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Allah Commands are from a Party of Men
Nicholas Ginex
February 18, 2016

Throughout the Qur’an the reader will find that Allah is referred to with the plural terms We, Our and Us.   Islamic religious leaders and scholars have consistently taught that Allah is one and that We, Our and Us refers to the one God, Allah.  However, a careful reading of the Qur’an unquestionably reveals that Allah cannot be We, Our and Us but a party of men.  Sura 3:105 explicitly identifies a party sanctioned to invite goodness, enjoin equity, and forbid evil. 

Sura 3:105. Let there be from among you a party whose business it should be to invite goodness, to enjoin equity and to forbid evil. It is they who shall prosper.

This party of men surfaces throughout the Qur’an not as Allah, the all forgiving and merciful God, but as militant aggressors who are responsible for the destruction of many towns and killing of innocent people in the name of Allah.  The sura below demonstrates the planned strategy of militants killing people while they are asleep at night or in the afternoon while at play.

Sura 7:97-100. We afflicted them suddenly with chastisement, while they perceived not the cause thereof. If the people of those towns had believed and been righteous, We would surely have bestowed blessings upon them from heaven and earth, but they rejected the Prophets, so We seized them because of that which they did. Do the people of these towns now feel secure against the coming of Our punishment upon them by night while they are asleep? Or, do they feel secure against the coming of Our punishment upon them in the forenoon while they are at play? Do they feel secure against the design of Allah? None feels secure against the design of Allah, except those that are losers….

Do Muslims really believe it is Allah who seized people for rejecting the Prophets and punished them while they were asleep or in the afternoon while they were at play?  If so, either they are poorly educated, have not read the Qur’an, or are severely indoctrinated unable to think independently to comprehend the Qur’an verses.  This sura cannot refer to Allah because it is inconsistent with His command, “Thou shalt not kill.”  If God is inconsistent, He cannot be a God of truth that guides the morality of mankind.  But there are those who insist, “God killed all of mankind except Noah and his family by flooding the earth with water.”  God committed this act against mankind long before He gave His command to Moses, Thou shalt not kill.   Moses received God’s commands around 1250 BCE and recorded them in the Book of the Covenant (Bible, Exodus, chapters 20-23, 25-31, 34, and 40).

A review of history reveals that The Qur’an was compiled by Uthman, the third caliph (653-656 CE).  He assembled the Qur’an at least two decades after the death of Muhammad in 632 CE. It must be noted that the Qur’an does not contain God’s sixth command, “Thou shalt not kill.”  Instead, Sura 5:33 indicates that the children of Israel are to be killed if they kill others or create disorder in the land; and Sura 17:33 states, ”Do not destroy the life that Allah has declared sacred save for just cause.”  It is clear that the Qur’an omits God’s sixth command and makes the exception to kill if there is disorder in the land, which is determined by a party of men.

Note 1
The Qur’an used for this article was translated in 1893 by the honorable and esteemed Muhammad Zafrulla Khan who was foreign minister of Pakistan in 1947.  He became the President of the 17th Session of the UN General Assembly and later served as Judge of the International Court of Justice at The Hague, of which court he became President.  This early translation is highly recommended because later translations have been changed to be politically correct.

Many suras identify a party of men; religious leaders and militant commanders.  They use the Qur’an to indoctrinate followers with the belief that they are commanded by Allah.  It is use of We, Our and Us that make Muslim followers feel they are one with Allah.  Let us closely examine the next sura that clearly shows it is a religious leader or military commander that commands an army of men and not the one God Allah.

Sura 8:16-19.  O ye who believe, when you encounter an hostile force of the disbelievers, turn not your backs on them. Whoso turns his back on them on such an occasion, unless maneuvering for battle or turning to join another company, shall draw upon himself the wrath of Allah and hell shall be his abode. An evil resort it is.

Thus on the day of Badr it was not you who slew them, but it was Allah who killed them; and it was not thou who didst throw gravel at their faces, but it was Allah Who threw it, that He might confer a great favour upon the believers. Surely, Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. That is so; and Allah will surely undermine the design of the disbelievers….

The above sura was written by a religious leader or commander of high rank.  It becomes obvious as one reads of the strategy not to turn and run when encountering a hostile force unless it is necessary to maneuver for battle by turning and joining another company.  If they run from battle they will draw upon themselves the wrath of Allah and hell shall be their abode.  If it were Allah do you believe He would run from a hostile force?  It is clear this verse was written not by Allah but a shrewd conniving leader who was adept in ordering his men. 

