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The Meaning of Crescent and Star Islamic Symbol
Ahreeman X
April 26, 2007

The Official Flag of Islam

The Official Logo of Islam

What is the meaning of Allah?
What is the meaning of Crescent and Star Emblem of Islam?
Many have been discussing this issue, so if I may inform you of what I know about the subject. Shall this be of help to the seekers of the truth.

Allah was the Arabs’ original War God, the War Moon God.

Allah was originally a large size black rock in Ka'abah, Mecca. Ka'abah was originally a cubical house of totem worship for worshiping totems (Bot). Many tribes in Arabia were respecting and worshiping these totems. Mohammed's uncle was originally the guardian of this house of Rocks! According to the scriptures, when Islam came to power, the house of the holy and the promised land, also the direction which the Muslim were praying to, was Jerusalem. Mohammed had a political deal going on with Quraish and other local Arab tribe leaders who were financially supporting him; therefore, he transferred the main Islamic Attraction, house of the holy and the direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Mecca and of course Ka'abah. He did not just get up one day and announced it like that! He went in and out of the famous cave on top of the mountain and of course Allah and Angel Gabriel came to him in a vision, and then he released a verse and only then he changed the prayer direction from Jerusalem to Mecca.


The basic reason behind this decision was economical. Rich tribal lords of Arabia promised to financially and militaristically back Mohammed up and in return Mohammed returned the favor by making Mecca a tourist attraction and the center for Islam, so all the money from Haj (pilgrimage), and other holy donations would flow and wave towards Mecca. In addition, later on Mohammed had always sent a fixed share of the material and wealth stolen (loots of the battles) from the defeated tribes, civilizations and nations, to these tribal lords of Quraish and others who supported him. A fixed amount (a share) from "Qanimat" (Qanima) was always going directly to these tribal lords.

In Ka'abah there was Allah the largest Rock in black color, which was the main God. As some scholars written, he was named after the Moon God and a reflection of the Moon. Then there were four other Rocks placed around Allah in four corners of Ka'abah representing the lower Gods such as iLat, Lat, Uzza and Manat which were Allah's Children (some mentioned Daughters) and they were siblings. Some scholars argue that Allah The Moon God had four daughters, yet some argue that the four corner rocks of Ka'abah were three daughters/Siblings and one mother "iLat" (The Sun Goddess). However they all agree that Allah was placed in the center of Ka'abah and the four minor God/Goddesses were posted on four-corners of Ka'abah around him.

The Order of Occurrence, What Do I Believe?

Now you may ask, what is my opinion? Through the years and throughout my vast research, I have become to this conclusion that Mohammed (in Arabic meaning: the Praised) was not Mohammed's original name. This name was taken at a later period by the founder of Islam. Mohammed was originally named "Halabi". Mohammed was born in Mecca about 570 A.D. Mohammed was the son of "Abdullah" and that is why he is known as Mohammed ibn al Abdullah. Mohammed was of the important Quraish Tribe, but his own family was of little or no importance. Abdullah, his father, was a poor merchant who died either before or shortly after Mohammed's birth. Mohammed was about six years old when he also lost his mother and became an orphan. Then his grandfather, Abd al Mutallib had adopted him. Two years later, Abd al Mutalib died and once again Mohammed became an orphan! Mohammed's uncle, Abu Talib, though poor himself, took him under his wing and into his house, and remained his best friend and protector throughout his whole life.

Abu Talib was the custodian and the maintenance provider of Ka'abah. Abu Talib was the keeper and key holder of Ka'abah. Mohammed became his assistant and uncle's little helper, which later on when Abu Talib became older, Mohammed basically became in charge of this duty. Abu Talib and Mohammed were maintaining, cleaning and safeguarding the totems (bot) and the house of totems (Ka'abah).

