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The Question for Muslims & People Worldwide (Nicholas Ginex)
Islamic Problem & Solution Debate (Ali Sina vs. Nicholas Ginex)
Purpose of Creation (Ali Sina)
Islamic Judgement Day: Qiyamat (Ali Sina)
Jinns Shot by Allah’s Missiles: Shooting Stars! (Ali Sina)
Who Converts to Islam? (Ali Sina)
Muslim Women are Raised to Accept Abuse (Ali Sina)
Who Taught Allah Math on Islamic Inheritance? (Ali Sina)
Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims: Islamic Invasion USA! (AX)
Twilight Zone, Iranian Style! (Amir Arsalan)
Expose Quran with Worldwide Communication (Nicholas Ginex)
Muhammad was a Mass Murderer & a Terrorist (Ali Sina)
Muhammad was a Misogynist & a Sexist (Ali Sina)
Muhammad was a Narcissist & a Cult Leader (Ali Sina)
Muhammad was a Rapist & a Pedophile (Ali Sina)
Muhammad was an Assassin & a Thief (Ali Sina)
Baha’i versus Islam on Revision of Quran (AX)
A Needed Movement: Religious Reformation of Islam (Nicholas Ginex)
IRI Network of Islamic Centers in USA (Hassan Daioleslam)
Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution (AX)
Ahreeman X on Muslim Ramadan Killing of Americans in Florida (AX)
Iran Global Network of Islamist Schools (Hassan Daioleslam)
Obama, the First Muslim American President (Nicholas Ginex)
Allah Commands are from a Party of Men (Nicholas Ginex)
A Solution to Stop Islam’s Ideology of Terror (Nicholas Ginex)
Will Islam Fuel World War III? (Nicholas Ginex)
History of Slavery in Iran Started with Islam! (AX)
Muslim Child Brides Pedophile Weddings Gallery & History (AX)
Muslims Justify Muhammad’s Pedophilia! (Ali Sina)
Islamic Terrorism Dilemma! (Ali Sina)
Egyptian President El-Sisi Calls to Reform Islam! (AX)
Women in Islam: Was Muhammad a Misogynist? (Ali Sina)
Islam and Sex with Infants! (Ali Sina)
Plunder is the Source of Islamic Economy (Ali Sina)
Did Muhammad not understand Trinity? (Ali Sina)
Apostasy in Islam (Ali Sina)
Indoctrination of the Muslim Mind (Nicholas Ginex)
Allah is Not We, Our & Us 1: Political Correctness (Nicholas Ginex)
Allah is Not We, Our & Us 2: Abominable Acts of Allah (Nicholas Ginex)
Islam Objective is to Dominate the World (Nicholas Ginex)
Quran is the Source of Discontent in Many Countries (Nicholas Ginex)
Why I have Left Islam? Autobiography of a Dissident (Anwar Shaikh)
Anwar Shaikh Interview: Exposing Islam (Ranjit Kanwar)
Taqiyah: Islamic Deceit of Non Muslims (Ali Sina)
Incest in Islam (Ali Sina)
Place of Women in Islam! (Ali Sina)
Why Islam is Fascism? (Ali Sina)
Pre Destination and Free Will in Islam (Ali Sina)
Why I Renounce Islam & Choose Christ? (Reza Kahlili)
Maria the Copt Christian Sex Slave of Prophet Muhammad (Ali Sina)
Safiyah the Jewish Enslaved Bride of Prophet Muhammad (Ali Sina)
Aisha Child Bride of Prophet Muhammad (Ali Sina)
Juwairiyah Jewish Forced Bride of Prophet Muhammad (Ali Sina)
What is Wrong with Us the Iranians? (Maziar Aptin)
The Illusion of Reforming Islam (Ali Sina)
Analysis of the word “Qaza” [Food] (Maziar Aptin)
Did Muhammad Perform Miracles? (Ali Sina)
Destroy All Islamic Arts in the Future Iran (Maziar Aptin)
Beanie Hatters [Kola Namadi-ha] (Maziar Aptin)
Women before and after Islam (Ali Sina)
Ground Zero Mosque is a Cordova House! (Ali Sina)
Exposing the Myth of Moderate Islam (Ali Sina)
Muhammad and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy [TLE] (Ali Sina)
Islamic Pedophile Weddings, Hamas Style! [Islamic Pedophilia] (AX)
Imagine [Doctrine of Brutality and Greed in Islam] (Ali Sina)
Jinns that Haunted Muhammad: Prophet’s Mental Health (Ali Sina)
Sex in Islamic Paradise! (Ali Sina)
Why I Left Islam? (Ali Sina)
Roots of Ashura Mourning & Self Mutilation in Islam (Shia Pen)
Mahdaviat - IRI’s Hope or Despair (Sam Ghandchi)
Homosexuality and Islam (Sam Ghandchi)
Quran Should be Rewritten or Reread? Neither. (Parvin Darabi)
