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Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!
Ahreeman X

1st Edition: September 28, 2001
2nd Edition: November 11, 2006
3rd Edition: June 13, 2016

Part Two

Civilizations Destroyed by Islam

9. Let's take a look at all the civilizations, which have been destroyed by Islam through the centuries!

If the infested cesspool Cancer of Islam would have never been born or expanded by force, the world would have been a better place, further progressed and way ahead of the present civilization, which it already has!

Civilizations Destroyed By Islam

Civilizations in Arabian Peninsula:
1. Nabatian Kingdom
2. Hejaz Civilization
3. Heira Kingdom (Protectorate of Persian Empire)
4. Yemenis Civilization (Protectorate of Persian Empire)
5. Lakhmid Kingdom
6. Mazun State Society (Protectorate of Persian Empire)
7. Humyarite Kingdom
8. Hadramaut Civilization

Civilizations in Africa:
1. Egyptian Empire
2. Carthaginian Empire (Tunis)
3. Siranaeek Kingdom (Libya)
4. Nubian Kingdom (Sudan)

Civilizations in Asia:
1. Phoenician Civilization (Lebanon)
2. Sham Civilization (Syria, Colony of Rome)
3. Anatolia (Turkey, Colony of Rome)

Civilizations Struggling Not To Die Out:
1. Persian Empire (Present Iran)

Carthaginian Empire had been declined and reduced to Carthaginian City State by Rome; however, Islamic Empire was responsible for destruction of Carthage as a civilization! Islam destroyed Carthage.

Us Persians have been struggling with Islam for 1400 years. We are still alive! Let's keep our holy Persian Culture alive so we will not join the long list of the old civilizations extinct by the Islam and presently called "Just another Arabo-Muslim State"!

Suicide Bombing, Modern Islamic Terrorism!

At Mohammed's time, murder of Non-Muslim Tribes were done by assassinations via blades! Today, Islam has evolved to murder by machineguns and suicide bombings! Who said Renaissance, Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution had passed Islam by? Islam is well-drafting the science and technology of the 21sth Century!

Suicide Bombing is Hezbollah's present to Palestine!

Did you know Suicide Bombing originally taught by Iranian Hezbollah to Lebanese Hezbollah, and then from Lebanese Hezbollah to Palestinian Al Hamas, Al Jihad and PLO? Yes, Hezbollah

Central and Martyr Central is Tehran! It all started by Iran-Iraq War Experiments of sending 12 year olds to walk on mine fields (Mine Discovery Missions) or handing them grenades to blow themselves and Iraqis up (Martyr Missions)! Of course all of them had received a plastic key to heaven, before their missions!

Youth Bombers

Hamas Youth Bombing Band! No, it's not a Rock Band!

Child Bombers

Palestinian Future Islamic Generation with strap-on bombs.

Child Bombers
1970 issue of LIFE magazine
The Indoctrination of Palestinian children.

Child Bombers
Proudly displayed on the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades web site.

Baby Bombers

Baby Bombers
A baby displayed wearing an Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades headband, held near Arafat (Opportunist Terrorist's poster.

Baby Bombers
Baby with an M16 Rifle and a gun

Baby Bombers
Palestinian baby dressed up as a Suicide Bomber

Hamas Baby Bomber
Hamas Baby Bomber holding an M16 Rifle posing as a Shahid "martyr" for Allah!

Baby Bomber wearing a suicide belt, and a toy gun. The headband is Al Hamas.
The child is forced to parade and crying!

Child with suicide belt, posing with a gun. Picture of former suicide bombers in his Hamas head band.

Islamic Child Abuse!

Islamic Child Abuse!
Young girl forced posing with gun and pictures of former suicide bombers.

Islamic Child Abuse!
A Palestinian women forcing children to parade, holds an AK-47 rifle protesting any agreement with Israel.

Islamic Child Abuse!
A young Palestinian child hugging a heavy gun at a demonstration against the Geneva accords. The child is forced to pose!

