted on people to social distance!

* When Biden urged people to vaccinate and wear masks but he imported a million and a half illegal aliens from the southern border as prospect Democrat voters whom at least 25% are infected with COVID-19!

* When degenerated BLM white little faggish guys with earring and makeup dressed in black, shouted “Black Lives Matter” but burned down the “Black Businesses” and the whole inner cities for a summer long to create fear and steal the election from Trump in 2020!

Oodles and oodles O Tough Shiite, Full O Bull Shiite, Liberal and Muslim Style!
Flood America with Illegal Aliens and Muslim Refugees on US Tax Payers’ Dollars!
Prospect Voters for Democrats and Cheap Labor for Republican RINOs!
L to R:
Smirking Tough Old Shiite Sign Cartoon
No Bull Shiite Sign Cartoon

* When Global Warming which supposed to destroy the world in 10 or 12 years, liberal narrative started in the 1970s but in the 2020s the world is still here, the O-zone hole got smaller and the world got cooler!

* When Liberals lost the argument and changed their narrative and Bull Shiite terminology from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”, so this way, if the world gets warmer or cooler, they win both ways!

* When liberals stopped harvesting our unlimited amount of natural resources of oil, gas, shale and coal and told us to buy 75,000 Dollars electric cars which do not go over 80 miles per hour rather than using 2 Dollar a gallon gas!

* When “Climate Change Fantasy” liberal catastrophe, got fabricated by the liberal scientists in returns for big grants from the globalist corporations and bureaucrats who make millions off of the Green New Bull Shiite!

* When unscientific Global Warming without any scientific base had become the scientific religion of the left!

* When American Football step by step become politicized, radicalized, Anti-Americanized, woke and gay!

* When Millions of Muslim Refugees imported by the liberals to the west in the name of “Multi Culturalism”, yet this “Islamic Invasion” literally pissed on the Western Culture, Democracy and Civilization, and brought us the precious gifts of Sharia’ Law, Honor Killing, Beheading, Hejab and the Wonderful “Call to the Muslim Prayer” of Azan, loudly coming from the Minarets of the Mosques between 3 (Shiite) to 5 (Sunni) times a day interrupting the peace and homeostasis!

* When our teachers in schools started teaching Equity, Wokeness, Critical Race Theory and Social Justice rather than Math and Science!

* When woke liberal school teachers made the kids to pledge of allegiance to the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag rather than the Old Glory American Flag!

* When Marxist Professors indoctrinated our children, and the universities graduated BLM and ANTIFA Terrorists and Street Thugs rather than Doctors and Engineers!

*  When Democrats stole the 2020 election via violence created by their foot soldiers of BLM and ANTIFA burning down America before the election, but then preached Anti-Violence and branded Peaceful Trumpists as the Violent Insurrectionists!

* When woke Deep State made the 2020 Coup, established a globalist socialist dictatorship in America and imported a million and half illegal aliens via open borders to turn America to a 3rd world Shiite Hole and then blamed it on the Global Warming as the root cause of the migration north!

* When the wanna be black, dimwit, half Asian Indian airheaded VP Kamala Harris searched for the “Root Cause” of the millions of illegal aliens migrating to America and got bitch slapped by the Guatemalan president in the face, telling her that the Root Cause is your Democrat administration’s incompetence!

* When an airheaded halfwit, ignorant giggly, loud laughing woman named Kamala Harris got erected as the US Regime’s VP, but the only difference between her and a dumb blonde is that she is not blonde!

* When a Bimbette (not even a fully grown Bimbo) bartender numb-nut named AOC entered the US Congress and created the “Green New Bull Shiite” the same as Al Gore created the “Internet”!

* When Morons ran America, Tech Oligarchs made bundles, Bureaucrats such as Clintons, Obamas, Gores and Bidens made a fortune and imbecile Environmentalist Wackos ran the streets, created a new leftist religion called “Climate Change” which supposed to destroy the world in 10 to 12 years which started in the 1970s; however, earth is still here today!

* When unscientific charlatan western world leaders, baboons in the White House and crooked scientists dug out the “Global Warming” Catastrophe phenomenon out of their rectums!

* When China bribed the UN, the Scandinavian Scientists and created the Global Warming to destroy the US Economy and to flourish the Communist Chinese Economy!

* When China, India and Russia scream Global Warming to destroy the American economy while they do not give a rat’s ass about the environmental regulations, pollution and child labor, on the contrary they are expanding their economies!