PIslam: Pure Islam (Admzad)
The Islamic Culture (Anwar Shaikh)
The Value & the Present Situation of Women in IRI (Parvin Darabi)
Islamic Sharia Laws Enforced in Iran (Parvin Darabi)
Islamic Law and India (Anwar Shaikh)
Ayatollah Khomeini on Sex, Marriage, Divorce & Relationships - 1 (AX)
Ayatollah Khomeini on Bathroom Laws and Regulations - 2 (AX)
Wondrous Treatment of Kafirs (Non-Muslim) In Islam (Zulfikar Khan)
Does quantity command respect? (Parvin Darabi)
Revisiting the question of veil - Must the veil be banned? (Azar Majedy)
Islamic Morality (Anwar Shaikh)
Islam and the People of the Book (Anwar Shaikh)
Muhammad - A True Saint (Zulfikar Khan)
In the Company of Rushdies (Salman Rushdie)
Yes, This Is About Islam (Salman Rushdie)
On the World Trade Center Atrocity (Ibn Warraq)
Wondrous Treatment of Women in Islam (Zulfikar Khan)
Muhammad's High Regard for Women (Zulfikar Khan)
The Excessive Kindness of Islam! (Zulfikar Khan)
The Violent Truth Behind The Sufi Mask (Zulfikar Khan)
Political Islam a Threat to Humankind (Azar Majedi)
Quran - The Ultimate Truth! Contradictions in Quran! (Zulfikar Khan)
Islamic Hell-Torture Chamber for Unbelievers (Zulfikar Khan)
The Meaning of Crescent and Star Islamic Symbol (AX)
True Islam Uncovered (Yani Nikolai)
The X-Rated Paradise of Islam (Zulfikar Khan)
A Question for Muslim Women? - On Women's Rights in Islam (AX)
Islam - Terrorism, Inc. (Zulfikar Khan)
Some Facts about Islam and Prophet Muhammad (Parvin Darabi)
Prophet of Terror and the Religion of Peace (Zulfikar Khan)
Ashura (Mayaazaar)
Myth of Shiite Mahdi - Review on Imam Zaman (Mayaazaar)
Ali or Hassan or Hussein? Deception! (Mayaazaar)
Siqeh - Shiite Islamic Temporary Marriage (Mayaazaar)
Shiite Imams (Mayaazaar)
Dr. Ali Shariati: Khari@I = Khari-at-Islam (Mayaazaar)
Anger and Islam (Mayaazaar)
Ayatollah Gilani on Socio-Sexual Problems in Islam (AX)
Does God (Allah) Hates Women? (Parvin Darabi)
I Am a Muslim Woman (Parvin Darabi)
Women and Islam (Parvin Darabi)
Khomeini's Teachings on Sex with Infants & Animals, & (Parvin Darabi)
The Myth of Shi'a (Shiite) Mahdi (Abu Muhammad Al-Afriqi)
Islam and The Institution of Marriage (Parvin Darabi)
Why I am not a Muslim? (Parvin Darabi)
This is Shiite Islam! (LOP)
Quran on Non Muslims (AX)
Quran on Women (AX)
Islam and Globalization (Sam Ghandchi)
Muhammad Compared to Other Prophets! (LOP)
Allah, God of War! (Amir Arsalan)
The Truth About Islam (Crusader)
Why Islamism Kills? (Sam Ghandchi)

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Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected! (AX)
Islam, the Big Lie; Muslims, the Sheeple!
Proof, Analysis and Cure! (Warning: Islam is Highly Contagious!)
2 chapters
Chapter 1: Islamic Virus
Chapter 2: Islamic Facts
Understanding Muhammad & Muslims, a Psychobiography (Ali Sina)
Unveiling the True Islam and its Creator Muhammad
The psycho biographical history of Muhammad
Understanding Muhammad (Introduction)
Understanding Muhammad & Muslims, a Psychobiography
Allah, We, Our and Us (Nicholas Ginex)
Exploring True Islam and Seeking Universal Peace for all
Book of 9 Chapters analyzing Islam and Abrahamic Religions
Allah, We, Our and Us (Introduction and Forewords)
Allah, We, Our and Us
Story of Abu Salim (Maziar Aptin)
Story of an Iranian living under the Arabo-Muslim Occupation
in 8th Century AD
Story of Abu Salim (Introduction)
Story of Abu Salim (Dastan-e Abu Salim) [Persian]
Quran 1: In-Depth Analysis (Amid Haghighatjoo)
Islam: The Religion and The Constitution
22 Chapters
Quran: In-Depth Analysis (Introduction)
Quran: In-Depth Analysis [Persian]
Quran 2: In-Depth Analysis (Amid Haghighatjoo)
Islam: The Religion and The Constitution
19 Chapters
Quran: In-Depth Analysis (Introduction)
Quran: In-Depth Analysis
23 Years: Study of Muhammad’s Prophetic Career (Ali Dashti)
Great scholar analyzes: What is Islam really all about?