Palestinian children hold toy weapons during the 39th anniversary of Arafat's Fatah movement parade.

Why Iran has so far survived Islam?

The reason for we are still alive is because we still have our:

- Persian Language
- Persian Traditions
- Persian Celebrations (Nowruz, Mehregan, Tirgan, Sadeh, Yalda, Chahar Shanbeh Suri, Sizdah Be Dar, etc.)
- Persian Values
- Persian Philosophy (Zoroastrianism, etc.)
- Persian Literature
- Persian Traditional Music
- Persian Poetry (Ferdowsi, etc.)
- Persian History

Yazdgird III, Rostam Farokhzad, Apranik, Babak-e Khoramdin, Maziyar, Banu, Negan, Abu Moslem, Yaqub Leis Saffarid, Ferdowsi Tusi, Dr. Ahmad Kasravi, Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, Dr. Cyrus Elahi, General Ayat Mohaqeqi and thousands of others did not die in vain. Prove it that they did not die in vain.

They died so Iran could live, so Iran would not become another Arabo-Muslim Nation, another Iranistan (Pahlavi II), another Islamic Cesspool.

Legacy of Islam for Iranian Girls!

10. Let's take a good look at the fundamentals of Islam, what has Islam brought to us Persians? A Religion of Terror which openly preaches martyrdom and destruction of all Non-Muslim's (exact verses of Quran listed on other articles of IPC) lives and property, a prophet who was a thief, bandit, assassin, murderer, rapist, child molester, and most of all a charlatan and a fraud! Islam is the most fanatical, ignorant, superstitious religion which ever existed in the whole world! What is the true legacy of Islam?

Aba: Islamic Robe
Amameh: Turban
Qaba: Another Islamic male cover
Hejab: Veil, women's covering
Chaqchur: Women's head cover
Charqad: Islamic Scarf
Lachak: Traditional Islamic Scarf
Rubandeh: Women's face cover
Maqana'ah: Women's specific head cover
Chador: Veil
Giveh: Islamic shoes
Na'leyn: Islamic Flip Flops
Aftabeh: Islamic Toilet Pitcher for butt washing
Tonban: Islamic Pajama
Quran: A 1500 years old pile of garbage torn paper, creation of a sick evil charlatan's mind called Mohammed the Bandit.
Mohammed: the prophet of terror himself, a delusional, epileptic, schizophrenic, pedophile, child molester, murderer, assassin, rapist, assaulter of women, female slave holder, criminal charlatan!
and of course,
1400 years full of history of blood, murder and terror, Islamic Style, which we are still involved with it especially during the last 28 years as we know it as the Islamic Republic of Iran! And we are still denying that the true Islam is not what IRI practices or Taliban practices, but the true Islam is beautiful as Roses and holier than the holy! Give yourselves a break and open your eyes, minds and smell the true stench of Islam all around you and not just inside the mosques!

1400 hundred years of expansion by force and sword, that is the legacy of Islam.

Khomeini started it all, Father of The Modern Islamic Fundamentalism!

Rafsanjani got rich off of it all! One of the top 10 richest men in the globe!

11. Do you possibly believe that it is only us, the historians that know of the true nature of Islam? Do not kid yourselves! Do you really believe that the President of United States, the Vice President, as a matter of fact the whole government of United States and rest of the Western and civilized world do not know of the true nature of Islam?! Of course they do! All logical knowledgeable politicians do know about the true nature of Islam. Then you might ask that why are they saying and pretending that the true Islam is innocent and all these terrorist movements are sacrilege to Allah and Islam?! I tell you why:

US and The West cannot possibly declare war on Islam and all Muslim. It will be a losing battle, the same battle that the communism lost, the same battle that USSR lost! Religion is so deep in the blood of the masses and Islam is proposing itself as a religion; therefore, it will be disastrous to fight against people's religion. Remember that religion is the opiate of the masses (Karl Marx)!

