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on Socio-Sexual Problems in Islam!

Ayatollah Gilani's Resaleh
on Socio-Sexual Problems in Islam!

Ahreeman X
February 15, 2007

This face with or without Hejab is just asking for Ayatollah to grab her and do the nasty to her, of course Islamic Style and only after reading Siqeh (Temporary Marriage Islamic Verse)! Her eyes are just asking for it!

Picture each of these Ayatollahs have followers whom suppose to study and follow the books written by these guys as guides (Resaleh)! Each Shiite Muslim must have a Marja'e Taqlid (Spiritual Leader) and must follow his guide on how to live. Basically Shiite must live life according to their Marja'e Taqlid! Now let's see how these role models live!

These are True Stories, which happened in 80's. Know your religious leaders and know your religion, better.

Ayatollah Gilani's Famous Islamic Problem!

While back on the earlier part of the Glorious Islamic Revolution of Iran, there was this TV show on the national Iranian TV, which was hosted by Ayatollah Gilani. Now have in mind that Ayatollah Gilani was a certified drunk which his breath according to TV Station's doorman was always smelled like booze from a mile away! Yet he was preaching at Friday prayers against the booze and how Alcohol is bad for the body and soul!

Many of you do recall Ayatollah Gilani's programs, do you remember this specific classic one?!

Gilani came to studio and started the famous "Religious Problems" part of the program by telling this story:

I was sitting on the back sit of my bulletproof Mercedes Benz while my chauffeur was driving me to the studio to perform my program, then I saw this sister walking on the other side of the street, she was wearing a long veil of black, thick black pantyhose and covered from the head to toe, yet about a few inches of her ankle was showing. Her veil was too short and even though she was wearing thick black pantyhose, yet I saw those few inches of her ankles beneath her veil and underneath her thick black pantyhose and I got Jonob (had Climax and Orgasm)!

This woman's hejab is absolutely not sufficient and out of the question. It is too arousing (Tahrik Konandeh), she needs to cover the complete face, so Ayatollah would not get erected!

Then he continued on how the sisters of our Revolution should really wear proper Hejab so they would not turn the men on! Now if that particular sister's few inches of ankle under thick dark pantyhose had turned on the Ayatollah so bad that he came in his Tonban (Islamic Pajamas) and got his Aba (Islamic Robe) wet, then just imagine what would have our beloved sisters of our Revolution done to our Ayatollahs by not properly covering their hair with scarf and their hands with gloves or their legs with chador! Ayatollahs could have exploded with juices and joys! Damn Ayatollahs are so horny!

This hejab is better but still you can see the fingers! Them fingers could be arousing and cause a holy woody under Ayatollah's Robe and in his tonban!

Now my question is that, imagine this situation for a second. He was riding at the back of the Benz, some Zeynab Sister was walking across the street, now Gilani's eyes must have been like Hawk eyes, even in old ages! Cause he saw them few inches of ankles under the chador and underneath the heavy black pantyhose and still got turned on so bad that he wet himself and had to take a holy shower of Qosl to purify himself before the program! That was the reason for him being late for his show that day! Lordi lordi lord, and check out here in states, men half his age in their fourties have to take Viagra to get it up! That old man only needs few inches of ankle under chador to build a woody!

Now this woman's hejab is Islamicaly correct, but still you can see one hand from wrist down! That single hand could still cause arousal of the habibati! Do not just look at these hands as body parts, but look at them as hands, which can cause a hand job! Astakh-for Allah! But doesn't she look a little bit like an Eggplant? Now that's appetizing!

These Mullahs are the worst perverts the world has ever seen. Under the Aba Robe and under the Chador Hejab they will do whatever shar'i and cleric loopholes that they want. And this is one of the most famous Shar'i clerical Problems of Islam, which Ayatollah had to expand on it on those early days of our glorious Islamic Revolution on the National Television!

Ayatollah Gilani's Last Islamic Problem!

Finally Ayatollah's drinking got too out of hand and too severe, that people would just tune into the program to get entertained by it as a joke! But the rating was high and he was truly talking about the various kinds of the Islamic Problems and the solutions to them!

This woman's hejab is very well covering the whole body from head to toe; however, she has no gloves on and then there are them eyes, them beady eyes! Uncovered hands and eyes could be arousing to men and especially to Ayatollah! ! Now doesn't she look just a little bit like a penguin or better a crow?

The last program he performed was awesome and it was the one, which practically got him off the air. Gilani's program was getting too embarrassing for IRI, even though he was speaking of the True Hypothetical Islamic Problems and Solutions!