True biography of Muhammad the Prophet
6 Chapters
Chapter I: Muhammad
Chapter II: Religion of Islam
Chapter III: Politics
Chapter IV: Metaphysics
Chapter V: After Muhammad
Chapter VI: Summary
23 Years [Persian] (Ali Dashti)
Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology! (AX)
2 Chapters
Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology! - Part 1
Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology! - Part 2
Prophet Muhammad Biography Comic Book (Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh)
Introduction and Comic Book
Prophet Muhammad Comic Book Introduction
Prophet Muhammad Biography Comic Book: volume I
Islam Comic Book: Muhammad’s Believe it or Else! (Abdullah Aziz)
Introduction and Comic Book
Islam Comic Book: Introduction
Islam Comic Book: Comics
Islam Comic Book in Persian: Quran va Hadis dar Tasvir (Abdullah Aziz)
Introduction and Comic Book
Islam Comic Book in Persian: Introduction
Islam Comic Book in Persian: Comics [Persian]
Islam: The Arab National Movement (Anwar Shaikh)
3 Chapters
Chapter 1: Preface; Arab Nationalism, Basic Element of Prophethood
Chapter 2: The Prophet Muhammad
Chapter 3: The Islamic Culture
Islam: The Arab Imperialism (Anwar Shaikh)
8 Chapters
Chapter 1: What is a Prophet?
Chapter 2: The Prophet Muhammad?
Chapter 3: The Nature of Prophethood
Chapter 4: The Purpose of Prophethood
Chapter 5: Muhammad, the Politician
Chapter 6: Prophet and Nationalism
Chapter 7: Islam, the Self-Perpetuating Tool of Arab Imperialism
Chapter 8: The Clash of Prophets and Bibliography
Islam: Sex and Violence (Anwar Shaikh)
10 Chapters
Chapter 01: Islamic Concept of Sexual Psychology
Chapter 02: Manipulation of Womanhood
Chapter 03: The Prophetic Attitude Towards Fair Sex
Chapter 04: Islamic Harems in India
Chapter 05: Sex After Death
Chapter 06: Jihad and Paradise
Chapter 07: The Battle of Badr
Chapter 08: The Battle of Tours
Chapter 09: The Spiritual Arab Imperialism
Chapter 10: Epilogue and Bibliography
Islam and Human Rights (Anwar Shaikh)
6 Chapters:
Chapter 1: Islam and Human Rights
Chapter 2: Islamic Jihad
Chapter 3: Islam and Intercession
Chapter 4: Idolatry, Islam and India
Chapter 5: India and Democracy
Chapter 6: Thus Spake Anwar Shaikh
Eternity: What is Islam? - Experts (Anwar Shaikh)
Experts from the Masterpiece of Anwar Shaikh
2 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Islam and Women, the Sexual Conflict – Experts (Anwar Shaikh)
Experts from an unpublished book by the master, Anwar Shaikh
2 Chapters
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Projected Islamic Ideal – Experts (Anwar Shaikh)
Experts from the final paper by the Master, Anwar Shaikh
2 Chapters
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Eternity Book Series (Anwar Shaikh)
Anwar Shaikh, the great author, philosopher, scholar and historian explores the meaning of life.
Anwar Shaikh’s philosophical masterpiece in complete
4 Books - 8 Parts - 23 Chapters
Book 1: Are We on the Right Path?
Book 2: Semitic Religions
Book 3: Origins and Destination
Book 4: The Way
Part 1 – Are We on the Right Path?
Part 2 – Judaism and Christianity
Part 3 – Islam and Fundamentalism
Part 4 – Mind and Matter
Part 5 – Life after Death
Part 6 – Free Will and Ethics
Part 7 – Politics
Part 8 – Mysticism
Uninformity and Rot - Book Series [Persian] (Kourosh Aryamanesh)
Book Series: A Study on Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini's Writings
Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire & Blood - Introduction & Book Review (AX)
Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire & Blood! [Persian] (Kourosh Aryamanesh)
How has Islam entered Iran?
What have Arab Muslims done to Iranians!
More books:
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