Another reason that the West specifically US, will not declare a war on Islam, is that the best way to fight this so called religion and a dangerous political ideology, is to attack the very roots of it and not the pretty branches of it! By roots, I mean the Fundamentalist Islam which is the original Islam and by the pretty branches, I mean the Neo Islam which is trying to sell the civilized face of Islam to the world. If the West manages to destroy the worldwide terrorism of the Islamic kind, it will manage to destroy the fundamentalist Islam and that is where Islam gets its power from.

Once the roots of an ideology are destroyed, the branches shall fall! Neo Islam of the modern Muslims like Shariati, Soroush, Bazargan and Yazdi is nothing but a beautiful facade without a content. Once you take the fundamentals of this ideology out of it, then you have to revise it, and revisionism is worst than the "Death of an Ideology"! the destruction of Soviet Union started when they started to revise Communism and Leninism. First they revised a bit here and a bit there, until there was nothing left of Leninism and Stalinism. And next thing you know, Communism, Russian style, died out! The power of Islam comes from its fundamentals; it's fanatical beliefs to control the cattle-like masses of illiterate people and to keep the masses ignorant. Once you take that out of Islam, there will be nothing left but the liquidy Soda Pop Islam of Shariati which is a revision of Islam and an insult to the true Islam. By then, most of the battle will be already fought for!

True Islam is what Imam Khamenei preaches in Qom. This secular Neo Islam with its Islamic Apologist followers are all fake, contradictory to fundamentals of Islam and cartoonish!

So have in mind that to declare war on the whole Islam, is nothing but a bad tactic to achieve the ultimate strategy of winning the war against Islam. So why not separate the two Islam to the:

a) The Good Islam, Revised Islam, Neo Islam, True Islam, Holy Islam, Peaceful Islam
b) The Bad Islam, Fundamentalist Islam, Fanatical Islam, Fake Islam, Terrorist Islam

And by the end, when the world's battle against Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorism is done and it will be won, then there will be nothing left of the Islam, but only a facade wallpaper made up of revised, meaningless, confused, politically correct Islam of the Modern Neo Islamists which does not even look, sound, or tastes like Islam! And of course this is the best way to get rid of the power of this ideology, divide it in two fractions of fundamentalist and moderate or reformist and then just sit and watch them eat each other alive and chew each other out! Politics at its best with a spice of logic! So West, specifically US, is doing the best tactic that they can play for the ultimate strategy of weakening Islam and making it lose its credibility. It is all well-calculated my friends.

12. Why is Islam and the Islamic nations are way behind the world? As I, mentioned in the past, we can notice many reasons:

Why Muslim World Had Fallen Behind The West?

a. Lack of individual freedom in Islam.
b. Lack of independence of free thought in Islam.
c. Renaissance had occurred in Europe, but it really never happened in Islamic Nations! There was a Martin Luther in the West, but there was never one in Islamic world!
d. Islam did not give anything to history of human civilization, but it only took and took from the cultures, which it destroyed, until there was nothing left to take!

Let's expand on this, When Islam invaded the civilized world, it took over one of the two major super powers (Persia) and it took over all Asian colonies of the other one (Rome). Now, if at the time, Islam had a great navy and capability to invade Europe through Constantinople (during its golden days), then Italy would have been also a Shiite Hole like Iran! Thanks and many fortunes that they could not invade mainland Europe back then, or the whole Europe would have been also end up as backward as today's Muslim states! Europe would have ended up being same as the Middle East or North Africa of today!

When Islam took over the so many of the world's civilizations, it had nothing to give, yet it had everything to take and gain. If we study the whole history of Islamic Empire in its glory days, we will notice that the whole Empire ran by the ingenuity of the occupied country's specialists. All the people who ran the Islamic Empire from scientists, politicians, poets, artists, philosophers, writers, etc. were mostly Persian and leastly from other destroyed occupied civilizations under Islam like Egypt, Carthage or Phoenicia! The Arab Barbarians of the peninsula truly had nothing to offer! Due to the reactionary and oppressive nature of Islam, the Islamic Regime did not allow any new creative ingenuity to grow in the Empire, yet purposely, it helped killing every ounce of ingenuity and intellectualism which bloomed in the region! Finally all these bloomed flowers from the occupied nations died out and there was no one else to replace them! Suddenly there were left only, Arabs and their oppressed occupied mongrelized nations under occupation with no present or future sign of ingenuity or creativity, and that's when Islamic world died out and fell behind the progressive western world.