Primarily there were 1 main god and 4 lesser gods in Ka'abah:

In the center of Ka'abah:
Allah (The Moon God)
AKA (The War God)

On four-corners of Ka'abah:
iLat (The Sun Goddess)
Lat, Uzza, Manat (Daughters of Allah and iLat)

At first there were many gods and goddesses residing in Ka'abah but later, they were pushed to the sides of Ka'abah and the main attraction became Allah (The Black Rock) and the 4 lower goddesses (Allah's wife and daughters) on four-corners of Ka'abah.

Later on Mohammed went in and out of the famous cave and received yet another vision from Allah to get rid of the totems. When the Ka'abah was cleaned out of totems, there were some 167 idols (bot) in there. The pagan pantheon among the Arabs was extensive, Al Bayt and Umma' were heavily in to pagan religion, totem worship and idolatry.

At first Mohammed and Muslim worshiped these Rocks. Later on Mohammed ordered Muslim to
get rid of the Rocks and totems and only worship the True Allah, the one and only which resides in Heaven. This happened in a few stages:

A Black Rock Became Allah!
The Historical Stages

Read Quran and you will find out that primarily Allah was only a Black Rock in Ka'abah, but later on he became a megalomaniac, serial killing, schizophrenic psychopath. Thanks to the teachings of Mohammed!

Stage One
Mohammed went in and out of the famous cave on the mountain-top, dropped into one of his epileptic delusional seizures and Allah came to him through Angel Gabriel (in reality through delusions of his own mind). The vision of Allah told him to get rid of the other four Rocks (Allah's Children), and tell the faithful to only pray to the big black rock (Allah). Obviously at this level of Mohammed's life, the people like Salman Farsi (greatest Persian Traitor and co creator of Islam) and other Christian scholars were influencing him. Salman was transferring all his mono God ideas of Mazdaki Religion, also a variety of ideas from Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity to Mohammed. Also Mohammed had learned a lot from the Jews and Christians during his travels around the Near and Middle East, especially to Sham (Syria). So at this point, Mohammed basically had tried to legitimize Islam and give it a logical outlook by making it a Mono God Religion (monotheistic religion); however, he had to do this gradually or he would create panic among the illiterate Arabs of the Desert! He had to start with his series of "Cave Appearances by Allah" (same as episodes of a soap opera), Premonitions, and inputs which he had received from Allah's Visual Figure and Sounds in the cave (Vahy).

Mohammed was basically receiving two types of inputs from Allah: Vision and Sound! Vision (Tasvir) was coming through Angel Gabriel and Sound (Vahy) was coming through his ears! Today, we simply know that Mohammed was in fact an Schizophrenic Patient who was hearing voices, seeing visions and creating delusions in his mind! In addition Mohammed was an Epileptic patient who was going in severe epileptic seizures, dropping on the floor, foam coming out of his mouth and going in to coma-like trances. This is when he would see visions and hear sounds (Allah appeared to him). On top of all this, Mohammed was creating this entire saga, not just due to his epilepsy and Schizophrenia, yet intentionally and due to his opportunism. Mohammed was a shrewd businessman and an opportunistic politician. At first, Mohammed was a businessman but eventually he came to an understanding and viewed Islam and Religion as the best business that he could get into! Next, he became a Ruler (Caliph), and afterwards he viewed himself as the prophet. Always keep in mind about Mohammed's mentality and the way he viewed Islam and used it as a tool to achieve his goals as a Businessman, Ruler, and a Prophet.

Stage Two
After a while Allah came to Mohammed and he told him to get rid of the Black Rock in total, because Allah is in Heaven and needs no symbolic representation or Totem. At this point of history, Mohammed was obviously seen the necessity to copy-paste Judaism, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism's visions into Islam! So finally he had to get out of the cave and yet preach another lecture to Umma' al Islam, about the unified God in heavens and for them to get rid of the Black Rock!

Stage Three
Islam became officially the religion of Allah as a single God in heavens with a spiritual element and quality with no earthly totem or symbol. Ka'abah transformed to its present design without the Rocks! A typical charlatanism and opportunism, Mohammed's style, to go along with changes of time, and to sell the new improved Allah to the people! And this is how the original "Moon God" of Arabs became the Modern Allah!