This was the nature of his last program:

Ayatollah as usual started the weekly famous Religious Islamic Problem, referring to it as a hypothetical case. He said imagine you are a young boy sleeping on your bed in your room. Your Aunt is sleeping upstairs on a bed in a bedroom. Her bedroom is right above yours and your bed is exactly below hers. Now Earthquake happens, roof collapses and your Aunt with her bed falls down to the first floor and in your bedroom. As a matter of fact, let's say hypothetically she falls on top of you, and hypothetically she is nude and you are nude and her vagina lands exactly on top of your penis! So accidentally this action is like sex, and a Jenabat (Islamic Intercourse) occurs! Now the question would be that, is this action Halaal (Islamicaly Recommended), Haraam (Islamicaly Forbidden), or Makrooh (Islamicaly not allowed, yet fine)!?

Makrooh (Islamicaly not allowed, yet fine) is like you can sin but Allah looks the other way so it's OK (Zir Sibili dar mikoneh)!

Then he expanded on this position and situation, really described it and analyzed it according to Laws of Shari'a and Islam! Now picture this strange and unique position as the results of an earthquake! Imagine your Aunt lands on top of you! What are the odds of her being naked? What are the odds of your Aunt Landing on top of you? And what are the odds that both of you are nude? And what the hell are the odds of her Poon Tang lands directly on top of your Schlong!?

Now these Sisters of Zeynab, Holy Islamic Police of IRI, are great examples and role models for global women on how to wear hejab. You see, from head to toe are covered, even the hands are covered with gloves! But alas o alas that them Machine Guns could be arousing to Ayatollah! The whole concept of women, chadors and Machine Guns are way too violently erotic and they can as well cause arousal, erection, growth, jenabat, explosion, and a great mess which may result in taking Qosl (Islamic Shower) to severely cleanup the liquid mess specifically around the lower half of Ayatollah's body!

I mean c'mon only in Islam and Islamic societies these bizarre incidents can occur! I mean these hypothetical Islamic Problems would only happen in the wild imagination of the Mullahs! And imagine how much time had really Ayatollah Gilani spent thinking and analyzing about this particular problem before the program, and then critical thinking to solve the problem!

Only Allah knows! Maybe even this old woman can cause an arousal of Ayatollah's Schlong and cuming of his holy juices! The sox are very dark and thick, but you can still see a few inches of ankles! The shape of the ankle could be arousing!

Only in Islamic Republic of Iran, only in IRI my friends! and on National TV too!

These are Islamic Laws of Shari'a! amazing Religious and Social situations and these are your highest Maraje'e Taqlid (Religious and Spiritual Role Models to follow) in the Islamic Heaven of Iran, the only theocratic regime in the globe!

Perfect Muslim Woman
Allah bless Hejab! Now this is the perfect woman! You can't see anything! Nothing but a broom and Chador which no way in hell they can cause an arousal in any man including Ayatollah!

Well, you know according to Islam, every Muslim should follow religious rules and regulations from an Imam, a Grand Ayatollah (like Khomeini) or an Ayatollah (The highest rank of Shiite Clerics). Now wouldn't it be nice for you to choose Gilani as your Marja'e Taqlid?!

Imam Khomeini
Holy Saint of Shiite Islam
Founder of KIR (Islamic Republic of Iran)
Founder of Neo Islamist Fundamentalism
Founder of Modern Islamic Terrorism
Look at that beautiful smile, what sweet smile after screwing the whole world. Allah bless his Bone!

Of course most Shiite read Khomeini's book (Touzih-ol Masael), and they preferred Khomeini as the Religious Leader, cause his Islamic Problems were simply much juicier! Now you could just read Khomeini's Resaleh as an erotic text and judge for yourself! Just go to IPC Persian Library and dig in to Imam Khomeini's books and specifically his Resaleh!

If you be good, later I will translate a few bits of wisdom by Imam Khomeini for yous!

Desired Muslim Woman
Covered Face and Spread Legs!
This is a well-accepted Hejab. As long as the face is covered, women can show some legs! Just cover the face and open them legs (Islamic Style)! This woman could give Ayatollah a heart attack! She could make a dead man cum! It's all in the ankles!
La Ellaha Ella Allah,
Ya'uzo Bi Allah,
Astakh-for Allah ......
Foot Foot (Blowing wind with my mouth 180 degrees around my head to keep away the sins)! Na …… that didn't work, I have to go take a Qosl Islamicaly correct shower!

Don't yous just loves Islam?
A complete religion based on concerns about Belly and Under Belly?!
Hot Damn, more and more people just convert to Shiite Islam for Religiously allowed and perfectly legal prostitution, recommended by Allah (Siqeh Temporary Marriage)!
And what's wrong with that?!



Dr. X

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