But notice in the second paragraph that the commander uses his leadership to strengthen the resolve of his troops by stating “it was not you who slew them, but it was Allah who killed them; and it was not thou who didst throw gravel at their faces, but it was Allah Who threw it, that He might confer a great favor upon the believers.”  Clearly, these are not the words of Allah but a commander or a powerful religious leader.

To rationalize the killing of innocent people, the religious leader or commander speaks for Allah to motivate his fighters.  This mind trick by religious leaders allows Muslim followers to obey their will by placing the act of murder on Allah.  But think about it, would God kill His own creations for not worshipping Him?  Is the all-forgiving and merciful God unpredictable by rescinding His command “Thou shalt not kill?”

The commander’s technique of using Allah as sanctioning atrocities has been a successful form of brainwashing or leadership to convince his fighters that the killings were not through their own volition but by Allah who supports and directs their cause.  This mind trick is another way of convincing people that they are not responsible for their misdeeds but some outside force, which they attribute to Allah.  This kind of thinking reminds us of the infantile answer made popular by one of our greatest comedians, Flip Wilson, with, “The devil made me do that.”

The above suras indicate that We, Our and Us in The Qur’an is not Allah.  People need to be told the truth that many suras in the Qur’an were written by religious leaders to direct Muslim followers to incite bigotry, hatred, violence and the killing of innocent people who do not worship Allah. To assist Islamic religious leaders to improve the Qur’an, recommendations are provided in the historical novel AMEN, The Beginning of the Creation of God.  It may be accessed as a free read by Iran Politics Club.

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Of the many suras that indicate Allah is represented by a party of men, the following verse provides conclusive evidence.  It shows that this party of men is arrogant to believe they can change, abrogate and forget the commands of God by writing the following sura: 

Sura 2:106-108. Whatever previous commandment We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We reveal in this Qur'an one better or the like thereof: Knowest thou not that Allah has full power to do all that He wills?

Note that it is not Allah that issues this command but a group of religious men who speaks for Allah.  Yet, imams, caliphs and mullahs confuse and obfuscate their Muslim followers to believe We, Our and Us is Allah.   What becomes apparent is that the original writers were not educated enough to indicate this command was directly given by Allah.  For Allah to renege on this former commands shows that He is an unsure God that does not have the power and wisdom to provide commands that are everlasting for His children to lead moral and righteous lives.  Truly, this verse was written by a group of religious leaders to abrogate or cause to be forgotten the original commands of God.

To emphasize that Allah cannot be We, Our and Us the following sura is presented.

Sura 7:5-7. Little is it that you heed. How many a town have We destroyed! Our punishment came upon their dwellers by night or while they slept at noon. When Our punishment came upon them all they could utter was: We are indeed wrongdoers.

The above sura clearly indicates We and Our are a party of men that lead an army of militants.  It is foolish to believe that the all merciful and forgiving God Allah will kill dwellers by night or in the afternoon.  With the above evidence, it should be sufficient that any reasonable and educated mind can comprehend that Allah is not We, Our and Us but definitely religious leaders who have assembled the Qur’an with Muhammad’s revelations.  They have included many suras to indoctrinate Muslims that Islam is the true religion, the religion of truth, and Allah will make Islam prevail over every other religion.  Two suras below verify the indoctrination ingrained into their followers minds: 

Sura 9:29: Fight those from among the People of the Book who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor hold as unlawful that which Allah and his Messenger have declared to be unlawful, nor follow the true religion, and who have not made peace with you, until they pay the tax willingly and make their submission.

Sura 9:33: He it is Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, that He may make it prevail over every other religion, even though those who associate partners with Allah may dislike it.

The objective of Islamic religious leaders is to have Muslims believe they are one with Allah and that Islam will eventually dominate the world as illustrated with the Figure below.

Islam Will dominate the World


The Qur’an serves as a manual for Islamic religious leaders to indoctrinate Muslim followers to believe they are commanded by Allah.  Hence, the psychological use of We, Our and Us is extensively used in The Qur’an to have Muslims associate their actions with Allah.  Few people know that The Qur’an was assembled and many verses written two decades after the death of Muhammad by a group of religious leaders.  They were able to understand the power of using Allah as the motivating source to lead armies of men and acquire territories with the ultimate objective to create an Islamic Empire.  A history of the development of an Islamic Empire by 750 CE is provided in the factual novel, Allah, We, Our and Us.  It can be read in Iran Politics Club.

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