Do not mistake Persian Greats with Arabo_Muslims!

Many, mistakenly name the major Persian minds as Arabic or Islamic minds!

Minds like:

Omar Khayyam father of Algebra, Modern Astronomy, and the famous poet
Zakaria Razi father of Chemistry
Abu Ali (Ibn) Sina father of Medicine
Kharazmi, Biruni, and so many more were all Persian.

Please do not give the credit to Arabs or Muslims!

The Moorish Example

Look at the Moorish example, for about 800 years Moors owned Spain and Iberian Peninsula. The first 400 years, were the glory days of Islam due to the fact that Persians and other defeated civilizations' bright minds were carrying the burden of running the Islamic Empire. Even, Buran (Pretty) daughter of Hassan Sahl, who was The Persian Female Prime Minister of Islamic Empire during Caliphate of Ma'mun, of the Abassid Dynasty, during the occupation of Iran by Arab oppressors, was a full blooded Persian. Yes even the prime minister of Islamic Empire was a Persian Woman! How odd can it get?! the oppressed women of Iran by the evil of Islam, have sent their candidate to the main courthouse of the Caliphate to rule! And that is what Persian women are made of!

During the first 400 years, all the different local Caliphates were sending the tax shares of the central Caliphate of Baghdad to the capital; they were all together pillaging and stealing the world, blind! They were united and strong, but during the second 400 years, every little local Caliphate started singing their own songs, and did not send Baghdad's share to them! They all got separated without the support of Baghdad; they all got weak, even the Baghdad Caliphate itself! And eventually the last stronghold in Europe, the Caliphate of Granada in Spain surrendered and people like El Sid and Queen Isabelle kicked out the last of Muslims out of Iberian Land. In a way, Moorish Empire of Berbers and Arabs destroyed itself, and this finished the 800 years of Muslim supremacy in Iberia including Portugal, Spain, and at once even as far as the middle of France! Now Arabo-Muslim Barbarians had only occupied Iran for 222 years; they finally got kicked out by The Great Yaqub Leis Saffarid of The Saffarid Dynasty, the greatest freedom fighter of them all and the freedom fighting masses of Iran; yet, the roots of oppression and the rotting mentality and corps of Islam had remained in Iran and in Iranians' brains, until it destroyed Iran once more at 1979 by Khomeini and his Islamic Reactionaries!

Islam is like a virus, if you don't completely destroy it, then it will come back strong!

No Allah

Contradiction and Hypocrisy in Islam!

IRI hangs women for selling drugs, yet Ayatollahs are the major Drug Lords in Iran! IRI buries from the waste down and stones women for adultery, yet Ayatollahs are each having four permanent wives (Aqdi) and a few temporary ones (Siqeh)! IRI lashes women for improper wearing of Hejab, yet Ayatollahs sleep with teenage girls from runaway shelter houses! IRI Hangs homosexuals, yet Ayatollahs are the Origin of Homosexuality and pedophile with young boys at the cleric schools! IRI maims and mutilates men for petty theft, yet Ayatollahs steal billions of dollars from the nation's budget! IRI kills women for murdering their abusive husbands, yet Ayatollahs openly abuse womens' rights, all kinds of freedom and human rights in Iran!

Myth of Reforms under Islamic Constitution!

How can you commit to any reforms or substantial changes under the Islamic Framework?! Islam is un-reformable!