Moon has a special meaning in Islam. Even Islamic calendar is based on Moon. It called Hejri Qamari (Moon based Departure):

Hejrat = Travel of Mohammed from Mecca to Medinah
Qamar = Moon

The circulations of Moon around the Earth and shapes of Moon in astronomical sense are the bases of this calendar and the year starts from the time in which Mohammed traveled between these cities (Mecca and Madinah). The whole concept of the Moon based calendar, Moon God, etc., originated from a Myth. This myth eventually became one of Mohammed's Miracles as a prophet. Mohammed was an intelligent person and aware of the astronomy. The fact that he was illiterate and did not know how to read or write had nothing to do with the fact of him being a traveling man and learning all kinds of information about different sciences. Yet he used all this knowledge towards Charlatanism and fooling the masses.

Behalfing of the Moon by Mohammed

One of Mohammed's miracles was: "Shaq Ol Qamar" (Dividing the Moon in half) The faithful have seen Mohammed to take his famous crescent sword (Scimitar) out and cut the moon in half. Of course Mohammed knew about the dates in which moon is full or half or crescent shape. And him knowing this fact, he was prepared to do this miracle at that certain night upon the vow that he took in front of the faithful to cut the moon in half. so at that certain time and night he set up the stage to give his preachings and then cut the moon in half! Later, the faithful had sworn that Mohammed in fact did cut the moon in half and he will do the same to all enemies of Islam and eventually this became one of his miracles and documented facts of him being the legitimate prophet of Allah.

The combination of ancient Moon God being of value in Arabia and later on The Black Rock being named after the Moon God as Allah and the Moon based Calendar, also the fact that Moon was sacred in Arabian Desert nights as the directional guide and light, all and all was important but what made Moon a number one symbol of Islam was Mohammed's miracle of "Shaq Ol Qamar." Eventually this became an expression in Iran and elsewhere. When people mock a person on committing a worthless task, they say: have you done "Shaq Ol Qamar"?! Of course this is sarcastic. Mohammed supposedly have truly done the "Shaq Ol Qamar" and it was a great deal to do that. But they say this, as sarcasm to a person who thinks that he had done a great task but indeed he did not!

At first, Moon became the reflection of Allah as a symbol, then representation of Mohammed's miracle but most important, later on many of the faithful saw Mohammed's picture in the moon (before an important campaign) and believed that this was a good omen! They believed this means that Muslim would win this war and Mohammed is the last and greatest of all prophets! Every time there was a natural disaster or meteorological element, superstitious Muslim would consider it as a sign from Allah! For instance the behalfing of the moon, or the sand storm in battle of Qadesiyeh which blown in Persian Military's faces and caused them to lose the war! Now how did Mohammed's face appear in the moon is to be remained as the eight wonder of the universe! Did he reflect his picture with a use of a large lens or was it just a myth and a rumor that some delusional faithful Muslim, smoking Hashish spread around, is to be remained as a mystery! But then again have in mind that the same Faithful Muslim Umma' (Omat or public), had also seen the picture of Khomeini in the moon (1978)! Remember 1978? Imam's face reported to have been seen on the moon! It was celebrated as the great omen and the green light to go ahead with the Islamic Revolution?! There goes another Lunar Loony effect of the Moon in Islam! After studying the roots of Allah, we see that Allah is basically a different entity than the Supreme being in the Bible or Torah!

The Moon Crescent and the sole Star on the Islamic Flags

The roots of the Moon emblem goes back to Central Asia, Siberia, Cartage, Greece and of course Arabian Peninsula as mentioned above. Eventually during the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire) era, the city of Constantinople (Istanbul) adopted the Crescent Emblem. Constantinople as the capital of Byzantine was an important strategical point and a historical city.

How did the moon emblem get to Constantinople?

