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Expose Quran with Worldwide Communication
Nicholas Ginex
February 21, 2018

Muslim Female Suicide Bomber: Quran or Machinegun
Muslim Female Suicide Bomber Hamas Woman backed by IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Worldwide Communication

You can help stop Islamic terrorism. People must expose the Quran by communicating worldwide why and how.

Worldwide person to-person communication requires the active participation by business leaders, humanitarians, media news outlets, government (Senate and House of Representatives), agencies (such as the CIA and FBI), members of forums and political clubs. Their combined efforts will enable a viable solution that Exposes Islam’s despicable history and abominable verses in the Qur’an.

Liberals Protecting Islamists & Quran Cartoon
Western Liberals protecting and Pampering Quran and Islamists
Liberal Political Correctness will be the Downfall of the Western Civilization

Members of the Middle East Forum (MEF), Iran Politics Club (IPC), American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), and Muslim forums such as the IslamiCity Forum, Islamic Board, and the Stand for Peace Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) are requested to help stop Islamic terrorism by exposing the Quran. They have the media and financial resources to actively support communication efforts to help Muslims understand the need to revise the Quran and attain a peaceful solution for Islam.

Reporting of Islamic atrocities by writers and journalists in many countries keeps the public aware of the Islamic threat but that is NOT enough. Their efforts reveal Islamic extremism and its expansion but does NOT eliminate radical Islam. There is a Solution.

A Solution to Eliminate Islamic Extremism is to Expose the Quran

Communication efforts to EXPOSE the Quran are NOT an attempt to incite anger and hate against Muslims or denigrate the religion of Islam. It will allow Muslims an opportunity to understand the flaws of their religion. Through communication, Muslims will be able to understand that a solution is possible. If they truly want to live in peace with non-Muslims around the world, they will pressure Islamic religious leaders and scholars to revise the Quran.

Communication Objectives to Expose the Quran

• Inform Muslims worldwide why the Quran is the source of discontent in many countries and that it is the root cause of Islamic extremism and terrorism.

• Have Muslims learn of Islam’s despicable history.

• Open a dialog with Muslims to acknowledge abominable verses in the Quran and advocate God's greatest command, love one another.

Lists of abominable verses are provided in Section 3.3 of Allah, We, Our and Us and by Zulfikar Khan in his article, Islamic Hell Torture Chamber for Unbelievers. The links are respectively:

Allah, We, Our and Us

Islamic Hell Torture Chamber for Unbelievers

• Only informed Muslims can initiate an Islamic Reformation. Key to reforming Islam is to revise the Quran with God’s great command.

Why People Worldwide Must Communicate?

In 100% of mosques, imams, caliphs and mullahs teach their Muslim followers to believe the Quran is the literal word of God and Islam will prevail over all other religions (Quran 9:33). Most Muslims are illiterate and indoctrinated with Quran beliefs from childhood and earlier. They are unaware that the Quran contains many abominable verses that incites bigotry, hatred, violence, and the murder of non-Muslims. To fully understand how the Muslim mind is indoctrinated, the following link is provided. It presents, Indoctrination of the Muslim Mind.

Indoctrination of the Muslim Mind

It reveals why it is essential to learn of the insidious psychological use of “We, Our and Us” in the Quran. The plural pronouns for Allah creates for Muslims a feeling of unity with the Creator and the compulsion to impose this unity on all people with the altruistic belief that they are promoting the integration of mankind with the Creator.

History of Islam Reveals Islam Was Never a Religion of Peace

People need to communicate worldwide the despicable history of Islam. This religion grew by having Islamic armies capture the lands of many countries and their captives were given two alternatives: convert to Islam and pay a tax or die by the sword. It continues to expand in many countries as Islamic followers are not able to assimilate with people with other beliefs and many, in response, commit acts of terror. The following link offers a cut down version of the factual novel, Allah, We, Our and Us. It was written in two parts to inform people why Islam is a danger to all people around the world and to communicate why the Qur’an must be revised.

Allah is Not We, Our and Us!

In a Gatestone Institute article dated February 7, 2018 titled, Death of Democracy? - Part I, Denis MacEoin wrote, “Rather than stand up to our enemies, both external and internal, are we now so afraid of being called "Islamophobes" that we will sacrifice even our own cultural, political, and religious strengths and aspirations?”

Unafraid, we can communicate openly and respond to the stoning of an Iranian woman on the cover of Allah, We, Our and Us– Her agony and pain provokes compassion, justice and truth.

The solution provided by worldwide communication presents an opportunity for all people to help solve the looming threat of Islam by identifying the problem and presenting a viable solution.

Communication is an alternative to avert WWIII. A silent response signifies fear, unable to confront the enemy that kills millions of people in the name of an Islamic God. It is time to ‘Wake Up’ or continue to permit Islam to expand and eventually dominate the values, culture, and laws of every country.

Silence is Tantamount to Permitting an Islamic Cancer to Grow

It is appropriate to end this appeal for all people to communicate in EXPOSING the Quran with a song that poignantly reveals the TRUTH about Islamic terrorism.

The Truth About Islam: Sounds Not Silence by Eric Allen Bell

Sounds Not Silence - YouTube

Sounds Not Silence - Vimeo

“Education is key for Muslims to succeed by revising the Quran. It can be achieved through Worldwide communication between Muslims and non-Muslims.”

"If Muslim Religious Leaders and Scholars
Fail to Revise the Qur'an,
 Islamic Extremism and Terror Will Always Exist."

Education will benefit people to understand the threat of Islam and give Muslims the motivation to revise the Quran. Those of you who are willing to EXPOSE the Quran, you will be assisting Muslims to help themselves.

The worldwide communication solution does not require dropping bombs on Muslims in occupied territories. Rather, it can be achieved by dropping copies of Allah, We, Our and Us into Muslim and non-Muslim territories so that they become knowledgeable of the Islamic threat and a viable solution.

Royalties for Allah, We, Our and Us will be used for the Expose Quran communication efforts. It is provided as a Free Read via:

Allah, We, Our and Us! – The Book

With your support, Muslims will be able to effectively mobilize into a successful revolutionary movement expressed by El Sisi, Egypt's President, who indicated need for such a movement.

An Islamic Revolution can only be initiated by enlightened Muslims that understand the need to revise the Quran and advocate God's greatest command - Love one another.

As an unknown to some IPC readers, let me introduce myself. My aspirations and objectives are to improve religious beliefs with truth and are provided on the websites below:

Nicholas Ginex Site

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