* When idiots in Europe danced in a club named “Paris Accord”, China planned to rule the world and America got shafted, the Democrats on the Chinese payroll made Big Bucks singing “Green New Bull Shiite” songs!

* When Democrats danced by the tune of China, singing Woke Green New Bull Shiite songs to destroy America from the within!

* When kids indoctrinated by the Democrat Marxist Professors, Media, Big Tech, Hollywood and Deep State decided to kneel, fist, disrespect the national anthem, burn the American flag, turn themselves to LGBTQ freaks, do pledge of allegiance to the Gay Rainbow Flag and join the BLM and ANTIFA Terrorists!

* When “Crime of the Century” committed by stealing the US 2020 Election, people were silenced and patriots were jailed!

* When Naïve and Brainwashed puppets, allowed the Deep State to gain control; Biden Crime Enterprise occupied the White House; Obama started his 3rd term; and wokeness infected the minds; therefore, America committed suicide!
* When criminals governed the nation, patriots were prosecuted and America went in to a coma!

* When woke, incompetent, half-wake, dimwit, baboons ruled America by force, and the competent, intelligent, patriots were blackballed and sidelined!

* When lazy, underachieved, incompetent, braindead buffoons were rewarded, but the hard worker, overachieved, competent, technocrat nationalists were punished!

* When liberals paid people not to work, become Democrat voting cattle, and the pride of earning a dollar was faded!

* When Mediocre become the norm and the aggressive competitiveness become a shame!

* When ignorance become a bliss and intelligence become a crime!

* When the Geriatric Senile Dopey Bozo Biden become the president and the Superman Hardworking Genius Trump got ousted!

* When Biden did put “Shiite on Shingle” and called it “Build Back Better” while destroying the American Economy and Livelihood!

Yes, at that point, the “Liberal Poisonous Stew” of the “Woke Green New Bull Shiite” ruined the world! At that point:

Government of the People by the People and for the People,
Changed to the,
Government of the Establishment, by the Deep State and for the Elite!

Trump on Woke Green New Deal

“It is all Green New Bull Shiite!”
(Donald John Trump)

“Woke is a loser ideology, everything woke goes to Shiite!”
(Donald John Trump)

Liberal Bull Shiite Terms

You can become a “Liberal Bull Shiite Detector” by learning the “Liberal Bull Shiite Terms”. Every time you hear these terms, understand that the “Liberal Bull Shiite” level is neck high, and it is about to drown people in it! Detect “Liberal Bull Shiite” before it hits the fan!

Here are some “Liberal Bull Shiite Terms” Created Out of Their Woke Rectums With No Scientific Base Whatsoever:

Liberal Made Bull Shiite Terms
Assault Weapon
Social Justice
Critical Race Theory
White Privilege
Affirmative Action
Political Correctness
Safe Space
Systemic Racism
Social Racism
Structural Racism
Institutional Racism
Environmental Racism
Subconscious Racism
Unintentional Racism
Traditional Racism
Historical Racism
Behavioral Racism
Cancel Culture
Climate Change
Global Warming

Carbon Footprint
Mentally Challenged
Diverse Cultures
Green Products
Green Energy
Birthing Person
African American
Native American
LGBTQ Pronouns
Gender Pronouns
Toxic Masculinity
Green New Deal
And much more Bull Shiite ……

Gender Neutral Brotherhood of ANTIFA, BLM and Marxists
Democrat Liberal Socialism in a Nutshell
Socialism teaches you that someone, somewhere out there owes you something, either that or the whole world owes you something; therefore, it is your natural right to instead of getting a job, go and protest, riot, loot, steal, pillage, assault and destroy Capitalism, Democracy and along with it get whatever you are entitled to from the Evil Rich Working People!

Moral of the Shiite!


Capture the “Liberal Bull Shiite” with your “Shiite Catching Net Stick” before it hits the Fan and spread throughout the whole nation and the world! Afterall, you do not want a world Full O Liberal Bull Shiite, do you now?!

Trust me, I have first-hand experience detecting Bull Shiite. I have been detecting and shoveling Shiite Islamic, Bull Shiite for decades! Liberals, Muslims, they are all the same Shiite and Full O Bull Shiite, they all need to be shoveled! Shovel them Shiite before you drown in Bull Shiite, neck high!

My Experience with Shiite!

In hope of a Shiite Free World!

Yours Truly,
Shiite Shoveler X


Dr. X


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