Young Reformist Fool

Results of Reforms: Women Public Hanging in Iran

Results of Reforms: More Women Public Hanging in Iran

Results of Reforms: Public Flocking and Torture

Khatami: Haji, What a bunch of crap we have fed people for 8 bloody years! The only thing we reformed, was to replace the high fat Chenjeh Kabob with the more healthy Jujeh Kabob for our lunch sessions at the office of presidency!

Khatami: Hey buddy, Reform, Shmiform, Fundamentalist, Moderate, Reformist, we are all the same Shiite!

Reformists in action!
Khatami, Khatami ......

Khatami's Reforms!

And Mr. Ex President, the great hero of Reforms, kept "Islam's scales of justice" leveled, the same way that he kept them leveled, when he was in charge of the Islamic Propaganda Ministry (Ershad) during Khomeini's regime, when 15,000 opposition members got executed in
prisons without even a trial and by the order of Imam!


The other day I was listening to one of my favorite lyricist/composers Ian Anderson and his band Jethro Tull. The some of you who are not familiar with Jethro Tull, must know that it is a classical rock band meaning the style of music is the combination of classical music with rock. J Tull is one of the greatest Rock bands of all times. Ian Anderson was playing the flute, while Martin Barre was blasting the 12 string lead guitar and Barrimore Barlow was banging on his cannon drums ....... then gently the song slowed down and the piano started playing mellow yellow smoothly until the band jamed again and Ian Anderson with his Scottish accent started singing one of his famous lyrics, while the Scottish homeland audience cheered. Then the philosopher, master artist started singing with his magnetic voice and it went something like this:

Dark ages
Shaking the dead

Closed pages
Better not read

Cold rages
They burn in your head

"Ian Anderson
Band: Jethro Tull
Song: Dark Ages
Album: Storm Watch"

The shocking tune, made me think and took me deep in thoughts! Isn't this the story of us? Story of our people? Story of Iran?

Dark ages, is what Iran has been living through, during the last 28 + years of Islamic Republic.

Shaking the dead, are bones of our father, father of nation, Reza Shah The Great which is shaking in the grave for this catastrophe!

Closed pages, are all the years lost during Islamic Republic, for Iran to be a Shiite hole like now, instead of a progressive nation like it was going to be during Pahlavis, like the second Japan or Germany.

Better not read, are all the lost pages which burns in the graves of our fallen comrades during the many years of battle with this Islamic beast! But one day they will be read!

Cold rages, is what my comrades and I have and it will kill us, chokes us as a complex, unless we free our land of Aryans.

They burn in your head, is all that Iran was before 1979, all the glory of the past, and all that Iran is now, all the disgrace of Islam is burning in our heads!

Alas O alas ……

How true my friend, how true! Alas that history turned a wrong page for us Persians. Alas that we were not worthy to keep and hold to our greatness, alas that illiterate cattle-like blind religious people of street, lost from their own Persian culture, traditions and roots, preferred to worship a foreign Arab philosophy of death, called Islam. They worshiped terror and they followed the false saints and Ayatollahs. The leftist so called intellectuals, the people's leaders had lead them by their words. The people had followed and followed these traitors to their graves and suddenly they found themselves at the bottom of a pit well of darkness for 28 + years, called the Islamic Iran!

Alas that we did not turn out to become what was intended for us to be, a country on the verge of the "Great Civilization" as Pahlavi II promised!

Alas that we turned out to become the cursed and the disgusting pits and the spitting pan of the civilized world! We have become the major supporter of Terrorism in the globe! A fanatical and backward regime of the Islamic nature has taken us hundreds of years back in time. Way behind where we were at 1979, the envy of the Asia, a great progressive nation moving by the speed of light towards the "Great Civilization." Yet it was destined for Iran to see one of the darkest if not the darkest point of it's history: "The Islamic Republic of Iran" or shall we say "The second Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Iran 1979 - present."