There are a variety of theories that this emblem originally came from either Greek Goddess Diana, Carthaginian Goddess Tanit, Moon Goddess/God of Central Asia or Arabian Peninsula or possibly a combination of them all! But for sure the Crescent Emblem was used in Byzantine even way before the birth of Christ. When Ottoman Empire took over Constantinople at 1453 AD, they obviously kept the Moon Crescent Emblem, yet redesigned it as the Islamic Crescent and
Star Emblem. There are stories and legends of Ottoman, the founder of Ottoman Empire originally had a dream of a gigantic crescent stretching from one side of the Earth to the other side, referring to the prediction of Ottoman Empire ruling the world and also other stories of The Star representing the Five Pillars of Islam:

Almsgiving or Charity (Zakat)
Declaration of Faith (Shahaadah)
Fasting the Month of Ramadan (Sawm)
Pilgrimage in Islam (Hajj)
Prayer in Islam (Salath)

Therefore due to Ottoman's dreams and impressions of Moon and The Star, the present Crescent and Star Logo became the official Emblem of Islam! This is all very nice, yet not exactly accurate as far as the History goes! Ottoman may had all these dreams and interpreted them the way that he did, also Constantinople was obviously holding the Crescent as their official logo before the Ottoman Empire; however, The official Crescent and Star Emblem has a history further back than both of these theories combine. The roots of Moon God goes way back in history and amazingly we witness it in different parts of the world, from Greece all the way to Central Asia and from Cartage all the way to Arabian Peninsula. Now one thing is obvious that eventually after the official adaptation of Crescent and Star Emblem and revision of it to the present shape by Ottoman Empire, then little by little many Islamic nations started to copy this emblem and use it on their flags. Eventually this emblem became the symbol for Islam. Also have in mind that Green has been adopted as the color of Seyeds (descendants to Prophet Mohammed), therefore the color of Saudi Arabian Flag and Islam in general. Among the nations using the Crescent and Star Emblem on their flags are Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, Algeria, Tunisia and others. Now let us dig deeper in the history.

Flag of Turkey
The Original Crescent and Star Flag

Flag of Pakistan

Flag of Muslim League Party of Pakistan

Search for the origins of the Crescent and Star Emblem

The roots of the Crescent and Star Emblem goes back to the Babylonian cult of Inana and with the numerous other equivalent female fertility cults of near eastern antiquity, for instance the cult of Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Fertility.

As I have stated, the roots of the emblem also goes back to the Ancient Central Asian Civilizations (Altaic Turkic Race) in BC. The crescent and star emblem also has a heritage directly linked to its adoption as an Islamic symbol which is similar to the Christian appropriation of pagan symbolism elsewhere and is testament to the persistence of ancient systems of belief into late antiquity and early modern times.

The Crescent and Star signifies concentration, openness and victory, as well as sovereignty and divinity. According to traditional historical tales, in 339 BC a brilliant waxing moon had saved Byzantium (today's Istanbul) from the attack by Philip of Macedon. Byzantium was saved from Macedonian troops under Philip of Macedon trying to tunnel their way in at night during a siege. The city was saved because the crescent moon was shining, so the moon had revealed the Macedonian plot.

Later on, people of Byzantium had built a statue of Diana, the Moon Goddess, whose statues frequently showed her with a crescent moon. To mark their gratitude, the citizens of Byzantium had adopted the Crescent of "Goddess Diana" (originally a Persian and Greek Goddess) as the city's emblem. When the city became the Christian Constantinople (330 AD), its Crescent assumed the significance of an attribute of the Virgin Mary. This phenomenon simply remained during the Christian era (as Constantinople) and Muslim (as Istanbul), and later spread to the rest of the Ottoman/Muslim world.

Diana was the Persian Goddess (Yazata = Female Goddess) of Faith; however, in Greco-Roman Mythology she became the Goddess of Water and then Moon!

For more information of Goddess Diana and other Persian Gods and Goddesses, read:

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses

On 1299 AD, Sultan Ottoman (Osman) conquering what is now Turkey, had a vision of a crescent moon stretching over the world; it thus became a symbol of the Ottoman dynasty, and when Constantinople fell to Sultan Mohammed II (1453 AD), the crescent came to represent both Islam and the Turkish Ottoman Empire. The star was added by Sultan Selim III in 1793 AD. The stars' five points established in 1844 AD.

Islamic Scholars' View

According to many Islamic astronomers and scholars, the crescent and star, may represent a conjunction of the Moon and Venus which took place in the dawn sky of July 23, 610 AD. This night exactly coincides with the night in which the Prophet Mohammed had received his initial revelation (Vahy) from Allah via Angel Gabriel. Historical facts tell us that it is true that this night is very close to the actual night of the first revelation but it is not certain that it is the exact night. If we study the lunar calendar thoroughly, we will notice that the actual conjunction had occurred on June 10, 609 AD, so the influence of that was not related to the beginning of Mohammed's revelations.

So as we see, there is a conflict:
Actual astronomical conjunction = June 10, 609 AD
Allah turned Mohammed to a prophet = July 23, 610 AD

We can conclude that this is also another Islamic myth!

Flag of Tunisia

Flag of Algeria

Flag of Mauritania

Flag of Malaysia

Historical Review

So far historical documents tell us that the Crescent and Star Emblem were used:

BC Period - Babylonian cult of Inana
BC Period - Egyptian Cult of Goddess Isis
BC Period - Central Asian Altaic Turks
330 BC - Byzantium Greeks
330 AD - Byzantium Romans
1000 AD - Ottoman Turks
1299 AD - Ottoman Empire
1450 AD - Muslim World

Final Words

There are no doubts that the Moon represents Allah, originally the Moon God; however, there are debates that if the Star whether represents the Venus, Northern Star or Mohammed?

Crescent and Star Emblem
Allah the Moon God and Mohammed the Star Emblem

The Astronomical Conjunction Theory
Star represents Venus

I have already stated the story about Venus. Many Muslim Scholars believe that the conjunction of the Moon and Venus on July 23, 610 AD was on the same night in which exactly coincides with the night that the Prophet Mohammed had received his initial revelation (Vahy) from Allah via Angel Gabriel. Of course this is historically inaccurate and wrong; however, in this version, Venus represents the Star.

The Navigation Theory
Star represents The Northern Star

Other Muslim scholars believe that the star represents The Northern Star, which used to navigate and direct the Arabo-Muslim in dark desert nights of Arabia.

The Mohammed theory
Star represents Mohammed

The most historically accurate and popular myth by Muslim is that the star represents Mohammed. The prophet posing as a star or The Northern Star, is the true element which directs and lightens the path for the Arabo-Muslim to find their ways to destination in dark nights of the Arabian Peninsula and hypothetically and symbolically in the world.

New Islamic Flags

Flag of Islamic Tolerance
Believe in Quran (Crescent and Star) or die by the Scimitar (IPC Version).
Two choices for Infidels: Quran or Sword? Allah is Merciful!

Flag of Islam
Crescent and Swastika Star - Allah and Mohammed (IPC Version).
The Neo Islamic Flag of Allah and Mohammed. Allah is Forgiving!

So the Moon representing all kinds of Holy episodes but originally the crescent is representing the Moon God and the sole Star representing his last prophet and greatest prophet, Mohammed who directs and guides the Umma' (Faithful Public) in the dark nights of the Arabian Desert, as the sole shining star in the skies of the Muslim Land! But then again that's one interpretation amongst many; however, that's the most popular and historically accurate interpretation. Allah and Mohammed, Crescent and The Star, what a combination to lead the faithful!

"Critical and Logical Thinking, is the only key to expose these cults and their original roots and Myths."

"Mind is a terrible thing to be wasted on superficial, metaphysical, superstitious, Mumbo Jumbo!"

More power to People of Logic

Dr. X

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