Persians, always remember:

The First Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Iran or The First Occupation Era:
651 AD - 873 AD

The Second Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Iran or The Second Occupation Era:
1979 - present

Always remember this fact, this bitter tragedy, and learn your history, culture, tradition and roots, because without them and without the knowledge of them, you are as lost as a domesticated puppy in a jungle! You will be lost to your own culture, worshiping foreign barbarian's sub-culture, praying to Allah and the pedophile Arab Prophet, while you own an 8000 years old rich culture. Persian, you will turn to a lost soul, stranger to your own roots and unfamiliar to the meaning of the words "Nationalism" and "Persia." To be an Iranian and the meaning of Iran will mean nothing to you, but you will identify with Islam and you will call yourself a Muslim. You will call yourself exactly what the people who both times invaded your land, used to call themselves! The Irony of it all! You will identify with your enemy and captors, than your own!

Aren't you the lost puppy?! The lost pup, stranger to his own soul, culture, race, tradition and Persianhood?! Aren't you a degenerate mongrelized worshiper of your own oppressor, your own executioner?! Aren't you the lamb in the slaughterhouse of your own ignorance, your own prison of mind, which you built for yourself?! Aren't you the lost generation of the Reaction of 1979?! Aren't you the fruit of 28 + years of Islamic Brainwash?! Aren't you the inhuman face of the Persian Culture?! Aren't you the shame of the Land of Aryans?!

Haven't you turned out to be your own worst enemy and your own worst nightmare?!
You have become an Arab Worshiper and an Abomination!

Two Types of Iranian Muslim!

By now, you shall understand that there are only two kinds of Persian Muslim:

A. Muslim by the reason of Tradition and Ignorance.
B. Muslim by the reason of being Oppressive and Fanatically Theocratic.

The second one is a criminal and the first one's excuse will not stand in the court of law! Ignorance, not knowing of the truth, doing what you been told and ordered without thinking, and most of all witnessing a crime without avoidance and interference, are all as bad as actually committing the crime!

Muslim by the reason of Tradition and Ignorance (Chadori).

Muslim by the reason of being Oppressive and Fanatically Theocratic (Hezbollah).
Allah O Akbar

Welcome to Islam, Religion of Peace!
Welcome to Islam, Culture of Death!

The question here, is not: "To Be or Not To Be"?!
The question here, is: "To be Iranian or To Be Muslim"?!
The same old question of: "Us or Them"?!
Are you a "Nationalist" or are you an "Arab Worshiper" and a "Persian Traitor"?
Are you with Us, or are you with Them?

The time is now, the choice is yours?

A Manual

To fight your enemy, you must get to know your enemy.
To know your enemy, you must know his central processing unit, his heartbeat.
To understand that Islamic Republic's Heartbeat comes from Islam, is crucial.
To destroy Islamic Republic, you must take away his authority and credibility.
To take away his credibility, you must weaken his heartbeat.
To weaken his heartbeat, is to damage Islam.
To damage the credibility of Islam is our Holy Persian Goal!
To weaken and damage Islam is your national duty as an Iranian.

Alas that

"Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!"

Always Remember:

"Arabo-Islamic Worship is nothing to be proud of!"

"Mind is a terrible thing to be wasted on a 1400 years old torn rag paper, creation of a delusional, epileptic, schizophrenic, rapist, bandit, thief, murderer, pedophile, child molester, oppressor of the women, assassin, charlatan Arab, called Mohammed the bandit of caravans."

"One dead Persian worths more than ten live Arab Worshiper"

"Wake up, get up, get out of your 28 + years old Islamic cocoon and revive Persia"

"Persians, live Persian, love Persian and die as proud Persians."

"The sun will shine from beneath of the dark clouds of ignorance"

"Break down the two ton walls on both sides of your temples, break free of superstition"

"Start to think outside the box!"

"You best recognize, the true meaning of Nationalism."

"Help yourselves and help your nation by self educating yourselves."

And always remember that:

"Islam is not just another religion, yet it is a dangerous political ideology!"

For more information on Islam, read the 2 part series:

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected!

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran
More power to all

A lover of Iran

Dr. X

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